Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1047 – Full Episode – 23rd May, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1047 – Full Episode – 23rd May, 2019

‘Revenge.’ People are surrounded by
troubles and stress. In such a situation,
they choose the path of crime. For their own benefit, people
break the rules established in society. But when someone
else faces such situation they try to demean them.
They oppose them. For themselves, they try
to take the maximum advantage in every situation.
And that’s one of the reasons of increasing crimes
in our society. The case I’ve brought today
revolves around these basic facts. Doctor!
Doctor, please. Please save my mother.
Please. Don’t worry.
Let me see. Please, Doctor. Doctor.
– I’m so sorry. We couldn’t save her. I’m sorry.
– You killed my wife! Look, sir, you brought her here
in a very critical condition. We brought her here late?
Your people were late. We called this hospital
so many times. The ambulance arrived
there so late. And then they didn’t let
us bring her inside. We had to fill so many forms.
So many of them! I said that take my mom inside.
That she might die. I won’t spare you! Hey, get back!
Get back.. Anjali. Anjali, forget what happened
this morning. We, doctors, can’t save
everyone. And you’re not a murderer.
Smile now. People inside are very happy.
Show up with a happy face. Okay? May the child stay protected
from evil eyes. We’ll start the naming
ceremony of Neelam’s son. The name must start with ‘T’. Suggest some good name. How about Tarun? Yes, it’s good. And how about Tushar? Aunt, how about Tauhin? No, you shouldn’t bother. Only those who have a child
will participate in naming. I’ll get going.
I’ve to visit a patient. Anjali.. Neelam, I didn’t expect
this from you. Forget it, Darpan.
Not all of us can be righteous like you.
You know very well that it’s Anjali’s shortcoming. Still you’re not
ready to remarry! Enough, Aunt.
– What enough! Had your mother
been alive today she’d have said the same.
Understand? People will talk. Don’t give
them too much importance. I’m so unlucky, right, Darpan? Personally, professionally my life has become a hell. The reports from Switzerland
are still to come. Don’t give up. You can become a mother. Let’s go home. Ma’am, your phone is ringing. Hello. Who is it? Stop your nonsense. And don’t
you dare call me again! That Ms. Anjali of the house
I work at.. She is always worried. Who, that doctor?
– Yes, that doctor. Her phone always keeps ringing. She has gone crazy. There is some trouble
she wants to put an end to. Hello. Okay. Sir, the body’s face
has been destroyed with a stone. But the body
has been identified. Move aside. Sir, her name was
Dr. Anjali Deshmukh. I think the heart clinic
near Charkop Signal Deshmukh Heart Clinic..
– Yes. It belongs to her. Kamble. This is her I-card, sir. I have also found
an ATM slip. Rs. 1 lakh was withdrawn. But I found only Rs. 890
in her wallet. Has any robbery case been
reported here earlier? No, sir. In fact, the victim’s
car was found parked outside. We have confirmed the registration number
from the RTO. Did you inform
her family members? I have informed her husband,
Dr. Darpan Deshmukh. There is an injury
on the back of her head too. Sir, look at this.
Injury marks on the hand. I think she had a fight
with the murderer and he pushed her and
her head collided there. And he destroyed her face
with this stone. Did you find her mobile
and other things? No, sir.
I found only the car. The forensic team
is examining the car. Check the CCTV footage
of the ATM from where she withdrew
this money. Check what you find.
– Sir. Send the body for postmortem
after the examination. Okay?
– All right, sir. Listen, cover yourself.
The people here are not good. Did you switch off the CCTV?
– Yes, sir. Take this. Listen, switch it on again
after 10 minutes. Sir, I have no idea
why Anjali had been to the park. Where were you
since yesterday? I was in Pune. I was on the way
when you called me. When was the last time
you spoke to Anjali? Yesterday morning,
when I was leaving to Pune. I’ll make a move. If you want to call me,
call up before 8 p.m. Post that,
just leave a message. The surgery
is slightly critical. So, it will take time. Don’t worry.
I’ll sleep early so that I can serve
‘Kanda Poha’ and ‘Sabudana Khichdi’
when you arrive in the morning. Anjali withdrew Rs. 1 lakh
from the ATM at 8:16 p.m. and I think she went
to the park from there. Do you have any idea
why she withdrew Rs. 1 lakh and whom she had gone
to meet? No, sir. Do you have a doubt
on anybody? Sir, I am not able
to understand anything. Anjali was a doctor, sir. Why would anybody
kill a doctor? Okay, you may go. I’ll call you again
if necessary. Sir.
– Yes. I have a doubt
on Dr. Darpan. Anjali died the day
he went to Pune. Get their call records
and location records. Find out how was
their personal relationship. Okay?
– Sir. Mom.
– Yes. Take leave today.
– Why? You keep working
in many houses and buildings throughout the day. Do one thing. Sit at home.
I will cook food today. Will you cook food?
Stop joking. Mom, I know everything. Just give an order. I can
open a stall and earn money. Rohan, don’t say this again. Why do I work so hard? You study well
and become an officer. My son. Keep dreaming. A servant’s son
always becomes a servant. Are you drunk?
– Yes. Where did you get money
for this? Why do you want to know? I got it somehow. I do not drink
from your dad’s money. You took loan and drank,
isn’t it? Tell me.
– Yes. Get out of my house.
– Hey! Get out of my house.
– Hey! I will kill you
if you drink again. Remember
this. Get out! Sir, Darpan loved Anjali a lot. And the doctor
had made it clear to Anjali that she cannot have kids. But she didn’t give up. She even visited Switzerland
for her treatment. Anjali was depressed
because she couldn’t have kids. Sir, there was one more
reason for her depression. A patient had threatened
to kill Anjali. Dr. Anjali.
– Shame, shame. Dr. Anjali.
– Shame, shame. Dr. Anjali, come out.
– Come out. Dr. Anjali.
– Shame, shame. Come out. Anjali, let’s go.
They want to kill you. Anjali, it’s not safe
to stay here. They can do anything. Let’s go.
Come. Sir, I am a doctor too. I found out later. The patient’s family
had got the postmortem done. It was a natural death. Sir, Dr. Darpan
had actually gone to Pune. His car was spotted
going to Pune in the morning and returning from Pune
the next morning in the CCTV footage
of Mumbai Pune Expressway. What was he doing there
at night? Sir, he was conducting
an overnight surgery at Pune’s Siddharth Hospital
with a team of doctors. Sir, there is
a personal angle too. Dr. Darpan and Dr. Anjali
couldn’t have kids. The problem
was with Dr. Anjali. Keep an eye on Dr. Darpan. Any other angle or lead? Sir, a patient’s family had
threatened to kill Dr. Anjali in a professional angle. They thought the patient died due to Dr. Anjali’s
carelessness. I have called the family
to the police station. Sir, we haven’t killed
Anjali Deshmukh. She might have killed
somebody else just how she killed my mom. Sir, that person
must’ve taken revenge. This is your mother’s
postmortem report. This says, your mother
died due to cardiac arrest. And Dr. Anjali
was only trying to save her
with that injection. Now tell me,
what are you two’s story? Tell me now! Sir, please forgive my son. Whatever he died that day,
he was not being himself. We aren’t responsible
for Anjali’s murder. Okay. You may go. Sir, this is Dr. Anjali’s
postmortem report. She died between
8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. She was strangled
to death. Amazing fact is,
she was hit on the head first. And then
she was strangled. After that, her head
was crushed with a rock. Why would someone
kill a person so ruthlessly? Sir, ATM CCTV recording
show that Dr. Anjali withdrew one lakh rupees
from the ATM next to the signal. At that time,
there was nobody in the car. She was alone. That means, she took money to
the park to give it to someone. Once the call records
are out we’ll find out
why and to whom did she visit. We’ve got to find out, if this
was personal or professional. And what happened
to the money? Maybe the person
who took the money might’ve murdered her. Hey! Who’s this girl? She’s my sister.
– What? I didn’t father her. Your
mom didn’t give birth to her. Then how can she
be your sister? Who are you? – She’s
from a different country. Somebody sold her away.
– Is it? Are you from abroad? Then
I’m Mr. Obama. Come with me. Come.
– Hey, don’t touch her. I’ll kill you!
– Rohan! Your wife died
six days ago. What’s up with this? Sir, we only friends.
– Friends you say, right? School friends. And you two
have an affair. Your social media accounts
are filled with your pictures. But you two
couldn’t get married. That’s why you two
see each other in secret. Actually, Sir, Anjali’s death
has broken me into pieces. I try to keep myself
busy at the clinic. When I go home,
I miss Anjali a lot. I feel like crying.
Who should I go to? I don’t have parents. I can’t go to my aunt’s. She disliked Anjali
for being infertile. That’s why I went to Varsha. It’s true
that we have an affair. I even wanted to marry him. But we’ve moved on. If we look at your past,
you and Dr. Anjali had a well settled life. However, Dr. Anjali’s
call records say otherwise. She used to receive phone calls
from young me during odd hours. And the calls didn’t last
more than 10-20 seconds. What was that about? ‘Are you alone
or divorced?’ ‘I’ve got solution
to your loneliness.’ ‘To know more about me,
to talk to me’ ‘to meet me
and do things with me.’ To do lot more than that,
click on this link. What’s all this?’ Sir, someone send this as a
bulk message to random people. Sir.. – You carry on.
I’ll be there soon. Okay, sir. Did you see this message? This is just
forwarded message. It’s just meant
to fool people. There is a link as well.
See this. Where did you find it? I don’t know man.
Some random number. Do one thing,
forward me this message. And do delete it
and enjoyed the party. Okay. What the heck
are you talking about? Aren’t you
shamed for yourself? I’m a doctor.
Contact me while I came here. Hang up!
– Who’s phone was it? I don’t know, people have been
calling me since this morning. They’ve been
taken over 12 phone call. People are saying
weird things. ‘Saw your website. When are you
available? I want to meet you..’ God knows what type
of nonsense they’re saying. This is all
because of this message. And this video
only opens up on a website. Your number is
also listed here. Why didn’t you
tell me about this? Sir, Anjali’s gone now. What good will
this team bring? Had you told us, we could’ve
got this number blocked. The calls would’ve stopped. Sir, we are reputed doctors. People know us by our names. My aunt’s daughter
and her husband too, lived in our building. I didn’t want my building
to be dragged into a police case or get leaked in the newspaper. What’s the point?
Your wife is dead. Maybe her murder
is connected to this website. Sir, I think, the random calls the infertility and
clinic’s incident had broken Anjali. Yet she was killed. Yes?
– Sir, do you live here alone? What happened? Madhu, you go inside.
Go on.. So tell me,
what’s your problem? Is it just you and ma’am
or you’ve got a son as well? Hey, man..
What are you looking inside for? I get it all. Nobody lives here.
And my son’s in Australia. Okay? Now get lost! Get cyber cell to find out this websites IP address
and who it belongs to. And try to find out,
who sent Anjali the messages? And all the friends
that Anjali had round them up and
interrogate them. Maybe it’s
one of these men. Sir, there must be
around 600-700 callers. There is a murder in this house.
That too, of a reputed doctor. We don’t know how many families
will be affected by this. We must find the motive
as soon as possible. So that this technology
doesn’t end up in wrong hands. I still have doubt
on Dr. Darpan. Whose call was the last call
in Anjali’s call records? And does he have any connection
with Dr. Darpan? Sir, there’s no movement
of any calls or data service in Anjali’s phone, from a day
before the incident. And it was just the location
of her house. How was she asked
to go to the park if the phone was switched off? Because she didn’t use to go
to the park every day. And she also withdrew Rs. 1 lakh
while going. Maybe she has
a landline connection. If she has, then fetch
the call records. Right, sir. Sir, what to do with Darpan? Keep an eye on him. And if possible,
check the call records again. Once we get the findings
of the website then everything will be clear. Right, sir. Speak up..
– Sir, we didn’t do anything.. Tell me, who among you
killed her? Tell me.. We don’t know, sir!
We didn’t do anything! We just received a message! And we called that number
just to have fun! Who is this? What do you want to say? Sir, the person from message
service of Bhopal has come. Yes, sir. This message was sent
through our company. We got a client’s mail
from Netherlands and we were asked
to deliver this message to the people of age between
18 and 40 years in West Mumbai. Was the payment made
from Netherlands? Yes, sir. The name of the payer
and the mailer is same. Bobby Van Louine. Hello. What!
From Netherlands? Okay.
Send me the details. Sir, it’s call from cyber cell. The photographs in the website
made about Dr. Anjali are all morphed. And even its IP address
is of Netherlands. And the name of the payer
is also same. Bobby Van Louine. That means, it’s a well-planned
conspiracy. Whoever created this website
and sent the messages to Anjali is technologically very advance. But, sir, what connection
can Dr. Anjali possibly have with Netherlands? Sir, nowadays, you don’t need
to go anywhere. You can do anything
from anywhere in the name of any country
using a proxy web. And as far as I believe he must have stolen
the credit card details and then must have created
a mail account in the name of Bobby Van Louine. Do one thing.
Collect the laptops and phones of Dr. Anjali’s husband
and the family members and give them to the cyber cell
for the enquiry. Okay? Sir. Sir, here are everyone’s
mobile phones and tablets. Okay. Hello, sir.
– Yes, Kishore? Sir, four vehicles were sold
in very cheap prices in this society
within fifteen days. Then what connection can it have
with Anjali’s murder? Four vehicles were sold, sir.
There must be something wrong. And Ms. Anjali was the secretary
of this society. Yes, sir. Anjali was
the secretary of this society. The society took the decision
with everyone’s consent that each flat will get
a parking space. Yes, sir. And I am the treasurer
of this society. All the members of the society
were ready for the parking whatever we decided. But Surve and family
were not ready. Even a scene was created here
because of this. Come on..
Move your car back.. Just move, man!
Let me go in! Mr. Surve, please take
your car outside. Mr. Surve, please park
your vehicle outside. I request you.
Please. Ma’am, what’s the issue? Look at the camera
and tell me in detail. Even after the decision
of one parking per flat Mr. and Mrs. Surve are not
refusing to comply but they park their car
wherever they want because of which the children
are unable to play. Just imagine. We have such
educated people among us who give more importance
to multiple car parking than the children’s games. Sir, what do you want to say
about all this? I don’t want to say anything!
Get out! Say something to him.
– Sir, please park outside.. Please park it outside.
– Please park outside.. How many times should I ask?
Please park it outside. W-What happened?
– Ask him to park it outside. I-I’ll ask him.. Dad, if everyone is asking,
then take it back. Okay.
I’ll do it. Okay, you just come out.
I’ll do it. Children should play
in the park not in the building. You people have defamed me
a lot today. I can’t forget this. And you? The way you behaved
with a senior citizen like me even after being a doctor
is not good. Sir, I just wanted everyone
to get two parking in the building. But I felt very bad because
of Anjali’s attitude that night. He’s an asthma patient. He almost got an attack,
that’s why he said those things out of anger. Yes, and we never brought
the car inside from that day. The car is kept outside. In fact, I also published
an advertisement to sell it. Inspector,
I am a senior citizen. And would I murder someone
just for a parking? Okay.
You may go. Damle.
– Yes, sir. Keep an eye on this family.
– Okay, sir. Sir.
– Yes. The cyber cell team has checked
Dr. Darpan’s mobile and all the mobiles and laptops
of his family properly. But they didn’t find any traces
of the website created to bother Dr. Anjali. No links of any proxy website and no connection
with Netherlands. Here’s Dr. Anjali’s
landline report. She got a call from a mobile
at 8:00 p.m. on the night of incident. Sir, some dots are getting
connected. Anjali got a call
at 8:00 p.m. and then she left
for the ATM. She withdrew the money
at 8:16 p.m. And it takes around 7 minutes
to reach the park from ATM and she was murdered
at around 8:30 p.m. Who was the last caller?
– Some Jatin Solanki, sir. As of now, his phone
is switched off. And he’s not there
in the house as well. His neighbours told that he went
to his village in Barmer. Put his phone
under surveillance. And ask one of your men
to keep an eye on Jatin’s house. Okay?
– Sir. We’ll have to find out
what connection Jatin has with Dr. Deshmukh. We were still searching
the murderers and culprits of Dr. Anjali. Mumbai Police Cyber Cell
was collecting clues about the people who created
obscene website of Dr. Anjali. We were investigating
the family, professional and personal angle properly. And meanwhile, one more innocent
person got killed in our city. Darpan, I showed you many
girls earlier as well, right? Right now, my focus
is stuck somewhere else. Until the police investigation
gets over I will do nothing. Please stop persuading me. Please. Sir.. Sir, my child. My child!
– Sir, he killed his own son. On top of that, he is wailing. Sir, I didn’t kill him.
No way! Stop lying. Where did that girl go then? Her agent took her away who had brought her
from Odisha. – Just a moment. Who is Chidiya? Tell me in detail. Sir, my son Rohan
had saved a child. He had bad intentions for her. He wanted to sell
the girl, sir. As I said, that agent..
– Be quiet! Lower your tone! Find out what the matter is. Till then, put him
in a lockup, okay? Tell me, boy.
– Sure. Please come. – Okay. Did Chidiya met Rohan here?
– Yes. Chidiya. Chidiya. Speak up! Sir, I didn’t kill Rohan
but it is true that when I was outside Rohan freed Chidiya. Somehow he came to know
that I was going to sell her. Sir, after that I
located his house. Suresh returned the girl
when I threatened him. Send the girl to the NGO. Prepare a new case against him.
Take him away! Hello. Come fast.
This the right time. ‘The number you’re trying to
call is currently switched off.’ Sir. – Tell me, Manu. Man1 Solanki.. The last call
which he made from his mobile to Anjali..
He has come back. He claims that his mobile
got stolen. I checked the CCTV
after going to the spot. Sir, this is the recording. Speak up!
– Sir! – Speak up! Sir, I’m telling the truth. Sir, I didn’t kill anybody.. Neither I killed Ms. Anjali
nor my son, sir. Stop lying! You knew Anjali
through Malti and Rohan. While you were murdering Anjali,
Rohan saw. That’s why you killed
your son. Speak up! S-Sir!
I’m telling the truth, sir. I didn’t kill anybody. Sir, it is true
that I’d stolen the phone. With that stolen phone,
I’d called Ms. Anjali. Are you upset? Do you get calls from perverts? Yes. But who are you? No use knowing that. I can end this problem of yours. You need to pay me
a lakh of rupees. Give me that amount
and calls will stop coming. How did you come to know about Anjali’s website
and the messages? Sir, I’d received a message
on my mobile. There was a photo
attached with the message. The photo was of Ms. Anjali. Instantly I recognised
seeing the photo. When I came back home even Malti was talking about
Ms. Anjali. Her phone keeps ringing.
She is losing her patience. Someone has to end
this nuisance. I thought of taking advantage
of this situation. I wanted to earn
some easy money, sir. What happened next? Sir, Ms. Anjali came to meet me. Sir, believe me.. When I came back,
she was alive. She was alive. I swear on my dead son, sir.
Sir, I didn’t kill anybody. Sir.. Sir, I didn’t kill
anybody. I’m telling the truth, sir! Sir, I think Suresh
is telling the truth. Anjali’s postmortem
clearly states that she died due to throttling. Even if Suresh didn’t murder
Anjali, he will be charged for blackmailing
and attempt to murder. We haven’t yet finished
solving Rohan’s murder mystery. We even have to find out who
throttled Anjali. – Right. Hello.
Who the heck are you? Why do you send me text messages
from different phone numbers? Where are you?
Tell me your name! I’ll meet you right now..
Right now! Why did you call him here? Why to spend money
in a hotel? On top of that,
the cops.. It is good to meet
under the night sky. It seems he is here. You three aren’t the ones
who had come to my house. Mister, who are you?
What is it? – What? Aren’t you the one with whom
I spoke over the phone? Of course. You’re right. Sorry, sir. We aren’t interested in old men. Listen. You all are coming
with me to the police station. Excuse me, mister! First, you upload your phone
number on the website and instead of your
display picture you upload photos
of young boys. You’re trying to frame
respectable boys like us. And now you tell us to come with
you to the police station. W-What do you mean? Isn’t ‘’
website yours? Sir.. – Mister, consider
your age. You wasted our time.
Let’s go. You guys are coming with me
to the police station. Come! Please come. Come.. Our problems weren’t decreasing. We had kept Suresh
in jail for Anjali and Rohan’s murder. But he didn’t accept his crime. We couldn’t find out
the person who had that website and who was sending
messages to Anjali nor we could file
a charge sheet against Suresh. We couldn’t find any lead
in Rohan’s case. And then we came to know
about Sunil Salve who used to stay
in Anjali’s building. A website was created
in your name. A young boy’s photo
was uploaded but your original phone number
was used. And then you used to receive
messages from boys everyday
to have a relationship. Yes. Just to avoid
getting a bad name I married Madhu. But those boys came to
the apartment a couple of times. I thought that they
came for Madhu. It’s because Madhu
was younger than me. Those boys then
sexually assaulted me. Madhu left the house
because of that. She took all the expensive
things with her. I got a message from
the boys a few days later. I decided that I had
nothing left to lose so I went to meet them. Here, these are the boys. Who do you think could be yours
and Dr. Anjali’s common enemies? And what do you think
could be the connection of Malti’s son, Rohan, to this? The only common connection
between Dr. Anjali, Malti and I is that Malti works
in our houses. Sir, I work in four
apartments in Savera Building. Anjali, Sunil and Neelam. Neelam is daughter
of Darpan’s aunt. And B wing, 403. You used to take Rohan
to these apartments, right? Neelam’s mother is strict. She forbid me from
bringing anyone to her house. All right, you can go. According to the modus operandi,
two people were targeted in the building. That means, the culprit
lives in the building. If we go by the theory
of probability, it’s someone from one of the four apartments. I’ll tell you what? Get IP addresses, internet data,
CDR and mobile phone locations of everyone
in the four apartments but let no one know of this. Right, sir. Sir. – Yes? Have a look at the location
record and internet data record of this person. You created websites
to harass Anjali and Sunil using a proxy and an
IP address in Netherlands. And then you used your computer
skills to hack credit card of a person in Netherlands,
Bobby Van Louine. You did payments through that. Here are your location records. According to this, you were
present in the crime location when Rohan was murder. What do you have to say? Yes, I murdered Rohan.
– Why? It’s because he saw something. Those are Anjali’s
dirty pictures, right? She’s been murdered. So how come you’ve
got her photographs? Who’s Anjali?
Those are images of an actress. I know her. She’s Anjali.
Did you kill her? Show me the images. Just a minute.. I didn’t kill her but it might
be the person who sent the photographs to me. We’ll ask that person
in the evening, all right? I took Rohan
to a deserted location. Why do you hate Sunil
and Anjali that much? Why did you want to take
revenge against them? Do you know they humiliated
my parents so much over parking that
they could’ve died? Dad, if everyone’s telling
you to reverse the car, do it. I will. All right, come out. I’ll do it. At that moment,
I decided to punish everyone for their what they did. Sunil got his punishment
but that Anjali died before I could do
anything to her. So you didn’t kill Anjali? I was home when
Anjali was murdered. I didn’t kill her. ‘I’ve got a huge information.’ Radhika. You’ve been captured in a
CCTV camera of a shop near the location where
Anjali’s corpse was found at the same time. What were you doing
that at that time? The night Anjali was murdered,
I saw her leave the building and she was very worried. I followed her. I saw Anjali leave money
there and Suresh pushed from behind. I thought that Suresh would
be the one who will be caught. It’s not so easy
to evade the law. Now confess you did that. It’s because I was
in love with Darpan. Anjali could never
give him what I could, a child. Rinku used her intelligence
exact revenge. What did it result in?
She’s behind the bars now. Desire for revenge
is a huge indicator. Pay heed to it and work on it. Also, be happy with your life,
be satisfied with it. Don’t get caught up in desire
for love like Radhika. It will only result in a crime
and your life will be full of darkness. And with that advice,
I take my leave. We’ll meet again
with a new case. Until then, keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. We aim not to show but to save. Jai Hind!

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