Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1063 – Full Episode – 14th June, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1063 – Full Episode – 14th June, 2019

“The girl will light the lamp.” “She’ll light the lamp.” “The girl will light the lamp.” What happened? What happened, Dad?
Did you have a nightmare? Yes, dear. It was a nightmare. Was it the same dream? Why don’t you tell us? What kind of a nightmare
do you keep having? Nightmares aren’t supposed
to be told. People say that nightmares come true after telling others. ‘Desire.’ Hello.. I am Adil Khan and I welcome you
to ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. Every human has a past. But the dreams neither
have a past, nor a present. Actually, dreams are those
imaginations of a human mind which have very deep meanings
many times. And many times,
they look meaningless. But the dream which Gajendra
was talking about was that reality of this case
which was going to shake us. Actually, this case was based
on Gajendra’s that life which was full of pain
and blood. Have this Dahi Cheeni and do well in the interview. I am going. The bus must be arriving. If I’ll reach late
for the interview the my whole impression
will be spoiled. Best of luck, Dad. Thank you, dear. Go to school in time
with your mom, okay? See you. That’s it.. I have a 500-rupee note.
I don’t have change. Hey! What happened?
Go! Hey.
Have you guys arrived? Come. Come..
– How are you, Sister? I am fine.
Come. Come inside. Hey, Harshu.
Why are you staring like that? Come on.
Come here. Look, who is here.
Come on. Greet her.
She’s your aunt. Hello. M-Mom, you never told about her. Actually..
– Actually, Harshu.. Your mom is very expert
in hiding secrets. W-What kind of secrets? Nothing, dear. She’s just kidding. She has got a job
in this city and your dad helped her
get that job. That’s why she’ll stay with us
in this house from now on. Harshu. This is for you.
– N-No, Aunt. It’s okay. Take it, dear. She’s giving this
with so much of love. Take it. Come on, keep it. Sister.
– Yes? I’ve brought something
for you as well. For me? It’s worth Rs. 75,000. It’s very.. Y-You just freshen up. Come on, I’ll take you
to the bathroom. Come. Where were you!
I’ve been trying to call you! Sorry, my phone’s battery
was drained. Hey.. Then you should’ve
called me from a phone booth. We got so worried. What happened? Haven’t you got the job? No. I got the job.
– Really! And you’re giving us
this great news in this way? I am little tired. Dad, should I give you
a head massage? No, dear.
I’ll be fine. You just go
and do your homework. Okay, we’ll discuss later. You just freshen up.
I’ll serve the food. What is it, Harshu?
You’re studying so hard. Oh, you’re going to appear
in class 10th exam, right? So, what are you planning?
What will you choose? Science or Commerce?
– Arts. Arts?
– Yes. You’re just like me.
Even I chose Arts. Then you can give me tuitions, right?
– Talk about tuition tomorrow. It’s time to sleep now.
Come on. Okay, Mom. You and aunt can sleep
on the upstairs. I’ll arrange dad’s bed here. N-No, dear. Actually, when you’ll study
for the whole night then your dad will be disturbed.
Right? So, we three will sleep
in the same room. I-I and your aunt
will sleep on the bed and your dad will sleep
on the floor. Is it okay? Y-Yes.
Okay. Y-You just study.
Let’s go. Couldn’t you sleep there
beside your son? Is it necessary to disturb us?
– I won’t disturb you. I’ll sleep on the floor here. Don’t worry. Nilima, this mat will hurt you.
Wait. I’ll give you a bed sheet. Take this one. This..
– Give me. I’ll do it. Come on..
Go there. Wow, Pramod. You’re so caring. But now, I need your care. She seems like a eunuch,
sir. It’s a brutal murder with multiple stabbing. Check in the nearby
eunuch communities. Scan a missing complaint
if you find any. Okay, sir. Were you able to call dad, Mom? No, dear. But don’t worry. Your father will be here soon. You’ve been saying
that since night. When will he come? He’ll be here, dear. He’ll be here. Sir. Come in. The body that we found
in the jungle didn’t belong to a eunuch. The body belonged to a man. A man? Then, why was he dressed
up as a lady? There was missing complaint
filed for a man named Gajendra, sir. His face is similar to the face
of the body that we found. His wife filed a missing
complaint for him. What are you saying, sir? I’m telling you what we saw. We saw that. When we found your husband’s
body, he was dressed up as a lady. There must be a reason
behind this. Do you have any idea? I do not understand, sir. But since a few days, he was very stressed. He used to have nightmares. Nightmares? What kind of nightmares? He never told me about them. He just used to say
that nightmares come true if you
talk about them. Since when did he have
those dreams? Since three months, sir. Ever since, his sister, Pooja
left him. Why did she leave him? She had an affair with a man. Gajendra didn’t like all that. Pooja. I told you not to meet him,
right? He isn’t a nice man. I know how to recognise
good people. Please stop interfering
in my life. Why not? I won’t let you ruin
your life, Pooja. I won’t spare you if you
meet him again. I am going to marry him. You won’t let me marry him
so give me my share. He wanted to talk sense
into Pooja. But three months ago, Pooja
stole all our savings and jewellery and ran away
with that man. Who was that man
that she ran away with? I don’t know him, sir. But I think, Pooja killed
Gajendra so that she can have
his house. Find her, sir. We will find out about her. That’s out job. When was the last time
you saw Mr. Gajendra? He left for work last morning. Where did he work? He was a sales executive
in Win Sure Company. Sir, Gajendra’s wife
thinks that his sister killed him. But I don’t understand why
he was dressed as a lady. His wife said that he went
to work and didn’t come home. Something might’ve happened
at his office. Someone might’ve humiliated him. Find out about it in the office. Get the call records of
Gajendra’s sister, Pooja. We might find out where his
sister might be right now. Okay, sir. Mom. Mom. – What? Please tell Aunt Seema
to rent some other place. I don’t like the way she is. What are you saying? What’s the matter? Do you know what happened when
you weren’t at home last night? What happened? Why are you thinking all this? She’s his sister-in-law. They were just having fun. What are you doing? Why are you focusing on all this
instead of your studies? Focus on your studies. Understood? We want to talk about Gajendra. He used to work in this
company as a sales executive. No, sir.
He was a peon. Peon? Yes, sir. Gajendra was a peon. He had come here
for the interview for the job of sales executive. But we had given the job
to someone else by then. Sir.. I told you.. Not this job, sir. There’s an ad for the job
of a peon. Hire me as a peon, sir. I need a job, sir. He was ready to be a peon
even though, he was a graduate. I felt bad for him and gave
him the job of a peon one month ago. Did he come to work
day before yesterday? Yes, sir. He took a half day
and went back. Why did he leave after
half a day? Did he say something? Did he say where he was going? He didn’t tell me but he’d
often leave after half a day. Sir, I’ve an important work. You always have some
kind of work? This is the last time
I’m allowing you. If you ask
for half day leave again you better stay at home. No need to come here
anymore. That night, we found
Gajender’s dead body. He was disguised
as a woman. A woman’s disguise? Yes. Did Gajender had any animosity
with anyone office? No, nothing like that. But he was very witty. Although he was a peon he was earning through
other means as well. How? He wasn’t doing
much office work as much as he read
people’s faces. Even the nearby
office workers used to come to him
and get their faces read. By reading their faces he gave them solutions
to their problems. In exchange he used
to charge them money. There’s no telling, Sir. He might have clients
outside the office as well. Maybe he needed half day
leaves to meet these clients. Give me the details
of the days he took leave. Okay, Sir. Hey!
Don’t do that. Nothing much.. Hey, it ticklish. Hey, listen!
What are you doing? For fun.. It’s ticklish! Why? Aren’t you enjoying
the romance with your girlfriend in front of your wife? Tell me.
Answer me. Sister-in-law.. How did this happen
to brother? Why are you here? Come on.
Get out! Get out!
– What are you doing? You killed your brother! And now you’re here
to act! Do you want to kill
me and Indu now? Sister-in-law,
you’re mistaken. I came here to meet you
upon learning about brother. You’re saying I’m mistaken? Just you wait! I’ll show you.
Witch! Sister-in-law!
– Don’t, Sister-in-law! She is my husband’s killer! Call the police! Call the police!
– Pooja, let’s go! Sir, I checked Gajender’s
sister, Pooja’s, call records. Three months back when
Pooja’s phone was switched off there were multiple
calls made to her number by a guy named ‘Deepak’. This is his photo. Deepak could be
the guy that Gajender’s sister
Pooja had eloped with. But, Sir,
from Gajender’s call records we found another number
registered as Deepak. This person has been calling
Gajender constantly for the last three months. And I also noticed, that
after office, most of the time Gajender’s phone used to be
active in the Nigampur area. And on those days Gajender
took half day leaves that was the area his
phone was travelling. Also, the night
he was killed his phone was active
in the Nigampur area. Is Deepak’s number registered in Nigampur? No, Sir. Deepak’s number
is registered at Jyotinagar. Sir Gajender’s sister and her
husband came to visit his house. And she had a big fight
with Gajender’s wife. Sister-in-law,
try to understand! We didn’t do anything. It’s not our.. – Sir,
she murdered my husband. Take her away. Take them in.
– We have done nothing, Sir. We didn’t do anything, Sir.
– Hear us out, Sir. They are lying!
She murdered him! We rushed to share
our grieve with sister-in-law upon hearing the news. But she.. Sir, she is falsely
accusing us. Why would I kill
my own brother? Your sister-in-law also said
that you didn’t contact your brother
in the last three months. And why would you. Since you stole cash
and jewellery from your brother. No, Sir. I admit,
that I married Deepak against my brother’s wishes. But we didn’t steal
anything. But you demanded
your share from your brother. Yes, I did, Sir.
But sister-in-law fought
with us hard on that day. I don’t think we can
live together anymore. I just want my share. What? You want your share? What about you mooching
off of us all these years? You won’t get anything. Mohini. You don’t
need to get involved. I’m talking with Pooja. After that, brother and I
came to a peaceful arrangement. Sir, brother gave me the
cash and jewellery with consent. And he said, once he sells
the house he’ll give me my
remaining share. But, that has nothing
to do with Gajender’s murder. Then what does? And Deepak you’ve been constantly
calling Gajender in the last
three months. Sir, I never called Gajender. When we found Gajender’s body he was disguised as a woman. What’s the reason? Sir, we have no idea. Sir, please, we didn’t do
anything. Let us go. Don’t believe their words,
Sir. I’m sure it’s them,
who killed Gajender. We’ll deal with them. You stated that Gajender
was a sales executive in his office. But he worked as a peon
there. Peon? No, Sir. That’s not possible. Why would a graduate
work as a peon? But we have verified it. Gajender was working
as a peon. And we also learned that he
used to ‘face read’ in exchange for money. Was he also a fortune teller? Sir, if he had
that ability wouldn’t he improve
his own situation? You know, Gajender used to
take half day leave from office almost every day. And his phone used to be
active in Nigampur. Why did he visit
Nigampur? Nigampur? I know nothing about it. And he never came home
with a half day leave. In fact, he worked overtime. He always came home
late. His colleagues are lying, Sir. But I am confident that Pooja murdered him. And finding him disguised
as a woman is definitely
some scheme of her. What’s going on, Mom? That woman with Dad,
right in front of you.. What is going on, Mom? Why don’t you
say something, Mom? The woman is blackmailing
us. Blackmail?
Regarding what? Don’t ask anything son. Let it go on as it is. Consider it
you’re parent’s helplessness. What’s going on? Do you think this is cool? Stop. I’m sorry.
Come on. Find out where Gajender
went to in Nigampur. Find out every little detail
about Gajender. We must find out
why Gajender was disguised as a women
the day he was murdered. Okay, Sir. What happened, Pooja? Pooja.. I am talking to you. Pooja, what happened?
Why are you silent? What’s on your mind? Because of your sister-in-law,
the police are suspecting me along with you and you are.. She has always been
that way but you.. What? Nothing. What.. Hello. ‘Ms. Mohini, how are you?’ Who is it? ‘I am your well-wisher.’ ‘I know who murdered,
your husband, Gajendar.’ Who are you? ‘Why do you want to know
my identity?’ ‘Don’t have the misunderstanding
that your husband’ ‘was murdered by,
his sister, Pooja.’ ‘He was murdered
by someone else.’ Who? ‘You have to pay me Rs.
3 lakhs for the information.’ Did someone ask you to pay
Rs. 3 lakhs to know who murdered Gajendar? Yes, sir. I think this is
Pooja’s plan. But who would have called you?
– I don’t know, sir. Give us the number
that you received the call from. Yes, Varma. We’ve got information that a
woman’s corpse has been found at Ganesh Nagar. Pooja’s phone
was switched off there. Victory to India, sir. Sir, we found this ID with the name Pooja Sharma,
near the corpse. Is the face damaged? Sir, is it possible
that Pooja isn’t the victim? What if it’s another girl? Do you mean Pooja and Deepak
murdered a woman dumped the corpse here
and left Pooja’s ID? Right, sir. Calling Mohini could be part
of their plan. Sir, I haven’t done it. How could you suspect me after
what happened to Pooja? If it is Pooja’s corpse tell us why you damaged
the face after murdering her? Sir, I haven’t done anything.
– Stop being melodramatic. If it wasn’t you,
who did it? Or did Pooja and you
murder another girl? Sir, I haven’t done anything. Who did it then?
Pooja? Tell me. I will..
– Sir.. I will tell you the truth.
I won’t hide anything. Tell us. – Sir,
it’s true Pooja and I eloped and she had brought
money and jewellery with her. She had stolen it
from her house. Pooja, where did you bring all
this money and jewellery from? The jewellery
belong to my sister-in-law and the money belongs
to my brother. They were not willing
to give me my share. So, I stole it.
– You stole it? – Yes. This is just the beginning. Brother would also have
to give me my share. Sir, Pooja hated her brother
and sister-in-law. She used to call Gajendar
and blackmail him for money. Brother, you have to give me
Rs. 15 lakhs more. If you don’t give me the money I will inform sister-in-law
about what you really are. What was Pooja blackmailing
Gajendar about? Sir, I don’t know that. So, the jewellery and money
are with you, right? I don’t have anything
with me. Whatever she brought
is kept at home. Sir, I feel someone
exacted revenge on Gajendar and Pooja
one after the other. Who did?
– I don’t know that, sir. But I haven’t done anything. Deepak’s statement made us even
more suspicious of Pooja. We checked Pooja’s account
and it had so much money which she had extracted
before Gajendar’s murder. At that point, we didn’t know
if the victim was Pooja or if her ID was left there
after murdering another woman. So, we wanted to match
the corpse’s DNA with that of Gajendar. Mohini was called
from a public phone. We couldn’t find any lead
about the caller from it. But from Nigambur where Gajendar’s phone
was always active we got shocking information
about him. Who was Gajendar’s..
I mean Bubbly’s friend. Her name is Bobby, sir. Where will we find him?
– I don’t know, sir. I haven’t seen them here
for a long time. Do you have Bobby’s number? Sir, I don’t have the number. Can you help us draw her sketch? Yes, sir. I used to
see her every day. I can help you
make her sketch. Get in. Gajendar was often seen
at Ghazipur with this person. Do you know her? No, sir. But.. Her name is Bobby. Do you know anyone
named Bobby? No, sir, I don’t. But Gajendar and Bobby.. We have got information
that Gajendar was also a.. He used to trade
with Bobby at Nigampur. That’s a lie, sir. It’s an attempt
to defame him. Our information
is spot on. Gajendar was a.. In Nigampur, people
knew him by the name, Bubbly. It’s possible that you got
to know the truth about him and so, you.. – Sir, don’t
accuse me of it. We were married
for 10 years. I knew him before the wedding. Which is Gajendar
and Pooja’s hometown? Sir, they used to live here.
I don’t know their hometown. Gajendar used to involve in
prostitution, dressed as a lady. He was a graduate but he
worked as a peon. We are starting
to know his true colours. But his wife, Mohini, said she
doesn’t know his hometown. I think in order
to understand the case we need to know the person
that Gajendar really was. Sir, there is something else. Deepak said that Pooja
was blackmailing Gajendar. Pooja might have been
blackmailing him about revealing his true colours
to her. That’s possible. But it’s also possible
that Mohini got to know the truth
about him and she.. Run a background check on her. And the transgender woman
who was with Gajendar.. What do we have on her? We don’t have any information
about Bobby right now. But our team is on it. It’s really important for us
to have a lead on Bobby. The corpse we found,
was it really Pooja or is it a plan devised
by Pooja and Deepak? What’s the status of the result
of the DNA test? Sir, the report will
take some time. May I come in, sir? Sir, I checked both, Gajendar
and Pooja’s, profiles well. No clue was found
to their native address from both their accounts. But one common profile
was found in their accounts. Look at this. She’s Seema.
Puja was in touch with her. Seema is added
as a friend in Gajendra’s social media account. So Seema knew Gajendra and Puja. Where does she life? When the cyber
cell checked her profile we
got her address. I sent Naveen there but her house has
been locked up for a long time. Her mobile phone number? No, we haven’t found
her mobile phone number. But we found profile of a man
named Pramod in her account. Seema was constantly
in touch with him. Get Pramod’s address. It’s important to meet everyone
connected to Gajendra and Puja. Sir! Hello?
– ‘How are you, Mohini?’ Have you arranged
my Rs. Three Lakhs? ‘Rs. Three Lakhs?’ ‘I told you I’d tell you
who killed your husband’ ‘if you gave me
Rs. Three Lakhs.’ Who are you? That question again.. Don’t you want to get your
husband’s murderers prosecuted? Gajendra’s wife, Mohini, got
a phone call just a while ago. Her mobile phone was
under our surveillance. We’ve recorded the conversation. Come on. Yes, Mohini? Yes, we know
you got a phone call. I don’t understand anything. Who is that man calling
me up and saying all this? Mohini, he’s someone you know. Someone I know? Yes. Do you have any
idea who it could be? No, sir. It’s all right.
We’re investigating. The phone call was to Mohini
from another PCO. I’ve sent a constable there. I don’t think we’ll get
any lead from there. Whoever this man
is, he’s very smart. He’s making every move cleverly. Could it be that this is all
done by Gajendra’s wife, Mohini? She seems normal
but you never know. She might be making
someone make the phone calls so that we wouldn’t
suspect her. Let’s see. Sir, the man named Pramod
that Seema was in touch with.. We got his address from
his social media account. Good. Yes? We actually wanted to talk
to Seema regarding a case. We’ve found out that
she’s your friend. Can you tell us
where Seema is now? She lives in Mukundpura. We checked there. Her house has been
locked up for a long time. You must have her
phone number, right? Yes. It’s switched off. Do you another
phone number of hers? No, sir. Do you have any idea
where she could be now? No, sir, I have no idea. He’s Gajendra. And she’s Puja. These two have been murdered. Seema was in touch with both
of them through social media. Do you know them? No, I don’t know these two. Thank you. I think he’s definitely
hiding something. Inquire about him
in the neighbourhood. Okay, sir. Yes, Sharma? I found out Gajendra’s hometown
through his registry documents. He’s from Unhia village
of Saharanpur. Go there immediately
and find out everything about Gajendra
and Puja. – Okay, sir. She’s Seema,
Pramod’s sister-in-law. Pramod’s sister-in-law?
– Yes. She’s cousin of Pramod’s wife. She was staying here
for the last few days. But she suddenly disappeared. Yes, sir.
Seema used to live here. But we don’t know
where she lives now. It’s okay.
We know everything now. We know the relationship
between you and Seema. Will you tell me rest
of the story here or in the police station? Bring him.
– Sir, I’ll tell you.. Speak. Seema and I used to work
in an office together. She fell in love with me.
I too fell in love with her. I was married. When I realised my mistake,
I wanted to end everything. But I didn’t know Seema
would react like that after hearing this. Why did you get
into a relationship with me if you wanted
to end this? Why didn’t you tell me
before that you’re married? She approached to Neelima
one day and told her everything. You cheated me.. You cheated me.. I won’t spare you! Just wait and watch what I do! Neelima.. Let me go! Stop it, Neelima! He got close to me because
you couldn’t make him yours. Seema knew Neelima was greedy. And one day,
these two traded me. It’s all right if you don’t
want to leave Pramod. You’ll have to let me stay here. In return, I’ll give
you Rs. Two Lakhs now and Rs. 20,000 every month. I accept. I was helpless. If I refused, those two
would’ve gotten me arrested. Don’t try to act innocent. You’re the cause
of all the problems. You shut up! Just a minute..
– It’s all because of.. First, tell me where’s Seema? Seema didn’t want
Harshu to live with us. So.. I can’t live in
the house with Harshu. Throw him out of here. What are you saying? Do you want me to throw
my son out of my house? Are you in your right mind? You can live your son
in the house if you want. I’m leaving with
Pramod. Come on, Pramod. You can’t just take him!
He’s my husband! I’ve paid you for him. She he..
– That’s enough. That’s enough, Seema..
Not anymore. For God’s sake, spare me!
I’m not leaving. You insulted me in front
of your wife.. Yes, I did. Just wait and watch
what I do to you people. She left that day and we’ve
not seen her ever since. How would you?
You disposed of her. Where’s Seema? Nothing of the sort happened. What happened then? You knew Gajendra
and Puja too, right? No, sir. We don’t know them. We don’t know where
Seema was since that day. Trust me.. Yes, Tiwari? – I’ve
found out many shocking details from Gajendra’s hometown. Seema,
who was in touch with Gajendra and Puja is
sister of those two. Seema is Gajendra and
Puja’s sister? – Yes, sir. These three were Girdhari
and Savitri’s children. Girdhari died a long time ago. Their mother married
a man named Ramesh. Ramesh used to run
a drama company and he was killed 20 years ago. This is
Ramesh was Gajendra Seema and
Puja’s stepfather. Ramesh already had
a wife and a son. When Ramesh married Gajendra,
Seema and Puja’s mother, Savitri Ramesh’s son,
Dhananjay killed her. Dhananjay was 12-years-old
at that time so he was in juvenile
facility for three years. After Ramesh’s murder, mother
of Gajendra, Seema and Puja Savitri, came to city
with her family. Tiwari, Gajendra’s wife,
Mohini.. She’s known Gajendra
for 10 years. Mohini never told us that Gajendra had one more
sister apart from Pooja whose name was Seema. Did Seema have a fight
with Gajendra and Pooja? Did she separate from them
due to this reason? Or Seema went missing
because she is involved in Gajendra and Pooja’s
murders. Based on what Pramod
and his wife told us about Seema I think Seema’s character
was not good. She had an affair
with a man who was married and had a child too. You told me that Dhananjay’s
dad, Ramesh, too had an affair
with another man despite being married
and having a child. I think that is why
Dhananjay killed Ramesh who was Seema’s stepfather
in anger. Tiwari, I think
both the stories definitely have a connection. Where can we find Dhananjay? Yes? Dhananjay?
– I am Dhananjay. Tell me. Sir, my dad had betrayed
my mom. And I couldn’t tolerate it
at that point. So, you are still angry
with your dad. Sir, I have been punished
for my crime. I don’t know
where they stay now. And their mom
was not a good woman. Apart from my dad,
she had an affair with many other men too. I don’t know
who has done what. Whom are you referring to? It is an old matter. I don’t even remember it
properly. But people say that Gajendra’s mom
was a prostitute. Dhananjay’s statement
was proved right that Gajendra, Seema and
Pooja’s mom was a prostitute who had passed away
many years ago. But the motive behind
all these murders was not clear yet. And it was still a mystery
whether that body was Pooja’s or not. We couldn’t understand
the story behind Seema’s
disappearance too. Sir, how can I kill him? Babli was my good friend, sir. Why did you run away
after your friend’s murder then? Sir, I was scared
after hearing about the murder. I thought you guys
would suspect me because he was not like me. But he still worked with me. Tell me clearly
what you are trying to say. Sir, I know
that he was not Babli. He was Gajendra. He suffered a lot, sir.
His mom was a prostitute. But she didn’t want her kids
to become like her. But look at their fate. Gajendra also had to do
the same work which he never wanted to do in order to take care
of his sisters. But his elder sister
found out the truth one day and she left Gajendra, sir. Ms. Mohini entered
his life after that. I have not met Ms. Mohini. But Gajendra always
spoke about her. I could never tell
the truth to Mohini. But I will stop all this
and look for a good job. Sir, Gajendra had quit
this profession many years ago. But his younger sister too
betrayed him three years ago. She started blackmailing him that she will tell the truth
to Ms. Mohini if he doesn’t give her money. Gajendra was last spotted
with you on 16th March. He was murdered
on the night of 16th March. Who murdered him
if it was not you? Who was in the car? Deepak, what did you think? That we won’t find out
the truth if you don’t tell us that Dhananjay
is your cousin brother? And you, Dhananjay.. You murdered your dad
20 years ago. Yes, sir. That fire was burning
within me from 20 years. My dad alone
was not my enemy. Gajendra’s mom
and his entire family was my enemy too. I wanted to seek revenge
from all of them. Sir, I instigated Pooja
against her brother that she stole money
and jewellery from her house and came to stay with me. We extorted
a lot of money from him through Pooja. After that, we planned
to kill Gajendra. Sir, we followed him
till Nigampur. What are you watching?
Sit inside the car. We want to talk to you. We took him
to a deserted place and killed him. Sir, we knew
that Gajendra’s wife would suspect Pooja
after her husband’s murder. I knew that Pooja
was in touch with her sister, Seema. After returning
from the police station Pooja changed her clothes and left to meet
her sister, Seema. But we kidnapped her
on the way. We spoilt Pooja’s face so that you think
Pooja has planned a game. I called Gajendra’s wife then
and told her that Pooja hasn’t murdered
Gajendra. Somebody else
has murdered him. Sir, we knew
that Gajendra’s wife would tell this to you. But you will
suspect her itself. But sir, our plan
was bigger than this. After Pooja,
we planned to kill Seema too. We killed Seema and
made her disappear in such a way that would make you feel that Seema has killed her
brother and sister and run away. You guys thought of
a huge plan. But both of you forgot that the law is more powerful
than a criminal’s planning. Crime had started giving
an indication in Gajendra’s life when Gajendra’s sister, Pooja,
started blackmailing him on Deepak’s say. If Gajendra
would have acted brave and told the truth
to his wife and taken the help
of the police Gajendra’s wife and daughter wouldn’t have felt hurt
or repentant about his truth the way they would be feeling
now after losing Gajendra. I, Adil Khan,
will take your leave now. I’ll meet you again
with a new case. Till then, keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. The intention is to save you
and not to warn you.

100 thoughts on “Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1063 – Full Episode – 14th June, 2019

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