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  2. It's a pity that those attention whores who take the 48 hour challenge don't go missing for real.

  3. 4:47 "I'm trying to find the QuikTrip gas station"

    "Exit off I-19 and head west. If you pass the gigantic child sex camp, you've gone too far."

  4. I lived with my girlfriend and her mom for a little while. She was a mean, hoarder. When we would fight, I'd calmly go outside and dig. Girlfriends mom was about 500 pounds. I think she was scared I was going to put her in the hole. Boy she hated my guts.

  5. My kid comes back from 48 challenge, "mom, why didn't you look for me? And why is my room transformed into a yoga room?"

  6. I did the 48 hour challenge.

    My parents thought I was sleeping in my room the whole time. I wasn't missed xD

  7. Gimme a break, i bet just one or 2 kids did the 48 hour challenge, sounds lile a media hyped event designed to outrage people about the younger generation…..these types of rumors have been around forever about the young.

  8. Miss Karla Brown I just want to say, I am so sorry for the ordeal that you and you’re husband to be went through this terrifying ordeal and to lose you’re partner to that evil spawn of Satan. I remember watching the moment you was rescued on the news I was so happy for you that you made it. I really do wish you the best in whatever you do in the future after taking time you need to recover from.this horrific,orxeal.god bless you.🙏🏻❤️🇬🇧

  9. The missing game is sick and twisted,I can understand kids not getting what danger they can be in doing this but if I just heard right you said parents were involved aswell.THATS THE MOST. TWISTED N SICK PART ABOUT IT.SMDFH!!!!!ANY PARENTS INVOLVED WITH THIS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.

  10. The 48 hour challenge was actually started by a girl who ran away and when found she said it was a facebook challenge.

  11. I don't understand why they will sentence someone to multiple life sentences, just kill them at that point, no one is going to live for up to 400 years

  12. Ramirez video is faked. All 3 of the items are pulled towards him. Vid quality is shit so fishing line could have been used and not detected. In fact, I'd almost bet on it being fishing line. We never see his left arm when he pulls the towel off the floor, and he's physically backing up at the same speed to towel is being pulled. Terrible attempt but I guess people are gullible

  13. My guess on the disturbing trends is that the Luciferian globalist elite got some burner accounts, as well as used their contacts in various social media websites, and posted the creepy challenges. These same evildoers are also responsible for all forms of racism, sexism, abortion, the LGBT agenda, and all other manners of evil in the end.

  14. I don't understand this 48 hour challenge thing. Why would that make it easy for child predators? That means that they'd be trying to either transport or hide a kid who is already being looked for by the public. Isn't it the time before the community starts looking that you have time to move, hide, and do unspeakable things to the prey? I thought that's why most people who do that kind of shit usually kill the kid within a few hours and start the disposal phase. Just saying, doesn't flow logically,even stupid fucking teen logic. Does sound like something someone of that age would write as fiction and try to pass off as fact though. Just saying.

  15. How can you fake leukemia? I feel so bad for Gypsy. Can you imagine? Her mother literally drove her insane. I don’t think the mother deserves death, before y’all come at me crazy, But she deserved to rot in prison for what she did to that girl

  16. Gypse shouldn't have gone to jail. Yes, murder is bad and she should face some punishment. But it was really all her mother's fault. Even her own family is behind Gypse and hate the mom. When she was cremated, the family threw the ashes in a dumpster

  17. The first one was ETER9, or something similar. Basically, AI like these still posts on your social media even after you died. Or possibly, it's the serial killer's posts because of the oddity of the posts.

  18. I feel so bad for Gypsy honestly. She shouldn't be going to prison, she literally killed her mother in self-defense

  19. I thought the meme was going to be “sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the backyard and get in and pretend I’m a carrot” then I read it and was like oh

  20. Every time that “ghost” did something. That guy moved backwards. Like about the exact same time as the hanger and the towel. How do we know he isn’t just using string

  21. Fake your own disappearance on Facebook….Humanity is over folks let's just pack it up now and save the time.

  22. Again…wjy arent we utilizing the death penalty? N dont gimme that bs about it being inhumane either, thats bs.were these idiots being humane when they kill????

  23. The 48 hour challenge is really fucking stupid, and if any kid did that to their parents and you're reading this comment: you're retarded too. It's taking away time and resources from ACTUAL MISSING PERSONS cases to try to locate your generation Z stupid trend asses.

  24. I remember when I was a kid I was hiding from my mom to see if she could find me for fun. I hid in her room in the bed under the pillows. While waiting, I got tired and ended up falling asleep. A few hours later I hear my mom screaming my name and I quickly woke up and went straight to my mom. She asked where I was and so I explained. Long story short, I got an ass-whopping and that was the last time ever I hid from my parents. 😅

  25. 1:34 if I had a big backyard and an annoying nosey neighbor, I’d probably start doing that sh*t! 😂

  26. Slow down the phone vid. Someone’s hand pushes it from behind the table. edit: he also is pulling the hanger and towel w his free hand. Watch the reflection of him. And the towel only moves as he walks backwards (pulling it)

  27. If I did the 48-hour challenge nobody would notice I could go weeks probably even year or just forever without nobody noticing

  28. Why are kids so dumb now 48 hr challange wtf …..then the kid that only has parents looking commits suicide leaving a note saying no one cares since no one looked but parents ….why are kids so freaking dumb these days why cant we go back to putting plastic wrap on toliets and tape over faucets to "prank" parents kids are always trying to get hurt these days they just do not think….and the sad part is when i was a child(im 30) it was dangerous but nothing like today these days ppl kill for nothing kids need to think….

  29. I went to school with Charlie Carver. Except we called him David, his middle name. It's still crazy seeing someone you know show up in a YouTube video because he was the victim of a serial killer. It hit the community hard…

  30. I hope Gypsy is freed as soon as possible. Society truly failed her, she did what she thought she had to to free herself.

  31. That "ghost" in the hotel room is such bullshit! Has anyone thought to ask why everything that "appears" to move of it's own volition, just so happens to move in the direction that the person filming it is in? They never seem to fly to the far right, or far left… they always seem to go in the direction he's tugging them from. In one shot you can even see him in the mirror and his free hand seems to be pulling back.

  32. And my friends and family don't get why I'm not fond of Facebook. It's too much of a pain to deal with.

  33. ive never even heard of the 48hr challenge, but one of the many many stupid ass "fads" jr high/teens feel they "have to do"

  34. I mean you can kind of understand the anger held against a mother who makes you believe your unwell and dying I think she shouldn’t of been tried for murder that’s diminished responsibility from the fact your head would go from finding all this information out….

  35. The hotel one I'm like half and half on it like him nervously giggling makes it seem real but then again he could just be pulling a prank 🤔 and last girl should only get a year

  36. Arthur was telling the truth it was a satanic sect responsible and was covered up by media and the authorities.

  37. I met Dee Dee and Gypsy at the opening of Twilight Breaking Dawn 2. Since I am also disabled we were let in early. Gypsy was wearing the hat with ears and a mask. Dee Dee told me she'd just gotten out of the hospital for treatment for her leukemia. Dee Dee seemed nice, but overprotective, because I had my 3 grandsons with me and one was 15 at the time. Gypsy and I talked about who was Team Edward and Team Jacob….it's was fun. I only hoped talking to her that day brought her a little joy. I didn't sense Dee Dee being off put by us, just cautious of my grandson.

  38. That Ramirez in the motel room is the biggest bunch of bs I've ever seen.Just from the few very short clips that you showed here you can obviously see he is faking it himself.

  39. That Dede girl went to prison,she shouldve gotten a medal for what she done. All the bulls#!+ she had to go through.

  40. Damn just open the door and evil heads out, i should have did that last night, there was a lot of things going bump in the night. taps on the walls ,creaky floors.etc.

  41. Yeah the Kala Brown thing was in my county in South Carolina. They figured out a 10 year cold case as well with Todd Kolhep admitting to the murders. It was actually 10 years to the day when they found out he killed those people.

  42. Dannng Wow ain't that something….. Man you got some cool stuff… Thanks I enjoyed it awesome work.. I'm wizard snooze stay cool. Look me up give some advice on my videos. (still learning).

  43. Look at the typical rambling full of crap uneducated Arizona boy @5:29. I've been forced to live here since 2000. I never heard so many guys talk crap and then not back it up. See, I'm from Los Angeles. So we don't even say anything we just do it! These weenie guys will say, "Do you want to get your ass kicked?" I say yeah let's go! Then they chicken out. That's happened about half a dozen times since I've been here in 2000. I've been in my 40s and 50s & 20 year old BOYZ pussy out after challenging me. I beat their fat asses anyway. Republicans. Sheesh.
    Also any Arizona native could never write all this without a ton of misspellings.

  44. You say some inspected that motel room ghost video very closely and didn't find anything but you can see a hand pop up as the phone receiver is knocked off the phone. Someone was obviously behind the dresser.

  45. I feel so bad for Gypsy Rose … what kind of life was she forced into! She was abused her whole life by a nut case!!! Could you blame her for her reaction??? I cannot! She had such a horrible life!
    I wish her a better rest of her life!

  46. What is wrong with some of these people? Why are grown-ass adults condoning a child going missing for points?

  47. Remember fat ugly hoez, just cause you look ugly, doesn't mean you have to act ugly. 😉 Ugliness is a good sign of a bad person.

  48. If they had Facebook when I was a teenager ( so glad they didnt ) and I did that selfish idiotic 48 hr challenge my mum would have said ' dont come home '. I cant believe what the youth of today is doing. Its scary because people my age ( 40s ) are going to need these kids to take care of us when we are elderly…thats frightening!

  49. how easy it is to pull the telephone with an unseen string,but if the entity can return it back in place,then it is real and believable.

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