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  1. hi can you help me out i have lost my windows 7 pro disk sp1 and i can not remember if it's 64 bit or 32 ,the computer is a z400 product no kk686et-abu
    serial no czc1341HQ2
    can you tell me what's in my system ie Intel [ r] cpu w3565 3.20ghz
    processor speed 3200mhz [ 130 u] and if I could upgrade it too windows ten
    I have tried web and cat find anything help…gene

  2. i have an hp pavilion legacy and when i turn on my laptop it says "boot device not found
    please install an operating system on your hard disk
    hard disk (3F0)
    F2 system diagnostics" someone help me i dont know what to do

  3. Hi can i ask if you would send me the link too run and Perform a Hard Drive Self Test from the BIOS i put a new hdd in thanks hp z400 can you tell me if i am right is my system 64 bit, i was running windows 7 sp1 pro oa would his take windows 10 os has i need a new dvd I can not find the reinstall disk what a game .thanks gene.

  4. hi how do you create recovery media on hp z400 when there is no recover manager
    System Recovery Media to create discs.And can you also give me a link on how set
    the BIOS since put new recovery 7 in now go thought text all drivers before starting up in to windows help i posted on HP Support Forum no reply.

  5. hi how many times can i create a backup system image of Windows 7
    from my z400 workstation and what size drive would i need gene

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