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Current Office aaa…? | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Good morning, sir.
– Who is this? – This is my first day here, sir. Oh, so you are the new joinee.
You needn’t call me sir, call me Kiran. Be seated. ‘Good morning, God. Currently, I’ve many problems.
Make sure I don’t get anymore current problems.’ Shit, it is ringing. What do I do?
I’ll ask him to answer. Ravi, you are so lucky.
You’re getting a call on your first day. Go for it. Hello?
– Is this the electricity department? – Yes, it is. There is power outtage, I’m stuck in a lift.
– You’re stuck in a lift? Just restore the power
for about 2 minutes and I’ll get out of this lift. Where are you calling from?
– From Apparaopeta. Which floor are you stuck in?
– In the 29th floor. The building which has 29 floors
has got no generator? That isn’t the point. Please, restore the power
for about two minutes and I’ll get out of this lift. Alright, I’ll send a person right away. 29 floors and no generator.
I’ll go see what I can do. I better rush. As it is his first day, he is excited. I sorted that issue, sir.
Shall I answer this call too? Have fun!
– Electricity department? – Yes. There has been a power outage.
‘Cruel Hubby Delicate Wife’ is being aired. If you don’t restore the power
in a jiffy, you are deadmeat. Sir, she says I’ll be deadmeat.
– Mom, turn off the fan. Save the backup on UPS
for me to watch the serial. And you, if you don’t restore the power
in another 3 minutes, you are dead. Mom, turn off the lights too.
– She wants to watch TV on UPS! Are you there? Do you follow?
– Yes, ma’am. Even the UPS has gone dead.
– Sir, why is the public so violent? Don’t worry. This is what soap operas
do to women. You’ll get used to it. This is the 33rd power outage
of the day. Sir, it is ringing again.
– I’ll take care of it this time. Electricity department?
– Yes. – There is a power outage in Champapet. Because of the thunderstorm last night, wires and poles
got damaged. Power won’t restore until tomorrow. What do I do till then?
– Sleep on the terrace. – What about the mosquitoes? Use All Out.
– How can I when there is a power outage? Light a Jet coil then.
– I can’t stand the smoke. – Use Odomos then. I don’t have Odomos at my place.
– Then go to hell! Don’t call us back again. Now hang up!
They take government employees for granted. You dealt with him so well.
– Soon, you will aswell. – I feel so charged up! I’m nervous even to take a look
at the electricity bill. Oh, Lord! I’ll call up and enquire!
– Since you are charged up, answer the call. Electricity Department?
– Yes. – Do you got AC at home? Yes. – A fridge? – Yes.
– A motor? – Yes. – A TV? – Yes. I even got oven, mixer and grinder at home.
Why do you ask and waste my time? How much is your electricity bill?
– Around Rs. 3000. At my place, I’ve one fan, two tubelights,
a portable TV and a fridge. How much do you think is my electricity bill?
– Around Rs. 2000. It is around Rs. 5000.
Even you got shocked, imagine my plight. What nonsense is that? I’m not even turning on
the only fan I have fearing the bill and I’m faning myself instead.
Rs. 5000 must be the whole neighbourhood’s bill. Let me raise a complaint on your behalf.
– I see. Tell me your meter’s number.
– EU49263BEU. I’ll send a line man to your place. He’ll take care.
– I raised a complaint two months ago. There has been no update since then.
All you people say is my complaint is under process. Hell with your bill! If my bill exceeds Rs. 1000 the next month,
I’ll break your transformer! Good Lord!
– What is it, Ravi? This man only has 4-5 appliances at home,
yet his bill is over RS. 5000. What a pity. Sir, it is ringing again.
– You go take a break. I’ll handle this one. Electricity Department?
– Yes. – We’ve no power for hours now! Where are you calling from, sir?
– From Nirmal, Karimnagar. From Karimnagar? Then call your local
electricity department, not us. Hell with your internal politics.
Give power back to us. You think power is some candy
to give you back instantly? Where did you find this number?
– I Googled for this number. I see. Call your local electricity department.
– Fine, you get them on line. I’ll talk to them. I’m not some telephone operator.
You call them up. Alright, atleast tell me what their number is.
– That’s better. Now hang up.
People think the current office is some customer care. What a wrong time
for a power outage! Electricity department?
– Yes, sir. There has been a power outage
in our hood for two hours. Where are you calling from, sir?
– Ahuti Nagar. – I see. Stay on line, sir. For how long has there been a power cut in Ahuti Nagar?
– For about 5 minutes. – That’s it? Power will be restored in 2 minutes.
– You’ll be dead if it won’t. What is the matter, Ravi?
– I’ve to teach this idiot a lesson. It’s been 2 minutes. Don’t you got no time sense?
But if I fail to pay the bill on time, you’ll fine me. Wait, stop there! Are you educated?
– I’m a post graduate. And yet you got no common sense?
– What nonsense are you talking? I’ll tell you what. In this city
3500 mega watts of power is used daily! What about the pollution it causes. Cut it. Just tell me when power would be restored.
– You idiots never change. Ravi, let’s go have a butter milk break.
– Sure, sir. Are you now chill? Take it easy.
I’ll answer the call. ‘Eletricity department?’ – Yes.
– ‘There is no power in my area.’ There is power everywhere in the city.
Where are you calling from? ‘Shanti Nagar.’
– There is power there. Give me your address. Alright, we’ll come there and check. It is better if he tags along.
Ravi, let’s go to Shanti Nagar. This is the address.
Mr Kiran, nice that there are no dogs in here. Are you the guys from electricity department?
– Yes? – There is power everywhere but in my house. Chill, chill.
– We are here to find out just that. He turned off the main supply.
– I’m shocked too. Turn it on. There is power everywhere else
because they didn’t turn off the main supply like you did. I turned off the main supply?
– Yeah and also wasted our time. Now I remember, I indeed turn off the main.
– What a prick this guy is. What in the world is that?
– Power theft. Let’s go catch him red handed. Lights, fans, tubelights,
more tubelights and more fans. Who is this little prick?
– Let’s ask him. Who are you two?
Who let the scavengers in? Hey, security! We’re from electricity department.
– What is the proof you aren’t lying? Fine, you aren’t lying. Why are you here?
– You are using so much electricity. And I’m also paying for it.
– Show me the bills. – I pay them online. Atleast show us the online receipts.
– There is no charge on my phone. You use so much power yet there is no charge
in your phone? Are you trying to fool us. Oh, yeah.
– You are busted. You are stealing power, aren’t you?
– No, sir! No, sir! No, sir! ‘No, sir!’. How long have you been staying here?
– Only for a year, sir. But my in-laws stayed here
for 2 years before I moved in here. You mean you’ve been stealing power
for 3 straight years? Busted!
– Mr Kiran, let’s teach this idiot a lesson. Go and pull out the fuse box. We’ll fine you
and teach you a good lesson for messing with us. You expect honest people to bear
the burden of your power consumption too? I’m sure, you’d have faced similar situations.
If you did, let us know in the comments. Also, do like, share and subscribe
to Wirally!

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    Coincidence oo ento telidu kani Jagan Garu cm ayyaaka day ki minimum 2 hrs power cut🤦🏻‍♀️

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