Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1034 – Full Episode – 6th May, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1034 – Full Episode – 6th May, 2019

Affection in relationships
seems to be getting less and less these days. Relationship and emotions have
all become calculative moves. And there’s a great
part of greed. Greetings, I, Senior
Inspector Sunil Kelkar welcome you all
to today’s episode of ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. There’s relationship, marriage
and love in today’s episode. Among all these
sensitive angles there’s a motive for the crime. The mobile phone is ringing
for such a long time. Why aren’t you receiving
Sameer’s phone call? The phone call
is not from Sameer. If it’s not Sameer’s
phone call, who is it? Let me see. No.. It must be a phone call
from the marketing. Let me see..
– No, Brother.. It’s okay. Hey.. – Let go, Brother! Let me see..
– Let it go! How dare you push me.. You even lied that it’s
not Sameer’s phone call. Brother, it hurts! – Let me see! Let go, Brother..
– Let me see.. What are you two doing!
– It hurts! Let go! What are you doing! Let go! What are you doing!
Have you gone mad! Yes, I have! And she’s
the one driving me mad! She’s not receiving
Sameer’s phone call and she’s lying about it. I’ll kill her if she does
what she’s done before. Dad, I haven’t done anything.
I haven’t done anything wrong. Brother is lying.
– Calm down, dear.. I’ll talk to Govardhan. I’ll fix your wedding
date today. The sooner you’re married,
the better it will be for everyone. Greetings, Agarwal.
– Greetings, Govardhan. How are you?
– Everything is fine. I was wondering that we should
decide a wedding date as soon possible. Why not? Let’s not put
an auspicious affair off. Hello? Are you still mad at me?
– Obviously, Sameer. It’s something to be mad about. Shefali, that was my past!
I’m with you now. I love you.
We’re about to get married. We’re about to get married
but you kept something so important from me. How do I know that I won’t
find out about any other secret in the future? I haven’t kept any
other secret from you. Trust me.
– I’ll talk to you later, okay? Shefali.. What’s the matter?
Is there any problem? No, Dad,
everything is all right. Good. Piyush and I are going
to finalise the wedding date of you and Shefali. All right? Look, Varun, the neighbours are
making fun of me and my family because of you and your sister. I’ve been hearing about
your sister’s marriage. When is she going
to get married? You know how much I love you. I love you too, Varun.
What of Shefali, though? What if she changes
her decision? How are you, sir? Everything is fine, ma’am. I’ve looked for Shefali
everywhere. But she’s nowhere to be found. I don’t know where
she went and disappeared. Have you inquired
at her friends? There’s this thing
called night out.. She must be doing that. I’ve inquired everyone.
No one knows where she went. Does she have any boyfriend,
does she have any enemies or have conflict with someone? No, sir. Shefali’s marriage
has been decided. We decided the wedding date
yesterday itself. At first, I thought that
she’d be with Sameer but when he called up, I found
out that she’s went missing. Who is Sameer? He’s Shefali’s fiance. They’d meet at a cafe after
Shefali leaves her college. They met yesterday as well. Sameer said that she’d left
for home at around 6:15 p.m.. But she didn’t reach home. All right. Don’t worry. We’ll try to find
her as soon as possible. Give him Shefali’s details. Go.
– Sir. – Thank you. I’ll tell you what, Shirke? Get CCTV footages from the route
between Shefali’s college and her home. Get her CDR and mobile
phone location. Do you recognise her? Yes, sir. She boards a bus
from here every day. She waiting for someone
here after deboarding from a bus. A car arrived
and she left in it. What do you mean? Did
the car pick her up every day? Almost every day. That guy was very strange. God knows why but he came
out of nowhere and started fighting with Shefali. Shefali.. – Amit..
What are you doing? Shefali, please forgive me. My marriage has
been decided and.. It’s only been decided.
You haven’t gotten married yet. Please break the engagement.
Don’t punish me so severely. Isn’t it the other way around? You left me when you felt like
it and now you’ve come back! You’ve made a joke
out of my life! Why don’t you understand..
– Let me go! What happened, Shefali?
Who is he? Why is he harassing you? Hey! What the heck is going on?
Get out of here! Get out of here or else
I’ll beat you up, all right? Please, Shefali.. – Leave.. You can’t leave me, Shefali! I won’t let you
marry anyone else! If not for us, he
wouldn’t have let her go. Bowl.. He’s going to be out.. Come with me.
– I’ll come with you. Where’s the ball? It’s not here. It stinks a lot.
– Yes, very much. Here’s the ball! A corpse.. There’s a corpse.. Sir, we’ve got the footage
of the CCTV camera near the bus stop. Summon Sameer Maheshwari
for interrogation. I picked Shefali up from
the bus stop to go to a cafe. What next?
– We had a quarrel in the cafe. She left in anger. I tried to stop
her but she didn’t. What was the quarrel about? It was nothing special.
It was a normal one. She wouldn’t listen
to me, so I decided to let her go and pacify
her over a phone call later. Well, did you pacify her? No, sir. She didn’t receive
my phone calls after that. I planned to go watch
a film to distract myself. You went alone..
Which theatre did you go to? Royal Multiplex in Vashi.
It was a show of 9 p.m.. Vashi! Vashi.. Why? Couldn’t you find any film
to distract yourself here? No, sir. Actually, Shefali
and I go there to watch films. That’s the reason I went there. What then?
– I couldn’t focus on the film and I was out of the theatre
by 9:30 p.m.. Where did you go next?
– I went home. I tried calling Shefali up
but it was switched off. I called her father up. He said that she
never reached home. Please find her..
She might be in trouble. All right. You can go.
– Thank you, sir. Shirke, Shefali left
the house at 9 a.m.. She reached
the college at 10 a.m.. And then she got a phone
call from Sameer. According to the entry
of her ID card she was in the college
at 10:10 a.m. She left the college
at 4:10 p.m.. Sameer called her up
again at 4:45 p.m.. She had a fight
with a former boyfriend. She boarded a bus as usual,
she deboarded it on 5 p.m.. Sameer picked her up 5:10 p.m.. According to Sameer,
they were in a coffee shop in Nirmal Nagar. And then, at 6:15 p.m.,
she left for home and went missing. Do this, Shirke. Get CCTV footage
of the coffee shop. Both inside the coffee shop
and outside it. Okay, sir. Sir, these children spotted
this corpse first. They called us up. By looking at the condition
of the body, it seems like the murder took place
two to three days ago. And maybe they burnt the face,
so that no one can recognise. Yes, sir. There are no
injury marks on the body. And look at this, sir. These
marks are there on the neck. That means,
either she was choked or she died
due to internal injury. Sir, I searched the entire area. But I didn’t find any ID card,
mobile phone or purse. Kadam, do one thing.
– Sir. Send the body for post mortem. Check, if can find
any identification. Sir.
– And check whole area. Maybe someone knows this girl,
or maybe someone saw something. And upload the details
of the corpse on our site. Check, whether any missing
complaint of a girl was registered or not. ‘An unknown girl’s corpse found.
The police investigates.’ On the day when Shefali
went missing she got calls from two numbers. Those numbers are registered
in some Amit Singhal’s name. Who is Amit Singhal? Sir, Shefali was in love
with Amit. She wanted to marry him. But we were against
this marriage. Shefali was being stubborn,
so we agreed later. But Amit cancelled the wedding
just a week ago. He cancelled the wedding?
– Yes, sir. But why? Because he is a doctor. And he got admission in a
specialisation course abroad a week before marriage. Idiot. Rascal.
– Relax. Sir, my daughter was under
depression for one year because of him. We somehow managed
to pull her out of it and we convinced her
to marry Sameer. Was Shefali active
on social media? Y-Yes, sir.
– Give me her laptop. But, sir, I don’t know
her password. It’s okay.
We’ll get it recovered. Okay. We need to search
Shefali’s room. – Okay, sir. Ask them to recover
all the conversations between Sameer and Shefali. I am sure, we’ll definitely
get something. Thank you. Sir, I checked the entire room,
but didn’t find anything there. Mister, give me a cigarette. Hey!
Stop.. Why were you running? Sir, I got scared.
– Scared? Or were you running
because you abducted Shefali? Sir, it’s not like that. You act like Romeo
on the streets, right? You threaten the girls. Sir, I didn’t threaten anyone. I was just requesting her
to come back to me. Why did you even leave her
if you loved her so much? Sir, even I didn’t know,
how much I loved her. I realised a few days
before going to U.S. that I can’t live without her. And besides, my visa
got cancelled. When I went back to her,
then I got to know that she has got engaged. Your ego got hurt.
Right? That’s why you started
harassing her, right? No, sir.
I didn’t harass anyone. I swear. Then what did you do
in then college! Sir, I just went to talk to her. She got angry
and the people gathered. And then she ran away. She went away.
What did you do? Sir, even I went to my house.
– You’re lying. You followed her till Nirmal Nagar Coffee Shop.
Right? Show it.
Look at this. See. Saw that? Tell me.
Where did you go after this? Sir, I went to Shefali’s house. I thought to talk to her
when she would return. I waited till 7:00 p.m.,
but she didn’t come so I went to my house.
– Like last time. You’re the suspect in this case.
Don’t leave the city. I’ll teach you a lesson.
Come on, get out. Go..
Fetch his call details. Sir, what to do about Rajesh?
He asks for money every day. Please arrange his payment.
– Let him wait. Don’t worry.
– Sir. I checked the social media
accounts of Sameer and Shefali. I didn’t find
anything suspicious, sir. But, sir, I found a message
which Shefali sent to someone called Rupa Gupta. Sir, it was written,
‘Tell him not to trouble me.’ ‘Him’?
Who is this ‘him’? Amit? Sir, I can’t say that. However, they both have
two mutual friends on the social media accounts. One is Rupa Gupta
and another one is Hiten. Sir, Rupa uploaded many photos
with Sameer. Sir, by looking at those photos,
it looks like they both had an affair. The angle of ex-girlfriend? Sir, if we think..
– We don’t have to think. We have to ask
Rupa. Sir, they’ve come to meet you. Police! S-Sir, you people are here? What happened, sir? Where’s your daughter, Rupa? We want to talk to her. But, sir, Rupa is not at home.
She went to her friend Shefali’s house. When did she go? She went yesterday.
She’ll return by today evening. What happened, sir? Why are you asking about Rupa? You people are very
bad at acting. No. Acting doesn’t suit you. Why would Rupa go
to Shefali’s house if you know that Shefali
is missing? To become a maid? S-Sir, even Rupa is missing
from yesterday evening. Mamta, what..
– Let her speak.. Yes, tell me. Sir, we initially thought
that Rupa really went to Shefali’s house. But later, when we got to know
that Shefali is missing.. And then just a while ago..
– What happened? Listen.
I request you. Please tell them
everything honestly. What happened? S-Sir.. A-A while ago before you came.. …we received these videos.. …from an unknown number. And then we got a ransom call
from the same number. They said,
if we want Rupa alive then we have to arrange
Rs. 25 lakh. Is she your daughter, Rupa? T-The face is not visible,
but looks like it’s her. Shirke, fetch the location
of this mobile number. You were getting calls
and your daughter is kidnapped. Then why didn’t you come
to the police? Sir.. The kidnapper threatened
that if we’ll inform the police then he’ll kill Rupa. Nothing will happen to Rupa. Okay, tell me one thing. We saw in the social media
account of Rupa that she has uploaded
many photos with Sameer. Did she have an affair
with Sameer? No, sir.
They both are very good friends. From the day when the marriage
of Shefali and Sameer was fixed even Rupa became
their close friend. But Sameer has a bad luck. What do you mean?
– Sir. Sameer was initially
with Khushi. But I don’t know, what happened
between them and Khushi broke up with Sameer
and went to Dubai. Is Khushi still in Dubai? Do you have any latest
information about her? No, sir. We don’t have
any personal information. Rupa told us,
whatever we know. Do one thing, Shirke. Check all the mutual friends
between Sameer and Rupa. Sir, please save my daughter.
– Your daughter won’t be harmed. Don’t worry. Just inform us if the kidnapper
calls again. Put their mobile phone
under surveillance. Okay, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
It’ll be done, sir. ‘Jai Hind’, sir. Sir, the autopsy report
of the corpse that we found in Pulaskar ground
has arrived. Our suspicion was right. The death took place on 7th,
between 7:30 and 8:30 due to choking. There are no other
injury marks on the body. She was one month pregnant.
– Yes, sir. And the body has still
not been identified yet. I enquired in all the nearby
police stations but couldn’t find
any missing complaint. Do one thing.
– Sir. Send the details
to all the police stations of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Maybe the murder was committed
somewhere else and the body was dumped here.
– Sir. Is that mobile phone
switched off from that time from which the videos were sent
to Rupa’s parents? Yes, sir. And that phone was
stolen on the previous day. The girl who owned that phone,
had reported it. The kidnapper
is very clever, Shirke. He doesn’t want
to make any mistake. Is it that the same kidnapper
abducted both the girls? Because both of them
went missing in the same time. It may be a coincidence, Shirke. And even this is possible
that Shefali kidnapped Rupa. Because we have the confirmed
report of Rupa getting kidnapped and her kidnapping may be
connected to her past. Do one thing.
Find out her past. Fetch each and every
single information. Sir.
– Sir. Shefali’s dad told that he
didn’t get any ransom call. That means, Shefali
isn’t kidnapped. Then where did she go? Sir, we were checking
the background of the Agarwal family,
then we found a servant who used to work there
a few months ago. He told that Varun wanted
Shefali to break up with Amit. When she refused, then he used
to beat her up. Piyush himself saved Shefali
from Varun many times. Brother! Why are you beating me up!
What’s my mistake! Your mistake is that you
fell in love with Amit and he left you alone. And my life has been ruined
because of you both. What are you doing!
Leave her.. What are you doing!
Have you gone crazy! Don’t touch her!
Don’t cry. How was his life ruined
because of Shefali? Sir, Varun has an affair
with someone called Simran. He wants to marry her. And Piyush wants Shefali
to get married before Varun. That’s why, when Amit cancelled
the marriage then Varun’s marriage
was delayed and Simran broke up with her
and got her marriage fixed with someone else. That’s why Varun went there
on the day of wedding and created a problem. Hey! What are you doing..
– Hey! Shut up! Just shut up! I am telling you,
she’s my girlfriend. We’ve been intimate
many times. Do you still want to marry her? Sir, Varun threatened
Piyush that he should wait till
Sefali’s marriage after which Varun would
get married. But Piyush didn’t agree. Shirke, what about Varun
and Piyush’s call details and mobile locations? Sir, we’ll get them soon. Sameer’s details
are also yet to arrive. If you want Rupa back and alive then have the money
ready by tomorrow 6 pm. I’ll call again to tell where
and when to bring the money. And another thing if you try anything you’ll be greeting
Rupa’s dead body. Hello.
Hey. Listen to me.
Hello.. Sir, the kidnapper
called Pawan Gupta for the ransom
from ‘Adar Society’. He’ll call again to tell where
and when to bring the money. Shirke.
– Sir. Give me Pawan Gupta’s phone
number. Hello.
– Hi. This is senior inspector,
Sunil Kilkar. If the kidnapper
calls tell him you’re arranging
the money and ask him for a little time. That should be enough time
for us to catch him. Okay, sir. Don’t worry.
He’ll be in our custody by then. Shirke, I need you to place some plain cloths
constables around the ‘PCO’
in ‘Adar Society’. Okay.
– And another thing search the area from where
the first and second ransom
calls were made. I bet he’s hiding
somewhere nearby. Sir. The ‘Trombay’ police
have found the dead body of this girl
from the playground. We found some clothing
with the body. Do you recognise these? Sir, these are Sefali’s cloths. It could be Sefali. Sir, it’s Sefali! Sir, you must catch
whoever did this. Give him the
harshest punishment. The ‘DNA’ test has confirmed,
the body is that of Sefali. And another thing Did you know Sefali
was pregnant? She was murdered. She was pregnant. Did her pregnancy
lead to her murder? But why and who would
kill her? Could it be Piyush? Did he kill her
fearing it’ll bring dishonour? Or was it Varun? Varun wanted to marry
Simran. We tried matching
the ‘DNA’ of the foetus to that of Sameer and Amit. We also had another
mystery. Was Sefali’s murder
and Rupa’s kidnapping related? Sameer was the common
link between the cases. Could it be that Sameer got rid
of Sefali to marry Khushi? What is that? You said you went
to the movies alone. Why is she with you then? Tell me.
Where did she come from? You’re mobile location
also tells the same. Tell me the truth or you have another thing
coming. I’ll tell you, sir. Sir, I left for home
from the coffee shop. On the way, my friend ‘Hiten’
called me. ‘7th November, 2018.
At 7 pm.’ Hello. Hey, Sameer.
What are you doing? Talk with Khushi.
She’s annoying me. Hiten, I’ve tried a lot. She won’t agree. She only wants
me to come back to her. Listen, try talking
to her one last time. There’s no use
avoiding her. Listen, I’ll call her
to ‘Royal..’. You head there as well.
– All right. They were already there
before I arrived. Both Hiten and Khushi. I got out from the car.
I explained to Khushi nothing can happen between us
because I loved Sefali. Hiten also tried to explain
to her. And finally.. All right, Sameer.
I get it. You will never be mine. I don’t blame you for this. It was all my mistake. And as a last gesture I went to watch
a movie with her. That’s a good story. Let me tell you
another scenario. You left the coffee shop
and followed Sefali. You got her in your car
and strangled her to death. No.
– Listen. After that, you called Hiten
and Khushi to the ‘Maharaja’ ice cream
parlour. To make a strong alibi. Later you went for a movie
with Khushi. To further bolster
you alibi. No, sir.
– It could also be that it was a celebration. Because you got rid of Sefali and Khushi was back
in your life. No, sir! I didn’t kill Sefali.
I swear. I loved her a lot. I was going to marry her. She was pregnant
with my child. Right. You murdered her because
she was pregnant. Right?
– No, sir. Keep him locked up
and cross check his statements. Sir, listen to me..
– Shut up! Shirke, get married,
it’ll fix everything. Sir. This time the kidnapper
called from a cell phone. He told to bring the money to the ‘Ganesh’ temple
at ‘Manji Para’. We called Pawan Gupta
many times but he didn’t answer. Is it? I think he is heading out
with the ransom money. Which area
did the call came from? ‘Naya Nagar’, sir. Let’s go, Shirke. Sir, Pawan Gupta
has switched off this phone. Darn it. Drive fast. We must get there
before the kidnapper. Sir, this is the location.
But I don’t see anyone. Let’s head to the location
he called from. He could be there. Let’s go. This is the location, sir. Oh, God. Shirke.
– Yes, sir. I think he’s the kidnaper. He has been murdered. You guys search inside. Where is the money? Check his identity. Hey, check the back. Search inside. Sir. I found a mobile
and a wallet. ‘Arav Sinha’. Sir, his name is,
‘Arav Sinha’. Is he the kidnaper? Maybe he is the kidnapper
or someone from his gang. And what about Rupa? Where is she? Sir, could it be that,
Rupa has run away? Didn’t we ask you to inform us if the kidnapper
calls back? Why didn’t you do that? What was outcome? You’ve lost your money while your daughter
didn’t return either. I don’t think you want us
to find Rupa. No, sir, it’s not like that. Sir, a-actually 25 lakh isn’t a huge amount
of money for me. Thus, I gave him the money so that he returns
my daughter in safe condition. What happened then? Did your daughter return? We’ve recovered a corpse. Do you know him? S-sir, I didn’t saw his face. Sir, if he’s dead where is my daughter? We’ve to find her. But, you people
don’t co-operate. Sir, the last ransom call
came from Araf’s phone. Then, he took money
from Pawan. And, we recovered Araf’s body
at the place he made the call from. Now, the money, Araf’s phone
and Rupa all three are missing. Shirke, it is possible
that Araf’s gang murdered him in fear of police. Track his phone.
– Okay. He may have the phone
with him. We can get to Rupa through him.
– Okay. I..
– Sir, this is the CCTV footage of the ice cream shop’s outside
on the day Shefali went missing. From this footage, it appears
Sameer is telling the truth. Look at this, sir. And, sir, in the Royal Multiplex
CCTV footage Sameer and Khushi
are seen coming at 8:45 p.m. Then, at exactly 9:30 p.m. Sameer gets out of there alone. And, the location of his phone
stops at 10 p.m. at his house. He didn’t stop anywhere mid-way. Do one thing. Call Whiten and Khushi
to the police station. The three of them may be
involved in the murder. Which contractor got the job
of the building maintenance? So much in words but nothing
in reality. What sort of work is he doing? Have him do a proper work. Got it?
– Sir. In the past two day,
apart from the ransom calls some girl, Pinky, had also
been called from Arnav’s phone. Who is Pinky? Sir, we’ve gathered
her details. She’s 25 years old and lives
somewhere at Nokwanda. Ma’am, her door is locked. Can you tell
where she must’ve gone? Sir, how can I say that when she doesn’t keep
fixed hours? She stays alone, I’ve no idea
when she comes and leaves. She’s always into party, boys
and what have you. That evening, I got a call
from Whiten. He invited me as Sameer
was also going to come. He said we should meet up
and sorts everything out. Me and Khushi had arrived
earlier than Sameer. Sameer and me asked Khushi
to stop chasing Sameer. I had understood that Sameer
won’t be mine. So, I requested Sameer
to go for a movie for a final time. And, from there we headed for Royal Multiplex,
Vashi, at 8 p.m. From there, Sameer and Khushi went for a movie in Sameer’s car while I returned home
in my car. At what time did you
arrive home? Around 8:30 p.m. In the theatre, I recalled
my old times with Sameer which is why I couldn’t
hold back and held his hands. Sameer became upset at that
and he left. I wept there for a while and later, took a cab home. Sir, I was at home
the entire time after that. Sir, I was at home
after 8:30 p.m. We can’t find anything
about Rupa. While, Shefali’s murder
is turning out to be a mystery. My mind isn’t working, Shirke.
– Sir, Varun’s mobile details have revealed that Shefali
had messaged Varun at 8 p.m. on the day she disappeared. After which, Varun’s location
shows it had travelled to the play ground where Shefali’s corpse
was recovered. Sir, apart from that after 15 minutes of Varun Piyush’s location also shows
that it had travelled there. Both father and son were
on that location in between 8:30 to 9 p.m.
– Sir, according the PM report Shefali was also murdered
between 7:30 to 9 p.m. She sent the message
at 8 p.m. This means, she was alive
until that time. Yes, Shefali had texted me
at 8 p.m. You must’ve deleted the message. No, sir, i-it’s with me. Let me show you. Here
it is. ‘He is still in love
with Khushi.’ ‘Planning on breaking up
with Sameer.’ ‘Come, pick me up
at Paluskar Maidan in Turbi. So, what did you do
after reading the message? S-sir, he came right to me. What is it?
– Read it. Your daughter wants to break up
with Sameer as well. What do you and your daughter
want? That Simran ties her knot
with someone else? And, that I die a bachelor? Shefali isn’t interested
in getting married. And, you’re not letting me marry
until she does. Listen, calm down. The time to listen is over she needs to be explained
in another way. I won’t spare her today.
– Wait, Varun where are you going? Around quarter to nine,
I reached Pulaskar Ground, sir. Shefali! Shefali! Sir, I thought she’d
left for home. So, even I left. Sir, when I reached there Varun was going back. Shefali wasn’t with him. I thought Varun
had harmed Shefali. So I tried reaching Shefali
on her phone but it was switched off. I thought she had gone home.
So I went back. But she hadn’t reached home. And then, Sameer’s call came. When he told me,
I was really scared as to where Shefali was. All this might have happened. It might have also happened
that either of you killed Shefali.
– N-No, sir. Nothing of that sort happened. You wanted to marry Simran,
isn’t it? And Shefali was the obstacle. So you killed her. A couple of times you even
threatened to kill her, right? She was pregnant and you wanted to break
off her marriage with Sameer. That’s the reason
you killed her. No, sir.
Nothing of that sort happened. Sir, we’re telling the truth. We didn’t do anything. Okay. Fine. Fine. Sir, our informer had called. He says, Roopa has been seen
near Banpara bus stop. Maybe she is trying
to leave the city. Shall we let her escape?
– No, sir. – Than nab her! Sir! – Shirke.
– Let’s go. According to our informer,
this is the place. Patil, maybe that’s the girl. Let’s go. Heck! – Roopa. You’re late.
– So sorry! I’ll explain later.
Let’s leave. – Okay. Hey! Stop! Your kidnapper..
Aarav Sinha.. He has been murdered. He died. The ransom money of Rs. 25 lakhs
which we confiscated from you.. You and Roopa
were taking this money and leaving
for Rajkot in Rajasthan. Will you be kind enough
to tell us your itinerary? Why? What? How? Sir, both of us
love each other. And father wouldn’t
have accepted this stark truth. He would’ve ousted me
from the house. That’s why I used Aarav and made a plan. I knew Aarav had a crush
on me since college days. Then I pretended to be
in love with him. I made this plan
of kidnapping with his help. I told Aarav to kidnap me and ask Rs. 25 lakhs from
my father as the ransom money. Initially, we would be
needing money to settle down. He trusted me and made a fake video
of my kidnapping and sent it to my father. When he brought the money
from Majilpara I was waiting for him
with a knife ready in my hand. As soon as he entered, I.. I stabbed him to death
with the knife. And from his phone
I called Roopa to the bus stop. Afterwards I realised that I shouldn’t
have used his phone. She doesn’t know
anything about all this. Both of us then decided
to move to Rajkot and settle for a new life there. Expect an award for this..
In jail. Lock them up
for cheating and murder. Roopa’s kidnapping case
was solved by the police. But still Shefali’s murder case
was unsolved. All the people who were with
Shefali during her last hours had clear alibis. One surprising factor
was that where the cafe was located.. How did Shefali
disappear in the crowded street. If she wasn’t murdered by Varun,
Sameer, Khushi Aarav Sinha, Piyush
or Amit then who dumped her dead body? That’s because where
her corpse was found none of their mobile
location was traced there. We again rechecked
all the facts and suspects linked to this case
and we got such a clue by which we solved the case. Your card has been swiped
at a petrol pump in Turbe. Somebody else had swiped
the card, isn’t it? Tell us the truth. Your car’s forensic report
has come. Show it to him. The saliva found
on the seat cover is of Shefali. Tell the truth
or I’ll thrash you badly so that your bones break. Thrash him.
– I’ll say everything. I did everything for Khushi. Speak up! I came back to India
for Sameer. But I came to know
that he got engaged. I got hurt hearing this. But I thought, somehow
I’ll make him mine again. I spoke to Sameer but he said that he
only loves Shefali and would marry her. I was really hurt. Deliberately I created problems
between the two. I even told Shefali
that Sameer is still with me. Shefali felt bad that Sameer
didn’t tell her about me. And then ended up
fighting with each other. Sameer had told me
that Shefali is short-tempered. Sitting in the cafe they
were fighting concerning Kushi. We knew that they
meet every day in that cafe. So we reached there early. As soon as Shefali came out
to leave for home, I.. Hi, Shefali! Hi. Good that I saw you here. I need to talk to you about
Sameer and his ex-girlfriend. Something is going on
between them. So even you know about it. Maybe I didn’t know it.
Anyway.. I’ve already broken up
with Sameer. So go and tell this
to Sameer and his ex-girlfriend. Okay? – Shefali. Let’s talk about it
in the comfort of my car. Please don’t get angry. Come. I’m sorry. Let me introduce.. Shefali, she is Leena..
My girlfriend. Leena.. Shefali. Shefali had never seen Khushi. So Shefali
couldn’t recognise her. I drove a while and then
stop the car at a dead end. Leena, kindly step outside
the car. I need to have a word
with Shefali. You were Sameer’s good friend,
isn’t it? Then on her behest,
how did you become a criminal? Because from the beginning
he had a crush on me. I offered him that if he
does all this for me I’ll do whatever he says. And I fulfilled my promise. I always used to fantasize
myself with Khushi on bed. Then I asked if we could do something.. I mean.. Just to have fun
with a girl on bed you snuffed out
an innocent girl’s life! What happened then?
Speak up! After killing Shefali,
I contacted Sameer over the phone. I told him to have a word
with Khushi and end the chapter there.
He was ready. But on the way, Shefali
was getting back her senses. She.. She is alive! Then you gave your phone
to Mohit for charging. And then you went
to dump the body. On the way, you took
Shefali’s phone and sent an SMS to Varun. You called him
to Pulaskar Ground, right? I broke the phone
after sending the message. After dumping Shefali’s body I threw her phone and bag
in the bushes. Arrest the both of them in connection
to Shefali’s murder case. What was this?
Was it love.. Passion.. Or stubbornness? Shefali had got an indication
of the crime when she came to know the past
about Khushi and Sameer. But she ignored the warning. Both the innocent souls who
lost their lives were in love. Somewhere down the line the love was the reason
for their deaths. I, Sunil Kelkar,
will be signing off. We’ll meet again
in the next episode of ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. Till then, stay alert and keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. The motive isn’t to tell
but to save. ‘Jai Hind!’

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