Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Three Suicides – Ep 564 – 3rd August, 2017
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Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Three Suicides – Ep 564 – 3rd August, 2017

The smile on the faces
of children is precious. Don’t let it fade away. May their tears
be that of happiness. Don’t let them cry
otherwise. Greetings! Welcome
to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. You must be thinking
as to why today’s episode is beginning
from my house. There is a reason for it. Because the case we are
going to see in today’s episode the case we are going
to discuss in today’s episode.. I personally felt,
the narration of the story should begin from my home. This case is important
for all the parents. As a father, it is my duty
to implement the preaching that I am going
to share with you in my real life as well. This is a very
sensitive topic and it is very important
to discuss it. It is said that a child’s
mind is similar to clay. Their minds can be moulded
into a right shape by providing them good
education and a good upbringing. All of us preach the importance
of success to our children. But do we teach them that failures are
the stepping stones to success? The one who falls
is not nugatory. The one who gets up
after falling is a winner. We give everything
to our children but sometimes
we fail to give them the things
they need the most. As per a daily newspaper every hour,
a suicide takes place in India. And out of 24 suicides
of this day 12 to 14 suicides are committed
by the children below 18. As per the records
of the past two years most of the suicides
have been committed by the children
aged between 8 and 12. What could be the reason
for such young children to give up on their lives
before it even starts? What happened
was shattering. But we have to stop
what is happening. Through the medium
of ‘Crime Patrol’ we bring to you
three such cases in this episode which are related to Diya Anmol
and Sanjay’s emotions. Teachers, parents,
and guardians should discuss it and question
our approach towards children. My daughter! Diya! Diya! Diya! Diya! Diya!
– Diya! Diya, what happened?
Diya! Diya! Diya! Diya,
what happened? Diya! Move aside.
– Diya! Don’t touch her!
Don’t touch her! Patil!
– Diya! Diya! Sir, I had gone to the
terrace to open the water knob. I did not close
the door because I had to close
the knob after half an hour. In the interim, Diya
went to the terrace and jumped. Do you mean
the kid jumped on her own? Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Diya has committed suicide. I checked
the CCTV footage. She was all by herself
on the terrace. Let me show you. Diya! Diya! Look, sir.
Diya is alone on the terrace. No one is with her. Sir, she jumped. The guy who was monitoring
the CCTV footage saw her. But before
he could get to her she committed suicide. Sir, I checked
the entire terrace but I found
nothing suspicious. No, sir. We cannot believe that our
daughter is capable of suicide. We have checked
the CCTV footage. Diya has indeed
committed suicide. How can a nine year old
think of committing suicide? Perhaps you can’t
believe what she has done but you might have an idea
about her mental state, right? Maybe there was something
that troubled her so much that she
took such a drastic step. Sir, I think something
happened in her school. Yes!
When Diya returned from school she was very upset. Freshen up, fast. I have prepared
‘Aloo Gobi’ for you.. Diya, what happened? You did not start yet. I will feed you today. But she just left
for the terrace and she.. About 1,30,000 cases
of suicide have been registered in the year 2016. About 30 per cent
of these cases were related
to school going kids. It might’ve been difficult
for Diya to describe
her mental state. Because it is easy for children
to express their happiness but it is difficult
for them to deal with sadness. So, please try
to understand the meaning of their unsaid things. Maybe they are not able
to express it. Diya’s school or something
else could’ve been the reason for Diya’s plight. But once a life is lost,
nothing can be done. However, it was possible
to save Sanjay from Patna. Would someone save him? Or will he also
walk on Diya’s footsteps? ‘The cuckoo
pleases everyone.’ Hey, you! You read the same poem
every day. Read something else
as well. What is this? Do you wish
to feed others as well? Why so much dough? There are four members
in the family. There should be
two Rotis per person. That equals
to eight Rotis, right? Why are you
kneading dough for 8 people? Sanjay’s family was poor. Financial crisis can often
make a person cruel. Sanjay was being
brought up in an environment where even dreams didn’t
have the scope to flourish. However,
the case of Anmol from Kanpur was hanging
on a string of hope. Anmol was missing. Anmol’s parents
were living under the hope that they will find
Anmol one day. Sir! Sir, we interrogated in
Anmol’s school about his case. We came to know that he
was quite a stubborn child and would always
fight with other kids. Is it that the school’s
senior kids have a hand
in his disappearance? No, sir. We haven’t
got any such clue yet. But during the interrogation,
it has come to our notice whoever
he would fight with he would threaten them
with his own suicide. What?
A suicide threat? Yes, sir. If anyone sat
on Anmol’s bench in school then in order
to get the place he would threaten
them with suicide. He would use the same trick
to get the window seat in the school bus. This is what
we’ve come across. Sudha.. Anmol’s missing case
was such a mystery which would soon be
unravelled by Kanpur Police. At the same time, the Mumbai
Police visited Diya’s school to find out the reason
of Diya’s suicide. Actually, sir,
we never mistreat our students. I guess the cause
of Diya’s problem is related to her home
and not to the school. But Diya’s parents
are blaming the school. Sir,
that’s what they always do. Diya got a C-Grade in one
subject in the last semester. So, they started
arguing with us. Their behaviour
was very irresponsible. Many parents pamper their
children like Diya’s parents. They think
that they’re motivating them but to discipline the kids we have to handle them
very smartly, sir. You are absolutely right. But we have come
to find out in what way you
or any of your staff member tackled Diya that she
took such a drastic step that cannot be reversed. I don’t think that any of our teachers
mistreated Diya. If you want, you can ask
any staff member or student. Not only Diya’s teachers,
interrogate her classmates the school guards
and peons too. Maybe we can find a clue that provoked Diya
to commit suicide. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. The principal
blamed Diya’s family. What do you think, sir? No matter who instigated
Diya to commit suicide the shocking fact
in this case is how could a nine year old
innocent girl think of suicide? To understand that child’s
state of mind and circumstances and her mistake, we’ll
have to investigate her life. Only then we’ll be able
to justify this case. Diya’s suicide case
was nearing the closing stage. But Sanjay’s case
had not even started yet. But the struggles
of his innocent life had begun the moment
he was born. They cannot
do a single chore properly. I wonder
what they do all day! They are of no use! Hey, how did the soap
become so small? I bought the soap
just two days ago and it has become
so small. Did you bathe
the cow with it? It’s hard
to make the ends meet and you’re busy
praying to God. Hey, why are you
simply standing there? Have a bath!
You have to go to school. Hey, careful! What if the clothes
got stained? You would’ve finished
the rest of the soap too. Go away. 10 ones are 10. 10 twos are 20. 10 threes are 30. 10 fours are.. What happened, dear?
Did you forget the table? No, Dad.
– Yes? 9 fives are 50. 9 sixes are 60. Excellent, dear! Your concentration
is on the ice cream. You mixed the tables
of nine and ten. Dear, I’m not rich
enough to educate you. Do you understand? Don’t think
of all this nonsense. Focus on your studies. Go now,
the school is here. Sanjay’s dad
was incapable of fulfilling Sanjay’s
smallest of wishes. But those parents who provide
their children with everything can sometimes
become so irresponsible that they end up also giving
those things to their children that could be
fatal for them. Anmol’s parents were going
through a similar remorse after the disappearance
of Anmol. I kept telling you that we should not
fulfil all his demands. He is not old enough
to have a cell phone. But still you got
a cell phone for him. I agree that I gave
a cell phone to Anmol. But I think
he ran away from home not because
I gave him the cell phone but because you snatched
away his cell phone. Mom,
give me my phone! Mom..
Mom, the game is on! I won’t give it!
– Give it to me, Mom! No, I won’t give it! And if you don’t listen,
I’ll give you a slap! Yes, I snatched it.
I snatched his cell phone. I thought that he would
focus on his studies if I took it
away from him. What wrong did I do? I thought that instead
of playing games on the mobile he would go out
and play with other kids. So,
what was wrong in that? You didn’t
do anything wrong. You are not wrong. We couldn’t
understand Anmol. I’m worried that if he.. What? Well..
Sudha, when you took away the phone from Anmol he called me up and he said the same thing which he always says. Kunwar,
show ma’am the new lot. – Yes. Okay, the new one.
Yes. Hello. Dad!
– What happened, dear? Dad, mom snatched
away my new cell phone. Please ask her
to return me my cell phone. Or else..
I’ll commit suicide! It is quite astonishing that a nine year old child
could think of suicide. Whenever we hear something
objectionable from them we wonder if they
are in a bad company. And without gauging
their state of mind we start questioning
them in such a manner that either scares them
or forces them to lie to us. We should not forget that the kids
might be interested to know those things that we
might not wish to tell them. For example, when the kids
are curious to know about death we tell them that people
become stars after death. The same way, if they are
moving in the wrong direction we should look for
positive ways to handle them. Because after a certain
age, we cannot fool them by covering up the wrong
with a veil of nonsense. Alka Verma!
– Yes, sir! Brajesh Singh.
– Yes, sir! Sonu Ram.
– Yes, sir! Sanjay Yadav. Sanjay Yadav! Hey, Sanjay! Y-Yes, sir! Where are you lost? You cannot focus
on studies! Hey, shut up!
Quiet! If you don’t like
to study, tell me. I’ll ask your father
to stop your schooling. No..
Don’t tell my dad. I won’t,
but focus on your studies with all your heart,
mind, intelligence. Got it?
Sit down! Come on! Golu!
– Yes, sir! Vikas!
– Present, sir! Diya,
what have you done! You left me all alone. You are Diya’s
family doctor, right? – Sir. After looking
at the footage what do you think made
Diya take such a drastic step? Sir, Diya’s physical
and mental condition seemed to be normal. But her parents
over-pampered her. How is that?
– Sir, one should not be so over-protective
about children that it becomes impossible to
protect them during tough times. After looking
at the footage I feel that Diya was
worried about something similar. The thing
that her parents didn’t understand
at the right time due to their
irresponsible nature. Mohite, tell me. Sir,
I’ve found out something. Perhaps this is
the reason for Diya’s suicide. Sanjay,
what the heck! Come here. Why is your hand
on your stomach? Tell me! What’s wrong?
Is your stomach paining? What else then? Well.. What is this? How did you
get this stain? Well..
Dad, I was playing over there. What was the need
to play? Tell me! What if you got hurt? I don’t have money
to cover your basic needs how would I cover
your medical expenses? It’s just the stain but what if the shirt
would’ve got ripped? How would I
get it stitched? Answer me! Dear we are very poor. Got it? We have to think a lot
before taking any action. How many ‘Litti’
did you give there? Two.
– Add one more. Where were you? You are late again. Sir, actually..
– Fine, come on. Save the chat
and get started. Hey! What have you done? What did you do? Sir,
it’s just a small mistake. He’s a kid after all.
Forgive him. I will pay you Rs. 20 only as I have deducted Rs. 5
for the tea that you spilt. Go now.
Make sure to arrive on time. Sir.
– What? Can I get
a bar of soap? Why? Take money for it. Sanjay,
what are you doing in there? What are you washing? Where do you get
such stains every day? This looks
like a new washing bar. Who gave it to you? Did your dad give it? No. I bought it. Did you? Where did you get
the money to buy it? Well.. I actually
solved a hard equation in math so my teacher
awarded me with money. He gave me Rs. 20. I bought
a washing bar for Rs. 5 and.. And this is balance
amount of Rs. 15. We have to get
sister married, right? Add this to the savings. My lovely son. These feelings of yours are far more valuable
than this amount. But, dear your teacher won’t
reward you with money daily. And your dad.. I’m unsure
how he’ll arrange the money. The financial crisis
had such an impact on Sanjay that he was ready to risk
his entire future. Sanjay’s destiny
took him.. …to the unsolved mystery
of Anmol’s life and Diya’s final days of
life which turned into reality. Was the reason
of Diya’s suicide related to her parents? Or was it connected
to her school? Mohite, tell me. Sir, there’s
something I got to know. Maybe this is
the reason for Diya’s suicide. Dear,
we are not blaming you. We are just asking
about the other day and what was the
reason of the misunderstanding that was created
between Diya and you at school? The tablet PC that we received from our
computer teacher in the lab.. We were asked to return
it after the class. I noticed that my tablet
wasn’t there on my desk. The teacher
scolded me a lot. Sir,
I felt embarrassed and later
when I opened Diya’s bag to get the geometry
box to use it.. I saw that the tablet
was in her bag. Diya how did this tablet
get inside your bag? I have no idea about it. It didn’t just
come here, you stole it! I will complain
to the teacher. Saloni, no! I really didn’t steal it. I don’t know
how it got here.. Diya, you’re a liar!
You are a thief! You are no longer
a friend to me! – No! I am not..
– You’re a thief! You’re the one!
– Saloni, no.. Saloni! Listen up!
– You, thief! Hey! thief..
– Thief.. – Thief.. Could the reason
behind Diya’s suicide be the fight
between Diya and Saloni? We might find it
to be a petty issue but we shouldn’t forget
that when we were children such petty issues
and actions used to leave a deep
impact on us. How can she dare
to do such a thing! How can she accuse
Diya of stealing? This means..
She did.. She instigated Diya
to commit suicide. I will file a case
of abetment of suicide on her. You wanted to sue
Diya’s school as well but you didn’t. However,
we know what you did. What do you mean? You fulfilled
every wish of Diya’s but you never taught her
to be brave and fight. You sent her to the most
prestigious school but you also taught her
that money can buy anything! Mr. Ashish,
I agree that a child needs love but you can’t over-pamper
a child to an extent that it weakens
them from inside. They feel
that a defeat is their end and surrender
themselves to it. What point are you
trying to make by all this? Look.
I am still not sure if Diya committed suicide due to
her misunderstanding with Saloni or if it was something else. Maybe, not on records but I want to tell you
something off-records that your irresponsibility is
the reason for Diya’s actions. By the way you can do as you wish but I don’t think
the court will accept the case of abetment
of suicide against Saloni. What nonsense
is he talking about! Did Diya really commit
suicide because of us? Was our upbringing faulty! I won’t spare them! Ashish, he is right. Perhaps
we are to be blamed. We never denied anything
that Diya wished for. So, how could she..
How could she learn to accept denial? Diya’s suicide case was investigated under
the abetment of suicide. But this case wasn’t
leading to an outcome. It was just
an educated guess that the reason
of Diya’s suicide could be the fight
between Diya and Saloni. What is more critical than knowing the reason
for Diya’s suicide? Why did this happen
with nine years old Diya? Why did such questions
which weren’t hard enough destroy
an innocent girl’s life? These questions
couldn’t have been answered. When we explain the
definition of success to kids we need to make them aware
of the struggles and failures. The failures encountered
in education and sports and the acceptance
of denial in a relationship should be explained
to them. But if the children are
raised in a negative environment then they might be
deprived of reaching the heights which is often
discriminated as ordinary
and extra ordinary. Sanjay was going
through the same phase. Anju!
– Yes. You feel bad
when I yell at you, don’t you? Did I ever
complain about it? Why do you feel so? I have given up, Anju. We have
nothing left to eat. To top it all,
Sanjay’s education and Vandana’s wedding! I don’t understand
how I will be able to do it. Don’t worry. Time is never the same. And God
never wrongs anyone. He has wronged
by making us poor. It’s believed that poverty
doesn’t make us ill-fated. We become unfortunate when we lose the power
to change our destiny. One stops fighting in life when one is taught
that death is easier than life. Brother, stop thinking
about suicide. Anmol can talk
about committing suicide but he can never do so. I wish this is true. Listen,
I spoke to Aunt Garima. She was saying
that there’s a renowned shaman in Harinagar. He performs black magic. He will tell us
about Anmol. Sudha,
such things don’t exist. Such shamans take
advantage of such incidents and earn money.
That’s it. Anmol will come back,
okay? You won’t lose anything
if you spend money for your son! Are you concerned
about Anmol or not? Sudha, just because
you are a mother doesn’t mean my love
is less than you. If you think
that spending money will bring Anmol back then fine..
I will spend my entire savings. Get my Anmol back.
Come on, get him back. Hello! Anmol! Sudha.. Anmol’s uncle’s name
is Kunwar. And this is the case file
of his aunt, Mayuri. Sir, we found Anmol’s body
in the same river where Anmol’s aunt
committed suicide. Anmol’s aunt
committing suicide in the river and getting Anmol’s body
from the same river can’t be
a mere co-incidence. Listen. Send
Anmol’s body for post-mortem. Enquire from his relatives,
neighbours and all the employees from different angles. Okay, sir. Anmol’s case was different
from Diya’s suicide case. The angle
of investigation was different. And it was
being investigated. Diya
had committed suicide. And the police
had found Anmol’s body. But what was
Sanjay’s destiny? We have planned to take
all the students to the zoo after two days. Hurray! Shut up! I won’t spare you.
Shut up. Everyone must tell
your parents. And everyone
has to deposit Rs. 50 each. Get it? Yes, sir. There are four members
in the family. Two Rotis per person. It totals to eight Rotis. You are kneading
the dough for 16 Rotis. I had bought the soap
two days ago. It’s already over. We are poor. Get it? My mom has given me
a pair of goggles. I will wear that tomorrow. A monkey
will take your goggles away. Sir,
the work is done. Sir,
will you give me Rs. 50? I need the money. Do you think money
grows on trees? Here’s Rs. 25. You won’t even
get this from tomorrow. I have hired someone else. Go away. Come on, go. Yes, sir. We had found my wife,
Mayuri’s body in the river. But how is that case
related to this? Of course,
it is related. As per
the post-mortem report there are no external or
internal injuries on his body. He has died
due to drowning. If it was an accident then we don’t have
any witness. But yes.. If Anmol
has committed suicide then I’m sure,
you know the reason. Dad, mom snatched away
the mobile from me. Ask her to give it
back to me. Otherwise,
I will commit suicide. Not just the mobile we’ve learnt that Anmol often
threatened to kill himself. The employees
at your shop have told us that Anmol used
to go to the shop as well and you used to discuss
his aunt’s suicide case in front of him. What do I tell you? Mayuri used to threaten
to commit suicide for everything. ‘I’ll commit suicide
if you don’t buy me jewellery.’ ‘I’ll commit suicide
if you don’t ask for partition.’ I was fed up of her. Honestly speaking, I’m
glad that she committed suicide. She got free,
and so did I. Unknowingly,
you taught Anmol that committing suicide is the
solution for every problem. That one can get rid of any
problem by committing suicide. So, he thought
of committing suicide to get rid of the pain which he faced due
to the mobile being snatched. Perhaps that’s why,
he committed suicide to get rid of that pain. Anmol’s life
was ruined not due to defeat but by that one word which he considered
the solution of his problems. Anmol’s father gave him
a phone in affection but he taught him
something which was
appreciating the wrong step. The mobile
was taken away from him when it became
his addiction. Anmol considered
this as ill-treatment. And he thought that the way his aunt
got rid of all the problems by drowning in the river similarly,
he will get rid of his pain. Anmol’s case
was also considered a suicide just like Diya’s. But was Sanjay’s life
going to end up with the same result? Shall we go? What’s the matter,
dear? You are very quiet
these days! You don’t talk
to anyone. Are you upset with me? No, Dad. Dear,
pour your heart out. I won’t rebuke you. Dad, why did God
make us poor? Son even I couldn’t
understand this. Let’s go to Him
and ask Him. What are you doing? Leave me.
Have you done mad? Yes,
I have gone mad. Poverty
has driven me mad. So, it’s important
to kill all of you. Will you kill us?
– Yes. Why are you saying this? Don’t think
of such things. Have patience.
Everything will be fine. What will be fine,
Anju? I had told you before that I am unable
to manage the family. It’s better
that we die at once rather than dying
every day. For how long
are we going to borrow money? Sanjay’s education,
Vandana’s wedding! How will I do all this? I can die alone but the world
won’t allow you to live if I die alone. They will kill you. So..
Please forgive me, Anju. You compelled me to cry
with your talks. You like cold drinks,
right? I will get you a cold
drink. No! I will get you one. Here, have it, dear.
Have it. You’re a very
decent child. Dear,
had I not been poor I would educate you
and make your future better. But.. I won’t be able to kill you
both along with Sanjay. That’s why,
I will feed him poison. You didn’t have it yet.
Have it quickly. Finish it
before reaching home. Okay? Dad,
your phone is ringing. Hello. Okay, fine. I got a call
from your teacher. Were you supposed
to pay Rs. 50 at the school? All the children
are going to the zoo. Why didn’t you tell me? It’s because
I didn’t want to go, Dad! I will tell my teacher.
It is not easy to get Rs. 50. Is it so easy
to get the money? Dad, we get two
kilograms of flour for Rs. 50. We don’t have
anything to eat and on top of that,
I need to take care of Sanjay’s studies
and Vandana’s wedding. I have understood that poor people need to think
twice before doing anything. We are poor people.
Do you get it? We need to think twice
before doing anything. I will have
this cold drink at home by sharing it
with everyone. Sister, mom, you
and I can have it. All of us
can have it together. Just wait here. I am going inside.
You can come in when I call you. I will tell your mother about your
understanding nature. Okay? I will pay you Rs. 50
for going to the zoo. Okay? What do you think
of yourself? Where is my son?
Where is Sanjay? Tell me. What you have
done to Sanjay? Where is Sanjay? I couldn’t poison
Sanjay. I couldn’t kill him. Where did he go?
– He was right here. His bag
is right here. – Yes. Sanjay!
– Sanjay! What if he heard us? Hey!
– Sanjay! – Go and check there. We will check here!
– Let us go. – Sanjay! Sanjay! Did you see
Sanjay anywhere? – No. Watch out! Sanjay!
– Sanjay! If something happens to
my son, I’ll never forgive you. I will not spare you!
I am telling you. Sanjay! Where did you go?
How could you leave me? I was so worried! Forgive me, Dad. You had to spend Rs. 50
because of me. That’s why,
I thought of killing myself. That would
lessen your burden. You would
even save some food. Dear, killing yourself
is not the solution to get rid
of your problems. This is life. We need to fight
with it. This is what
I’ve learnt from all of you. You shouldn’t cry
but live happily. It’s great
that Sanjay is alive but there were countless
children like Diya and Anmol whose number
would leave us shocked. This is a world
where we bear the pain of border, explosives,
conflict and differentiation where we give birth
to the children thinking that a person who
kills someone can’t be better than a person who gets
someone to this world. But if some lives
are taken away in this manner then,
it is necessary to think. I, Anup Soni,
will now take your leave. I’ll meet you
in the next episode with another
such shocking incident. Till then, take care
of yourself and your family and keep watching,
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. Punishment to the guilty
is a lesson for all! ‘Jai Hind!’

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