Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Mira Road Suicide – Ep 630 – 13th October, 2017
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Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Mira Road Suicide – Ep 630 – 13th October, 2017

Greetings and welcome
to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. All of us know and believe that committing suicide
depicts the weak mentality
of a human being. And doing so
is not just cowardliness but a crime too. Whenever suicide is discussed
in our country we usually talk about
the suicide committed by our farmers. According to statistics around 11 percent of suicides are committed by farmers. These situations and statistics
are not just pitiful but worrisome too. But there is one more
statistic which is pitiful and scary too. A new trend has begun
in our new generation who live life on the basis
of ‘my life, my rules’. Some people
from this generation consider life as a game and they end their lives
as a game. Somebody plays a stupid game which becomes viral
over the internet and jumps from the terrace. Some commit suicide after facing a heartbreak. While doing so they don’t think
about their family or their innocent parents. Our country is one among
the top countries where the youth between
15 to 29 years of age commit suicide. According to NCRB statistics
of 2015 a student or a youth commits
suicide every hour in India. You can imagine how terrible
these statistics are. But how do they get trapped? What are the conditions
and who are the people who force these youth
filled with energy to commit suicide? Come, let’s watch today’s case. What are you doing?
Get down. Ma’am, you will fall down. Divya. Divya! Divya.
– Divya. My daughter.
– Divya. I want to go
to my daughter. What happened to her?
Let me go. Divya! Divya! Divya.
– Divya. Divya.. How did this happen? Sir, a lady came to me
before all this happened. She told me Ms. Divya’s
flat number and asked me the way
to her house. I told her the way, sir. After a while, I saw them
on the boundary of the terrace We tried our level best
to stop them. But they didn’t
listen to us. They jumped from
the terrace, sir. Have you seen the lady
who fell on the bed earlier? No, sir. I saw her
for the first time today. No, sir. We never even dreamt that Divya could take
such a drastic step. There was no problem
as far as we know. My daughter. I don’t want water. Yet why did she.. Sir.. Who is the other girl who tried to commit suicide
with Divya? We haven’t seen
her earlier, sir. Divya.
– Divya! Divya.
– Divya. Divya. Where are
you taking my daughter? Divya.
Leave my daughter. No, let me go. Divya. Divya! Divya! I didn’t find anybody
in the society who recognised
the other girl. Everyone says that this was the first time
she came to Divya’s house. It’s not possible. This is not possible that she meets somebody
for the first time and commits suicide
immediately. That girl might have come
to Divya’s house for the first time. But she might have been
her college friend. Find out.
– Okay, sir. Wait a minute, Prabhakar. Did you receive any
information from the hospital? Sir, her treatment
is going on. But she hasn’t
gained consciousness yet. Ma’am, your student,
Divya has committed suicide and this girl
attempted suicide with her. Have you seen her anywhere? No, I have never seen
this girl with Divya. Did she
discuss anything about her family
with you? Did she have any issues
or problems at home? No, sir. There were no problems
in her family. In fact, her mom and dad
loved her a lot. She was their only daughter. And they never restricted her. There could have been some
problem in her personal life. Did she have a boyfriend? No, ma’am. As far as I know she didn’t have any boyfriend. But she had mentioned about
a boy to me a few days ago whom she had met on
Friendsbook. I have to give you
some exciting news. What? I met somebody
on Friendsbook. What are you saying? Is it a boy? Yes, he is amazing. I may meet him soon. What do you think? Was Divya meeting
that boy? I don’t know about that, ma’am. Okay. Thank you. We didn’t get
anything important. But we got to know that Divya
had befriended a boy on Friendsbook
a few days ago. She had mentioned
the same to her friend. I met somebody
on Friendsbook. He is amazing. But she didn’t mention
her name or any other detail. So, we don’t have
any lead. Neither do we know
the reason behind her suicide or any other reason which we can associate
this case with. So, only that girl
can help us. But nobody knows her. But what was that girl doing
in Divya’s house? Find out whether that girl
has gained consciousness or not. How are you feeling now? Hello. What? Let’s go. That girl is missing. It was your duty to keep an eye
on that girl. How did she disappear
all of a sudden? Sir, I was about to call you after she gained
consciousness. But there was a jammer
near the ICU. That is why,
I came near the reception. A nurse came
all of a sudden and told me that the girl
is not in her room. Do you have a CCTV here? The girl is not visible here. Did she disappear into thin air? Such carelessness! Wait a minute. Stop. Who are these people? Sir, he is a patient. They had come in the morning
for treatment. I attended to them. Are you sure?
– Yes, sir. Where did that girl go? We’ll have to find that girl
as soon as possible. Deepa, every newspaper
should publish that girl’s photograph
in the morning. Yes, sir. Sir, I checked
Divya’s phone that we found
in her house. Sir, I checked all
her contacts and call records. Sir, all the calls
were made to her friends or family members. But there is only
one number which was not saved. But she was in constant touch with that number. Most importantly, she had
last spoken to that number before she
committed suicide. Did you find out whose
number is it? – Yes, sir. It is registered under
a Latika Parmar. I dialled that number. But nobody
answered my calls. Latika Parmar. She might be the other girl who tried to commit suicide
along with Divya. Let’s go and find out. Sir. Do you know a girl named
Divya Satam? I don’t know anybody
named Divya Satam. Is 9820029656 your number? Yes, that’s my number.
But my son uses it. But why are you asking
all this? Call your son here.
We will let you know. Akshat.. Yes, sir. We became friends
on Friendsbook. What kind of friendship
was that? Casual or close? It was just casual, sir.
I just met her once. Is she your friend? No, sir. I don’t know her. When was the last time
you spoke to Divya? Few weeks back.
– You are lying. Arrest him.
– Okay, sir. Come.
– What are you doing.. Leave him..
What did he do? Divya Satam
has committed suicide. Your son was the last person
whom she had called up. Divya Satam,
who committed suicide by jumping off from her
building, was Akshat’s friend. Inspector knew Akshat was lying
about his friendship with Divya. But what they didn’t know
that Akshat himself had once tried
to committed suicide. These are Divya’s call records. as per which you were
in touch with each other. Now, tell us
why you lied! Should we coerce you
into saying it? No, sir. I lied
because mom was there. It’s true that we were
in contact. But I swear. I had no idea
that she committed suicide. Believe me, sir. I’m giving you another
chance to tell the truth. Divya called you up before
committing suicide. What did you talk? Nothing, sir. Actually, she called me up
early in the morning. I answered the call but
it was blank. So, I disconnected. I thought of calling her later. We checked your phone. You have deleted your
call history, messages social media accounts
and everything. If you hadn’t done anything,
why did you delete them? Sir, because I don’t like
keeping anything in my phone. Was it Akshat, because of whom
Divya committed suicide? Was it Divya, because of whom Akshat had once tried
to commit suicide? Was it a matter of love
at a tender age or was the story something else? No matter what the truth is,
but it was clear that Akshat was hiding
something from the police. But what is it
and why was he doing so? Sir, it’s clear that
Akshat is lying. Akshat might be the same
boy Vivek’s friend spoke about and the one who met Divya
on the social networking site. But we cannot prove it. Because Divya’s friend
never saw that boy. Bring Divya’s phone
and laptop. Okay, sir. Akshat says that he met
Divya on a social media site. But he isn’t in her friend list. There are no chats
and messages either. That means,
either Akshat is lying or Divya had deleted all the
information related to Akshat before committing suicide. And we didn’t find any kind
of conversation history with Akshat in her phone too. Fetch more information
related to Akshat. Like, how,
where and when he met Divya and how close they were
to each other. Everything. Because I’m sure that something
has happened between them which could be the reason
for this entire incident. Okay, sir. We will find out.
– All right, sir. Prabhakar, find out about
that other girl too. She could be connected
to Akshat. Do this. Both of you, go to Akshat’s
college and inquire there. I will meet Divya’s parents
and probe about Akshat. Akshat is a very good boy.
He can never do that. He is been in this college
since two years. Have you seen any one
of them with Akshat or in college? No.
– Akshat is a very nice guy. He doesn’t even look
at any girl. I don’t think he has any
interest in having affairs. He is Akshat. He used to
talk to Divya often. He is the last person whom
Divya called up. Do you know him? No, sir. We don’t know him. Sir, I’m in Akshat’s college. Nobody knows Divya or
that other girl here. I didn’t find anything about
Akshat by which we can link him
to this case. His image is clean.
– Prabhakar, do this. Fetch Akshat’s financial
details. His bank, credit card,
debit card details and all those financial
instruments he was using. Okay, sir. Was your daughter using
a debit card or credit card? She was using a debit card. I need her last six
months’ bank statement. I will fetch it from the bank
and send it to you. I will ask you something.
Please tell me the truth. Did that girl commit
suicide because of you? No, Mom.
I’m not involved in this. I swear. I trust you. Okay. You must be hungry.
I will get some food. – Mom.. I don’t feel like
eating anything. I want to take rest. Okay, take rest.
I will come later. We’ve learnt
about a coffee shop where Divya used to go
regularly. Sir, even Akshat used to visit
that coffee shop frequently. They have made many payments
from their debit cards there. And every time they
made these payments their mobile phone’s location
has been in the same area. And since the last one month,
they have made payments 15-20 times there. Looks like this coffee shop
was their meeting point where they used
to meet discreetly. If they used to visit
it so frequently, it’s possible that somebody must have
seen them together. And we can possibly get
some clue about this other girl. Let’s go.
– Okay, sir. – Okay, sir. Ask them to make it soon. Customers are waiting.
We don’t have time. Yes, sir? Do you recognise them?
– Yes. They used to come
here frequently. Have you noticed something
peculiar about them? I mean, if you noticed
something odd in their behaviour or something like that? No, sir.
They both were very good. I never found anything
suspicious about them. But they seemed a bit stressed
since the past few days. As though they were in some
big problem. But I don’t know anything. Because they used to keep
quiet in my presence. Excuse me.
Is everything fine? Yes, sir. Do you recognise her?
– No, sir. She could have come here
a couple of times. But she is not our
regular visitor. Thank you. Whenever we asked him,
he told us that he met Divya only a couple of times. But the story seems
different here. Why is Akshat lying to us? May be, he knows the reason
why she committed suicide and about that girl too. But it’s clear that he’s hiding
a lot of facts from us. Sir, it is also possible
that Akshat was fooling them and taking
advantage of it. May be, these girls got
learnt about this truth and they took this drastic step. That’s possible. But only Akshat can tell
us what the truth is. Akshat! Akshat, open the door! Mister, please come.. I’m knocking at his door
from so long. Please check..
– Akshat! Open the door. Akshat! He said he wanted
to take rest in his room. I left him alone there. ‘Please forgive.’ ‘I know that this act
of mine will hurt you a lot.’ Only that other girl
can help us. But we have no idea
where she is. After Akshat’s suicide,
this case had become even more mysterious. Inspector had no idea about the
reason behind these suicides. There was no evidence which
could’ve cleared the picture of this case. Both of them were teenagers
and their lives were as normal as other
teenagers’ of this country. And this step which they
had taken had come to the police
as a riddle. A riddle which was both
difficult and incomplete. The police investigation
was going on and they were scrutinising
every aspect of this case. But the big question still
remained unanswered was as to what reason led Divya
take such a drastic step. And the next
important question was.. Who was the other girl who
committed suicide with Divya? Only that girl could’ve unveiled
all these secrets. Who was this girl and how was she related
to Akshat and Divya? And this was the biggest
question. Where was she? Did you find anything? While we were recovering
the deleted data from Divya and Akshat’s account,
we found that they were
invited to a dance party through a Friendsbook
invitation. It was around two months back. They had even confirmed
that they would attend it. What is this Friendsbook
invitation? Sir, Friendsbook invitation
is a tool through which users can create events and they can also mention
its timing and location. When you get the notification,
you opt if you are going or not and inform the organisers
if you are interested or not. Did Divya and Akshath
accept the party invitation? Yes, they had accepted it, sir. But it’s difficult to ascertain
if they did attend the party. There should be some means
to find out if they did. There is one way. We have the details of all
those who attended the party besides Divya and Akshath. There were a few
college friends of theirs. If you interrogate them,
you can find out if any of them
attended the party. I want the organizer’s
details along with all that. Sure, sir. Ma’am, these three were there
at the party on that day. But I don’t know
them personally. This girl’s name is Ananya. There were drugs
at this party too, right? No, ma’am.
It was a clean party. Only drinks and cocktails
were being served at the party. Yes, sir.
They were at the party. But they were quite
uncomfortable. Was this the boy
at the party? Yes, sir.
This boy was at the party. He was quite uncomfortable. That’s the reason
I looked at him. After that I got busy
with my friends. I don’t know what they did
or where they went after that. Yes, sir.
We organised the party. It was very crowded. It’ll be difficult to tell you
when and with whom she arrived. Thank you. Ananya.. Hey! How dare you hit me? You shouldn’t have done this. Sub-inspector Thambe.
Kashimira Inspector Station. I am calling from Malad. You have published a girl’s
picture in the newspaper today. Ananya Dhar.
– Do you know her? There is a working
women’s hostel here at Malad. I am the warden here.
This girl stays here too. Give me the hostel’s address. I was the one who called you. You said, you knew the girl. Yes, sir.
The girl hails from Nashik. She came here around
four months ago. She had found a job
at some HR company. She was a very nice girl, sir. She was the only girl who returned
to the hostel on time. She was never late. And no hanky-panky. She went to work
from the hostel. And returned to the hostel. No boyfriend or anything. She has been missing
since a few days. Didn’t you find it pertinent
to inform the police? Why? – Sir, this is a
working girl’s hostel. All the girls who stay
here work for a living. They may have to go out of station,
regarding work at times. Some of them inform us
whereas some don’t. That’s the reason I thought
Ananya had gone out regarding some work
when she didn’t return. I want the addresses
of both her workplace and house. Ananya was a simple
straight forward girl. She was one of those who
only mind their own business. She loved her parents a lot. I want a list of all
your employees. There is no iota of suspicion
that Divya, Ananya, and Akshath endured something that pushed
them into committing suicide. Divya and Akshath succeeded. But Ananya
failed in her attempt. And disappeared. She was made
to disappear rather. Who could make
her disappear, sir? Maybe someone who put them
in trouble in the first place. Who could it be? That is what
I have to find out first. I had asked
the IT department to trace Ananya’s last
cell phone location. Did you find out something? Their last location
is the same building from where they attempted suicide. Her cell phone
is switched off ever since. But the strange part was that we couldn’t find the cell phone despite searching
for it fervently. Stay in touch with the IT
department continuously. Yes, sir. Suicide? Why did my daughter
attempt suicide? Don’t be afraid.
She is absolutely fine. But we don’t know where she is. That is the reason
we need your help. When did you last speak to her? She had called me
around nine days back from her office. What did she tell you? Did she share
any of her troubles? Did she seem to be in trouble
by the way she spoke to you? Sir.. Sir, when had she ever
shared her troubles with us? She considered
herself a son rather than a daughter. She is right, sir.
I had called her too. But she cut the call
stating that she can’t make it. Sir, Please find my daughter. Sir, I checked Ananya’s laptop. I checked the social media
websites too. But she doesn’t possess
an account anywhere. And all the details
in her laptop are work related. There’s a picture of her parents
other than her work. Nothing else, sir. Ananya’s warden informed us that she had come to Mumbai
a few months ago. And she didn’t know anyone here. Barring a few colleagues
and a few girls in the hostel. She didn’t seem like
a party freak. There must be someone
who took her along. Is there anybody in her
office list or hostel list who was invited
in the same party. Sure, sir. I’ll check. Sir, Shashwath. Shashwath Gowarikar. He’s his colleague
from office. Good. The girl, whose absence
was the biggest headache for the police so far,
had been identified. But the truth
about her relationship with Divya and Akshat,
was still a secret. Inspector were suspecting
that like Divya and Akshat this girl was victim
to someone’s conspiracy. What was that conspiracy? Who had hatched it? And who was
that Shashwath Gowarikar? Excuse me. Where
can we find Shashwath Gowarikar? Well, he’s inside. Mr. Shashwath? Yes, sir? Yes, sir. I had
taken Ananya to that party. Actually, I used to think
she’s attracted to me. But sir,
there in the party.. What happened
in that party? What happened there? Actually, sir. I had.. I tried to kiss Ananya. but she shoved me
and sat at the corner table. And sir, even I became
very upset after that incident. That’s why I left
from that party. Did you leave Ananya alone? No, sir. I told Ananya that
I would drop her to the hostel. She said, ‘No, I can manage.’ Do you know them? No, sir.
I don’t know them but I recognise them. I had seen them
at the party. They were talking to Ananya. When did you
meet Ananya after that? The next day at office. In fact,
even at the office I apologised to Ananya several times but she was
totally ignoring me. Okay. We have to verify
about the party. – Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
I remember by seeing him that they had an argument. But the music was quite loud
and I was distant. So, I didn’t know
what they talked about. After that, did they leave
the party together or alone? No idea, sir.
As I was enjoying in my group. So I didn’t pay attention. Sir, I received
information from the IT cell. Ananya’s
phone has become active in Santosh Nagar
area near Mira Road. Let’s go. Mobile with this IMEI number
was activated here. Where did you get it from? Sir, my job is to deal
in old and new phones. I might’ve used
it, had somebody sold. Let me check and tell you. Sir, this is the number.
It’s sold. Well, who sold it to you? I don’t remember, sir.
Many people come here. And whichever phone I take,
I save the data in the computer and note down
the number here. Check and tell. Sir, this is the number. Write the number on a chit. Thank you. What?
– No, sir.. Raju Yadav, right?
– Yes, sir. Where did you get
that girl’s number from? Wait, sir. I’ll tell you. Oh, my! Ambulance.. Where’s my mobile? Let me call
the ambulance from upstairs. Sir, I made a mistake. Forgive me, sir.
I made a mistake. Sir.. Sir, we’ve recovered few
messages from Ananya’s phone which she had sent
to Divya and Akshat through an internet
messaging application. But it’s clear after
reading those messages that they were
in some trouble. And in order
to get out of that trouble they needed to pay
a huge amount to someone. But none of them
was able to arrange that amount. That’s why they decided
to commit suicide. Anything else other than that? Yes, sir.
They were called time and again through an internet
calling app. Almost every week. We’ve even become successful at tracing the IP address
of that laptop, sir. And with the help
of that IP address we’ve found out about
the place where it was used. This is the address, sir. Check the entire house.
– Yes, sir. – Sir. Sir! Sir, he’s dead. The things around the body
and the position of the corpse indicates that he struggled
before dying! Sir, there’s no one
in the house. I’ve called
one of their neighbours! Get the body sent
for post mortem! – Sir! Do you live in this building?
– Yes, sir! I stay in front. That means, you’d know
the people who live here! Yes, I do!
This is Dr. Sunil Sangvi’s home! He lived alone here! I saw a girl run out
of his house in the morning. Photographs! Is this the girl?
– Yes, sir! She is the one! Take her statement!
– Yes, sir! Let’s go! Sir! This could be the man
because of whom Divya, Ananya and Akshath
are in trouble. Divya and Akshath
committed suicide. And I think Divya killed
this man to get rid of him! Quite possible. If this is the man because
of whom they were in trouble then what was Ananya
doing with this man? I hope Ananya didn’t plot with the doctor to trick them. She could’ve killed
him and escaped! Hi, ma’am! Come on, we’ll drop you!
– No.. I can manage on my own. Push her inside.. Hey.. No, sir! No one named
Sunil Sangvi was invited! Then how did Ananya
meet the doctor? Sir! Sir, I found a man’s number
in that doctor’s contact list! Both of them spoke
on the phone frequently! Not just that! This doctor also received calls
from the same application as Divya, Akshath, and Ananya. I have informed the
IT department so that they can trace the IP address from
which these calls were made! Good job!
Ramakant! Bring him in!
– Sir! Stop the car.. Hey.. A cop is chasing us! I think we should get rid of her
lest the police will catch us! Stop! S-Sir..
– You.. Sir, I didn’t do anything!
Trust me, sir! S-Sir..
– Speak out! S-Sir..
– Tell me.. How were you
and the doctor related? Where is Ananya? Sir, I knew the doctor
but I didn’t know about his relationship
with Ananya! Sir, please believe me.. I don’t know where Ananya is! Yes.
– ‘Sir, we found that girl.’ All right.
I’m coming. Come on. What happened with you? After Shashwath insisted
a lot that day I agreed to attend
the party with him. On reaching there,
I quickly realised that the party wasn’t
meant for people like us! Everyone there was smoking,
drinking and doing drugs. I was feeling
claustrophobic inside! Despite repeated warnings
he took me to dance with him. Later, he even tried
to kiss me. Then I pushed him and went
to a corner to gather myself! What happened after that? I met Divya
and Akshath after that! They were not
comfortable in that party too. When I told them that it was
my first time at such a party and also the last time. Then Divya and Akshath
also said the same. We spoke for some time
and then they left! And I couldn’t see
Shashwath around! I thought that it’d be safe
if I went along with them. But as we were about to come
out, the organiser stopped us. ‘Hey, are you guys
not enjoying the party?’ ‘Are you all leaving?’ ‘Sir, actually we have to attend
college in the morning.’ ‘Good. No problem.’ We have a feedback form please fill that up. He wanted to get a feedback
for the party. So that he can enhance
the features of the party. Then he took us to a room. Please enjoy the cold drink. Meanwhile I’ll get that
feedback form. All three of us had that drink. And after having that we felt dizzy. When we woke up,
it was already morning. And we realised.. We-we were completely
naked. Before we could fathom
what was happening the organiser of the party came. And he told us that he took our photos
and videos in that inebriated
state of ours. He threatened us that if we don’t give him
two lakhs each.. he will upload our photographs
and videos online. Sir, please..
We’ve came here just once. Don’t do this to us! Please let us go. And, what’s the role
of the doctor with whom you were staying? That doctor worked
for that organiser. That doctor interacted with
us on his behalf. He used to pressurise us. Yet, we couldn’t arrange
for the money. All of us tried a lot.. But two lakh rupees
was a huge amount for us. Then that doctor gave
us a window of one more month. To save ourselves and our
parents from this embarrassment we had only one choice.. To commit suicide. After that Divya and you jumped
off the building together. But how did you disappear
from the hospital? And why? I did not just disappear. I was taken from there.
That doctor came to my room. And he threatened me
that if I don’t go with him he will upload my photos. Then he gave me that burkha. I was helpless. That’s why I wore the burkha
and went with him quietly. And after that the doctor
took you to his house. But you eloped from
there too. Then who killed him? I did. Listen, I know whatever
happened to you was not your fault. But whatever Divya
and Akshath did was not right too. There are many
ups and downs in life. But being troubled by that and committing suicide
is not the way out! She should have been
made to have that cold drink. Yes but..
– So beautiful, right? Take them from here.
– What happened? Trapping young girls and boys and black-mailing them
was the ploy of the gang. Their leaders and party
organisers were arrested. Saswat Gowarikar and others
who used to work for them. Not only did the police provide justice
to Divya and Akshath but they saved
other youngsters who could have been
targeted by them in future. If they had informed
the police after the incident then maybe, Divya and Akshat
would have been alive today. Ananya might have saved
herself from the predicament. It is true that the fight
against crime is very difficult but believe me,
being a victim of a crime is far more difficult. With this thought in mind
I, Anup Soni bid goodbye. We’ll meet again
in the next episode with another shocking incident. Unil then, do take care
of your family and yourself and keep watching
‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’. A lesson for one,
is an experience for all of us. ‘Jai Hind’!

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  3. Jo ladke car mein harqate kar rahe the Ananya ke sath unke sath toh kuch hua Nahi sale haramzade

    Unke maa bahen ke sath Koi karega toh shayad aisehi maze lenge woh log

  4. Ham intzar karte the ap ne yutub par downloadang band kar di he ham tv par nahi dekh sakte bray mehr bani yutuob par aplowd karen

  5. bhai main bhi teenager Hun but mere parents mko hamesha achi sikh dete Hain aur in sab party wagera se dur rho by the this cop looks gud in moustache what is The real name of this cop

  6. Moral : don't attend or join any events arranged on Facebook.!! Not friendsbook. !!!

    N when you know its not your fault at all then b fearless n go to police n parents n friends . !!

    Life is precious.!!

  7. In life there are ups and downs , face it with courage..Such blackmailers should be hanged..kisike zindagi ka mazak banadete hai.

  8. Kisiko Marne se dhoka dene se jhuthe ilzam me fasana ye sb krke koi fayda nhi hota h. Iski saza jite ji mil bhi jati hai.

  9. Very best show apne bhagwan ka name is isko utube par back opan kare Sony liv p tu eror na vido chlti hai . 630 se next koi opan he nai hota

  10. Anup sahib I am sure those kids must have wanted to go to the police but, because 99% of the corruption that has taken hold of indian police and expecting bribes from each and everyone must of came into the minds of these youngsters. If Indian police stop demanding money from who ever that comes for help from them these vile people will think twice before drugging and molesting little girls. These episodes show that that police is holier then holy which in it self is false. Everytime i had anything to do with any police, Punjab, Haryana, Chandighar or Delhi the first thing they want is money. Now everytime i get stopped i hold a 500 ruppee note and am told to go without even asked about my name. So start showing some thing that is real. I am sure there are honest policemen out there but very few i would say about 1% because i havent met one yet.

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