Creating a Custom URL (username) for your Facebook Business Page
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Creating a Custom URL (username) for your Facebook Business Page

Have you created a Custom URL for your Business
Page? This is a www that is specifically for your
Business page. Hi, I’m Tammy Hudgin and I’m here to help
you create a presence. So when you create your Business Page, or
let’s say you’ve already got it up and running, it’s really cool if you create a Custom URL
so that you can use that in your marketing tools. So, you want to create a www specifically
for your Business Page. Now, I’m going to show you how to do it. Now Facebook has changed the name so it’s
now called a Username. However, technically what you are creating
is your www. Let me go into my share screen mode and go
to my Facebook. Okay, so you are going to go to your Business
Page, and when you are in your Business Page you are going to click on the About Tab. You are then going to click on Page info. Now depending on where your business page
is sitting at this point or what version of Facebook, you’ll either see Page Info down
the left hand side here or you might have the option to edit Page Info. So you can go to either one you’ll be
able to do what we need to do. So you’re going to click on Page Info and you’re
going to see where it says User Name. And you’ll see with mine it says So right now if you have not created this
when you go to your business page I want you to look up at the very top here in the address
bar. This is where you would look for the http:www
feature. And if you see your business page name and
a whole bunch of numbers that means you have not created a Custom URL for your Business
page. So when you go here to where it says User
Name, it’s going to say I believe Create User Name. So I’m just going to click Edit, so that you
can see. So you are going to click on Create User Name,
and it will be empty sitting in here. And you are going to type in whatever that
User Name you want it to be or the www. So once you create the User Name Facebook
will automatically add the to your URL for you. So what I want you to think about is that
what you put here, you don’t have to type your entire business page name. If it’s a very long business name, then shorten
it up. You know or come up with something that’s
fun or maybe it’s your tag line whatever it might be. Just make sure that there’s not a whole bunch
of typing that people would have to do to find your business page. And what I mean by that is once you’ve created
this if I’m sitting in Google, I can type in someone’s custom URL and it will take me
to their Business Page. So I’m sitting in Google here, I can type
in And when I hit enter it’s going to take me
to that business page. Okay, so this is great once you’ve created
it, this is really great to put on your business cards, put on any ads that you might be doing,
and where it’s really good to use is in the world of Facebook. If you create a custom URL, so a www which
is ultimately your User Name and let’s say I was sitting in a group and I said I just
got my page up and running and I’m looking to get some visibility, I’m looking for some
support, I can type and when I hit post it will show a mini preview
of my cover photo. So how fantastic is that from a marketing
standpoint that when I use this custom URL people will always see my cover photo. So actually, I’m just going to cancel and
stop screen share. So I really want you to embrace how to utilize
this feature. If I do a post and I said I just started my
business page and I’m looking to get some interaction, get some support, check me out
and I type the @ symbol and Tammy Hudgin Creating which is my Username and I publish that, all
it’s going to do is tag my page. So it’s just going to turn that @Tammy Hudgin
Creating into a blue font in essence. So people would have to click that and then
it would take them to my page. Buy by using the www in my posts when I post
it it will actually show a mini preview of my cover photo. So get fun with, or creative with, creating
the URL, look at me I”m all confused in what I’m telling you but have fun with it and just
make sure it’s not a big long custom URL. Hey good luck with that and reach out if you
need any help. Bye.

24 thoughts on “Creating a Custom URL (username) for your Facebook Business Page

  1. Hi Tammy great information ! I am a bit of a spanner when it comes to facebook, I have a question that I was wondering if you could help me with ! I was wondering if the username carries any meta data for searching if I abbreviate my business name which is Building & property maintenance Cornwall which on my logo is BPM LTD "just to make it look good" should or could i use bpmcornwall as a user name, your thoughts would be a great help ps liked your page

  2. Hi Tammy,

    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you after watching your very instructive facebook clip. I've been struggling to understand the username concept put across by facebook BUT your clip expertly explains and demonstrates how to best utilise this feature



  4. Hi Tammy, What would you recommend for someone who can't establish a username even though following the guidelines?

  5. I go my 41 likes but clicking edit info no longer gives the option of changing username. Dammit. There needs to be an up to the minute video on how to do this.

  6. Hi Tammy… I've just set up my business page and stuck on a few things… Is it possible to hire you for a one on one lesson to tie up a few ends… I use ZOOM for an online lesson I'm getting from a guy in New York who's teaching music recoding software and find it good becausee he can actually take over my screen

  7. Hi Tammy, I typed out the username after the @ on my Facebook page, but after I created it when I click to open my page, this is what I see :
    Do you know why there is the additional extension "?modal=admin_todo_tour"? Can I get rid of that additional extension?

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