Crash Course Media Literacy Preview
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Crash Course Media Literacy Preview

Hello! My name is Jay Smooth and as you may have
guessed from the title of this video, over the next 12
weeks I am going to teach you about Media Literacy. First, allow me to introduce myself: I’m the host of New York’s longest running
hip-hop radio show the Underground Railroad, a
media commentator on TV, radio and interwebs, and I’m best known nowadays for my video blog
Ill doctrine, where I dissect the latest news and yell
at people about being nicer to each other. So what exactly is media literacy? We’re gonna talk more about this in our
first episode, next week, but here in the preview
I’ll at least tease that definition. For our purposes, in this course, media literacy is
“the ability to Access, Analyze, Evaluate, Create and
Act using all forms of communication.” We’ll break down what that means throughout
this series, but for now I just want to drive home
the fact that media is all around you. And living in a saturated media environment,
it’s important to understand how to digest all
of that content. Like, how do I know if a piece of media is
trying to manipulate me? Spoiler Alert: It probably is. Or, how can I be sure that a piece of news
is fact based? Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks
for you. We’re going to explore the breadth of media
that surrounds you in your daily life. We’re going to look at why it’s created
and what its goals are. We’re gonna look at everything from popular movies
to propaganda to your date night text messages. Media literacy skills are about everything from
navigating popular culture, to being a better citizen, and
even being a better communicator in your everyday life. Which may or may not include yelling at people
to be nicer to each other. There’s a lot to cover and I can’t wait
to get started. I’m Jay Smooth and I hope you’ll join me on
this journey with Crash Course Media Literacy.

100 thoughts on “Crash Course Media Literacy Preview

  1. Sorry man, I don't like Hip Hop, but I'll be sure to follow this series on media, itself delivered through a medium, which is a weird oversight.

  2. Suggestion: how about Crash Course English? Or Crash Course <insert language name here>?

    (So I don't have to spend money for the real course lol)

  3. Crash Course started out as a series to help teach subjects that students are likely to be struggling with in school. Now it's a series that teaches subjects I wish my school had taught.

  4. First thought: what is Jay Smooth doing on my screen? Didn't I click a CrashCourse video?
    Second thought: Yes, I did! This is not a mistake, Jay Smooth is hosting!!

  5. There are quite a few habitual FOX News watchers in my family who should be strapped down and forced to watch this series.

  6. Very good topic and much needed with today's craziness. The lines between real information and biased information has become too blurred for the masses to come to an accurate conclusion. We gotta teach people how to disseminate accurate information! I look forward to watching this crash course!

  7. Please make sure to inform what fallacy fallacy is besides logical fallacies. How people read content in understanding logical fallacies, but that conclusions even with a fallacy can be true.

    Also how people have psychology of how they may view, believe, or trust something besides biases. This includes about misconception with limited info or because of censorship.
    The misconceptions are one thing but stereotypes and generalization another.

    Something else is how people detect bull. Carl Sagan had a way and method with scientific literacy skills. Scientific literacy I find important part of media literacy when looking at that sort of media mentioning many things in questions.

  8. could you start making videos for elementary students? I found your videos very helpful through my first years in college but sometimes the language/topic can be for adults only. I am in my last semester to be a teacher and would love to share your videos with other teachers. Thank you. LMD

  9. I was a communication/journalism major in college so when I saw you all were doing this, it made me so happy! This is a great refresher course. Thank you!

  10. Thank you! I literally asked for this last year. Graduating with a degree in multimedia journalism in two weeks and… yeah. You know.

  11. I also enjoy yelling at people to be nicer to each other. Or more specifically, I enjoy yelling at people who are being a$$holes to service staff. Biggest pet peeve ever… but I digress lol.

  12. I teach MIL, and I don't know how I missed this! Pumped to follow the course and share with my students!

  13. um, can they teach this IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS PLEASE!

    we need more media literate citizens that are less easily manipulated, ASAP.
    (more like, last century..)

  14. I’m excited to see the course! Thank you to CrashCourse for making the contents quick & interesting & free & publicly available! This course is barely related to my major (molecular biology) but it takes me closer to my dreams!

    Thank you for expanding the limits of old fashioned books & papers & college into this fast, rapid and efficient new world of internet & technology. Keep up the good work! 💕

  15. I start my internship as a marketing communications associate for a media company in Chicago. This series is going to be very helpful and fun for me!

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