Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1057 – Full Episode – 6th June, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1057 – Full Episode – 6th June, 2019

‘Revenge’ The cycle of life and death
is in the hands of God. And not in the
hands of criminals who consider themselves as Gods. Greetings. I am Senior
Inspector Ranjit Thakur welcome you all to
today’s episode of ‘Crime Patrol Dastak.’ Last year, I was posted
at Bijapur in Chhattisgarh. That area is terrorised
by Naxalites. The deeper went in the case more alarming facts
were getting revealed. Children, quickly note down
everything I wrote on the board. We have
more lessons to cover. Sir send this for you. Go and tell sir
that I will see him soon. Okay. Please look into it properly.
I think, it’s full of errors. What’s going on? Education
is not meant for the business. Providing education
is a service. But for you all,
it’s just a business. Recently, we increased
the tuition by 2 percent. And now you want
to increase it to 10 percent? What’s wrong
with you all? How will parents
compete with such fees? Running a school is not cheap. Look at the condition
of the school. It’s been so many years,
it needs new paint. We are about to
build a new building. We need new books
for the library. Where will the money..
– Eventually you’ll accumulate
the money in time. – How? I’ve been listening to same
excuses since father’s death. But it never happened.
And please don’t act like you are
the only owner of the school. Both the siblings have
equal shares in this school. Why are you talking
out of context? I’ve seen the accounts.
It’s not that bad, Brother. Accounts..
You’re talking about these? And who maintains
the accounts? Him.. The great man.. Why are you dragging me
into your personal matters? Why can’t we? You are the reason
behind all this. Hold a minute, Brother. Don’t
put your blame on someone else. I’ll see how
you will increase the fee. The heat will kill us today. Hey, Suman.. Come here..
Come and put it on my head. Coming.. Come.. Pick it up.. What happened? Ms. Shanti,
what’s wrong with her? The older daughter’s husband vanished after
getting her pregnant. And now, God knows
whom did she sleep with. Who’s sin is this?
Who is the father! Whom did you sleep with? Mom, stop..
– Answer me! Leave her..
Listen to me. There is not point
in hitting her. I’ll give you a medicine. You give it to her,
it will cause miscarriage. Did you get it? Mister, should I put
the supper on the table? No.. Wait for some time.
I have lots of work to do. Look at this.. Students have scored
better than last year. If the school
looks neat and tidy it helps students
to concentrate in studies. This is what
I was talking about. Why, Brother.. Why do you
even try to sell me your lies? I know,
dad started this school for a social cause. Not as a business. And I will never
let you have it your way. Okay. I don’t need
to explain myself to you. Just sign these documents.. I won’t sign this. You won’t.. No! Okay then.. I’ll tell Shruti,
what her mother has been up to? Don’t drag a child into this.. Because it is my life. I am the one who decides
what to do with it. Not you..
– You better listen to me.. Don’t try to act modern. And whatever garbage
you just told me I won’t let it happen.
Remember that.. Vilas.. Let her go..
– What the heck.. You are hurting her..
– Sign the document, now.. Keep your hands
to yourself, Brother. I don’t want to sign it. You will have to sign it
some day. All are acting
so smart these days. Mom, what’s wrong? Why was uncle Vilas
fighting with you? Hello.. ‘Warning – Rebel Area.’ Have you gone blind? We can see properly. Where are you taking
me? Spare me. Who are you people? Leave me.
W-What do you want? Leave me, I am innocent. Pratibha, your brother hasn’t
returned home yet. His mobile is also switched off. When I called up the Principal he told that he did not
attend school today. Where did brother go? On the way, in this route.. Sir, they want to meet you. Sir. M-My husband.. Be seated, relax and tell me. Sir, actually my brother left
for school yesterday morning. He didn’t return home yet. The entire day, evening, and
night passed by. When we enquired
at the school they told he
didn’t attend school. When we tried his number,
his mobile is switched off. How did he leave to school? H-He left by motorcycle, sir. Okay, give the details of the
motorcycle and his mobile number. Do you have his photograph?
– Yes. Take this, Mr. Yadav. File a missing complaint. Circulate this bike number
and photograph everywhere. Try to track this mobile number.
– Okay, sir. Sir, please find him.
I am very scared. Don’t worry.
We will try our best. Suman, take this.
Have your medication. Sir,
Vilas’ bike has been found. Where? Sir,
the villagers received a call. His bike was seen on the other
side of the river bank in the woods. That is the rebels territory. Water.
Water! Are you feeling very
thirsty? Do you need water? Hey! Here, drink it. Come..
Drink.. You deserve this. You are a pet. Drink like a pet. You may be loyal as well. Yes, yes.. Take this. Don’t.. Did anything happen? No. Ms. Shanti expected it to
be effective very soon. Hey, go and call Ms. Shanti. No, Mother. I am feeling
little dizzy. May be it will take effect
from tomorrow. Hey, stop it.
Stop. This is Vilas’s bike. How did it reach here? Search around. Sir, nobody is over there. Mr. Yadav, enquire in the
neighbouring villages. We may get some information. Okay, sir. Sir, were you able to
find out about my husband? Please sit down. We couldn’t trace him yet. But, we found his bike in
the rebel territory. Can you tell us why he might
have gone there? Sir, we don’t know
why brother went there? The rebels will kill him.
Please find him. Please. We are trying. Okay, did you receive any
call for ransom? No sir, we didn’t get any
call, yet. In case you get a ransom call,
inform us immediately. Don’t you worry.
We will try our best. Sir, I wonder what was he
doing over there? Mr. Yadav, may be the rebels
abducted him. Or it could be something else. We will have to investigate
from different angles. Let’s begin with the school. Sir, I got a call from him. He told that he will be delayed
as he has some important work. What was the important work? He did not mention. Did Vilas have any enemies?
– No, sir. He didn’t have any problem
with anyone in school. But..
– But? He didn’t get along with
an accountant in school, Pratap. Any reason behind
not getting along? Actually, three months ago.. This will be the biggest
school here. What is going on here? Yes?
What is going on? You talk a lot about
the school’s betterment. And you’re doing these
disgusting things here? Is that how you will
make you father proud? Sir, she got something
in her eye. I was taking it out. You’re not of same
standing as me. And you dream
to be with my sister! Brother, let him go! What are you doing? And it’s not only Pratap
who dreams to be with me. We both love each other. And we want to get married. I won’t let you marry him. And you! I’ll deal with you. Sir, Pratibha’s husband
is dead. She has a daughter
who is around 12. Pratibha wants to move on
in life. But she also loves Pratap. But Mr. Vilas is against this. Because Pratap is
not of the same caste. That’s why he keeps looking
for excuses to get Pratap fired from the school. But Pratibha says
she’ll only marry Pratap. That’s why there is some
tension between them. Sir, any news about him?
– Not yet. Where is Pratibha?
– She lives upstairs. Did the rebels call for ransom? No.
– If they didn’t call it means the rebels
are not involved in this. It doesn’t seem to be
some outsider either. It’s possible a family member
is involved. Someone from your family. What are you saying? And who could it be?
– You. You also had a problem
with your brother. Why, she did, right? Shruti, go. Yes, sir.
Pratap and I love each other. And we want to get married. I agree that brother
was against it. But that doesn’t mean I would
hurt my own brother? What can I do?
I’ve seen relatives betray so many times. And, Mr. Pratap,
you must be feeling very bad. Vilas was against your
relation with Pratibha. He was threatening you.
He even wanted to get you fired. And he was
pressuring her for that. Did you get him abducted
out of anger? Believe me, sir,
I’m not involved in Vilas’s disappearance. And I’m very serious
about Pratibha, sir. I wouldn’t even imagine
to hurt her family. Sir. It’d be better if you
focus on your job instead of this nonsense.
– We’re doing our job. And what would be better
is if you two are not involved in this. Otherwise, you know the rest. Suman, here,
take your medicine. What are you doing?
Yes! I knew you were doing something. She throws
the medicine away everyday! What do you want?
Yes? What do you want?
Tell me. Will you go out in the village
with this big tummy? You yourself are disgraced,
at least spare us! I can’t abort this child. The villagers will
eat us alive. They’ll kill us all. Okay. Okay, keep the child! Keep it! But how will you prove
that it’s his child? Mother! Mother, you
know it’s his child. Yes, I know.
I know! But we can’t fight him. Nothing will happen to him.
He is a man. They will sell you.
The people will push you into prostitution.
– Mother.. Why don’t you understand?
Enough! Enough of it. Mother..
– Take this. Mother.. – I’m telling you,
take the medicine! Take the medicine. Shruti. Let me see what you’re.. Shruti,
actually, I wanted to tell you about Pratap. But.. It’s just.. I don’t want to talk
to you about this. I don’t understand
what to do. Shruti is not even ready
to talk to me. Don’t worry.
I’ll talk to her. Besides, I’ve to be
friends with her. For I’ll be her father
after we get married. Brother is missing and you
are talking about marriage? I love you. Your brother will be found.
Don’t worry. And yes, Shruti needs you.
Take care of her. – Okay. Shruti! Sister-in-law..
What happened? Why are you crying? Brother! This guy has called again.
It’s him. Put it on speaker.
Put it on speaker. Hello.
– ‘Did you watch the video?’ ‘Did you see how
your brother is suffering?’ ‘Those who get caught
by us rebels’ ‘die suffering like this.’ Listen, whoever you are.. Please let my brother go. ‘Let him go?
Okay.’ ‘Bring 5 lakh rupees.
I’ll let him go.’ ‘And yes,
don’t inform the police.’ ‘You know we know everything,
right?’ They’ll kill him! They’ll kill him!
– No.. Mother, we should
inform the police. No! No..
Don’t call the police. Don’t tell the police. They need money, right?
We’ll give them money. Nothing should happen
to Vilas. Sister-in-law, relax.
Nothing will happen to brother. Nothing will happen to him. Please relax. I’ll go, okay?
– Wait a moment. Why are you going? His wife is here.
She will go. You know how dangerous
insurgents are. What is the guarantee
that they will leave him after getting the money? So?
Should I remain quiet? I think this is
your brother’s plan. He is playing
all these games. It’s good
that he is away from here. He would create a problem
if he would be here. What nonsense
are you talking? Pratap, did you kidnap
my brother? Are you out of your mind? How can you even think
like this? Pratap, I’m not in a state
to think anything. I have to go. Listen,
I won’t let you go alone. If you have made up
your mind to go there I will accompany you. Sir, I have received
Vilas’ mobile locations. Sir, the place from where
he received the last call was active
in the jungle itself. And he received a call
from this number. Whose number is it? Sir, I got the details
of this number. But the address
mentioned is fake. Yadav, he might have
called up Vilas and asked him
to come there first and he would have been
kidnapped from there. Do one thing.
Check the location of the number from which Vilas
received this call. Get the CDR of
Pratibha and Pratap. Okay, sir. Sir. Sir, Pratibha
hasn’t returned home. Hasn’t she returned home?
Where had she been? She had gone
to meet the insurgents. To meet the insurgents? Why did she go there? Sir, we received
a call from the insurgents for a ransom. Did you receive
a ransom call? Why didn’t you inform us? Sir, what could I do?
I was scared. But where did she go? We didn’t have
such a huge amount at home. She had gone to arrange
for the amount. I waited for her
the whole day and night. But she hasn’t
returned yet. Where is the video
which was sent to you? Take a look. From which number
did you receive the ransom call? From Vilas’ number. His number
was switched off after that. Suman. You should have informed me
if you are getting up. Sister, it is bleeding
heavily. Suman, you have
taken a medicine. It is natural to bleed. We made a mistake
by killing the child. You are thinking
about it again. Mom will create a scene
if she hears it. Go inside.
Take rest. Did Pratibha come
to school today? No, sir. Ms. Pratibha
didn’t come to school yesterday. What about Pratap? Pratap had taken
half day leave yesterday. But he didn’t come back. His phone was switched off
when I tried calling him. Pratibha and Vilas
had a fight due to Pratap. And both of them
are missing now. Can you tell me
where could they go? Sir, Pratap is
our school’s accountant. Ms. Pratibha might have gone
to get money from him. Where does Pratap stay? I’ll give you the address. Sir, I don’t know
where Pratap has gone. But Pratap had gone with
his cousin brother, Virendera yesterday afternoon. Do you have
Virendera’s number? – Yes, sir. Sir, I checked
the school’s account. Sir,
I got to know that Rs. 5 lakhs was withdrawn
yesterday afternoon. Sir, the bank manager
told me that Pratap had withdrawn
this money. Pratibha and Virendera
were with him. But Pratap’s phone
is switched off now. This means, Pratibha
sought help from Pratap. And the three of them
went together. They might have been
kidnapped by the insurgents. Yadav, start inquiring
about the three of them and try to track
their movements. Okay, sir. This case had become
very serious after the disappearance
of Vilas and the three of them. We were trying our level best
to solve this case. That is when
we received some information which left us shocked. Move them aside.
– Move aside. Move aside. Move aside.
– Hey! Move aside. Vilas. Pratibha. Vilas. Vilas. Vilas. Pratibha. Please move her.
– Vilas. Vilas. You guys go from here. We don’t need you here
anymore. Hey! And this has happened
due to your carelessness. We had been telling you
from a long time that the insurgents
have kidnapped Mr. Vilas. But you guys were not ready
to believe us. The police has killed
the two of them. Yes.
– What are you saying? Shame on the police department! Calm down.
– Shame on the police.. Sir, please explain
the situation to them. Otherwise, I will be forced
to take an action against the villagers
which I don’t intend to do. I’ll talk to them. Listen.
– Shame on you.. – Calm down. Please. Please
let the police do their duty. Please calm down. Calm down. Yadav, they have been
killed with a sharp object like a knife. Yes, sir. I think he was
tortured a lot. I think so too. Yadav, send their bodies
for postmortem. We’ll have to find
Pratap and Virendera. They might have been
kidnapped by the insurgents. Or the two of them
might have played this game. ‘The insurgents have attacked
n Chhattisgarh.’ ‘They have killed two people.’ Shame on the police department! Shame on the police department! ‘The insurgents
have killed two people today.’ ‘Pratibha and Vilas
were brother and sister’ ‘who ran their school
in this area.’ ‘Pratibha’s
colleague, Pratap’ ‘and Pratap’s cousin brother,
Virendera’ ‘had gone to give money
to the insurgents.’ ‘Both of them
have not returned yet.’ Sir. Sir, what would you like
to say about this murder case? Their family
made a mistake too. This wouldn’t happen
if they wouldn’t go to give money
to the insurgents without informing
the police. What action
will you take now? We are trying
our level best. The murderers
will be arrested soon. Sir, Pratibha and Vilas’
postmortem reports. And these are their
call details. The number which
Vilas got the call that phone was active
in the jungle. Along with that,
Vilas, Pratibha and Pratap.. Their phones got switched
off in the jungle. Any inside information
of the rebels? Nothing important, sir. But we got the information
that their group is active on the other
side of the river where Vilas’ car was found. But we’re unable to make out the connection
between these two issues. Yadav, investigate
this case properly. Look into all the angles. The pressure is building up and our seniors are upset. Media is making a mountain
of a molehill. It is very important
to nab the killers of Vilas and Pratibha. Okay, sir. What is it? Hey! Sir, a small boy
gave this letter. It is from the rebels. From the rebels?
Read it out. ‘We’re the tigers who roar.’ ‘We don’t hide and attack.’ ‘Whoever it is, they are taking
advantage of the rebels.’ ‘Our fight is with
the administration.’ ‘We don’t do heinous work
by killing the rebels.’ ‘If you find the killer,
then punish him.’ ‘But if we nab him’ ‘then, his only punishment
will be death.’ ‘Rebel.’ Where is the boy
who gave this letter? He ran away, sir. Mother. Mother. Mother. What is it, Suman? How are you feeling now? Mother, I’ll not
be able to survive. Be quiet. Nothing
will happen to you. You’ll recover soon. Get some sleep and.. Mother.. I’ll not be able to survive. Komal! What happened, Mother? Komal, be with Suman.
I’ll be right back. Be with her. You came early today. My daughter will die. She’s in critical condition. I need to take her
to the hospital. I need money. Please give me some money. Come early in the evening.
I’ll be here. Okay. Sir, this is the postmortem
report of Vilas and Pratibha. There are no injury marks
on Pratibha’s body. She was murdered instantly. But there are numerous
injury marks on Vilas. Maybe it’s a personal revenge. But sir, the kidnapper
was interested in the ransom. Why would anybody torture
Vilas just for a ransom? Yadav, people here
are harping about the rebels but the rebels say,
they didn’t do anything. Even I think,
they didn’t do anything. There is someone
who is taking advantage in the name of the rebels. I see. And I’m sure, you suspect
Pratap and Virendera. Who else then? After taking the cash
from the bank Pratibha left with Pratap
and Virendera. We found the corpse
of Pratibha and Vilas. Pratap and Virendera
are missing. Nobody knows
about their whereabouts. We didn’t even find
their dead bodies if any. Their family didn’t even get
a ransom call. Maybe Pratap
had kidnapped Vilas and had tortured him. He had a reason
to do this. Sir, we got a background
details on Pratap and Virendera. Nothing important
has been come up. But sir, there is a house
in the village where Pratap used to frequent. But the strange fact is that,
the house in which Pratap used to frequent,
the member of that house is missing for a couple
of days. Nobody knows
where they’ve gone. The house is locked. Your neighbour.. Do you know
where they’ve gone? No, sir. But two days back,
I’d seen Dulari. She was going somewhere
with her two daughters. Did you see this man somewhere? Yes, sir. A couple of days back,
he’d come here. Why did he come
here? – I don’t know, sir. Any idea where
can this family go? Only God can answer that, sir. But the maid, Shanti.. She must be knowing. The villagers were discussing that Shanti was doing
the rounds in Dulari’s home. So, Ms. Shanti,
you’re a maid. Yes.. For 25 years. All the babies have
been delivered with my help. Okay. Why did you used to frequent
Dulari’s house? Sir, please keep this
matter under wraps.. Dulari’s younger daughter..
Suman.. She was pregnant. Dulari wanted her daughter
to go in for an abortion. So, I gave her the medicine.
– I see. Who is the father
of Suman’s unborn child? I-I don’t know. Why would’ve she
got aborted if she knew
who the father was. Yadav.. Show the lady the photo. Was he the one? I don’t know, sir. But sir, I’ve seen him
in Dulari’s house. Ma’am.. Look at her condition. This was inevitable. When you’re taking
the life of an unborn child definitely, the mother
will be at risk. Everybody has to
go through this. The medicine is taking effect. He ruined my daughter’s life. I’ll not spare him.
I’ll get even. The same night,
Suman got aborted. I see. Does Dulari carry
a mobile phone? Dulari.. No. She doesn’t have one
but Komal has. Give me her number. Yadav, take the number
and track it down. What about the fetus
of Suman? That was buried there
in the ground. Yadav, go with the lady and unearth the fetus.
– Okay, sir. This is the spot.
– Here? – Yes. Tiwari.. – Sir.
– Dig this spot. Stop.. Send this to the forensics.
– Sir. Sir, we’ve found lots
of DNA samples of Pratap from his house. I’ve sent the samples
to match that Sumans. Very good. Yadav, this whole
thing seems to me like it was planned by Pratap. That he killed both
Vilas and Pratibha. If Suman was pregnant
with Pratap’s child it’s possible Dulari was
blackmailing Pratap over this. Pratap might’ve kidnapped
Vilas to arrange for the money and when Pratap went
with Pratibha with the extortion amount, he must’ve the siblings,
Vilas and Pratibha. That’s possible. But where are Dulari
and her daughter? Hello? ‘Warning. Foreign Land.’ Move aside.. Looks like his throat
has been slashed. That’s what it looks like. Search him thoroughly, Yadav. And you guys,
search the surroundings. Yadav, have you found out
anything about Pratap? Not yet. Could it be that
Pratap killed Virendera? But why would Pratap
kill his cousin? This has happened
for a long time in our history. Man doesn’t hesitate
to kill those close to him for his own benefit. The case was getting
more complicated. Nothing seemed clear. We had questions we
couldn’t find answers for. Like, why did Pratap visit
Suman’s house to meet her? And the most important question. Where was Pratap? All the links of the case
seemed connected to Dulari and her family. Hence, we traced down Komal’s
phone number and were successful in reaching her. Sir, come in. Do you know Pratap? I asked, do you know Pratap? No, sir. Why did he used
to visit your house? Answer me. I don’t know. Where’s your mother? Mom didn’t say
where she was going. Whose child was
she pregnant with? Only she can say that. You tell us. Whose child were
you pregnant with? Who is calling
you again and again? Give it to me.
I’ll talk to that person. Take the mobile phone from her. ‘Mama’. Hello, where are you! I’ve been trying to call
you up for such a long time! Hello? Who is it? – Police. Yadav, the phone call
was disconnected just as the police was mentioned. Yadav, get the phone
number traced quickly. Okay, sir. Take them into custody. Where? All right.. Her phone location is of forest. We have to search her.
Call for a drone. Stop.. Go down a bit.. He looks like Pratap. Yes, sir, it’s him. He also seems
to have been killed. We don’t regret what we did. We’ve
punished a sinner! He ruined my daughter’s life. Was Suman pregnant
with Pratap’s child? No, it was Vilas. I need some money. How much? Around Rs. 500. I’m happy with your work.
Keep it up. Vilas used to act
like cared for me. I started liking him. He made her pregnant. When we went to him.. What! Have you guys
lost your mind! It’s not my child! God knows whose child
you’re trying to impose on me. Why are you lying! Do you think I’m lying!
Am I a liar! Get out of here.. Please listen to us.. I don’t want to listen
to your nonsense. Get lost! My elder daughter’s
husband abandoned her. Our lives were already
ruined but that Vilas ruined my younger daughter’s
life too. So I told my brother
all about that. Along with revenge,
we wanted money too. So we demanded
Rs. 5 Lakhs as ransom. We blamed it all
on the naxalites. Pratibha got Rs. 5 Lakhs
but she brought Virendera and Pratap with her. And they saw my face. Why did you keep
Pratap alive until now? Did he know you guys
or was he one of you? He’s the one who helped us. You guys won’t be able
to do anything against Vilas. Take this money.. Take it. I won’t be able to help
you anymore than this. Pratap was a good man.
We didn’t want to kill him. But we couldn’t
have let him go either. When the police got stricter,
we had to kill him too. If Vilas had been
vicious to your daughter you should’ve
approached to the police. We’d get you justice. You killed four people
to exact your revenge. You guys will be
punished for that. Stories of revenge
always written with blood. Be it Mahabharata,
where a great war took place to avenge Draupadi’s
humiliation, or Ramayana where Ravana abducted
Sita to take revenge for Shurpanakha’s sliced
nose and invited his death. Due to one mistake
from Vilas, Vilas alone didn’t lose his life. Pratibha, Virendera and Pratap
also lost their life. Dulari might’ve exacted
her revenge by killed those four but she forgot that after
her and Nanhe going to jail what would happen to her
daughters and Komal’s son. Vilas was a married man
and he knew he could never accept Suman. Didn’t he get hints when he
formed relationship with Suman that it could have bad results? And Pratibha.. Didn’t she get the hint that
the criminals that she was about to deliver the money
to could kill her? If they’d paid attention
to hints of crimes they’d be alive now. With that thought, I, Senior
Inspector Ranjit Thakur take my leave. We’ll meet again. Be alert. Keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. We aim to save and now to show. Jai Hind.

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  9. Haramkhor .. why are you bringing Ramayan and Mahabharata in this in this pathetic episode of luring and rape. Motherfucker Sony tV and crime patrol team . … madarchod

  10. Jisne help ki usko he maar dala wah re kalyugi duniya bhenchodo apna ullu sidha karne ke liye maar dalo kisi ko bhi tuh hai tumhari zindagi pe

  11. @0:56 Vidrohioka Atank??? Govt grabbed their lands and sold to mining mafias. Those who lost their lands are labelled as Naxals.


  13. Aare, jaab Vilas aur Pratibha ka laashe mili toh gao vaale Police ke khilaaf khare ho gaye, lehkin jab firoti ka video aur phone call aaya tha tab Police ko inform karna important nahi samjhe. Main samaj sakti hu ke parivar vaale firoti ke video ko dekhne ke baad daar gaye teh lehkin koi yeh kyu nahi samajte ke agar firoti ke rakam deh bhi dehte toh uska matlab yeh nahi hai ke firoti ki rakham milne ke baad woh kidnap victim ko chor dehenge… majority of the time they never let the kidnap victim go as they ahve most likely they have seen the faces of their kidnapper(s) or heard their voices or have some way of recognising one of them which could lead to capture of all those involved.

  14. اگر یوں کہا جاۓ کہ….. مقصد بتانا ہے تاکہ آپ جرم سے بچ سکیں…
    یاد رہے جرم سے بچایا انھیں جاتا ہے جو جرم کر رہے ھوں اور بتاۓ بغیر بچانا ممکن نہیں؟؟؟
    اسی لیۓ….
    مقصد بتانا ہے تاکہ آپ جرم سے جانے انجانے بچ سکیں….

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