Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1026 – Full Episode – 24th April, 2019
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Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 1026 – Full Episode – 24th April, 2019

Mom, the food is so delicious. You like it, right?
– Yes.. That’s why, I prepared. Hey, who are you!
Who are you! Hey..
– Leave me! Hey!
– Leave my son.. Mom! ‘Explosion.’ Hello. I, Senior Inspector
Abhimanyu Jindal welcome you all
to ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. When this case
was assigned to us then it was looking like
a simple spark. But that simple spark
cause such an explosion that the scale of this case
became very large. In the world of glamour, there
was a new emerging personality. Panchi Jha. She was very successful. But there was a truth
about her life which was going to create
such suspense in this case which were no less
than a thriller film. Panchi, Mr. Pandey wants
to make a film with you. He wants to meet you.
What should I say? Okay, ask him
to come to the house. I’ll be able to decide, whether
to work in his film or not only after listening
to his script. Okay. Ma’am..
– Yes. M-Ma’am, with me as well.
Ma’am, please.. What kind of behaviour is this! Is this the way to take selfies! Insolent!
– I didn’t do it intentionally. I am a huge fan of yours
and you slapped me. I-I am sorry.
I shouldn’t have slapped. Is it better now?
Happy? Excuse me.
– Move.. Wonderful, man..
– You’re so lucky, man.. ‘Panchi is in discussions again
after kissing a fan.’ Mister, is this the house
of superstar Panchi? I am a huge fan of Ms. Panchi. I’ve come all the way
from Jharkhand to meet her. Really?
– Yes. Mister, you must get to see her
every day, right? Yes, sir. Ms. Panchi eats the betel nuts
only from my shop. Just a while ago, her maid
bought her favourite one. Can you introduce me? I’ve heard that she’s very kind
towards her fans. Look at this. Even I’ll get a massage today. You’ve created
quite good humour. But this script lacks
with a bit of spice. Apart from comedy and romance,
I want to perform some action as well this time.
– Yes.. Of course. I’ll look into it. But please do a photo-shoot
with the hero, Kunal Kishore day after tomorrow. Actually, Panchi, I want
to get it published in the newspapers that you are
signing the next film with us. It won’t be possible
on the day after tomorrow. Why not? Actually, she has a shoot
for an advertisement scheduled for day
after tomorrow. So, you just do this. Manage
two to three hours tomorrow. Okay, as you wish. Panchi, I asked you to sign
Mr. Gupta’s film, right? Then why have you given
all the dates to Mr. Pandey? Mom, why are you so crazy
about Mr. Gupta? I told you. I don’t want
to give dates to Mr. Gupta. I don’t want to work with him.
That’s all. Panchi, he’s going to launch me. And I allowed you
to work in this industry, right? You’re the biggest star today. Won’t you work with me
when he’s launching me? Mom, even I was launched
one day. Back then, you were against me. Dad was right. You are a hypocrite. Even you’re a hypocrite.
If someone will measure then yours will be
more than mine. Understood? Measure and all.. Sister, if mom wants
to work in the films then just help her out.
What’s the big deal? I don’t want to help. Yes, but you have a chance.
– Oh, no.. I have other plans.
I want to become an IAS Officer. And as of now, I am liking
this insurance job. So, you just handle all this.
I don’t want to do. Suman, you’re my pride. I am just worried
about one thing. What will Diwakar do
in his life? Oh, wow.. The poster is very nice
this time. Let’s hang it on the wall.
– Hey! Have you lost your mind!
– Hey.. Hey, what happened? Why are getting so angry
because of one kiss? Your sister is such a big
superstar. She gives kisses to her fans.
– Hey, rascal! If you’ll say anything
about my sister then I’ll rip you apart!
– Hey! Why are you talking
about violence and all? Listen to me. Actually, today is my birthday. And I want your sister to attend
my birthday as a celebrity. Understood? Here’s the advance.
Rs. 1 lakh. Hey!
Keep your money! Rascal! What do you think
of my sister! Hey.. Rascal! Will you slap me! Just see, how I’ll call
your sister here! Mr. Pandey, we’re getting late.
Where’s Panchi? I have to go for another shoot
at 3:00 p.m. She must be arriving soon.
The make-up takes some time. I’ll just check.
There. She’s here.
We were talking about you. Please have a seat.
– Sorry.. Mr. Pandey, I am late. Actually, the preparation
took a bit longer. It’s okay..
– Hi, Kunal. Shall we start?
– Yes.. Please come. Kunal’s solo shoot is done.
Let’s finish your solo shoot and then let’s do
the photo-shoot together. Who is calling? Diwakar.
– Diwakar? Diwakar, how come you’re
missing your sister today? I miss you all the time. Who is this?
– I am your fan. And my name is Sunil. Actually, today is my birthday. Won’t you wish me
happy birthday? But why are you calling
from Diwakar’s phone? Sister, disconnect the call!
Disconnect.. Diwakar! Diwakar.. What are you people
doing to Diwakar! Leave him! Just come and free him. And along with that,
perform a dance as well. And, yes.
If you won’t come then you’ll never be able
to meet your brother. Understood?
– Hello! ‘Jai Hind’, sir.
– ‘Jai Hind’. Please come. Sir, she was attacked
on the belly and the neck. Her name is Fahida, sir. The neighbour told
that two people came here. They killed her and kidnapped
her son, Mehmood. Who were those people?
– No one knows, sir. Their faces were covered. But they took Mehmood away
in a big white car. Who else stays here apart from Farida
and her son, Mehmood? Farida was a widow.
She used to stay with Mehmood. I have got to know
that Mehmood was a makeup man in the film industry. Open the door. Open the door. Mr. Pandey, Panchi not just fled
away with our money. She duped others too. Why would a superstar like
Panchi run away? I think it’s a different matter. To heck with..
Let’s do one thing. Let’s approach the police
with our union and file a case
against Panchi Jha. Come with me.
Let’s go. ‘Store.’ Mr. Pandey, you won’t
find Panchi. But my dates are available. But your hero, Kunal Kishore,
wanted to do a film with Panchi. Okay, fine.
Make a film without a heroine. Because I don’t think
she will come back. Why are you saying like this?
Do you know where Panchi is? Will you discuss everything
over the phone? Do one thing.
Come to my house today evening. Okay?
I will be waiting for you. Please come without fail.
– Okay. I know. Will you discuss everything
over the phone? No, I will disconnect
the call now. I have a guest. Greetings.. Mr. Kunal Kishore,
how come you are here today? I need to talk to you
regarding Panchi. Panchi.. Even I have heard
that your film has been stalled after her disappearance.
How what can I do? Only you can do something, sir. Let me go. Free me. Why have you brought me here? What have I done? Please free me. Sir, he is Mehmood.
He was abducted in this car. There is no number plate
on this car. Who could be those persons? They killed the mother
of a makeup artist and kidnapped him. Sir, I enquired about Mehmood. He had no work
in last few years. He and his mother were
going through financial crisis. Mehmood and his mom
had enemies for sure. Get all the information
about them. – Right, sir. And check all the CCTV footage
from where the car came. We might get a clue from there. We might get to know
from where this car came and where it went. Find out those people
with whom Mehmood works. Okay, sir.
– Sir, may I come in? Yes. A film producer, Sundar Gupta,
wants to meet you. Mehmood..
No, sir. I don’t know any person
named Mehmood. Sir, I have come here to talk
to you regarding Panchi Jha. Are you referring
to the actress, Panchi Jha? Yes, sir. I want to file a complaint
against her. She has fled away
with my money. Panchi Jha has fled away! Not just Panchi Jha,
her entire family is missing. I wanted to make
a film with her. She was not giving me
an appointment to meet her. Then I met her mother, Vimla. Greetings, Mr. Gupta. Greetings. Ms. Vimla, did Ms. Panchi
read my script? She didn’t read your script.
But I read your script. To be honest,
I like your script. Mr. Gupta, I was wondering if you introduce the character
of heroine’s mother as a second lead,
your film will be super hit. I hope you have understood
what I am trying to say. Yes, I am understanding.
I have understood everything. You are perfect
as heroine’s mother. Then take me in your film.
– It’s done.. You just convince Ms. Panchi
to do my film. You have taken me in your film. Panchi’s dates are
available for you. I changed the story
for her. And she signed the contract too.
See this. But she didn’t fix my
meeting with Panchi. And she took
the signing amount too. Here is the cheque
of Rs. 10 lakh. Fix my meeting
with Ms. Panchi now. I need to fix the dates
and make arrangements for the shooting.
– Sure, Mr. Gupta. Panchi has gone
for outdoor shooting. I will fix a meeting
one she returns home, okay? Sir, the cheque which
I had given her got cleared
before Panchi’s return. But I couldn’t meet Panchi. And her entire family has
gone missing all of sudden. Sir, I am not the only victim. They have fled away after taking money
from many producers. But why would an established
star flee away after taking money
from the producers? You need to find out the reason. But Panchi, her mother,
her elder brother.. Everyone’s phone
is switched off. I tried to call them up
several times. Mishra, file his complaint.
Okay, Mr. Gupta. Get your complaint filed.
We will look into this matter. Thank you, sir. Sinha. Find out why Panchi and
her family have gone missing. Right, sir. Kunal, I made a movie with
you and Shamita earlier too. For my next film I am going to replace
Panchi with Shamita. It’s okay. But what is the reason behind Panchi and her family’s
disappearance? Kunal, to heck with Panchi
and her family. I don’t want
to bear loss anymore I want to start the film
with Ms. Shamita. That’s it. It seems Kunal hasn’t
been able to forget Panchi yet. Excuse me. Do you know where Panchi
and her family are? Their house has been locked
since last 20 days. They were going on a trip
when I saw them last. Where have they gone?
– No idea. Who else left with Panchi?
– Her entire family went out both her brothers,
Sonu and Diwakar her younger sister
and mother. Diwakar, what are you doing?
Hurry up. Yes, Sister.
Everything is done. I am coming. Their maid, Sunita,
locked the house after they left. Sunita..
Where does she stay? Do you have her number?
– I don’t know where she stays. But many people came here
and enquired about them after they left. Two goons came here
few days back. They created a scene here. Open the door! I know you are hiding inside. Were Panchi and her family
present inside the house? No, sir. They were simply
creating a scene. Sir, I have managed
to get the phone numbers of all the family
members of Panchi. But everyone’s phone
is switched off. And there is no information
of her maid, Sunita. We will get Sunita’s number
from their call records. Check their call records. And is there any information
of those two goons who created a scene
outside Panchi’s house? No, sir.
There is no information. But I have noticed one thing. The CCTV installed outside
Panchi’s house is damaged. And I have got another
information as well. – What? Panchi took the signing amount
from another producer named Mr. Pandey. Even he wanted to make
a film with Panchi and the hero, Kunal. Why would an established star
deceive people and run away? The CCTV got damaged
and two goons created a scene outside their house. I think they ran away
due to fear. Do one thing. Check everyone’s
social media account. We might get a clue
where they are now. Sir. We have got an information
about Mehmood. He was Panchi’s makeup man
3 years ago. The connection between Panchi
and Mehmood till 3 years ago attracted our attention. Panchi and her family
went missing 20 days back. The incident regarding makeup
artist Mehmood and his mother took place after 18 days
of their disappearance. The murder of Mehmood’s
mother, Farida and Mehmood’s kidnapping
had a connection Panchi and her family’s
disappearance. But what was the connection
among these incidents? It was a complex question. We checked Mehmood
and his mother’s background but we couldn’t find any angle. Panchi and her family members’
phone were switched off. And none of them were active
on social media. Hence, we got the search
warrant issued in order to search
Panchi’s house. And we asked
the people related to Panchi about Mehmood and his mother. Sir, this is Samyukta.
Panchi’s hairstylist. She knows Mehmood. I haven’t seen Mehmood since
past three years. When he used to do Panchi
Ma’am’s make-up Mehmood quarreled a lot
with her. I’m done ma’am. I will send
Samyukta to change. Okay. Video recording is in progress. Whose mobile is this? Let me check. Hey, this is Mehmood’s mobile. How dare you record
her video! I will get you arrested
by the police. We won’t get him
arrested. We will punish him such that
he learns a good lesson. Due to Ms. Panchi’s advise nobody employed Mehmood
in the industry. What else do you know about
Mehmood. I don’t know much apart from
this, sir. What about Panchi? Where is she and her
entire family? Sir, they’ve gone on a tour. Before leaving, Ms. Panchi
told me that she will do Mr. Pandey’s
film after returning. She was supposed to do
even Mr. Gupta’s film. Everybody is accusing her
of absconding with their money. No sir, she is being
defamed. She had already denied
to work in Mr. Gupta’s film. Greetings, Ms. Panchi. Why aren’t you neither replying
to our messages nor answering my calls? Looks like you haven’t
forgotten previous instances. Mr. Gupta! If you come into
my vanity and remind me of those unpleasant
memories I will be obviously disturbed. I am already disturbed. I am launching your mother. I have made the payment. But you aren’t
responding. You will get back your
money, Mr. Gupta. I have told my mother. Ms. Panchi.. Also, please don’t try to
meet me without permission. Sir, I doubt even Mr. Pandey’s
intentions. Is it so?
Why? He had replaced Ms. Panchi
with Ms. Shamita for his film. Sir, all of them are trying to
defame Ms. Panchi by accusing her of
absconding with their money. Kunal and Shamita! Just make sure you give it
your best shot together. In this scene, you are meeting
after a gap of three years. Get the feel of it. Shall we practice it once. No need, let’s start the shoot. Dear, practice it once
before we do the shoot. Okay..
Let’s practice. Ready. Ready.
Let’s do it. Action! Why are you staring at me? You can afford to forget me
but I can never forget you. What happened, Kunal?
Did you forget your dialogue? Give him his dialogue
sheet. Take your dialogues sheet. Sir, I don’t know anything
about Mehmood. I don’t know what Mr. Gupta
had to do with Ms. Panchi. We got to know that Mr. Gupta
was your close friend. Hope you aren’t deliberately
hiding anything about Mr. Gupta. Sir, even Panchi is a good
friend of mine. But I don’t mix friendship
and profession. I couldn’t stop my movie
for her sake. As I wasn’t getting to know
about Panchi I replaced Panchi with Shamita
for my movie. What could be the reason behind
Panchi and her family’s absence? Did they have enmity with
somebody or anything else? Sir, I don’t have any idea
about it. I think this may be handy work
of Panchi’s brother’s friends. Which brother?
Sonu? No.. I mean the younger one,
Diwakar. Just a few months ago his
friends had abducted him. Hello..
Hello.. What happened.
– We have to rush, Sonu. Diwakar’s life is under
threat. After that, Panchi had rescued
his brother from those guys. Who were those guys? They were from his hostel.
I don’t know anything else. Why didn’t you approach us when
you suspected foul play? Sir I was about to do that but
before that Mr. Gupta filed a case of cheating against
Ms. Panchi. I don’t think Panchi can
abscond with anyone’s money. May I come in, sir?
– Yes, come in. I got some information, sir. A police case was filed
on the guys who had abducted Diwakar. But all of them were released
on bail after a week of arrest. Now, those guys stay in
the same hostel. Let’s go there. Sir, we agree that we committed
a mistake. But Diwakar had instigated us
to do so, sir. We had just told him to invite
her sister on my birthday but he humiliated me. Welcome, Ms. Panchi. As Panchi got you arrested you abducted her with her entire
family, right? No, sir. We didn’t do anything
else apart from this. Trust me, sir. We are
not involved in anything else. Mishra! Take them to task. Don’t spare them until they
don’t reveal the truth. No..
No, sir.. Sir, we tried our
best to get the truth from Diwakar and his friends but
they are by their statement. We showed their pictures
to Panchi’s neighbours. But these are not the ones who
vandalised Panchi’s house. Who else are those
goons? Panchi’s hairstylist told Gupta
that it is an old matter. Gupta has filed a case of
cheating. May be somebody is tricking us. Along with Gupta, track the
activities of everyone who is involved with Panchi and
Pandey. Okay, sir. Sir, we have got the permission
to search Panchi’s house. We’ve found maid Sunita’s number
from Panchi’s call records. We’ve called her
to Panchi’s house. Were you able to find out
anything else from Panchi’s call records? Yes, sir. Everybody’s mobile was
switched off 22 days ago about 300 km away from Patna,
at Lalgarh. Panchi had made her last call
to the actor, Kunal Kishore. His phone was active in
Lalgarh at that time. Glory to India, sir.
– Glory to India. She is the maid, sir. Sir, we didn’t find anything
inside. Sir, I don’t know where they
went to tour. I was out to my native place,
in their absence. Where is Panchi and their family
from? Sir, actually they are from
Bhagalpur. But I don’t know where exactly
in Bhagalpur. Did they have a quarrel, fight,
or enmity with anyone? I don’t know about it. How were their internal
relationships? Overall everything was okay,
but Diwakar.. Diwakar was not in good terms
with anybody at home. Though his college is right here
in Patna, he used to stay in a hostel instead
of his house. Diwakar, why don’t you vacate
the hostel and stay here. What’s my problem, here? I am still facing the same
problem at the hostel which I faced here. She.. Until her movie buzz
goes on, I will suffer the same. Now, she has gotten Mother also
involved into it. Things can’t get worse than
this. Now, even you’ll do shameless
acts with your daughter. Enough, Diwakar. I can bear
if you talk ill about me but not about Mother.
Shame on you. Shame on you, Diwakar. Our household is maintained
because of sister. Don’t talk rubbish. Hey you,
don’t try to correct me. Stay quiet. You stop your nonsense. I wanted to become a film star,
so I became one. Suman aspires to become
a police officer she will be one for sure. But what about you? When you prosper, you can
show your attitude. How can I prosper? You are the biggest obstacle
in my progress. Let me end the daily quarrels. Leave him. If it pleases him to kill me,
let him do so. I sacrificed myself for him
but if he wants me dead then let him proceed. Let him find his peace. Take.
Take this knife and kill me. Take it, hold it.
Kill me! Kill me. Diwakar was not in good terms
with anybody but still how come he went with them
on tour. Sir, that is what even I
found strange. What about the other brother,
Sonu? Was everybody comfortable
with him? Sir, he wasn’t her
biological brother. What do you mean by that? Sir, he was Panchi’s
distant relative. As his parents expired, he
used to stay with them, here. He used to manage things
for Ms. Panchi. What about Panchi’s younger
sister, Suman? What does Suman do? She is preparing for the
competitive exam for police job. Along with that she used
to do insurance job. Sir, we checked the indoor
CCTV footage. We would like to show that
to you, come. Sir, Panchi’s car is similar to the car used
to abduct Mehmood. The car doesn’t have a
number plate but it looks like that one. Is it a coincidence
that the cars are similar or.. I’ve checked the CCTV
footages of other days too. The two hooligans who
broke things here have also been captured. Look at this. Call the maid.
– Sir. Do you either of them? No, sir, I don’t. Sunita,
his name’s Mehmood. Do you know him? No, sir. Sir, we’ve inquired outside. We’ve found out
that the Paan stall outside the bungalow hasn’t
been opened since they went for the trip. And no one knows
about the stall owner. Do you know who that
Paan stall owner is? Yes, sir. He was Panchi’s fan. He had come from Jharkhand.
He’d always stare at Panchi. That’s why he’d put
a Paan stall outside. Greetings, ma’am.
– Greetings. I’ve been able to put a Paan
stall only because of you. How nice! – I’d like you
to have my first Paan. It will bring good luck
to my business. Wonderful.. Nice!
– Thank you. Where does he live? He used to sleep
outside the stall. He told everyone
that he’s from Jharkhand. Find out where this
Paan stall owner lives. Also, confirm what
Sunita said about Diwakar. Sunita might be saying this
because someone told her to. Okay, sir. Hello? He’s Mehmood.
There’s another over there.. Panchi and her family
went missing first. Then Mehmood was kidnapped. Then Mehmood’s
mother is murdered. And now we’ve found another
corpse along with Mehmood’s. Panchi and her family’s
disappearance and these murders might be connected. Mehmood was kidnapped
in Panchi’s car. Mehmood had a fight with Panchi. We won’t get him arrested. What we do to him, he will
remember the rest of his life. But Panchi didn’t lodge
a police complaint for this. It could be assumed
that Panchi could be getting even with Mehmood. But this was a three-year-old
incident. Mehmood’s mother
was murdered too. And we’d found an unidentified
corpse with Mehmood’s. We had to solve the mystery
of the three murders. A complaint was lodged
against Panchi for cheating. But this case seemed
like a conspiracy after Panchi and her family
went missing. Panchi’s friend, that Paan
stall owner, was missing. We didn’t find anything
about the hooligans who were seen outside
Panchi’s house. All these things were scattered. We had to draw
connection between them. We wanted to meet the Bhojpuri
star, Kunal Kishore and find out what conversation
he had with Panchi the last time. Panchi has never told
me about such things. Kunal, you guys spoke
for 26 minutes 17 seconds. Some time later, Panchi
and her family went missing. Won’t you tell me what
the conversation was about? Panchi could never stop talking. I had to get fed up
and tell her to hang up. Why? Why should I hang up? We just started talking. Mobile phones of the entire
family were switched off in Lalgarh. Why did she go there?
– Lalgarh? No, sir, we were
told to go to Purulia. Purulia?
– No, I don’t know them. People of the industry claim
that Panchi and her family ran away with their money. What do you have to say to that? No, sir, Panchi wasn’t
that sort of person. I might be able to agree that
about her mother, though. But Panchi would
never do that. What do you know
about Panchi’s mother? Panchi used to share
everything with me. Mom has always hurt dad, Kunal. Because of her,
dad got a shock Because of her,
and had a cardiac arrest. What happened between Panchi’s
parents that she held her mother responsible
for her father’s death? Her mother might’ve had
an affair with someone. With whom? Panchi didn’t tell me about it. She’d forgotten
everything and moved on. It was Panchi’s father’s dream
that she become an IPS officer. To uphold the responsibilities
of her family Panchi has struggled a lot. She went from being a junior
artist to a huge star. She gave her dream of becoming
an IPS officer to her sister. Wonderful! Your dream is to become
an IPS officer but your hobby is scriptwriting! Wow.. I got inspiration to write
scripts from sister. Kunal, what do you think?
Can a film be made on it? Of course! Why not? We’ll
definitely make a film on it. Wow! Suman has become a writer.
– Of course! Panchi had planned lots
of things for her life. She wouldn’t run away like this. So what you’re saying is that
Panchi’s mother could cheat. She’d taken money from Gupta. I’ve found out that Gupta
also had an issue with Panchi. During her phase of struggle,
Mr. Gupta told Panchi to compromise
to get work in films. Panchi didn’t want to work
with him for that reason. Shamita wanted to do
a film with Mr. Pandey. But Mr. Pandey
had signed Panchi. That’s why Shamita
was upset with Panchi. Excuse me. Shamita, come here. Let’s get
photographs clicked together. What spell have
you cast over Mr. Pandey that he signed a film
with you when he almost did the same with me. It’s the magic
of my talent, baby. And my.. Appeal. I’ll tell you something.
Don’t take offence. You’ve become off-season. You can shove your talent
and your.. Appeal in your.. Your.. Appeal and skimpiness
isn’t going to compete with my grace. Panchi had forgotten
everything as a joke. But Shamita was upset over this. Mr. Pandey, if Kunal
wasn’t going to come you should’ve said so,
I wouldn’t have come either. Did you call me here
to wait for him? Shamita, the police summoned
Kunal all of a sudden. I didn’t know it’d take so long. I’ll tell you what? Be in the vanity van.
He’ll be here soon. Okay, I’ll wait for him. Shamita and Panchi
were competitors. Their controversies are famous
in the entire industries. The controversies
might’ve turned into enmity. But Kunal suspected
no only Shamita but also Panchi’s mother and Gupta. He said that Panchi’s mother
had an affair with someone. Check how right he is. The cause of Panchi and
her family’s disappearance could also be an issue
within the family. It could also be the work
of someone outsider enemy. Or they might’ve
disappeared of their own will. In this case, Panchi and
her family’s disappearance is connected to the murder
of Mehmood, his mother and the unidentified corpse
we found near Mehmood. Kunal said that they left for
Purulia but their mobile phones were switched off in Lalgarh. Sinha, inquire about
Panchi and her family? in all the hotels, lodges
and resorts between Lalgarh and Purulia. And find out about the car. Okay, sir.
– Sir.. The men who cause broke
things outside Panchi have been identified. Look at this. He’s Mukund and he’s Mahendra. They’re hooligans
of a local gang. Sir, we did on
Vishwanath’s orders. Who’s Vishwanath? Vishwanath Sinha, he’s got
huge showroom’s in Patna. He’s said that Panchi
and her family is hiding inside the house. We were told to scare
them and threaten them. But there are no one
inside the house. Mishra! Sir, Panchi was going to
inaugurate my showroom. I’d given Rs. Seven
Lakhs as advance to her brother
and manager, Sonu. But she didn’t come. She simply took my money. Because of her, the inauguration
of the showroom was ruined. She was nowhere to be found. I thought that she was hiding
inside the house after locking the door from the outside. But she wasn’t
in the house either. But you found them out and took
care of them in such a way that they’re nowhere
to be found now. No, sir. I didn’t do
anything like that. Speak.. May I come in? Vishwanath and his hooligans
wouldn’t say anything. They refuse to recognise
Mehmood or the other man. Have you found out anything
about that Paan stall owner? Nothing has been
found out about him. May I come in, sir?
– Yes. Sir, I checked
the bank transactions of Panchi and her family. Panchi’s account was nil by the
time her phone went inactive. She had Rs. 47 lakhs
in her account and all
of them were withdrawn. What? Really? Who withdrew it? Since a week before
they left for the trip the money was being
withdrawn in small amounts from the self-bearer cheque
of Panchi. That means, they actually got
away with the money. They withdrew the amount
to ensure that their bank account
doesn’t get seized. That’s what it seems like. Because they didn’t check in
any of the guest house or hotel from Lalgarh to Purulia. There is no information
from anywhere. It was still a mystery
if Panchi and her family had actually got away
with the money. Though Panchi’s
account balance was nil she owned a house
in Patna worth rupees lakhs. If they had to escape they would’ve sold that
house before going. But that house was still
registered on Panchi Jha’s name. We found the address
of her native place, Bhagalpur. But they weren’t there either. Mehmood, his mother, Farida and the mystery of that
unknown man was now showing
connections with the mystery of Panchi and her
family’s disappearance. Once again we started
to check their call records and their social media accounts. We were focusing
on every minute thing and that’s when we
came across a shocking angle. Sir, some suspicious activities
have been detected from Panchi’s younger sister,
Suman’s social media account. Suman was following
a social media account which was banned
by the government. Did the government ban it? Because they used to upload
anti-social content on it. We can’t even trace
the IP address of that profile. Shockingly, that account
didn’t have a profile photo but Suman used to like
its content and she even used to write
anti-social things on her page. Suman wanted to become an IPS.
She used to sell insurance and she used to write
film scripts. And this account.. This girl has many shades.
– Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
And one more thing her phone used to remain
active in Chandigarh often. She used to visit that
place often. Chandigarh? There’s an anti-social group
named Bhumi active in Chandigarh. Could it be that
Panchi and Suman are working for this group? Sinha, find out about this
group’s sympathisers. It could be that Panchi
and her whole family is related to this group. This is really sensitive. Sir, it could also be this. That betel leaf seller who had
his shop outside Panchi’s shop.. Even he must be from
Bhumi’s group. May be, he was there to keep
an eye on her house so that he can alert her. But the question is how is all this related
to Mahmud, his mother and this unknown man’s
murder? What’s the mystery behind Panchi
and her family’s disappearance? Sinha, let’s do this. Let’s go to
Panchi’s house again. We might have missed
something there. Yes, sir. Sir, it’s the same script
which Suman had offered to Kunal and he even got ready
to act in this film. This story has
anti-social content. Check if Kunal
has any connection with the anti-social group. Okay, sir. May I come in, sir? Sir, the dead body which is
recovered along with Mehmood’s is of a convicted felon. Look, his name is Bablu. He was accused of making
obscene videos of girls and uploading it
on the internet. He was jailed
for four years after this. And interestingly, he was
released just before one month before Panchi and her
family’s disappearance. Even Mahmud had tried to make
one such video of Panchi. Could it be that
they uploaded one such video of Panchi or her sister and maybe, her family
couldn’t face this disgrace. If so, it would’ve
been a breaking news. But it could be
that Mehmood and Bablu have one such video of Panchi. So, is that why Panchi’s
family got them murdered? Panchi had a
car of the same model by which Mahmud was kidnapped. This is a very big game. I think someone is using
Panchi’s family as a pawn. Even the anti-social content
found from Suman’s profile must be a conspiracy of someone. Even the minister,
Ramswaroop’s number has been found
from Panchi’s call records. Not just Panchi,
but Kunal, Pandey and Shamita Gupta are in
touch with this minister. I have also come to know
that this minister has invested money in
many films of Pandey. He was his silent partner. We have met Kunal,
Pandey and Gupta. Now let’s meet this minister. I meet many celebrities
on a daily basis. Who exactly do you want
to know about? Sir, we want to know about
the sudden disappearance of Panchi and her family
and the secret about Mahmud, his mother and
the convicted felon, Bablu. Even I am shocked to hear
about their disappearance. Kunal wanted me to
talk to you about this. But you didn’t. Because I was getting
all the news and information. I know that she has got away
with the money of people. Had I intervened in this matter media would’ve created
a fuss about it. This is indeed
going to be a big fuss. Because Panchi’s
younger sister, Suman has connections with
anti-social groups. If you have any..
– Hold on there.. Are you in your senses?
What nonsense is this? You got angry again. All right.
Let’s forget this matter. You just tell me what you have
to say about Mr. Gupta. Just like Kunal,
even Mr. Gupta is calling you a lot these days. I think I have given you
too much time. Just pray that you don’t have
to give us time again. Thank you. Sir, that minister is my friend. He is Panchi’s friend too. Mr. Gupta,
please don’t hide anything. What’s going on between
that minister and you? What do I have to hide, sir? Actually, I asked Mr. Pandey
to file a police complaint against Panchi Jha. But I don’t know what Mr.
Pandey said to the minister.. I got his call immediately. Mr. Gupta, Mr. Pandey told me that Panchi has left a deeper
wound this time. She always does that. But this time, it’s her mother
who has cheated me. Then go to the police and
file a complaint against her. I am with you. So you are here because
he asked you to. Y-Yes, sir. But I have been cheated, right? But you were with Panchi
for a while. I heard that you tried
to molest her. Sir, who told you that? Look, this is a lie. When she entered the industry she was trying to
seduce me for a role. Mr. Gupta, I really want
to work with you. I can cross any limit for this. I hope you understand. Sir, she was talking about
compromising with me in the presence of her
elder brother, Sonu. That’s how cheap her family was. Sir, she didn’t know anything
when she came to the industry. So I didn’t entertain her.
I sent her out of my office. Then why were
you behind her now? Sir, who doesn’t like working
with a successful actress? I thought of making
a film with her now. Had I come to know this
after starting the shooting that her family has a connection
with an anti-social group my film would’ve been
a disaster and I would’ve got
defamed too. Sir, it looks like the minister
is playing a big game. That’s why he sent Gupta
to file the complaint. Perhaps, he was scared
that he might in trouble if the news of Panchi’s
disappearance comes out. So he must have planned to prove that Panchi
and her family is fraud. Do you mean to say
that the minister is behind the disappearance
of Panchi and her family that, Mahmud and Bablu
were used as pawns and that both of them were
killed to hide this secret? But what’s the mystery
of Suman’s connection with the anti-social group? Is this a conspiracy
to defame this family? Sir, there’s one person
who can answer this. Who is it? Sir, I checked Suman’s call
records of the last six months. Suman was in frequent contact with a forest ranger
named Pankaj. Pankaj was posted in the forest
of Lalgarh back then. But he has been posted
in a different jungle area now. Look at this, sir.
I have his photo too. Make arrangements
to meet Pankaj. Okay, sir. Sir, I had sent
the Paan vendor’s photo to Jharkhand. We have got a lead
from there. His name is Naresh Mandal. I have found out
about his village too. Arrest him.
– Yes, sir. No, sir. Mishra. Sir, I haven’t done
anything. I didn’t run away, sir. I had gone on leave. You went missing
on the same day when Panchi and her family
went missing. Yes, sir. I am Ms. Panchi’s fan. I went on leave
when she went for a holiday. You cannot earn money
by being a fan. You were not working
in the shop. Who was giving you
money then? Antisocial group? You work for
the antisocial group, right? No, sir. I earn money
through the fields. I have a land in Jharkhand. I had opened
this Paan shop so that I can see
Ms. Panchi everyday. You must be knowing
Mehmood and Bablu. No, sir.
I don’t know them too. Sir, I don’t know them. Sir, the news being published
in the newspaper is false. Ms. Panchi is a very good
human being. Which Suman? I don’t know anybody
named Suman. Suman is Superstar Panchi’s
younger sister. We found your number
in her call records. But I have
never met this girl. I don’t know when
and why she called me. We have a doubt
that she has some connection with an antisocial group. You are a forest ranger. Are you hiding
something from us? I receive many threat calls
from antisocial groups. She might have made
a similar call. Pankaj has denied
very easily that he doesn’t know Suman. This forest ranger
might have some connection with the antisocial group and he might be
supporting them. Find out Pankaj’s history.
– Sir. Who is this Suman
in your life? Was one girl not sufficient
to hurt me that you have found
somebody else now? Stop using your mind. This is a problem created
by the antisocial group. Understood? This is not any problem
created by the antisocial group. This is your new
love affair. Tell me the truth.
Who is Suman? What relationship
do you have with her? I don’t have
any relationship. The bomb blast
took place in the same car in which Mehmood
was kidnapped. And this bomb blast
took place in the sensitive area
of Chandangarh where an antisocial group
named Bhumi was active. The investigation
of this bomb blast was being conducted by SOT
or Special Operation Team of the central government. We found the owner
of the car through the car’s
chassis number. That car belonged
to Panchi Jha. The SOT’s investigating officer
wanted to know the mystery behind Panchi and her family’s
disappearance from me. Generally, antisocial groups
use the explosives that were used in the blast. Panchi’s younger sister,
Suman’s social media account made us suspect
that she may have a connection with some antisocial group. But a blast in their car.. Was the family killed
in the blast because we were connecting them
with the antisocial group? We had found human bones
of two bodies at the crime scene. The bodies were destroyed. Let’s wait
for the forensic report. Okay. One more thing. We have found the number
of Forest Ranger Pankaj from Suman’s call records. We have a doubt
that he may have a connection with the antisocial group. Find out all the things
from your end. Keep me updated too. What is the matter? Which girl
are you thinking about? The first one
or the second one? May I come in, sir?
– Yes, come in. Sir, I got to know about
Panchi’s work from Panchi’s hairdresser,
Samyukta. Panchi’s movie was shot
in the jungle of Lalgarh where Pankaj
was a forest ranger. Panchi.
– Yes. One selfie?
– Sure. How dare you? How dare you touch me here? Do you know
whom have you slapped? So, Pankaj had a connection
not just with Suman but Panchi too. And Pankaj lied to us. We’ll have to meet
Pankaj again. Yes, sir.
– Sir. Sir, I just received a call. Forest Ranger Pankaj
has been murdered. What! Pankaj. Pankaj, get up. Sir, that man’s face
was covered. He came all of a sudden
and stabbed Pankaj and left. We got to know
that your husband, Pankaj was meeting Superstar Panchi
and her younger sister, Suman. Tell us if you know
anything about this so that we can get a clue
about your husband’s murderer and we can find him
as soon as possible. Sir, when Panchi
had come here for shooting Pankaj had started
meeting her frequently. What is the matter? You are upset ever since
that heroine has left. Have you lost
your heart to her? Will you stop
suspecting me? Really? Return my phone. Oh, this heroine
has started messaging you now. Sheela! Sheela, I made a big mistake. That girl spoke to me so that she could record
my video and blackmail me. Was Panchi
blackmailing Pankaj? Sir, she was taking revenge because Pankaj
had misbehaved with Panchi during the shooting. After that, she spoke
sweetly to Pankaj and trapped him
in such a way that Pankaj started
giving her money frequently. Once, her younger sister
came home to take
the blackmailing amount. Sir, may I come in? Sir, the bones found
in the car in which the blast
took place are of a 35 year old woman
and a 40 year old man. There’s nobody
in Panchi’s family of this age. Who are that man and woman who were made to sit
in Panchi’s car and killed through a blast? Panchi and her family’s
disappearance were giving a U-turn
to this case every time. And the lead that we got
this time changed the direction
of this case once again. Sir, I found a connection
between Minister Ramswaroop and Pankaj. Four years ago,
Pankaj had sold a portion of the land
in the jungle to Ramswaroop in an illegal way. This land is in the area
of Lalgarh. Panchi and her family’s
phones switched off in the same area. But that is not just
a land anymore. A farmhouse
has been constructed there. I did not purchase
that land. Instead, I helped
Kunal get that land from Pankaj. Sir. Mishra. Sir, I didn’t do anything. Panchi had just asked me
to take her to my farmhouse. I am planning to go out
with my family. Can you give me the keys
of your farmhouse in Lalgarh? Yes, why not? I’ll inform the caretaker that you are coming
with your family. Thank you so much. They reached there
on the 16th of March. Their phones were
switched off then. My caretaker’s phone
was also switched off. I couldn’t understand
anything. I went there and saw.. Sir, I was very scared. That is why I thought
of seeking help from the minister. My name was associated
with that land. That land was always
in trouble. The situation
would worsen even more if I would inform
the police. Sir, I agree that I got
the bloodstains cleaned from the farmhouse. But I haven’t killed anybody. You found only blood
and not dead bodies. No, sir.
I didn’t find any dead bodies. There was only blood. What about Panchi’s car? I didn’t find her car too. Sir. Sir, look, there’s blood. Blood signs are there. If the murders
have taken place here then where are the bodies? Sinha,
comb through the farm house. Quick.
– Right, sir. Sir. A moment. Sir, there are
two boys, two girls and a woman among the corpses. There were five people
in Panchi’s family. And Kunal had told
their caretaker Sanjeev also stays here. Sir, they’d come here
with a lot of money. Panchi’s entire
account was cleared. It’s possible
that someone came here killed all of them
and fled with the money. And took care Sanjeev as well. Or maybe
Sanjeev has killed all of them and he uses the money
for antisocial activities. But, Sinha,
what connection can Sanjeev have with the anti-social group? Hello? Mr. Jindal we have nothing
to do with Panchi’s family. Only Suman used to work for us. Who’s this?
– The one who got Mehmood,
his mother, and Bablu dead. We had no enmity
with Mehmood’s mother. But Mehmood
and Bablu had killed our comrade Suman
along with her family. We did all this to avenge that. If you have avenged
Panchi and her family’s murder. Then why did you cause
a blast in her car? I don’t consider it necessary
to answer your every question. Still I’d like to inform our men had gone to Lalgarh
in order to meet Suman. Her phone was
switched off there. That’s why they went
to that farmhouse. There was blood everywhere. But no corpses. The car was parked
outside the farmhouse. Our people brought the car. After that we used to
transport weapons and cartridges in the same car. Those cartridges had
exploded in our car. But how did you come to know
Mehmood and Bablu had murdered Panchi and her family? Mr. Jindal, our informers
are far efficient than yours. Bablu and Mehmood
were only pawns. Someone else is
running the show. Who is that person? Pankaj? Is that why you killed Pankaj? We didn’t kill Pankaj but yes, the one who’d
used Bablu and Mehmood as pawn we won’t spare him either. But who’s that player? Someone near to them. Who? Sir, I’ve asked
to trace the number. I don’t think
this number can be traced. Perhaps, this number belongs
to the same anti-social group for which Suman was working. She was saying
they’ve avenged Suman’s murder. What?
– Yes. This phone call
can be a ploy to distract us. Or maybe, Mehmood
and Bablu really took money to kill Panchi and her family. But how, sir? She was saying
it’s someone near to them but who can be that near one? May I come in, sir? Sir, the jail
in which Bablu was locked he’d gone
to meet Sonu there once. And a shocking thing
has been found out about Sonu from Dinapur. What is it? And where’s Sonu at this moment? Sir.. – Speak!
– I’m telling you.. You turned out
to be a great player. You’d married Panchi
at Dinapur’s temple, hadn’t you? This.. Then why did Panchi use
to address you as brother? She was no sister of mine. I knew her from childhood. I’d married her at Dinapur. But she wanted
to work in the films. She used to say nobody
will give me work if they found out
that I’m married. She used to go to any extent in order to work in the films. Sir, she used to sleep
with just anyone! For how long could
I have tolerated this, sir? That’s why you
conspired to kill them. When Panchi had planned
to visit the farmhouse of that actor Kunal in Lalgarh even I’d planned
right then. First of all I cleared
her account. After that I called
Mehmood and Bablu to that farmhouse as well. Sonu! What are you doing, Sonu? Sonu, w-what is this? Sonu.. Panchi! Sister.. You.. What happened, Panchi.. I’d fled from there
after burying them but I didn’t know
Suman was connected to some anti-social group. I don’t know
how did they find out about Mehmood and Bablu. And they killed both of them. They were looking
for me as well. But I went and hid. I’d thought of escaping
to Nepal but.. Not just Nepal, had
you even hidden in netherworld we would’ve dragged you out
of there as well. Now,
rot in jail your entire life. Panchi and her
family’s murder case was solved. Who killed forest ranger
Pankaj is still a mystery. Search for Bhumi’s
anti-social group is also on. Although Suman used to work
for the anti-social group but Panchi’s irresponsible
attitude was the reason behind her and
her family’s murder. She was climbing
the ladder of success but at every step
there was a signal from crime which she was
continuously ignoring. There was tension
in her every relationship. She’d already broken
the trust in the relationship with her husband
by giving it a false name but still she
was making the mistake of trusting her husband Sonu. Sonu with great sly cleared
her bank account. Had Panchi sensed
this signal then then she might’ve got a chance
to rectify her mistakes. Now, I, Senior Inspector
Abhimanyu Jindal, bid you adieu. I shall meet
you again with a new case. Stay healthy and alert and keep watching
Crime Patrol Dastak. The job is to save, not to tell.

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