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This is a prank to a guy who created a secondary fake Facebook profile purely to creep on girls from his school and add them. I gave him a call as some one from Facebook’s Privacy and Safety Department to confront him about this. Check out what happens. *laugh* He just hung up, dude. Alright, dialing this guy again. *laugh* Dude that guy’s fucking so angry. Alright, I just got hung up on. So, sorry, Rohan. My bad, dude. I hope you enjoyed that. I did feel kinda bad afterwards, but hey, not every prank can end in a positive note. But, I figured you guys would enjoy hearing this one anyways. If you want me to keep uploading pranks like this, give this video a thumbs up and be sure to check out these two great videos down below. I love you guys and thank you so much for your support.


  1. Dude he should have actually tried to do Chris Hansen’s voice and been like “yeah I have the chatlogs so…”

  2. Not a very funny prank. I know what he did is wrong but that's his problem not yours and you really got up in his business and probably ruined his life forever because of a practical joke.

  3. I'm confused..if he goes to the same school as these girls that means he is of similar age to them…so how is he a pedo?

  4. I like how in other pranks when the victim gets upset you're super apologetic and want to make sure they're smiling in the end, but this one you're like ohwell lol. You still tried but we all know he's a creep so who cares

  5. For a follow up prank, you should get his friends to get his account info from him for a "prank," screenshot everything and download the data, and send it to the FBI. It'd be hilarious hearing about his asshole getting destroyed in prison 😂😂💀

    No sympathy for that little punk bitch.

  6. All asians are pedophiles, in England almost every rape and grooming of young girls are done by asian males or asian groups, they're fucking animals and they need deporting, they follow a religion that idolises and promotes child rape/grooming their prophet marries a 9 year old girl. doesn't that say it all? they are animals of this society and they are allowed to do this because they use the word 'religion' or 'racist' that they hide behind and which people are terrified of and silences them from speaking the truth. that's how they get away with doing what they do. members of the public, law officials, governments so on and so on can't and won't do anything about these asians because of the simple fact of being called racist.

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  8. you should still call the cops where he lives he is a sicko tell him to stay out of Texas we got a nice rope for him we can play wack the piñata and all the boys and girls grabed a there sticks there bats and those that didn't have bats or sticks brought there tire irons yes folk its wack the molester day come right up and swing swing hard and get some nuts

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