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Cox Media Group: Local From the Start

[MUSIC PLAYING] We really concentrate on being
on every single platform. We understand that we’re in
their pocket on their phones. We understand we’re
on their OTT apps– whether it’s their Apple TV or
their Roku or their Amazon Fire Stick– and, of course, on
WSB and on the air. And I always want to be first,
but I’d much rather be right. [MUSIC PLAYING] Usually on television every day. And those are our
kind of deeper dives into local stories
every day, peeling back the onion on some things. And that involves a lot of
travel, a lot of research. And it’s really exciting,
because Cox really gives you what you need
to get the job done. Because they really want the
best stories, the best product. And that’s what we’re
here to deliver. [MUSIC PLAYING] The best thing about my day is
that no day is ever the same. And the other best
thing about my day is that I learn something
new every single day. And that’s probably been the
best thing about my career, is that every day
has been different. We can focus on
all kinds of areas. So whether or not
we have somebody who’s working on
digital content– because we have to
produce digital content. We have people who are
working on on-air content, our reporters and our anchors. We have people who are
working on our video content, as I said, who are
producing content for our digital platforms
on our website as well as social media. There’s a lot of
opportunity here. What’s great about
this station– and Cox Media Group
in general– is, they think about those
things and really try to invest not only into
resources of what currently people are using to consume
news and information, but what’s next,
what’s on the horizon. It’s so important–
especially in this climate– that we are transparent
and consistent in the work that
we’re doing and just continuing to educate
our audiences on what misinformation is and what is
true journalism versus what is not true journalism. Facts are still facts. I believe that there’s
light in truth. And people recognize that. And so I think you
combat the narrative, you combat the noise
with the truth. I jokingly said earlier, some
of the folks around the company look at me and call me
a lifer, because I’m a long-time employee. I’ve got decades in
the organization. And the reason why I have
decades in the organization is because of the culture. Because the more individuals are
successful, the more successful we are as a whole. All these people are
part of this bigger purpose that we’re all working
towards at Cox Media Group. I love working for Cox because
they believe in their people. And they really do give us the
tools that we need to succeed, whether as individuals or
as individual properties. It has been an
incredible few years. But that really does come from,
again, the people who work here and their commitment
day in and day out.

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