Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1060 – Full Episode – 11th June, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1060 – Full Episode – 11th June, 2019

Cheers! Hello.
I’m coming.. My wife is too much. She doesn’t allow me
to drink peacefully. There are two people
I’m scared of. One is my wife and the other one..
– Who’s the other one? Forget about the other one! I need to go home
and convince my wife first. Who are you people?
Let go off me.. Sanjana! ‘Ill consequence.’ Greetings. I’m Abhimanyu Jindal,
the senior inspector. I welcome you all
to the ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. An honest person
feels scared to lie. And dishonest people
are scared to face truth. Fear is the force
that can make a person to commit a crime. The fear that Manish
mentioned about became the reason
of Manish and his wife’s death. The murderers
were roaming around fearlessly for two years even after
committing the murder. Several other cases linked to Manish
and Sanjana’s murder was about to be exposed. It was a big challenge
for me and my team to get to the roots
of the case. Hurry up, Shagufta.
– You are always.. Hurry up, dear.
We’re getting late. Yes, what were we talking about? We were talking that
you should wear your ear aid. With you two, people should put some cotton
into their ears. So I removed my ear aid.
– Oh.. – Oh! Look what kind of clothes
these girls are wearing! Excuse me!
What did you just say? You have hearing problem,
not me. I have a problem
with my ears but you have some problem
with your tongue. Hold on.
– Look what she’s saying! What are you doing? If you have guts then speak in front of
the live camera. Let the whole world know
about your cheap thoughts. Where are you going?
– Hold on, ma’am. Let go off me. Come on, speak up
in front of the camera. You’ll either apologise
in front of everyone or accept
in front of your camera that your thoughts are cheap. Shagufta, leave it.
Come on. Okay, so you also think
the way Ms. Leena does! No..
It’s nothing like that. What are you doing?
Apologise to them otherwise they won’t spare you. Why should I apologise to them? Have you lost your mind? So you agree
that your thoughts are cheap. Yes..
Speak up. Yes, I agree..
I didn’t say anything wrong. Does a two year old girl
call out to people and ask them to rape her? They don’t spare women
as old as 80 years! Do they tell people
to rape them? Raghuveer and Sejal, let’s go. Where is Pammi. I think
I only have to get the door. Lock all the doors and windows
of the house. Sir, who are you people? Why
are you barging into my house? Why are they..
– I am Rishi Chopra from IT department. Here’s the search warrant
for your house. What reason
is that search warrant for? You own wealth
more than your income. We have your entire
audit details, Mr. Paramveer. You are a college professor
by profession and you run a private
coaching institution, as well! Disconnect their land line and confiscate all the mobile
phones. – Sir, mobile. Sir, let’s sit down
and discuss peacefully. We’ll make a deal
and fix the matter. I will do whatever you say. Please!
Please have a seat. How dare you bribe me! Raghuveer. – Yes, sir?
– Sir, I was just.. Note it down. – I was saying it
it just like that, sir. Go and sit there
without making any fuss. There you go.
Take this into our custody. Ten.
Fifteen. Raghuveer, collect the DVR
of the CCTV installed here. We need it as a proof
that we’ve recovered money and jewellery
worth lakhs of rupees. Yes, sir. Sir, please sign here.
– Sir, please sign it. You should report to me
at my office at sharp 10:00 a.m. And don’t try to escape.
Our men are monitoring you. Come all of you. Wow!
Good shot! Rashmi,
the way you’re enjoying cricket after getting pregnant
makes me feel that our unborn son
will become a cricketer. What do you mean?
Even if it’s a girl she will become a cricketer. Hold on, I’ll get the door. Hello, control room. Step back. Is any of you from this family? Sir, Mr. Kalpesh and Ms. Rashmi
used to stay here alone. Who are you?
– I work as a maid here. Sir, looking at the condition,
robbery seems to be the motive behind the murders. Gupta, I had spotted a CCTV
outside. Check the DVR that’s inside.
– Yes, sir. Sir.
Sir, she is Sheela. She works as a maid here. She was the first person to see
the dead bodies, sir. What did you see?
– Sir, I report to work here at 8:00 a.m. every day. When I came this morning,
I rang the doorbell. But no one opened the door. Ms. Rashmi had given
a key to me. I opened the door and saw.. Sir! What are your employers’ names? Mr. Kalpesh and Ms. Rashmi. Ms. Rashmi was due for delivery
next month. And this happened suddenly.. What was Kalpesh Thakur’s
profession? – He was a builder. His office is in Punjabi Bagh. Do you know
any of their relatives? No, sir, I don’t know anyone. I’ve been working here
since six months. Sir. The DVR is missing
from the CCTV. There’s not a single
recorded footage. That means the criminals had
come with foolproof planning. Did you get anything else? No, sir.
The entire house is in a mess. It seems like
they robbed everything. I checked in the bedroom.
I guess the mattress on the bed has been torn open. I can understand the house
being ransacked. But I am wondering why they
have torn the mattress open! Sir. Sir, I found Kalpesh Thakur’s
company visiting card. Call up his office.
And find out if any neighbhour has witnessed anything. The criminals have taken
the DVR with them. I’ll tell you what. If there’s any CCTV in
the neighbourhood or on the way check its footage.
– Yes, sir. Pal, we missed the 20-20 match. But the excitement here
is not less. Amazing, pal!
Comments have been pouring in. What have they written? ‘This lady is sick.’ Ms. Leela has run into deep
trouble, Shagufta. – Seriously. Pal, we uploaded the video
in excitement but mark my words mom will get angry at me. Please pay Rs. 200, ma’am.
– Rs. 200? I commute to and from
Keshav Puram every day. The fare isn’t more than Rs. 80. Ma’am, in which age
are you living? The fare is Rs. 200.
Come on, pay Rs. 200. Why should I pay Rs. 200?
Here are Rs. 100 and return Rs. 20. If not, I’ll call the police and
get you arrested for cheating. Here are Rs. 20. I can understand.
One acts bold in their area. Come again. ‘When a 2-year-old girl
gets raped, does she too say’ ‘come and rape me?’ ‘Even an 80-year-old
doesn’t get spared.’ You’ve embarrassed me
completely. What was the need
to speak on camera? It’s your fault. You are the root cause
of all this. – I see. You make a mistake
and you are blaming me! I know, Shagufta, what kind
of a woman she is. But if we mess with evil-minded
people, it will affect us. But, Mom, I had
to show her what she is. She does it always. I couldn’t stop
myself this time. And look at this, Mom.
Everyone has been supporting us and criticising her. Dear, as of now, they are
criticising but when required they won’t stand by us. I admit that it’s good
to fight for your rights. But, dear, you shouldn’t
make a laughing stock of anyone. Come on, delete this video fast.
– But, Mom.. – Come on. They had gone towards
Kalpesh Thakur’s house. The mattress had been torn open and the vehicle outside
the house with the sticker of IT Department
– Government of India. Could it be a case
of IT raid, sir? Gupta, even murders
have taken place over there. We need to understand
this case thoroughly. Look here. The vehicle number is visible. Verify if this vehicle really
belongs to the IT Department. Yes, sir. Excuse me,
will you give me a ride? Nafisa. You?
What are you doing here? You stopped answering my calls.
So, I thought of coming here. I’ve already conveyed
my decision. You’ll have to vacate my house.
I am giving you a week’s time. If not, you will face
dire consequences. May I come in, sir?
– Yes, come in. I verified the number
of that vehicle, sir. It’s fake. That means it’s clear that
the criminals came posing as government officers and carried
out murders and robbery. May I come in, sir?
– Come in. Sir, Kalpesh’s company
Thakur Construction’s manager, Vikrant Singh
has been called here. Vikrant, do you have doubt
on anyone who could murder Kalpesh Thakur and his wife? Any kind of enmity and so on.. Sir, I never felt
anything like that. Even I am shocked
by these incidents. The criminals had gone
to Kalpesh Thakur’s house by this vehicle. Any idea who could it be? No, sir. They haven’t just looted cash
from Kalpesh’s house even the mattress was found
to be torn open. Was he hiding cash
in his mattress? I mean, black money and so on.. How can I say that, sir?
– You were his manager. You might be knowing quite
well about his income. You might also be knowing
how much money he declared and how much
he didn’t declare to save taxes. Sir, how can I.. If you hide anything from us it might cost
you dearly later. Sir, you are right. Mr. Kalpesh used
evade taxes a lot. He had a lot of black money. But he was very smart. He used to bribe the officers
and manage everything. ‘Deliver it to
Mr. Anil’s house.’ Everyone evades taxes. But he was
corrupt beyond measure. For that reason I was planning to
resign from his company. You have been working in his
company since past five years. But decided to quit the
job when he got murdered! But, sir, I.. I know what you
are trying to say. Now, tell me. Who all are there
in Kalpesh’s family? Sir, he has an elder brother but he lives in Canada. And yes, even his wife,
Ms. Rashmi has a mother who lives in Indore. Sharma,
collect the details from him. Sir. Come with me.
– Yes. Sir, going by whatever
he told, it seems like Kalpesh had hidden his
black money inside his mattress. How did the criminals
come to know of it? Perhaps, IT officers
are involved in this. Gupta, try to gather
information about Kalpesh from the IT department.
– Sir. What’s the matter, Mom? It is already 10 o’clock
and you still are in bed. Are you
not keeping well? Nothing of that sort, dear. I was just feeling a bit tired. Good that you reminded me.
I have to go. I have a meeting
with my client. Take rest if you
are not keeping well. Dear,
I don’t have time to rest. But, Mom, even I
want to help you now. Akanksha had told me
about a part time job. Along with my studies,
I will take up that job. No, dear.
There is no need for that. You just focus on
your education. I’ll take care of the rest. I’ll take it.
– I’ll take it. I’ll take it. Mom!
Mom! No! No! Kalpesh Takur,
owner of Takur Company, right? Yes, I know him quite well. What else do you know
about this Kalpesh? Will you share it with me? He was a very
corrupt businessman. We always had an eye on
a tax payer like him. He always used
to evade taxes. He was on our radar since long. We had even planned to
conduct a raid on his house next week. Next week?
– Yes. If you had planned to
conduct the raid next week who are these
people in that case? See here. Those people had come
in a government vehicle. Though the registration
number is fake but we are pretty
sure that those people have murdered
Kalpesh and his wife. They even completely
looted their house. Even the mattress in their
bedroom was ripped open. I don’t have any idea
about these people. But we have come to know that
Kalpesh not only evaded taxes but even used to bribe
your officers. Is it that there are fights
within your department because of these
illegal transactions? What are you trying to say,
Officer? Nothing of that sort
happens in my department. It is possible that someone
in your department had leaked the information that you are planning to conduct
a raid on Kalpesh’s house. And those criminals took
advantage of this information and committed that crime. All these matters are kept
quite confidential, Officer. And I am sure
that no one in my department would’ve leaked
this information. Sir, according to
the post mortem report Kalpesh and his wife were
murdered at the time when the government vehicle
with a fake registration number was seen parked
outside their house. It means that the criminals
had come in the guise of government officials. Sir, even now, I think that this
incident has some connection with the information that an IT
raid was planned to be conducted on Kalpesh’s house. We have to work
cautiously now. Find out who else knew about
this other than Sajjan Singh. They are IT officers. They shouldn’t get a whiff
of how we are working and from which angle we are
conducting the investigation. May I come in, sir? Yes, come in. Sir, I checked the
activities of a few days that had taken place
outside Kalpesh’s house. I noticed something
suspicious a day before the day of the crime. This is the footage of it, sir. When I asked Kalpesh’s
maid about this person she said.. Sir, I don’t know
who this person is. But this man started going
back after seeing you. Didn’t you find that strange? I had found
it strange then. But then, I didn’t
think much about it. Sir, this person was
seen outside the house one day before the crime. Is it possible that he might be
connected with those criminals? Till now, we have been
connecting this case only with the IT department It is also possible that
Kalpesh’s manager knew that he kept a lot of
money in his house. And it is possible
that she knew this person. The maid said that she has
been working for Kalpesh since only six months. What we need to think here is why would a person who keeps
so much money in his house give the duplicate key
to his house to his maid? It is also possible that
even Kalpesh’s manager knew that he had kept so
much money in his house. We will have to investigate
this case from all these angles. Yes, sir.
– May I come in, sir? Come in. Sir, I had got a call from the
secretary of Sanjeevani Society. The matter seems
to be quite serious by whatever he said. What matter? Sir.. Sir.. Hello, sir.
My name is Rajan. I am secretary
of this Society. Sir, I am the one
who had called you. Sir, in this building
a woman and her daughter have rented house no. 205. Sir, they haven’t opened
the door since past two days. This way, sir. Come, sir.
Please come. Move aside. See, sir.
The newspapers and milk packets are still lying here. Sir, I had even tried
calling both their numbers. Both their phones
are switched off. Jadhav,
break open the door. Sir. Gupta.
– Sir. They have been
murdered quite brutally. Seems like someone has
exacted revenge on them. Sir, there are even signs
of a loot in the house. The motive seems to be similar to that of Kalpesh Takur
and his wife’s murder case. The secretary was saying that
this woman and her daughter had taken this house on rent. We had found jewellery on
the body of Kalpesh’s wife. There is no jewellery on
the bodies of these two. See, there is blood
stain on her ears. Jewellery has been
pulled out from her ears. Rings have been taken
out from their fingers. Even then, gather information about this woman
and her daughter. And find out from the CCTV
in this apartment whether that same government
vehicle was seen here as well. Sir. Sir, Shagufta had two friends.
Akanksha and Radhika. They were the ones who
frequented this house mostly. Had you seen anyone
visiting this house in the past two days?
– Yes, sir. I had seen a delivery boy
two days ago. He was hitting their
doorbell. Who was that delivery boy?
– No idea about that. Sir. All the CCTV cameras
in the building aren’t working. And since a week,
there’s no security guard in the building. Hello..
– Manjeet Singh.. Yes.
Who’s speaking? Gupta.. – Sir. Find out why Kalpesh’s maid
is here. Sir.. I spoke to Manjeet Singh,
the owner of the flat in which Nafisa
and Shagufta used to live. Sir, I rarely used to go there. I brought that flat
in order to rent it out. How were Shagufta
and Nafisa’s neighbours? I mean, you’d know if they
didn’t along with someone. Sir, they had problems
with many people. Their neighbours wanted me
to oust them. Several people had complained
against them. What kind of complaints? Who had complained? The security guard of
that building used to update me. People had many problems
with them. Some of them had a problem
with the way they dressed and some of them had a problem
with their lifestyle. The security guard had a problem
with their community. He used to stay
in front of their flat. They are so strange
and their food.. They have turned this place
into a hell. If you want to eat
non-vegetarian food do it at your house! Do not litter over here! Hold on, mister. What do you mean? You are so noisy and
you disturb the entire society. Sorry, mister. I wasn’t wearing my ear-aid. I am..
– What, sorry! Stop this nonsense!
Who will clean this trash? Will you do it
or your mother? Speak politely! I will teach you manners
in your own way! I will call your landlord
and get your guys ousted. Just wait!
– Yes, Mr. Rajan. Mr. Manjeet, though you
belong to our community why did you pick
these tenants? Oust them right now. Can’t you find tenants
from our community? Sir, such problems
occurred every day. But I couldn’t ask them
to vacate. Sir, I am so orthodox. Sir, I work in several flats
in that building and other buildings as well. Did you work for Shagufta
and Nafisa as well? No, sir.
I don’t even know them. Whom do you work for,
in that building? I work at Ms. Leena’s house. She lives in third floor. Then you must know
that your boss, Kalpesh had a lot of money in his house. Did you inform those criminals
about it? No, sir.
I have already told you. You are suspecting me
unnecessarily. Sir, I checked the CCTV footages
near the Sanjeevani building but I didn’t see any vehicle
which had a tag of ‘Bharat Sarkaar’ which was seen outside
Kalpesh’s building. Shagufta’s mother,
Nafisa was an ordinary lawyer. She was living in a rented flat. Her income wasn’t high as well. Both the cases are from the same
area, but it’s possible Nafisa and Shagufta were killed
using Kalpesh’s murder’s MO. Kalpesh’s maid is common
in both the cases. But we have no evidence
against the maid. And we have no lead
against Kalpesh’s manager Vikrant. What about the information
from the IT department? Our informers are investigating
there as well. But they haven’t find
any leads yet. The building in which Shagufta
and Nafisa were living get the information about the security guard
of that building, Rajan. Yes, sir. Sir.. We have found
a very shocking information. The flat in which Shagufta
and Nafisa were living.. Two years ago,
in the same flat.. Manish Garg and his wife,
Sanjana Garg used to live there. Two years ago, they were
murdered in the same flat. They were murdered
and looted as well. Two years ago, this area
belong to the jurisdiction of the Mangolpuri
Police Station, right? Yes, sir. I acquired this information
from there itself. Who murdered Manish and Sanjana? Sir, the investigation
didn’t reach any conclusions. It was in the backlogs
for a long time. But six months after the murder Manish’s brother sold that flat
to Manjeet. Sir, two years ago Rajan Bhargav was the secretary
of this building. The police suspected Rajan
during that case as well because Rajan used to quarrel
with Manish and Sanjana. Manjeet told me that Rajan
didn’t want Shagufta and Nafisa to live
in that building. Bring Rajan in.
– Sir! So, you didn’t want anyone
to live around you. You had a problem
with the community that Shagufta and Nafisa
belonged to. But why did you kill Manish
and his wife, Sanjana? Sir, I didn’t do anything. And I was ruled out
as the suspect, previously. But we’ll deal with you
properly this time. What’s your involvement? I didn’t do anything.
I am speaking the truth. You planned everything,
thoroughly. First, you got rid
of the security guard and you tampered the CCTV
cameras of that building so that you could
carry out this task, right? You’re mistaken, sir. The CCTV cameras weren’t working
due to lack of funds. You can check the accounts
of the society, if you want. You have planned everything
carefully so that you can testify
your actions, right? But you’re suspecting
the wrong person. Sir, Leena and her husband.. They had more problem
than me. The other day, Leena said
that she saw a delivery boy. I live next door,
yet I didn’t see him but Leena saw him. She was lying. Why would she lie? Because Shagufta and her friends
had made her video viral. Which video? – ‘When a
two-year-old girl gets raped’ ‘does she say,
come and rape me?’ Even 80 years old women
aren’t spared. This video has been viral
on the social media for a long time. And they were many comments
against Leena. Leena had the same maid
who used to work at Kalpesh’s house. Sir, I know I commented
on the way they dressed. A lot of people have seen
in that viral video about your comment. We know what happened to
your reputation in this society after that. You exacted revenge
for this, right? No, sir. I realised my mistake. I even approached Shagufta
and her friends in order to apologise. Sir, she did apologise
but it was just pretense. She wanted us to record
a video of her again and she wanted us to tell people
that she has reformed. Shagufta, I am very sorry
for what I did. Whatever you did with me,
it was completely fair. But I have realised my mistake. I have changed
because of you guys. What are you thinking? Do you still think
that I am lying? No, ma’am, it’s fine.
You’ve realised your mistake. But you should say this
to the world as well. Won’t you record a video
of me now? No, ma’am because I know that you have
not really reformed. Ms. Leena wasn’t the only one
who had a problem. Her husband was
quiet troublesome What did Leena’s husband do? He was unnecessarily showing
interest towards Shagufta. She was quiet troubled but she couldn’t do anything
about it. They were so nice..
– Hi, Shagufta! Shagufta! How’s it going in your college? Everything is going good,
sir. Don’t call me ‘sir’. I know I am married
but I am not so old that you should address me
as ‘sir’. Okay, I won’t call you that. Okay, take care. Isn’t he showing too much
interest in you? What are your intentions? Sir, she was suspecting
that her husband was having an affair
with Shagufta. She used to feel that we are
hitting on her husband. But that wasn’t the truth. Sir, I never used to speak to
Shagufta with wrong intentions. But my wife used to suspect
me unnecessarily. So, your wife got rid of
Shagufta and Nafisa as well. Sir, I am speaking the truth.
I didn’t do anything. I already told you,
a delivery boy was there during that day and he was ringing the doorbell
of Shagufta’s house. I think Rajan Bhargav is trying
to frame me in order to cover up
for his crimes. Nafisa was a lawyer. The murder might be related
to Nafisa’s profession as well. Find out every minute details
related to Shagufta and Nafisa. Keep an eye on Rajan,
Leena and Niranjan. Sir..
– Sir.. After a great deal of efforts,
I acquired useful information from an employee
from the IT department. A guy named Sajjan Singh
works under Rakesh Mina. I had requested him.
He’s agreed to meet you. Call him over.
– Sir. Nearly a month ago a man named Paramveer Jain
had come to IT office. Excuse me, sir. What happene3d? The IT inspector, Rishi Chopra
had sent a summon that I should meet him
at the office at 10 a.m. today. Rishi Chopra?
– Yes, sir. But no such officer
works over here. Sir, Raghuveer Singh,
Sejal Gupta and Atul Sharma work under him. They had come to my house,
yesterday. But no such officer
works over here. What! Sorry, sir. I think
I am mistaken. I’ll take your leave. Hold on a minute! You received a summon. That means, a raid took place
at your house, yesterday. No, sir.
There wasn’t any raid. What is your name
and where do you live? I told you I made a mistake.
I will leave now. Listen to me.. wait!
– Sir.. He left abruptly from there. I got suspicious so I told
Mr. Sajjan about this. And then we checked the CCTV
footage of our office and got information
about his profile. We learnt
that he’s Paramveer Jain and we were going to perform
a raid in his house. What did you guys do? Our team performed a raid
in his house. But we didn’t find anything
over there. But we were baffled
about one thing.. He spoke about Rishi Chopra,
Atul Sharma, Raghuveer Singh and Sejal Gupta. Can you give us the phone number
and address of Paramveer Jain? Sure, sir. Thank you. May I come in, sir?
– Yes, come in. Sir, I checked Nafisa
and Shagufta’s call records. Shagufta got a last call
from a courier company called as Will Courier company. Shagufta had ordered
an ear-aid and the delivery was supposed
to happen on the day they got murdered. I have called the delivery boy
over here. – Good. I have learnt from Nafisa’s
call records that she used to talk
to her landlord, Manjeet Singh everyday. Were they having an affair?
– May be. Okay. Find out everything
about Manjeet. – Sir. Rishi Chopra, Raghuveer Singh,
Sejal Gupta and Atul Sharma.. You must know them. No, sir.
I do not know them. Really? If you don’t know them,
on 17th March why did they summon you
to go to the IT Department? Sir, I think you’re mistaken. Paramveer, we are investigating
a murder case. If you know something,
you better let us know or else, you might land
into trouble. Sir, they had come to my house
on 16th March and they claimed they’re
from the IT Department. And they performed a raid
over here. Yes, sir. Next day, when I went
to the IT Department I learnt that those people
had nothing to do with that department. Sir, they hoodwinked us
and looted everything from my house. They also removed the recording
of the CCTV footage. And you didn’t even inform
the police because you know, they looted
your black money. Yes, sir.
But I made a promise to myself that I will never
steal taxi. How did they all four look like? Sir, they were five,
not four. Five?
– Yes, sir. One was standing outside
near the car. What was written
on the car? ‘Indian Government’?
– Yes, sir. Can you help
in making their sketches? Sir, some time has passed but I can’t forget them. Yes, sir. [I had gone
to deliver a parcel at Shagufta Zaidi’s address. I kept ringing
the doorbell for a long time. But nobody
opened the door. You had gone there
on 28 April. Do you remember the time? Sir, it must be 11 a.m. As per the post mortem report Shagufta and her mother
were murdered around 11 a.m. I wonder if you are
hiding something. No, sir.
I am not hiding anything. Sir, these are the sketches
of those four people who had conducted
fake raid at Paramveer’s house. And there are chances
that the same group of people had conducted fake raid
at Kalpesh’s house. If they are the same people then I don’t understand
one thing. They conducted
the raid in such a way that Paramveer believed
that they are IT officers. They did everything
with perfection. Then why did they kill
Kalpesh and his wife? There are a lot of things
that are making them different. Sharma, do this. Show these sketches to the
people near Kalpesh’s house. Find out if they were
seen outside Kalpesh’s house. And the delivery boy
who was seen outside his house.. Find out if the same
delivery boy was seen outside Paramveer’s house.
– Sir. Sir, you were right. He was seen at Paramveer’s house a day before the fake raid. And this time he is disguised
as a postman. Yes, sir. But Paramveer doesn’t remember
if he has seen him or not. But Kalpesh’s maid
has identified that she had seen the same
delivery boy outside their house
a day before their murder. That means, he used
to investigate for his gang
before the raid. Did you find out anything
about those five members? No, sir. We didn’t
find any criminal record. The delivery boy outside
Shagufta and Nafisa’s house.. Just check if he has
any connection with them. Sir. Sir..
– Yes. I checked
Nafisa’s bank statements. Manjeet used to transfer
Rs. 25,000 in her account every month until
six months ago. What! Manjeet was Shagufta
and Nafisa’s tenant, right? In fact, he was transferring
money in his account. Yes, sir.
One more thing. Nafisa and Shagufta
used to live in Saleempur. It was there
ancestral house. And Manjeet used
to visit them there. I haven’t done
anything, sir. I haven’t done
anything, sir. I haven’t killed anyone.
I have not killed anyone. Trust me, sir. You have broken
Nafisa’s trust. You were her husband whilst the people
in the society considered you
the owner of the house. Would you speak
the truth by yourself or should we
make you speak? I’ll tell you, sir.
I’ll tell you the truth. Nafisa’s first husband
had died. And Shagufta was from
her first husband. I had met her
during the property case. I was her client then. I won the case
because of her. Then we became
good friends. Even Shagufta
considered me good. Nafisa had
fallen in love with me. And she wanted
to marry me. We got married. But, I was already married. She wasn’t aware of this. And as soon as she
learnt about it she started arguing. You had told me
that your wife is dead. You betrayed me, Manjeet. Nafisa, I didn’t
want to lose you. So what if I am married? I had never thought
you would stoop so low. I have bought that flat
six and a half years ago. They used to stay there. I used to send
them money every month. But, sir, our relationship
started getting bitter. You thought
they have usurped your flat. That’s why, you killed them. And you planned all this
so well that it looks
like a loot. No, sir.
I have not killed anyone. I have not killed anybody. I am telling the truth.
I have not killed anyone. Sir, he is the same man
who was seen outside Paramveer
and Kalpesh’s house. Take a look. After finding
the corpse we thought we would
reach the other criminals by finding his identity. We circulated
the photo of the corpse and the sketches
of the four criminals in all the police stations. But we did not succeed. Then with the help
of network of the informers we were trying
to find the lead. And we got to know that
the corpse that we had found was working as a labour
in Delhi until two years ago. And his name was Balram. But he didn’t have
a family. We got his mobile number
from his friends. We got an important lead
from his call records. But we were not
going to succeed here. We got his number
from his friends. We got an important lead
from his call records. Sir..
Hold on. Sir, I’ll tell you.
– Sharma. Sir, I admit that we had
gone to Paramveer’s house. And we looted
as a fake IT officer. ‘Rishi Chopra.
IT department.’ But we have not killed
Nafisa and Shagufta. Kalpesh and his wife,
Rashmi. We had gone there
to conduct a fake raid. But we didn’t know
that Kalpesh would be smart. ‘IT officer, Rishi Chopra.’ ‘This is the search warrant
of your house.’ ‘Close all the doors
and windows.’ Why are you getting in? Search the house. How can you enter the house? And which warrant
do you have? I know you people
very well. I’ll call the police. We didn’t intend to kill them. But if he had
informed you then our hard work for years
would have gone in vain. What do you mean? We conducted raids
at many house who used to keep black money
like Paramveer and Kalpesh. And if they had learnt
about us then they wouldn’t
lodge the complain due to the fear
of the IT department. How would you know
who all have black money? We met a man named Manish
in the bar, two years ago. We started meeting
over a drink. One day, he told us.. I am scared of
two things. First is my wife
and second.. Who is the second person
you are scared of? People who have black money are scared of IT department. We sensed that he might
have black money. And we conducted raid
the very next day. Leave me. Sir, no one could arrest us
in that case. We thought, we can easily target
the people with black money. But, Balram was involved
with you. Why did you kill him? Balram used to recce
the targets for us. We thought you can reach us
through Balram. Sir, we killed him so that
we don’t get into trouble. Where are your
friends hiding? Along with solving
Kalpesh and Rashmi Thakur’s murder case, we solved
Manish and Sanjana murder case. But Shagufta and her mother’s
murder case was still unsolved. We revisited this case. We started searching even
the minute of the information about Shagufta
and Nafisa. And we got a lead. Sir, Shagufta and I were going
to the market two months ago. Two people appeared before us
all of a sudden. What kind of
a behaviour is this? Your mother hasn’t
returned our money. Mr. Raju, she would have
given you the money if you had completed
your work. I need the entire amount.
Just tell your mother. Otherwise, you will
regret, get it? Sir..
I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. Sir, while I was working
at their house I had got a bigger work. He was paying me
really well. I thought of completing
his work first. And I will finish
their work later. But they got it done
from someone else. And they didn’t give
the balance money. Mom..
Mom.. You killed them
for Rs. 6,000. Thrash him. Sir..
No, sir. No, sir. Manish, Kalpesh, Paramveer.. They were victims. But they were guilty
in the eyes of the law. Shagufta and Nafisa
were getting this hint that not everything
is right with them. Manjeet had married Nafisa. But nobody in the society
knew about this. Rajan’s threats, Leena
and Niranjan’s fights. They were getting hints
at every step. That it could change into
a crime. Even we couldn’t
think till the end that Nafisa and Shagufta
have been killed for Rs. 6,000. This was really shocking. I, Senior Inspector,
Abhimanyu Jindal bid you adieu. I shall meet you all
with yet another case. Stay healthy,
stay alert. And keep watching,
‘Crime Patrol Dastak.’ Our intention is to save
not to inform.

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