100 thoughts on “CORRUPT MEDIA: President Trump Cabinet Meeting

  1. CORRUPT …we have never seen so much corruption , from a president . He has surrounded himself with lawyers needed to protect him from his life of fraudulent behavior and crooked way of life.
    Trump University , SHUT DOWN FOR FRAUD , Trump Charity SHUT DOWN FOR FRAUD ! Personally lost many lawsuits for non payment and ripping people off ! He is general media's dream, ALL CROOKS ARE . Its hard to cover trump without lawsuits or crotch grabbing. Whine all you want about the media, it is expected from trump's fan club ! Your sniveling like little bitches has become entertainment to to the norm!

  2. Trump lying to cover his corrupt ass, trying to trick his poor base again. The world watches as Trump dishonours a great country. Shameful.

  3. President Trump gives $1 to his paycheck and is arrested on these m********** trying to take a man down he don't need to be that you are enough money to enjoy your life with peaceful

  4. I would like to see the FCC break these companies up there’s too many that are doing the exact same thing and it is odd that they had the same exact talking points as the Democrats and they say that they’re not in lockstep if they’re not lockstep they would trip over each other they are right at the heels of each other saying the exact same words this is coming from the top there management is doing this perhaps maybe the president needs to ask the management of the FCC to break these companies up Start doing your joband let’s see how this works out start

  5. Wether you like trump or not he speaks the truth the media is corrupt and enemy to the people and the democrats are corrupt and evil God bless Donald trump


  7. Mr, Presidency I am sorry your Presidency has not more enjoyable, no other President has been treated so badly, as you have been treated. Those that have first hand knowledge of this type of treatment, as I have, not only want the record straight, but we want justice and accountability.

  8. Dear Amerikans, impeach all demokrats , send them to NordKorea where they can inpeach one another together with mr raketman

  9. CNN makes fakes news according to their wishes. Hope CNN. will have a place in a hall of shame – they make US weaker again!

  10. There building a house of cards that’s soon going to fall. The lies they tell about our president will be brought to light.

  11. I,m not American but this prick is an idiot ,god I would like to see him cripple your country and then the rest of the world would cheer to the rafters

  12. Schiff and Nancy should be in jail for stealing tax payers money for there political gain! There’s nothing there! I’m not hearing nothing about a phone call JUST personal feelings! That don’t cut it!

  13. Fox how typical, the retard channel. When ever the truth comes out and it’s trumps people or trump himself that accidentally leaks it, then it’s fake news. He’s the highest in the polls, wtf is he talking about ? Listening to trump sounds like he has Down syndrome.

  14. Who's had enough of Trump playing games against America? It's been proven Democrats hate America and are domestic terrorists trying to take our nation down…Trump refuses to stop these ass wipes. As a taxpayer, I'm tired of watching the huge waste of millions of dollars and time to play stupid games.

  15. Pelosi is not a leader..she is a harrasser…she is not for America or even her district in San Fransicko…hey liberals…the homeless are defecating on your streets… glad you are in great health at you age Pres. Trump..ignore the msm, they are very sick.

  16. No POTUS , the reason why you are threat to them is because you are cutting off all their carefully elaborated schemes ,disgusting corrupt and inhuman practices. You are denouncing and revealing how demonic their filthy sub human appetites demands the abuse of innocent babies,toddlers,young children and the enslavement of thousands of people to satisfy their demonic natures
    You , Donald J .Trump are the one and only in your position to dare stand up and defeat the demons and now ,despite the filthy fake news scarecrows, all the disinformation campaign waged against you the world over,you SIR, by your actions ,you are making the difference that I believe will help save humanity ,our world and restore peace,love and happiness where they only wanted to sow fear,division chaos and horror
    I ,Davida Gatti Reis personally thank you and your family with all my heart for your bravery ,courage and integrity. Please Sir, ban GMOS VACCINES ,CHEM TRAILS AND 5 G. Those are terrible weapons of destruction for our beautiful human race and our planet. …🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

  17. Unlike most I have talk to, I know your character is your best and most valuable asset you have. I am proud to call you my President. Trump for 2020. For compensation I believe Congress should allow you to run in 2024 even if you win in 2020 this would be just for the garbage you have had to endure.

  18. They are liers , out of mind people….
    They want to destroy USA and US Sitting President Trump…treason….
    Arrest them immediately….
    INVESTIGATE Obama for his Spy Gate, illegal Wire tapping, BOOSTING TRANSGENDER-SURGERY even in US MILITARY and in US very young children…etc
    Obama really destroyed US MILITARY and destroyed US Kids….

    INVETIGATE Obama IMMEDIATELY., NOT US Sitting President Trump who love America….
    INVETIGATE BIDEN FOR his bribery in Ukraine and in China
    Biden is NOT THE SANCTURY ( realm )

    God bless US Sitting President Trump
    God bless America , One Nation under God

  19. Ratings? Look at the thumbs up thumbs down from one impeachment hearing relevant video to the next…it's just that the Deep State media won't allow posts on theirs…why give away what the thumbs up and down are for?

    Now the bandied about words are expressions of hopes in declaring with laws to back up such, that calling the Deep State the Deep State, should be illegal…and it is felt that Deep State should only be called "The Government" from here forward…as some in the Deep State act more pro Trump now…in order to just …..let things go…mesh the Deep State with non Deep State people….Hmmm…

    Logan Act is treason is hanging for some…and if you check the videos of the Chinese Hong Kong riots, started by pump and dump tactics by Deep State (we'll blame the war for the ruination of western civilization and rule from home) , you will see the Deep State media meshing Honk Kong riots and impeachment hearings all into one video…still holding onto hopes with plan A….

    What say ye Schiff?…right before we follow the money with ropes in our hands…how's about a little more for you?…

  20. American media is very very sick, they have really run out of rope. No more news, they have been conflicted by the democrats POINT.

  21. He is the one that is corrupt and stupid nobody is ever able to prove nothing on him because his guilty as h***. His such a unprofessional slab there has never been A-day where he can open his mouth right. Always insulting everybody he thinks hes always right. I wish they would prove him wrong and impeach him

  22. Say what you will about Trump he is his own man ! just because he doesn't fit into the typical BS Washington corrupt politician who plays dirty and win at all costs he is draining the swamp and the vile scum thats been there for yrs are scared of him and his goal to clean up the government ! the corrupt lifers who never worked an honest job in there life who make millions behind closed doors don't want him there. I often wonder how these politicians on a public servant salary all are worth millions thats why you can't get rid of them they aren't dumb they don't want to give up there cash cow cake jobs !

  23. No worries for our great President! He is the chosen one by God! He will be protected and will rise above the corrupt democrats. They will be the ones having heart attacks when all is said and done. TRUMP 20/20🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸LANDSLIDE!

  24. Liberals: "The 2nd amendment is outdated, we need to change it with the times."
    In that case, looks like freedom of the press needs a few stipulations added as well.

  25. In America,everyone has the right to point finger at,swear at,speak negative of,and make fun of the leaders of the country but in N.Korea,China,Vietnam and Cambodia,you will face a severe punishments and even death. Glad America existed to counter the evil, barbaric communists,hopefully,one day,communists will be dissolved and cease to exist….

  26. Take note of what the president said about Nancy pelosi and her incompetence. He said we're going to find out real soon how incompetent she is.

  27. It's a scam, and will backfire on the dems. But they're ruining the American way of life. And ruining the brains of the young Americans to be socialists. They Will pay for what they're doing. God bless our Country and our President.


  29. Please Mr. President. The Germans are scammed, occuied by Show Actors, Liars, Robbers over 120 Years, started from the holy Chair, the Vatican – biggest Stealer in World since Medivial. We loose Roots, Identity, Rights, Freedom and Money and much more. Please work with the russian President together as Friend together to help us stand up. We need it, we want it for Freedom in World, because our Homeland is the Masterkey for us all. God save you.

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