Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Ep 857 – The Tattoo Killer Part 2 – 24th September, 2017
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Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Ep 857 – The Tattoo Killer Part 2 – 24th September, 2017

Do you want
to talk to me about Janvi? Both of you
were colleagues in Hyderabad. Then both of you
got transferred to Pune. – So? Either I can come to your
office or you can come here. We will talk face to face.
It is your choice. Inspector,
I have told you everything. What else
do you want to ask? We won’t
stop questioning you until your husband’s
murder case is solved. What do you want to ask? You need to come here. Why can’t it happen
over call? We need your phone too. Do you need my phone?
But why? Maybe your phone is
the witness to your marriage. Sir, it would be better if
you don’t solve these puzzles. You are quite eager
to catch my husband and so am I. Come to Pune
with your phone at once! I am sorry, sir.
I can’t come to Pune. I have some bad memories
attached to that city. And I have resigned
from my job as well. If you don’t come to Pune,
we will come to Ujjain. It’s possible
that you might create some bad memories
in Ujjain too. Are you threatening me, sir? We just want to know
about the person who was
threatening Gaurav. Balraj is the one
who is instigating the police. Don’t worry, Janvi.
I will come with you. When we aren’t wrong,
why should we worry? Yes, I mentioned
Yogesh and then Janvi. – Why? It’s because Janvi’s
true colours were revealed soon after Gaurav’s death. When she left home,
she didn’t feel sad about losing her
husband at such a young age. Mr. Balraj, after you told us,
we investigated a lot about Yogesh and now,
it is Janvi’s turn. We need to question
Janvi as well and be strict! Before that,
you need to tell us if you had an enmity
with anyone. Thank you, sir,
for letting Yogesh go. I assure you that you can catch me
if he goes missing. You can give me
the death sentence. Sir, I work
in the electricity department. You will be able
to find me very easily. We don’t trust anyone
that quickly but I am trusting you
at the moment. Whenever we would want
to question Yogesh you will have
to bring him here. Thank you. Ma’am, there is something
known as coincidence. And there is something
called as overconfidence. It’s a feeling
where you consider yourself to be very smart
and that you won’t be caught. Look,
nothing happened secretly. Janvi and I were
colleagues in Hyderabad. She was in the
accounts’ department and I was
in the legal department. We are really good
with each other. How good are you with
each other? The bond is similar to you
and your colleague. Janvi got transferred
to Pune. You couldn’t control yourself. So, you got transferred
as well. Is that so? You aren’t finding any
evidences in Janvi’s husband’s murder case and that’s why,
you are frustrated. And now, you are just
doubting every single person. But I haven’t killed Gaurav. Neither do I
have an affair with Janvi. I didn’t
even talk about that. Janvi came to Pune
because of her marriage. What was your excuse?
– I didn’t need an excuse. My dad got a heart attack
six months ago. My parents stay in Panvel
and I got transferred to Pune so that I could
visit Panvel every weekend. I could also take good
care of them. You will now
ask me for a proof. Absolutely, sir. I need the name of the hospital
where your father was treated. I need the name of the hospital,
the phone numbers and address of your patents. Sir, if I had an enmity with
someone, I would get killed. You can.. Why was Gaurav killed? And that too,
because he was driving my car. Is it because you asked
for a dowry from Janvi’s father? That’s what I am saying, sir. They are responsible
for all this. He seemed quite tense. He felt that someone was
following him and that a car
was following him. This is a story
cooked up by Janvi, sir. At first,
she made this story and then she
got my son killed. All of this
is done by Janvi, sir. She has done it.
She got my son killed. Mr. Balraj, is it possible
that it’s an old enemy of yours? That person might’ve killed
your son just because he wanted to see you in pain. Every business
has minor disputes. Mr. Balraj,
please tell about all your disputes
and dissensions. Sir,
you are after my business. You are wasting
your time for no reason. I am telling you that
all of this is done by Janvi! People wait till
their enemy’s funeral at least but he was your husband,
after all. This is our personal
matter, sir. It would be better if you
ask point to point questions. Your husband was murdered,
Janvi Tiwari. After the last rites of Gaurav,
you packed your bags the very next day
and left for Ujjain. How can a woman
forget her marriage in two days? 48 hours! Is there a rule to be sad
for particular days? Her in-laws wanted
her to stay with them as the daughter-in-law
of the house. They wanted her
to treat them. She is just 25 years old. She has a life ahead! You could’ve taken a leave
on 24th and 25th September but you were keen on
attending the meeting on 23rd. What was the reason
of your urgency that you couldn’t push
the meeting to 26th September? Sir,
I am a chartered surveyor. I was a junior executive
in a corporate company. And I was newly transferred.
You can ask my boss how important it was
for me to be present there. We have asked them,
Janvi Tiwari. Yes, it was a very
important meeting. Couldn’t the dates
have been changed? Absolutely not.
No chance! Couldn’t the meeting
have taken place without Janvi? Sir, I wouldn’t say that. It is a corporate setup.
People need to be on standby. People fall ill too. Technically,
Janvi could have fallen ill and skipped
the meeting, right? Well, yes. It was her and her team’s
decision to attend the meeting. We spoke to your team too. They say that it wasn’t
such an important meeting. So, will you blame
my daughter for the murder over this trivial issue? Let them do
what they want to, Dad. I am not scared of anyone. Even they should understand that Gaurav was eager
to return on that day. He was fine
with my decision. Even he wanted
to return soon. He had a meeting
with Dhiraj. And then, Gaurav’s car
broke down a day prior and all of you
had to leave in a SUV. Sir, there are many ways
to reach Pune from Vapi. There are buses,
trains and taxis. It was Gaurav’s decision
to go in a SUV. Had he insisted
on staying back till Sunday I would have got
my meeting cancelled. I would stay back. Sorry but we have heard
something else. Janvi’s every plan
led to just one point they she wanted to leave by
22nd and that too, in a new car. Sir, I asked Gaurav
many a time to stay back. He was ready to stay back
but at last, he spoke the truth. He said that Janvi
would not stay back. She wanted
to leave by 22nd. She had pre-planned
everything. She killed my son! Had I wanted to get him
killed, I would do it in Vapi. It would be easy to say
as to how I could do this. I didn’t know anything
about that city. Maybe the person
who is madly in love with you knows a lot about Vapi. So, he planned
to kill your husband. You have crossed
all your limits, sir. Let’s go, Janvi. Enough of it. Enough of it. Your son-in-law
was murdered. You need to wait. I am not done
with my investigation yet. Janvi Tiwari, is there
anyone else that you love? There was no one, sir. I don’t love anyone. Had there been anyone else,
why would I marry Gaurav? Janvi has taken
all the decisions on her own and this will continue
in future as well. As far as
college crushes are concerned.. It might
happen in other cases. But in this case, there’s
nothing as such. Let’s go. My phone, please.
– Not now. It’ll take two days
to scan your phone. And yes.. Until then,
you have to be in Pune. We might call you again. Don’t worry at all.
Not even a bit, okay? Yes. I have vacated the office.
I am sending you the keys. When will I get my deposit? OTP is 1698. Hospital, home.. A
to Z. I enquired everywhere. Satish Joshi
really suffered an heart attack in April. This guy
visits Panvel thrice a week. That means,
he was speaking the truth. Then who is lying,
Ishwar? You are saying that no
one is revealing anything. Ma’am, there’s nothing. No contract killers
have heard about Gaurav. But he has been killed. That
too, by a professional killer. He was aware
that he was going to be killed. What was the matter? Sir, there’s a small plot
in Silvassa. Gaurav’s father, Balraj,
was cracking this deal. Sir, two people
own this plot. Jignesh Chawda
and Hemant Parikh. Balraj was having a dispute
with both of them. More, do you see any connection
of this dispute with the murder? Sir, I spoke to Jignesh Chawda
and Hemant Parikh. They are not
saying anything directly but they have
three phone numbers each. They gave their numbers
without creating a fuss and said that they
are ready for any enquiry. What about Gaurav’s
hatchback car? The mechanic by whom Gaurav’s
father got the car fixed told me that there was some
problem in the ignition switch. But he didn’t find
any sign of conspiracy. Sir! Sir, the cyber cell
and forensic team have found that a few photos, videos
and messages have been deleted from Janvi’s phone. Sir, they have found it
from the serial numbers that there were deletions. She thinks, she has
deleted the evidence. Since Janvi’s father, Akhilesh,
a business tycoon in Ujjain she thought,
she would escape. But, sir,
nothing has shown up from past records
and phone records. The transcript
of the chats are under process. It’ll take some time. You got a false story
published without asking me. You are defaming me.
And now, you are asking me why I deleted
the messages and videos. Is this your way
to investigate? Mr. Balraj, You cannot vent
out your anger on my daughter in such a manner.
I won’t let this happen. Even I won’t let my son’s
murderers roam around free. Get them arrested. My daughter has got nothing
to do with this, Mr. Balraj. She was Gaurav’s wife. And now, she is thinking
about her future. She should have
thought about her future before getting married. How can she think about
her future after killing my son? Janvi, press doesn’t seek our
permission to publish anything. How did they get to know that my photos
have been deleted from my phone? There’s leakage
in every system. But the questions is.. Why did you delete
the photos, videos and chats? That too,
soon after the murder. Because I knew that
you would start harassing me. Those photos
and videos were very private to Gaurav and myself. You could have sat
with our lady officer and then deleted it. Now, we are suspicious
about you even more. What did you delete these
and why? You can investigate
if you are doubtful. Find out evidences
against me. But it’s wrong
to defame me. I need my phone back. Mr. Balraj, don’t ever
think that Janvi is alone. I won’t let anyone
cause any harm to her. But I am alone. You have killed my son. I will bring
every point to light. Mr. Akhilesh,
you would do the same if Janvi had died
instead of Gaurav. Give Janvi’s phone
back to her. Enquire everything
about her life till date. We have surely
missed out something and that is the password
of this case. ‘Suspect wife resigns,
had to leave Pune.’ Sir, as far as I know, Gaurav
and Janvi were happy together. I don’t remember
if Gaurav had said anything negative
about Janvi. Did Janvi ever say
anything to you? Any complaint
or misunderstanding? Sir, they got married
two months ago. And I shared a formal
relationship with Janvi. We never discussed
personal matters. Did you feel anything? You must have seen
or heard something. Anything? No, sir. Sir, I am alcoholic. Since when did you start
getting intoxicated? Don’t act over-smart,
Yogesh. Answer to my question. Sir, what you have asked
is rubbish. Just because
I had threatened I am being accused
of this crime. And now,
you are asking me if Gaurav and his wife
had a fight. As if they
were my best friends. They used to call me
up every day. Gaurav didn’t even
speak to me properly. He didn’t even
introduce me to his wife. Ma’am, we have searched
each and every corner of Ujjain. We searched everywhere. But we got to know
what Janvi had said. She had two boyfriends
in college. But now, even they
are settled in their lives. Does Janvi meet anyone? No, ma’am. Janvi doesn’t
step out of her house. Ever since she has
returned from Pune seems like her life
has paused. ‘We tracked every minute
detail about Janvi’ ‘hoping to find
a lead of the motive of murder.’ ‘Now, we had reached
to a conclusion’ ‘that she was as good
as the professional killers.’ ‘Or she was really innocent.’ Inspector,
do you have any idea how much you have
tarnished Janvi’s reputation? The print media
has done everything. Now, she is being trolled
even on the social media. Janvi had to deactivate
all her accounts. How can we be responsible
for all this, Mr. Akhilesh? We are investigating
a severe crime. This is our job. Is whatever my daughter
going through, not a crime? The public operant
on social media and the journalists
of electronic media.. All are talking
about my daughter. No matter
how much you refuse you are responsible
for all this. You couldn’t
catch the murderer. To top it all,
incomplete information gets leaked
from your system as a result, my
daughter is mentally disturbed. I beg of you. Stop torturing her.
Please! More, why haven’t we found
a single loophole in this case? Sir,
this is a rare situation. We are not getting any
lead from any of our sources. We are blank. ‘A silver sedan car
which was seen in a CCTV’ ‘which was following
Gaurav’s car’ ‘and was used
in the murder..’ ‘We tracked all the
registered cars of that model.’ ‘Vapi, Mumbai..’ ‘Delhi and Pune..’ ‘All those places
where Gaurav Tiwari had studied’ ‘and was working..’ ‘We searched everywhere.’ ‘We found the history
of even his smallest fight.’ ‘We studied the matter where
even the person was slapped.’ ‘We also found out
the history of arguments.’ ‘But we failed
in cracking the case.’ Inspector,
there can’t be a second opinion about how useless
your team is. You couldn’t make Janvi
confess the crime. Mr. Balraj, we need strong
evidences against the suspect to prove the crime
and we haven’t received any yet. Sir, you’re not finding
the evidences because your team
doesn’t want to find it. Janvi’s dad, Akhilesh,
would have approached some politician from Ujjain. Or could it be so
that you’ve taken up the bribe? Mr. Balraj, that’s a baseless
and a false accusation. Gaurav’s father, Balraj, is
saying that he’ll go to court. He’s talking about transferring
the case to the central agency. Sir, 0.30 bore gun
was used in the murder. We investigated
all the licensed guns. Sir, we even interrogated
the contract killers though they generally
don’t use the 0.30 bore guns. Sir, you never know,
it could be an angle of mistaken identity. Dhiraj
would have been the target but we’re
getting zero clue even there. Sir, the only lead
that we have got till now is that Gaurav indulged
in physical violence in a pub. So, could Gaurav’s fear
that someone would kill him be connected to this fight?
– Sir, I’m finding out. But I didn’t find
any strong evidence. ‘At this stage,
this case was transferred’ ‘to a new
investigating team.’ ‘We failed
to solve this case.’ ‘My team and I got busy
with other cases.’ ‘But having failed to solve
this case was bothering us.’ ‘The new team
followed the same path.’ ‘The same set of people
were interrogated again.’ ‘And finally,
the new team’s investigation’ ‘came to an halt
at the same point.’ ‘Gaurav Tiwari’s murder
case remained an unsolved case’ ‘for a long time.’ ‘It was almost a year
since the murder took place.’ ‘Everyone linked to this case
and Gaurav’s life’ ‘got busy
with their own lives.’ ‘They had moved on.
Even those people’ ‘who were connected to his death
were present among them’ ‘who were living happily’ ‘assuming to have
committed a perfect crime.’ ‘The murderer
who pulled the trigger’ ‘also moved on in his life.’ ‘But a father, a mother’ ‘in their loneliness,
were busy waiting’ ‘to know why their son
was killed, after all.’ ‘After such a long time,
some flashing news’ ‘began to lead this case.’ We were investigating
only the personal angles connected to Gaurav. Possibly, there was
no personal angle. Sir, these
cases of theft of SUVs was cracked by Raipur’s
special operation force. Let’s talk to them.
– But, sir how can it
not be a personal angle? Gaurav did express his fear
that he would be attacked. Then, why didn’t Gaurav
tell anyone about it? It has been a secret
since the last one year. We might find the secret
behind this from this
non-personal angle. Ashok, we’re still
tracking the stolen SUVs. We still don’t know
where they were from but it’s certain
that these SUVs are from different states. And the inter-state gang
who sell these stolen SUVs have a strong connection
and network. Drugs are smuggled
in these cars. And even the weapons are
supplied to the naxalite areas. Nadeem,
we have an unsolved case. The other investigating team
had also been here but even they ended up
at the dead end. Which case is it?
– That man’s name was Gaurav Tiwari.
He was quite young. He was shot. Neither we nor the other team
could get any breakthrough. We investigated
all the personal angels but we didn’t find anything.
The murder took place in a SUV. Do you think the murder
would have happened for the SUV? Ever since I read about this
case and your entire operation I’ve been thinking
about the same thing. Fine. I’ll crack
all the criminals I have. I might
find some connection with Gaurav Tiwari’s
murder case. Ashok,
send me the case file. ‘By joining
the special operations force’ ‘we didn’t find a direct
solution to our problem’ ‘but we did
find a strong evidence’ ‘leading to the criminals
of our case.’ Ashok, I investigated
all the criminals of my case but I didn’t find anything
about the SUV of your case. One problem is,
these people don’t follow one central command. They operate
in different groups and these groups don’t
have any mutual connection. But, Nadeem, the cars
must be delivered to one command especially,
the big cars like SUVs. Yes, there is one,
Rajan Bajwa. This man doesn’t
even carry a mobile phone. There’s no single
evidence against him. And he has a team,
a network who buy
and sell the cars. – In short though we succeed
to trace Rajan Bajwa he won’t be able to
lead us to Gaurav’s murderer. It’s hard.
I doubt that he would know. Nadeem, you mean,
my case won’t get a lead. Ashok, you will
get a lead. Even in my case the cars that were used
to follow for robbing these SUVs were not traced
despite having the CCTV footage. Why?
– Because just as in your case they used the registration
numbers of some other car for their cars.
– The number of a silver sedan in our case,
MH 04 XR 4H37 was actually
some other car’s number. Correct. The same modus operandi
was used in my case, too. But these cars
used for following never got caught.
Why? Because their original
registration numbers were tampered with
and changed. As in?
– As in here’s the silver sedan
used in your case and the number
is MH 04 XR 4H37. If this is the original
registration number what these guys would do is that they’ll interchange
the position of X and R. They’ll use it as RX.
They’ll change 4H as 3H. They exchange a few numbers
and change the entire number. Now, if you try your best
and keep looking for them you’ll never be able
to find them. Not because
the registration is fake but because the original
registration number was entirely changed
by replacing the numbers. It’s absolutely
the right lead, Nadeem. And we never thought about it.
– Take down the registration numbers
of all the silver sedans matching to the one
in your case. Focus on the number matching with your
car’s number, MH 04 XR 4H37. That car could be
your criminal’s car. You can take a chance. Do you want
the registration numbers of all the cars
of that model? Sir,
this will take some time since it’s an old model
of sedans. Sir, try harder
and send the details as soon as possible. Almost an year has passed
since this case happened. I’ll appoint two more people
for this work and send you
the entire list. Mr. Mangesh, the 5 lakhs that
I gave you to invest was actually meant
for Naveen’s business. He’s in trouble, sir. He is
unable to pay his employees. You’ve brought him along?
To scare me or to make me pity you?
– No, sir. How can I scare you? Actually, sir,
Naveen runs a small business. It’s his hard-earned money. If he doesn’t have any money
at the end of the month then he’ll be in trouble. He’ll lose his business.
– So what? He can start it up again.
This is common in businesses. Take me, for instances. I’ve faced several losses
in business. I’ve even been to prison. Don’t worry.
This is life. It happens. Give us something at least, sir. When I don’t have anything,
what am I supposed to give you? I’m sorry, sir.. That’s not what I meant.
I mean, sir if it was my money,
it would have been different. I borrowed money from him
to give you. He needs it urgently. There is a way.
– What? But you need to be
a little gutsy for that. Will you do it? W-What do we have to do? Both of you get me an SUV. W-What do you mean by that? Just get one for me anyhow. I don’t care how you do it
or where you get it from. Steal if you have to.
I don’t care how you do it. But I need an SUV car. And Arjun, I’ll give you
Rs. 8 lakhs instead of 5 lakhs. Okay? Both of you can share it
equally. Don’t think.
Just do it. We have a demand
for three SUV cars. It’d be great if you could
get three. Or else, get one at least. Look, we’ll get the best SUV. Worth a minimum of
Rs. 22 lakhs. And we’ll tell Mr. Mangesh to pay us Rs. 10 lakhs
instead of 8 lakhs. He’ll pay. I’m not a criminal. Stop being so naive. Look, the parts of this car
that we get for Mr. Mangesh will be removed. It’ll be dismantled completely. The engine will be sent to Surat
and the tank, to Delhi. No one will come to know
what happened with the car. I was compelled to do it, sir. M-My property business
incurred huge losses. I’m not a criminal, sir. Where are Arjun Verma
and Santosh Pradhan right now? Santosh is a taxi driver
in Hinjewadi. I have his address.
– And Arjun Verma? What about Mangesh? Mangesh doesn’t stay
at one place, sir. I don’t know about him.
– And Arjun Verma? He died. How?
– Due to kidney failure. It’s been six months. Is Arjun Verma’s relative here?
– No, Doctor. His family members are in UP.
I’m his friend. How’s Arjun? Both the kidneys of your
friend are damaged permanently. I’m sorry, he’s dead. We didn’t intend
to kill anyone, sir. I didn’t even know
who Gaurav was. You didn’t know him.
You didn’t intend to kill him. And you shot him thrice,
just like that! I-I was scared, sir. When he changed the gear
and started the car I thought he was going to
run over me. I thought he’d kill me, sir. Hey! Open up! Hey! Open up! Hey! He fired, Arjun. Hey, get in!
People have seen you! They’ll kill us!
Let’s go! I didn’t want to kill him, sir. I didn’t even want to
carry a gun along. Where did you buy the gun from?
– I didn’t buy it, sir. Arjun had one. Why did you target Gaurav
specifically for the SUV? Why not someone else? We were roaming in the city to target which SUV
would be the best. Then, we spotted this SUV
outside a restaurant. The one that Gaurav owned. This would be perfect for us.
What do you think, Santosh? It’s in good condition. It’s worth 24 lakhs at least. But Mangesh will get
at least 20 lakhs for this. All right, then.
Let’s wait here. We’ll follow it when it leaves. Let’s see how many people
are there and where we can nab them. We kept following him. After the bypass turn,
there was an isolated road. We thought, that would be
the perfect moment and place. We thought we’d get it.
– You’d get it? What? A young man’s life?
Just like that? And you shot Gaurav.
– I was scared. He was going to run over me. You died the very day
you thought of committing such a theft. No court in the world
would be willing to believe that you did not intend
to shoot Gaurav. Mr. Ghanshyam. Mr. Ghanshyam Shrivastav,
a senior divisional clerk who’s been rewarded with
the title of the best employee. For one whole year, you were
aware that your son was a criminal.
He was a murderer. And yet you kept your son’s
crime and the car that he used for the same purpose hidden
all this while. Ma’am, Naveen is
an educated boy. I wonder how he got dragged into this race of making
fast money. I was scared.
– You were scared? There is another family,
just like yours. They also had a young,
educated and only son just like you.
Gaurav Tiwari. Your son killed him. Accomplice Santosh Pradhan
and master mind Mangesh are both under arrest. Santosh is a small-time thief and Mangesh has been accused
of the theft of several cars. And Nadeem is also a supplier
of Mangesh. Superb. So, both our cases
are actually linked. What about Arjun,
the one who died? We’ve got his death certificate
from the hospital. The murder weapon was
licensed in his name. He also had a criminal history. It was a random attack?
For the SUV? Yes.
According to Naveen Shrivastav he shot out of fear. He thought Gaurav would
run over him. That means, he could have
fired at me too. And if Janvi was in the car,
then even Janvi could have.. Maybe. My daughter had to face
all the trouble and humiliation because of you. It’s been one whole year. I wish we had resolved
this case earlier. Much earlier. As for the press, they started
passing judgements before anything could be proved. It’s their freedom
of expression, after all. What could we have done?
We were supposed to do our duty. And we did it. My son was killed
for his SUV car? That’s it?
That’s impossible. What was Gaurav scared of, then? Mr. Balraj, Gaurav had a few
tiffs with people after being drunk,
in a few pubs and bars. He thought, one of those
people might try to harm him. Maybe it was his illusion. You’re calling it my son’s
illusion to make it look like he was mentally retarded
and his real killer Janvi can get away? We’re filing a charge sheet
against Naveen Shrivastav and his accomplices
with all the proofs. Your son’s killers
have been caught. They say, someone killed
our son just like that. To steal his car. Did you come to know, Dad? Yes, I did. I made a mistake
by accusing you. But you haven’t even done
anything that would make me proud. It’s never too late
to start anew, dear. A man named Gaurav was about
to set up his own business. A man named Naveen wanted
to cover up the losses in his business
with the help of a crime. The victim who died
was educated. He had a bright future. But three bullets
ruined everything. The culprit who killed him
was also educated and had a bright future. But his greedy eyes
could not see it. And because of his crime he will spend the rest
of his life in prison. This is neither about
principles, nor morals. It’s common sense. Money earned through
wrong means won’t last forever. Quality of life is still based
upon honesty. The value of honesty
is much greater than the money earned all your life. A lot of money
gives you pleasure but hard-earned money
gives you peace. Money has no limits. It’s our dignity
and self-respect that draws the line here. It helps us remain honest
within our boundaries. We’ll present another case
next week on ‘Crime Patrol Satark’.
‘Jai Hind’.

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  1. this is a very difficult case in real life….thsnks indian police uuu solve this case after one year….jai hind….

  2. Very nice story
    But.. Ese kamino hatyare logo ko faashi se budtar saza milni chahiye…

    I proud of polish officer and Evey tim

  3. sukh aur sukun, real words agar log inka matlabsamajh jaye to crime ratings bahot ghatengi ,hyna guys

  4. Sp Adil khan 🙋🏻‍♀️and sp Abhimanioum🙋🏻‍♀️ sir goodjob selyut🙋🏻‍♀️ sir welcome to crim patrol and your team is very best and ap ki krabri is 2 good👈

  5. My 2 love tyagi n nassir 😍😍😍 😍in 1 episode 😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Love you both 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Lot of hard work by the Investigation team. Great effort. Real criminal caught ultimately.
    Their work should be commended.

  7. Ye BHI yakin ni HOTA ki police itna mehnet Karti hai ..CSI America ko BHI takar de dia is case me cbi ne

  8. निसार खान, ़संजीव त्यागी 1 केस मै सूपर

  9. Do do favourite officers ek hi episodes maja a gaya dekhkke but aj kal life ka koi security nehi hoti hain kesi zamana a gayi!!!

  10. special guests roll nissarkhan sir episode 2 super excited maind blowing I am very happy 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳jaihind

  11. Agar koi ýe kàhay k pahad apni ģaga say hiĺ sukta hay to yaqeen kar ĺayna làikin amŕica musĺims ka sath dayga namumkin hay jangì baida to yad hi ho ga

  12. Yeh log bas episode ke end main lamba lamba gyaan deta hai,lekin yeh nhi batata ki police apna zimmedari sahi se nhi krta hai jiske chakkar main yeh mangesh jaisa criminal ke chakkar main begunah aadmi bhi crime ke raasta pr chala jaata hai

  13. भारतीय पुलिस को बहुत बहुत बहुत अधिक मेहनत करनी पड़ती है भाई !

  14. Dekho dekho koun aayaa sher aya sher aaya
    Nisar Khan is better than of other officer
    347 acid attack b nisar sir ne hi solve kiyaa thaaa

  15. in short …suv mat kharido sedan lelo…aur sedan se hi travel karo…repair karani ho..toh..garage se aane tak wait karo…dusro ki suv mat use karo

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