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Creative Business (Formerly International Communication and Media) | Hogeschool Utrecht

I’m Andreaa, I’m 21 years old
and from Romania. I’m a Creative Business student at HU. I’m Novi, I’m from China. I’m 23
and I’m doing Creative Business at HU. And I’m Kira, I’m 23 years old.
I’m from Germany. I study Creative Business
at the Hogeschool Utrecht. This study gives you a range of
perspectives in the creative industry. I study Creative Business
because I wanted to study in English… be in touch with people from different
countries and cultures, and I love it. Starting year two you can choose
courses that fit your interests… such as influencing the audience
and framing the media. What I like most
about this study programme… is that it’s very practical oriented. And you work on a lot of projects
together with your team. This is a lot of fun. What I really like is that I get to apply
my knowledge in real life cases… in the creative industry. We have the deadline on Sunday. So just that we prepare the stuff
and talk about what we all have… so we can exchange our information.
-Alright. I chose Utrecht
because it’s a student city… and you can meet a lot of international
students here. I like it a lot. The Netherlands
is internationally oriented. Everybody speaks English
and I like cheese. So that’s the main idea behind it?
Excellent. What do you want
to communicate with this one? Don’t just keep it in yourself.
If you’re in a group, just say it. Where did you do an internship?
-I do my internship at Adidas. In Amsterdam. I do my internship
in brand marketing and localisation. The knowledge I gained throughout
my studies is something I can apply. We work together with different cultures
and you have to be creative in that way. It’s a lot of fun. Every day is different. At my internship I learn to work together
with different people… from all kinds of departments.
Marketeers, designers and engineers. I will apply my knowledge
to real-life business cases. I build my own personal brand. I learn a lot about marketing,
communication and digital transformation. I learn to be flexible and adaptive. I learn to manage commercial challenges. I make friends all over the world. Working for an established brand.
-Prepared for my career in the future. A creative thinker
with an entrepreneurial spirit. Diving into problems
to find creative solutions. Working with people all over the world.
-How about you?

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