Copying my sister’s Instagram photos!
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Copying my sister’s Instagram photos!

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! so today, I’m bringing you a very very fun video I don’t think anybody expected me to ever film this video and put it up on… YouTube, but I am so excited about this, this is definitely gonna be one of my favorite videos! I’ll ever film but today as you can see from the title I’m going to be Recreating my sister’s Instagram photos. these videos have been floating around for a while now, and I’m literally obsessed with them! What boo boo? Want to say hi? Wanna say hi to the camera? No? Okay… I first saw Sydney Serena do this on her Youtube, she Recreated photos of myself and of my sister Kenzie on her YouTube, and they were literally flawless shout out to you girl They’re incredible, now before we start this video. I first want to say a lot of you will call me out I know you guys will because since me and Mackenzie are sisters. We share clothes occasionally I actually Basically used almost all of her clothes for this video, so don’t say I’m cheating I know I have an advantage that she’s my sister But I wanted to make them as exact as I could okay guys. I think that’s enough talking umm. So yeah, let’s just get on into the video So here is the first picture that I recreated All right guys, so I’m in the first look I have my hair Kind of like hers was I actually did her hair in the photo so it wasn’t that hard for me to do But it doesn’t look exact Whatever. I’m just the black tank top. I have like the same one as her This is actually hers But don’t tell her please and then she had on just a plain white jacket But I have one that has like stars on it, and it’s still so cute But it’ll just have to do. I actually have an exact white jacket, but actually can’t find it right now So I just found this instead and it’s fine so now that I have a full look, I only just need one more thing to complete this look I’m gonna go get her (Malibu her dog) My little baby! Wanna say something to the camera Okay, I’m just gonna go outside and take this photo with malli and hopefully it turns out good Okay, so we’re outside this isn’t the exact location Kenzie was at she was actually at our house in Pittsburgh But are you ready to take the photo mally? Yes, okay, let’s try and do this Trying to see if I got it, I think I got the photo Now I just have to edit it to make sure it matches. Okay, looking at this photo, I think it looks pretty Darn close to what Mackenzie’s photo was I was so happy first of all that Malibu had her arm in the same exact position as she does in the photo with Kenzie her arm straight across her body And that’s exactly what Malibu had with me which was like Thank you, Malibu Thank you. I actually did a lot of editing on this photo on Vsco I didn’t know the exact filter that Mackenzie used for this photo, but I’ve tried my best to match it up I know it’s not exactly the same, but I tried my hardest Tried I don’t look very good with this hairstyle, and I looked awful making that face, so yeah I’m gonna read this photo a seven and a half out of ten. I don’t know if I’m reading that too high But I kind of am proud with the way that it turned out moving on to photo number two I am back in the plaid shirt the shirt is so cute, and I want for myself, but you know a Sister won’t let me do that in the photo. She has a silver heart ring I don’t have that, but I have a red heart ring And then she also had another silver ring next to her and I have the perfect idea So my boyfriend Jack got me this beautiful Ring for our anniversary, and it just looks like that So I’m gonna be putting that on the finger next to the heart ring Just so it will match up and luckily her hair was just down and Parted kind of like that way, and that’s how I wear my every day, so is it gonna be perfect okay? I just realized this is gonna be slightly hard because I don’t like to make this face. I find it quite cringy But for the sake of this video we’re gonna do it and McKenzie looks beautiful so the picture you can kind of see this part Of the window, I’m just going full out guys. I’m just really gonna fill up. This is stressful. Okay, this photo was definitely Probably the hardest photo for me. I find that face that McKenzie was doing quite cringy I think she looked cringy doing it, but there’s just Just that face in general kind of just Just gets me, but McKenzie does look beautiful in that photo, and I really tried my hardest to recreate it I did in the same exact spot same clothes, but it just didn’t really work out that well I really don’t think this turned out very well But let me know down below what you think about this photo what you should read it? I think I’m gonna give it a 6 out of 10 Okay, the next thing The next photo that I recreated it was probably my favorite I’ve all of them my sister knows that I was doing this video because she saw me she literally came home And she was like what the heck. What are you doing? I was like oh, I’m returning your photos I wanted to surprise you, but this one I had to keep a surprise from her I will not tell her I want her to watch this video, so she can see it. I recreated this Oh My god, okay, I know I look ridiculous and that Is because I’m recruiting a baby photo of McKenzie of when she had banks I think we got it And let me tell you it was So hard obviously. I had nothing close to what she had on them and the photo for the clothes I Literally had to make things with my hair As you saw, and it was pretty insane This one was more of a comical joke, but I’m obsessed with this photo. Yeah, it’s just hilarious I’m giving this photo a 9 out of 10 just for humor Okay, so the next photo that I recreated is this one Okay guys, I am in the next outfit. I have the full outfit on and here is Mackenzie and I’m just mad that she’s wearing my clothes I know she’s mad, but we got to get the photo we got to okay guys. I have mommy Mel here I look really bad. That’s at NATO. She’s gonna. Help me take the photo Right yeah, and you’re gonna do a good job, right? Okay You’re so not as fans are just saying Thank you Thank you, thank you, we got it. I’m obsessed with this outfit, and I think that McKenzie looks so freaking cute in this photo I actually took this photo of her so I Knew exactly what to do and as you can see I had mom email helped me I had my mother take my photo and she actually did so well I was nervous about her taking it because I was like you’re never gonna get the exact angle But she got really close to what it actually was I really think this photo turned out pretty exact to what the actual photo is So I’m gonna give it an eight and a half out of ten The last photo I recreated is this one right here Alright guys, I’m in the next outfit so far. I think it’s been going really. Well, which is awesome so um I want to show you guys like my full don t just because something off What’s up, my sister wears um feel very uncomfortable wearing um Because she likes to show more skin than I do for me I like to be a little more conservative, so I’m not going to show you the full look But I’m gonna have mom email which was my mother take this photo of me outside I Think we got it Well, I hate having my hair parted that way I was so lucky for this photo because had the choker the tube top the short side everything only because they took it from Mackenzie’s closet and my mom took this one as well as he saw and I’m Honestly, so impressed With my mom’s photography skills her hair is way longer buying shorter than hers And it like wasn’t exact hers like over I a little bit mine wasn’t as much but I really do like this photo like I would post this photo the only thing that I Hate about this is the outfit I think this outfit is cute on Mackenzie and cute on other girls, but for me I think it’s just bit too much skin for me. I don’t like wearing like strapless tops But I think it turned out really well Okay, guys, and that was all of the photos that I recreated. I thought this was one of the most fun videos I’ve ever filmed just because it was so exciting getting to like remake my sister’s own photos She is like the cutest person I’ve ever met in my entire life, and she is so beautiful And I want to look like her when I’m older and it was funny. Just because I’ve taken most of these photos. No Most of the photos that I recreated were ones that I actually took of her so that was fun But anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it leave a comment down below, which picture was your favourite and which one you think I executed the best Yeah, bye Blow a kiss. Mwah

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  1. OMG!!! Maddie you still do dance moms? And and.. how old are you its so long I haven’t watch your vid coz i was a sec ago watching Nats outlet and i saw your comment!!!!!

  2. The fact that your older than kanzie but you look younger whan her…… It's like omggggggg❤️❤️❤️❤️love Ya both

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