Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 647 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2017
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Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 647 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2017

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to
‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’. Help!
Let me go! We often come across people
who dream big and have great expectations. But they choose
the wrong path and that’s when
they go astray. Often, dreams of a better life lead to crimes and such a life
meets a terrible end. What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go!
Who are you? Help! Let me go! Hello! Police?
There has been an accident. Sir, he is still breathing. Call the ambulance, quick!
– Okay, sir. Sir, looks like,
it is a case of hit and run. There aren’t
any CCTV cameras around. No, Reshma. We can’t arrive at
any conclusion as yet. Ask
people in the surrounding areas. Ask them if they have
seen anything. – Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. I’m the one
who called the police. A white coloured SUV
was speeding by and it ran over this man. Did you see the driver’s face? It happened so fast that
I couldn’t notice any details. ‘Seemed like a pregnant woman
was driving really fast.’ A woman? A month ago, a girl was
kidnapped using the same car. And now, the same car
had mowed down a man to death. People claimed that a pregnant
woman was driving the car. Was this woman and her family
involved in the kidnapping too? Was it all a mere coincidence or a premeditated crime? We’ve often heard of criminals
who repeat their crimes. But in this case,
the same car was used twice. This was a case in which
the criminals were different but they used the same car. Two cases
which involved a single car. It had raised many questions. Do you remember
the car’s number? I couldn’t see
the complete number plate. But I saw the last two digits. 7 and 9.
– 7 and 9.. All right, we will call you,
if needed. – All right. Reshma, do this. Find out which route the
car took after the accident. I will go to the hospital.
– Yes, sir. Hello!
– Sir.. There has been an accident
on Dharampura road. The victim is alive,
we’ve sent him to the hospital. Okay, head to the hospital.
I will come over. She is the wife of the victim. Did your husband have enemies,
or any tiffs? Or, do you suspect anyone? We are poor folks, sir. Why would we have any enemies? I don’t know who hit my husband! Doctor, how is the patient
who met with an accident? There are multiple fractures..
He has lost a lot of blood.. If the victim does not have
any enemies it can be
a random hit and run case. It also a possibility
that somebody targeted him and his wife is unaware of it. Get a list of all the SUVs in
town which are white in colour and have 79
on their number plates. Yes, sir.
– Let’s go. Listen,
enquire in the surrounding area. Yes, ma’am. Listen,
we’re looking for a woman who arrived
in a white SUV. She was involved
in an accident. Have you seen
such a lady around? Yes, ma’am.
A few minutes ago, a white SUV stopped right in
front of my shop. The driver was a lady
and she was pregnant, ma’am. She came here to buy
some medicines. Ma’am, these medicines
are out of stock. All right, give me
a water bottle and some protein bars. She bought a bottle of water
and some health bars. Is there any other
medical store or clinic nearby? Ma’am, there aren’t
any medical stores nearby but if you go ahead,
till Ansari Road you’ll find
a maternity clinic. Perhaps, she went there. Thank you! Sir, Reshma told me
that the white SUV was driven by a woman,
seven-eight months pregnant. Sir, I got a call
from the control room too. They verified and told me
that in this city there are only three
white SUVs whose numbers end with 7 and 9. From their families,
I’ve found out that those
families have no pregnant woman. Where were their vehicles
at the time of accident? Sir, they verified
that at the time of accident and have said
that the vehicles were at home. There are no dents
on any of the vehicles and none of them
were involved in an accident. Sir, maybe that car isn’t
registered in Delhi at all. There are countless
white SUVs in the country. It’ll
take us a lot of time if we check
each and every such vehicle. Khurana, that SUV was driven by
a woman in her late pregnancy. She couldn’t have
gone too far. Ask Reshma to enquire
in all the medical stores and maternity clinics
within the 10 kilometre radius. Yes, sir. ‘Based on the information
the police had’ ‘they enquired in
all the nearby medical stores’ ‘and maternity clinics.’ Excuse me,
where’s the medical store? Sir, give me these medicines. Listen.
– Yes, ma’am. Did you see a pregnant lady
come here a while ago in a white SUV? Yes, ma’am. She was here. She
asked about our medical store. Where is your medical store? To the left, up ahead.
– Thank you. – Welcome! Raghu, do you know
that the police was here? So what?
It happens every day. Just give it to me.
That’s it.. Here! Excuse me! Did any
pregnant woman come here? Yes, ma’am. She was here.
As she left in a hurry she forgot her
prescription here. Really? ‘Shilpa Yadav. Dr. Radhika
Gupta, Dilshad Garden.’ Yes, ma’am.
Shilpa is my patient. Her husband’s name is Jayant. She lives in
Krishna Cooperative Society in front of
the temple on M.G Road. Hello, sir! Yes, I’ve the address
of that pregnant woman. Head there,
we’ll meet you there. Do Jayant
and his wife, Shilpa, live here? Yes, they do.
On the first floor, sir. What happened, sir? Is
this Jayant’s house? Yes, sir.
Did you find him? What do you mean? He has been missing
for a couple of days now. That’s why his wife
had filed a missing complaint. Sir, I’ve cross-checked. Shilpa’s husband is
missing since three days. She even filed
a missing report. Here’s the report’s copy. What’s the matter?
First, her husband goes missing. Then a week later,
Shilpa gets involved in a hit-and-run case. And she has
gone into hiding since then. According to this report,
Jayant was last seen on June 15th,
in Rajnagar, Ghaziabad. Since then,
there’s no news of him. And now,
Shilpa is missing. Sir, I don’t understand.
Where was this pregnant woman going in an SUV? Was she running away
from someone? And perhaps, that’s why,
she got in an accident. Get a search warrant
for Shilpa’s house. Perhaps,
we’ll find a clue there. Any news of the vehicle
from the highway patrol? Not yet, sir. Baby, don’t you worry. Whatever I’m doing,
I’m doing it for your own good. Shilpa, what happened? Keep your eyes closed.
– All right. – Stand up. What happened?
Tell me. Open your eyes now. Open them and see. It’s that.. Yes!
It’s positive, darling! You’ll be a father soon. In this seemingly simple case many serious crimes like murder were going to
become a part of it. The police were going to
end up in a treacherous maze. And how was all this linked
to a pregnant woman? A husband and wife’s bond is like the two wheels
of a bicycle. They support each other but the tension between
Shilpa and Jayant had crossed all limits. And what was
Jayant’s link to Ghaziabad? Search the house carefully. Sir. Sir! Looks like she packed
in a hurry while leaving. Search the room carefully. Search
every nook and corner. Sir. Khurana, if we
try to analyse carefully a woman in advanced stage of
her pregnancy is absconding. The accident she caused,
we still don’t know if it was a hit-and-run
case or deliberate. The man who was mowed down
is still fighting for life. And I don’t understand
the connection between this woman
and that man. Her husband is missing and the condition of
that bedroom suggests otherwise. One thing is certain. This case isn’t
what it appears to be. Sir, what if the disappearance of Shilpa’s husband,
Jayant, is linked to it? Did you find Jayant? He
has been missing since some days so, his wife had
filed a missing complaint. Maybe. And maybe,
Shilpa too has a connection. Get Shilpa’s
and Jayant’s call records. Something must have
happened between them that made things worse. Find out if this house
is rented, or their own. Check all the angles. Sir. Sir,
I searched the whole house but I didn’t find
anything useful. All right,
question the neighbours. See what you can find out. Sir.
– Sir. Sir, they seemed like
nice folks. They came here two years ago after getting married. Shilpa was from Delhi
and Jayant was from Bihar. Sir, they had a love marriage
and that’s all I know. Sir, I’ve been
working for them ever since
they moved in here. They used to
fight quite often. Shilpa, have you seen
my car keys? Can’t you see?
It’s right here. You’ve all the time
for your vehicle but you have no time
for your wife. Because my car doesn’t
talk all day and annoy me! Look, Jayant!
Don’t talk rubbish! Got it? You just need
an excuse to fight with me! Next time, I’ll pray to you! You were on your phone.
Get back to it! The reason
behind those fights? I don’t know, sir. All right,
who drove the car? Jayant used to drive the car. Ma’am started driving it
only a few days ago. Well,
do you have Shilpa’s number? Yes, sir. Take the number. The marital problems that
Jayant and Shilpa were facing ‘were now coming
to light.’ The police had many questions. Where was Jayant?
Where was Shilpa going at this critical stage
of her pregnancy? Why was she risking
her and her baby’s life? What was her motive? ‘Why did she leave her car
after cleaning it?’ What was the crime
that she was trying to hide? Sir, let’s
assume that they had problems. But Shilpa did file
Jayant’s missing report. People can go to any extent
to hide their crimes, Khurana. Maybe,
this complaint is just an act. We need to find Shilpa
and Jayant at the earliest. Any update from the hospital? Sir,
he is still unconscious. Trace Shilpa’s phone
and find her current location. Any news about her vehicle? Sir, we found
the number of her vehicle from the building’s
security guard. Good! Issue a lookout
notice in Delhi and Ghaziabad for that number. Sir. Sir, please drop me off
to the bus stand. Sir, Shilpa’s last location
was National Highway 44. We’re investigating. Khurana, there are
many questions in this case but not even a single answer. We’ve only one lead.
Ghaziabad.. Where Jayant was last seen. Sir, Jayant was
an Assistant Manager with
a small garment company. Most of his business
was in Delhi. We’re yet to find a link
between Jayant and Ghaziabad. But as per eye-witness accounts he was seen
boarding a bus for Ghaziabad at around 4:00 p.m. What happened after that? Sir, he then called Shilpa from
10th Block market, Rajnagar but she didn’t answer
his call. Then his number
gets switched off. We’ve no information
about him since then. This means, we don’t know
if Shilpa is in Delhi or has fled to Ghaziabad. Khurana,
what if this is their plan? Excuse me, sir. Hello! Okay.
All right, thanks. Sir, it was a call from the
Ghaziabad Police Station. The lookout notice
we had issued for Jayant’s car has brought up
a shocking development. Sir, he is SI Verma,
from the Patna Police. Hello!
– Hello! The white SUV
that you’re looking for.. He too is
searching for the same. What has Patna got
to do with Jayant and Shilpa? Sir, the car that
you’re looking for was used to kidnap a girl
in Patna. What do you mean?
– Akanksha, a 24-year-old girl was kidnapped on May 20,
from Danapur, Patna. Sir, the eye-witnesses
have confirmed it. The make and model, along
with the number of the car.. The car that
you’re looking for is the same car. Sir, when we confirmed
that car’s number with the RTO we found out that
it is registered to Mr. Gupta. When we contacted him.. Sir, I don’t know
any Jayant Yadav. In fact,
I never had a white SUV. Moreover, I never
sold such a car. So, you mean to say
that the papers are fake. Yes, sir.
Someone misused my documents. If you want,
you may verify it with the RTO. I’ve nothing
to do with all this. First, Jayant went missing. Then, the case of
a serious crime or an accident came to light. Now, it was revealed that this car was involved
in a kidnapping case too. What was
all this happening? The police were trying
their best to solve this riddle. Sir, this can’t be
a mere coincidence. First, a girl gets kidnapped
using Jayant’s car. Then, Jayant goes missing. Sir, could Jayant have done
all this and gone into hiding? I want all the details
on Akanksha’s kidnapping. The names on Patna police’s
suspect list.. The day of kidnapping
and Jayant’s location.. Find out where he was
at that time and
who he was in touch with. Sir, were Jayant
and Akanksha having an affair? Sir, it may happen that
both Jayant and Akanksha went into hiding. – Or
maybe, Shilpa abducted them. Perform a background check
on Shilpa too. I want all details
associated with them. – Sir! Listen, you can
forget things way too easily. But you’re my life.
I love you very much. Please don’t leave me. I’ll do whatever you say. Mark my words,
I’ll give you so much love that you’ll
always be happy. Believe me! Sir, Jayant’s mother, Shanti
Devi, has come from Patna. Send her in.
– Okay, sir. According to
Jayant’s phone records he was in Patna
in the month of May. Did he come to meet you?
– Yes, sir. He hadn’t come only to meet me.
Actually.. We have some land
in Muzaffarnagar. He had come with
the sole purpose of selling it. Dear.. – Yes?
– Have some tea. Dear, property dealings
are not done in a day. And don’t rely on them too much. What will you do
if the property doesn’t sell? Come on, Mom! Why won’t it sell? It will surely be sold. Even if it doesn’t sell,
I’ve a way out. No need to worry. But Mom, by any means I need to secure
my child’s future. I also have to buy
a vehicle for Shilpa. All these are important, Mom. He loves Shilpa very much. He was very worried
for his unborn child. He wanted to
give them a good life. Do you think Shilpa has
done something to Jayant? No way, sir!
She can’t do this. They used to love
each other very much! They had eloped
and got married. They went against
their families and got married. Why would she take such a step? The police were getting clues
of Jayant kidnapping Akanksha and on the other hand,
Jayant who looked irresponsible was worried about securing
the life of his unborn child. Was there a secret
connected to his land deal? What was his other plan? What had happened in their lives where the husband went missing
and his wife went into hiding? But, it was clear that
there was more to this story. The police left no stone
unturned to unravel the case. Sir! Shilpa’s white SUV was
parked near Usmanpur forest. If Shilpa left the car there,
then she was still in Delhi. Now, she doesn’t have
any means of transport. Find out if she has
gone to meet her parents. I’ve found out.
She didn’t go there. Keep an eye on
all roads leading out of Delhi and circulate her photos in
railway stations and bus stands. Keep an eye on the
nearby hospitals too. – Sir. Sir, I enquired everywhere but there are no traces
of Shilpa and Jayant. Jayant’s phone was active
in this area. He tried to contact Shilpa
right from here. Then, where did he vanish to? Hello! Sir, I’ve some information.
– Okay. I’ll be there. Ms. Shilpa,
according to the doctor we can interrogate you now. Now tell us,
why did you run away? The man whom you ran over.. Do you know him? Well..
That was an accident. I don’t know him. I panicked
and ran away from there. – Why? Sir, my life was in
danger and so was my child’s. Danger?
From whom? Sir, someone has been following
me for quite some days now. Somebody is following me. I don’t know that person.
Even his face was covered. I was coming to meet you but I ran over someone
and I fled from there. Then, you must remember
the vehicle number, model or the colour,
or any detail. Sir.. Sir, I can’t recollect. I was extremely nervous.. Even if we believe you then why did you flee
after the accident? You could’ve
approached the police. We could’ve
given you protection then. Sir, I only know
that somebody was following me and I escaped
in order to save my life. The question is
why was somebody following you? You even ran away
from the crime scene. Sir, I was really scared. I had thought
that the victim had died. I didn’t want my child
to be born in jail. That’s why
I ran away from there. Tell me something. Where did your husband,
Jayant, disappear? I don’t know where he is. Look at this photo. Do you recognise her? No, I don’t know her. Her name is Akanksha. A month ago,
she was kidnapped. In connection
to her kidnapping case ‘we’re on the lookout
for Jayant and his car.’ Is it that
Jayant had an affair with her? And when you found out
about this you did something?
– No, sir. This is absolutely wrong. Why would I do
something like this? Even my husband
can’t take such a step. He loves me
and his unborn child a lot. Baby, you’ve seen your parents
fighting a lot. But don’t think
that we don’t love you. We love you very much. Baby, I’m not well educated but I’ll try my best
to give you all the happiness. I feel apprehensive about
what’ll happen if I cannot. Your husband, Jayant’s car
has been used to kidnap Akanksha
on May 20. – May 20? No way, sir.
This can’t be possible. Jayant got the delivery
of the car on the 27th. Sir! Excuse me, sir. Sir, please come here. Sir, Akanksha got kidnapped
on the 20th of May and according
to these papers Jayant purchased the car
on 15th May.. Five days before the kidnapping. Ms. Shilpa, are you sure
you’re not forgetting something or are
hiding something from us? Are you telling us
the truth? Sir, why would I
hide something from the police? In fact, I’m requesting you
to please find my husband. Sir, as per
the car’s registration papers Jayant had
purchased the car on 15th May that means,
before Akanksha’s kidnapping. But Shilpa claims that
Jayant got the car home after 12 days,
on 27th of May. When the Ghaziabad Police
spoke to the RTO and the previous owner
of the car, MC Gupta they found out
that those papers were fake and that,
nobody by that name exists. It means Jayant either bought
that car earlier, or stole it and hid this fact from Shilpa. And after Akanksha’s kidnapping,
he brought the car home. Sir, the forensic department
checked the car thoroughly in order to collect the traces
of blood and DNA. But they found nothing.
The car is clean. According to them the car was cleaned thoroughly
using spirit. So that no clue can be found. Khurana, Shilpa
is either speaking the truth or she is cooking up a story.
Is someone really following her? Sir, I have checked
her phone records. The day Jayant disappeared
from Ghaziabad Shilpa was present in Delhi. It’s possible that Jayant is
the mastermind behind this. And Shilpa is unaware
of all this. It’s possible that Jayant was involved
in the attacks on Shilpa. It’s possible, sir. It was clear that Shilpa
unknowingly caused the accident. But this case gave a new twist
to the Patna kidnapping case. Both Jayant and Shilpa
were suspects in this case. Khurana, if we start
from the beginning Jayant purchased a car first. Akanksha got kidnapped
using that car. After that, Jayant
himself disappeared. Later,
Shilpa mowed down a man.. But Akanksha is still missing. Sir, Jayant hails from Patna.
Even Akanksha hails from Patna. I am sure there is a connection
between Jayant and Akanksha. I think this crime
has a connection with Patna. Inform the Patna police
that we are coming. Yes, sir. What happened?
Could you connect? No, I am not able to. Sir, we found something
really weird in Akanksha’s kidnapping case. She got kidnapped on 20th May. But her dad filed her missing
complaint on 27th May one week
after her kidnapping. He claimed that he himself
was looking for her. It’s really weird. A young lady was missing
for an entire week but her dad wasn’t
concerned for her. On one hand, Akanksha’s parents
filed her missing complaint after one week.
On the other hand Jayant disappeared from Delhi before Shilpa’s
hit and run case. This hit and run case
exposed this conspiracy. Jayant was the main character in both Shilpa
and Akanksha’s cases. But why did Akanksha’s
dad not file her missing complaint
immediately? Who are they?
I’ve never seen them before. We have information
that there might be a connection between him and your daughter. And you will tell us
what that connection is. You may find your daughter
if you speak the truth. My daughter was having
an affair with someone. I thought that she had
eloped with her lover. I didn’t file her missing
complaint so that our
reputation was not tarnished. Who was her lover? Are you sure
that he isn’t the one? No, sir.
I’ve never seen him before. Okay, you can go now.
– Goodbye. Sir, I still think Jayant’s relationship
with both these women was the main reason
behind this crime. Easy. Sit down. What has happened?
Is everything all right? H-He is the one.. He is the one
who was following me. Stop..
Is anyone there? Catch him. Hey..
Stop.. Stop..
Is anyone there? Catch him. Hey..
Stop.. Stop.
Get down. Stop.. He has managed to escape.
But I have his watch with me. Do you recognise this watch? This is Jayant’s watch. Nurse..
– Nurse.. Nurse, come fast.
Check what’s wrong. Hurry up.. Check her up. Come. Sir.
– Yes, Khurana. SI Reshma called me up
from Delhi. Shilpa’s stalker reached
the hospital as well. Reshma tried to catch him.
But he managed to escape. But Reshma managed
to get his watch And Shilpa has confirmed that the watch belongs
to Jayant. Jayant’s watch! That means
Shilpa said the truth. And it’s possible
that Jayant had attacked Shilpa Prepare a team
to track him in Delhi. It’s very important
that we nab him. Sir. Come. Sir, she is Asha,
Akanksha’s college friend. She has information
about Akanksha’s lover. What information do you have?
– I never met her lover. But she used to tell us
about her lover. She used to go to Taj Nagar
to meet him. Prepare a team
for a search operation. Okay, sir. The police questioned people
based on Asha’s information. And finally, they succeeded
in finding a lead. Sir, Akanksha used to visit
this house very frequently. It seems no one has come
here for a long time. Check every room thoroughly.
– Okay, sir. Sir. Sir..
Sir, come here. What.. Call the forensic team quickly.
– Okay, sir. Sir, a person named Ajay
took this house on rent. According to the house owner,
he had been staying here since the last one year.
– Yes, sir. I showed him the photo
and confirmed. The victim’s name is Ajay. Who was Akanksha’s
boyfriend then? Or are we being misled?
– Sir. – Yes. We found this
phone from the drawer. But the
battery has drained out. Charge it.
– Okay, sir. Sir. Could it be that Akanksha
was in an affair with Jayant and Jayant killed Ajay and
eloped with Akanksha? He could be the one who’s behind
these attacks on his wife. The police found Ajay’s dead
body in the fridge of his home. The big question was,
who was trying to kill whom with whose help? The case was
getting more complicated and all those who were involved
in it seemed to be either culprits or victims. Look, Daughter-in-law. Jayant’s son is here. He’s so pretty. Son, your father has been
waiting for you eagerly. And now,
we both will wait for him. He will come to meet us soon. The test is positive. You
are going to become a father. Look, I’m not well-educated. But I will try my best
to give you all the happiness. Sir, as per
the post mortem report he died within a week
after Akanksha’s kidnapping. The attacker hit him on his
head with a hard object first and then dumped his
dead body in the fridge. So that nobody gets the smell
of the decomposed body. Sir, here are
Jayant’s call records. Sir, this says that Jayant and
Ajay’s phones were not in Patna. But Ajay was present in Danapur
when Akanksha got kidnapped. That means, it is Ajay who’s
involved in Akanksha kidnapping not Jayant. I had enquired about Ajay. He has been spotted many a time,
with girls in expensive SUVs. It could be that even Akanksha
was one of them. But Jayant’s name has been surfaced in
Akanksha’s kidnapping and even
that car belonged to him. I’m sure that something happened
between Jayant and Ajay. That is why Jayant has
gone missing. Sir, even Akanksha can
be the culprit. She could’ve made friends
with one to expel the other. The case is getting even
more complicated. The police started an enquiry
to find the connection between Jayant and Ajay,
and at last they were successful. Excuse me. Yes, ma’am. Look at them.
Have you seen them here? Yes, ma’am. I have seen this man visiting
this garage often. But I haven’t seen
the other person. Whose garage is this?
– It’s Rajesh’s garage. But it’s closed from
the past one week. Do you have his number?
– Yes, I do. – Give it to me. Sir, Reshma found
someone during the enquiry who has seen
Jayant often in a garage which’s close
to the 10th Block’s market. Rajesh Sharma is the owner
of the garage. Sir, here’s his photo. When I rechecked Jayant’s
call records, I found that he was in regular contact
with Rajesh over the phone. Sir, I found out that
this garage belongs to Rajesh but it’s closed
since the past few days. It’s locked and even Rajesh
hasn’t been seen there. And Ajay used to take cars
from that garage. Jayant could’ve got those
costly cars from there. But, why didn’t
anyone spot him there? Sir, I enquired
about Rajesh’s workers. There’s a man named Bittu who’s
missing, along with Rajesh. Excuse me, sir. Hello? Sir, it was a call
from the hospital. The hit-and-run victim
has regained his consciousness. Tell me,
Usman. – ‘Sir..’ No, sir..
– Speak up! I don’t know anything, sir.
– Speak up. – Sir, I don’t know. Verma. Sir.. – Look. You will get less tortured
if you say the truth. You can save few of your
bones too. Speak up! Sir,
I-I will tell you everything. Sir, I work for Mr. Rajesh. He runs his business
using cars. What business? He used to send used cars to Ghaziabad
and Delhi NCR for sale. And who used
to sell those cars here? There’s a
man named Ritesh. Mr. Rajesh
used to work for him. They are
business partners, sir. I used to come to Patna
to receive the cars. And I used to transfer
money to Mr. Ritesh. Do you know Jayant?
– No, sir. I don’t. Sir, believe me. I don’t
know anyone by that name. Where’s Rajesh now?
– Sir, I don’t know. Do you
know Ritesh’s house address? Sir, that’s.. Yes?
– Are you Ritesh? Who are you?
– The police. Hey, stop! Sir.. – Search the entire house!
– Okay, sir. Sir.. Akanksha? Why did you kidnap
Akanksha? And what
did you do with Jayant? Sir, I.. I have
not kidnapped anyone, sir. Akanksha
herself had come to me. I don’t even
know Jayant, sir. I’m from
a very poor family. I got greedy after
seeing Ajay’s lifestyle. Sir, he used to
roam around in costly cars.. So I thought my
future was secure with him. And so,
I started wooing him. And I staged my
kidnapping to elope with him. But sir, I came to know
that he doesn’t have anything and that, all those
cars belonged to Ritesh. And then,
you killed him, right? Sir, we started fighting
every day. Women like you
always sit on the fence. You are just
a two-bit person! And how dare you cheat me!
– Leave me! – I won’t spare you. I said, leave me! No! Sir, I was scared. That is why I hid
his dead body inside the fridge. And I ran to Ritesh. But even he used me. Here, take this. What is
this money for? I don’t want to
keep rejected women with me. Tell me if
you want more money. Sir,
Ritesh rejected me. But I started
following him everywhere with a hope that
he will accept me one day. You are my life.
I love you a lot. I will do as you say. But just
don’t leave me. What’s your
connection with Jayant? Sir, I don’t know anyone
by that name. Bittu has
told us everything. We’ve know about your
connection with Rajesh. Sir, I’m just
a second-hand car dealer. Rajesh
buys cars from me. And he sends me money
after the sale. It’s business. And we will surely
find out what it really was. Hey, stop! Hey..
– Mother-in-law.. Hey, old woman! Move. Put the gun down.
Put the gun down! We knew that
you would attack Shilpa. That is why we
took her help to expose you. Arrest him!
– Sir, listen to me.. Sir.. Ms. Shilpa, thank you
for helping the police. We’ll request the court to give
you the least possible sentence. Mother-in-law,
give lots of love to my son. Sir.. Tell me the truth, or else..
– I will tell you.. Sir..
– Tell me. Sir, it’s a racket of stolen
cars. Cars are stolen from
different places in the country and sent to the garage
located at the state border. Once it makes its
way to the garage it hardly takes a few hours
to change its paint chassis number
and engine number. These thefts are executed
with a lot of planning. Fake documents are made
by a computer specialist. No one can identify
the cars after this process. These cars are then
sent to us, dealers, where we sell them to
gullible buyers. Isn’t this how
you had made a fool of Jayant? What have you done
to him? Why were you running
after Shilpa all these days? Tell me! Sir, Jayant approached me
on 12th May to buy a used car. I was informed that
a white SUV will be sent to me. So, I showed him the
photos of the car to lure him. I duped him into
buying the car. But little did I know
that he’d break the headlight and will try to claim
the insurance. When he called up
the insurance company.. He got to know that
the documents issued to him by us were fake. He came to my garage
in an infuriated state. He asked for a refund
and threatened me saying that he
would approach the police. Sir, I’d have
issued him a refund but I still thought that he’d approach the police. So, I called him in
on the pretext of a refund and killed him on the sly. I buried his body
in a deserted place nearby that night. I liked his watch.
So, I kept it. I wanted to kill
Shilpa as well. That’s because I doubted
that Jayant would’ve told his wife about it
in detail. Who all are
involved in this plan? Ritesh and Bittu,
who work in my garage. Sir, I was forced to
start this profession. I facilitated the sales
of the stolen cars. Sir, I could not stop
myself from doing it as it promised a huge
return. My lifestyle changed
for good. Ritesh, your lifestyle
will change for bad now. and we’ll decide
on your lifestyle in jail. Shilpa wanted a good
life for her son and even Jayant
wanted the same. But had the married couple
taken a calculated decision while gaining
each other’s trust things would not
have taken this nasty turn. Even Akanksha wanted to
live a better life. She even made
some compromises. But one can’t
have peace of mind while treading
the unrighteous path. On that note, I Anup Soni,
would like to take your leave. We will meet again
on the next episode with yet another
shocking case. Until then, take care of
yourself and your family. And keep watching ‘Crime Patrol,
Dial 100’. A lesson for one,
a teaching for all. ‘Jai Hind!’

60 thoughts on “Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 647 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2017

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