Create a form from an Excel spreadsheet
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Create a form from an Excel spreadsheet

This is the Excel spreadsheet that I’ll convert to a form in Epi Info. It’s rather large and has hundreds of records and I’ll show you
how to do the conversion. I’m in the form designer and we need to use the Make Form from Data Table function. This function is available under the Tools menu option, but
currently it’s greyed-out. In order to enable the function, I have to create a project so
I’ll create a new project. So, I’ll go to New Project and I’ll call it GAIllness.
And the form will be Form 1 and I’ll click OK. However, once I finish this process, I’ll need to delete the form. Now if we go back to tools, you’ll notice that “Make a form
from a data table” is available so I’ll select the option. First I’ll choose the data type
and then browse to its location. I’ll highlight the worksheet and I’ll call my form Food Exposure and I chose to abbreviate the word Exposure. The Table-to-Form dialog box appears and I can change fonts here or in the Form Designer. The Column name is what’s in the Excel spreadsheet so I can’t change that. But I can change the Field name and the Prompt here, if I choose. So we’ll start with changing the Prompt from First Name to Patient First Name and Last
Name to Patient Last Name. I can also change the field type: for example, I can change
it from a Text field type to a Legal Value. Also if I choose, I can add a list source
table from an external source. For example, I want to import the State list. I’ll highlight
the State names and click OK and it will be associated with the field that says State
Name. So I will also change State Name to a Legal Value. And last I’ll deselect the
rows that I don’t want to be converted. Now if you’re done you’ll click Convert. Finally
I’ll click OK. Notice that the Patient First Name and Patient Last Name prompts converted properly. I can move the boxes around so that they become visible but I just can’t change
the labels. Also notice that in the conversion process Epi Info had to create a form with
four pages to accommodate all the data. And last, I’ll need to delete my original Form
1 by right-clicking on the form name and deleting the form. You’ve just been shown how to create a form from an Excel spreadsheet in Epi Info 7. Thanks for watching and look for more user support videos coming soon.

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