100 thoughts on “Conservative social network Gab shut down

  1. Even FoxNews sees Gab as a threat. They seem to've forgotten their own history getting off the ground …. &, for that matter, the value to an open society of free speech & freedom of the press.

  2. A lot of angry white males in this comment section. It was the founders of Gab who decided to shut it down. No one forced them to do it……

  3. Gab was an independent site that got hammered by SJW=NPC
    and if you had looked at site you would realize that
    however facebook and twitter can run anti white pages all day long you clowns are going to get people killed with your uptight politically correct hogwash

  4. Sarah Jeong spewed her hatred of white people on Twitter and she was rewarded for it by keeping her new job with the New York Times. When her hate filled tweets surfaced, she was excused for it because she’s Asian and because her attacks were on white people. Her account wasn’t deleted, she wasn’t banned and she got to keep her new job. Interesting what companies like Twitter and The New York Times consider hate when they condemn it on one side but reward it on another side.

  5. Wow, somebody who wants to spread their beliefs without getting paid for it, are even more dangerous….WTF?

  6. This is so wrong Gab is not the problem – Twiter still allows Hamas, Farrakhan and others who are racist and Evil. They are just trying to eliminate their competition with a false flag – Gab should sue for defamation of character – Trump should intervene

  7. Nobody is calling for censorship except to lame stream propagandists. Fox News promoted Fake News that Saddam Hussein had WMD and millions of Iraqis died. When does the mainstream media get banned the millions of deaths they caused?

  8. I've been saying that Trump should switch over to Gab for over a year. I'd like to see them shut it down with Trump's account on there.

  9. Hahahaha take that racsits you can try but your a dying group of people and are no longer accepted in this world or society

  10. This stuff is not going to stop, what we truly need is a "Conservative Silicon Valley" completely divorced from California and it's Liberal sensibilities. Build your start-ups in Red States that already have business friendly reputations like Texas and stop sending our best and brightest to them to be assimilated.

  11. It is not the job of tech companies to police speech. Nor do they have the right to do so.

    These so called "experts" should step out of their computer freak bubble and learn about democracy.

  12. Jackasses even on Fox! They characterize GAB as a hate platform. Sure there were haters, but, those are on both sides of the political spectrum.

  13. This is the most orwellian doublespeak I have seen about social media. MUST BAN ONLINE SPEECH TO PREVENT VIOLENCE. Pretending that anything other than leftist media Outlets are hate groups congregating with each other.

  14. The 1st amendment free speech social site Gab was shutdown by left wing cronies of twitter and other censorship proponents.

  15. Get your fact straight guys. Gab has not been shut down. They are just switching host providers and will be down temporarily. They will be back very soon. This guest clearly doesn't know the first thng about Gab.

  16. GAB is a free speech neither conservative or liberal. Fuck you globalist Fox. Free speech is the corner stone of our constitution… Dont like what ya hear scroll on or mute. No platform is responsible for anyone's action's ..we as individuals are responsible for our individual action's. This whole the devil made me do it syndrome is Rediculous..and is being tought to our youth at indoctrination centers called schools.. Wake up people vote red. Walk away ..

  17. There are more ugly disagreements in gab than in any other social network. The conversations are raw and people speak their worst beliefs. That's what's needed. Not cat videos and motivational quotes. The world needs free speech and discussion of taboo issues. Nothing should be shoved under the carpet.
    U support Gab. I support the right of every individual to speak their mind out and rant. I don't have to agree with what they say but I assiduously support their right to say it.

  18. it will NOT re-emerge, the lesson has been taught. the next site will stay hidden and avoid being shut down. and you will lose track of the folks you should be watching on the internet.

  19. Gab isn't a conservative social network. I refuse to believe that all of you talking heads aren't aware of this.

    This is further proof that Fox is part of the same dog and pony show as the leftist MSM. Basically controlled opposition at this point.

  20. Fascism is defined by limiting speech, expression, art, and having dominating control over all aspects of life giving you only one choice.

  21. The shooter was anti Trump they had to deplatform it so you couldn't read his texts. It's actually illegal during an investigation for his hosting company to tamper with evidence by shutting it down.

  22. People, we are approaching dictatorship. To shut down competition to silence from free speech
    is a monopoly of speech rights otherwise only done in dictatorship countries, like China & North Korea. Be very worried because this is an epidemic now. VOTE OUT THE LEFT. And it looks like

  23. The shooter was also a member of Facebook and twitter: why were those NOT shut down? Plus, GAB CEO is actively helping FBI, where FBI THANKED GAB. – Did FB or twitter cooperate?

  24. Please don't start off with a premise that conservative platform startups started to "allow hate speech! Right there, at the getgo, we have a false interpretation.

  25. You anti-American left wing oligarch communist nazis aren’t going to silence the free people of America and the world, keep trying, you are sewing the seeds of your own destruction. The people are smarter than you and we will NOT stand for this level of censorship in a free society! You will NOT take away the people’s constitutional and God given right to Freedom of speech. You think you won here, but all you’ve done is awaken the Lion. Enjoy your decline. Free speech, the US and the rights of the people will prevail! MAGA and God bless the USA! 🇺🇸

  26. lots of conservative and good people on gab !! not just Nazis or whitesupreamist assholes!!! this guys a duchebag left media spin is the enemy of America conservative party!!! 😝😝😝


  28. 4% of Gab hateful by recent study. 2% of Twitter, which is much larger number. This “like minded people on Gab” crap is absolute BS. Did they get an SJW to be interviewed? Complete fake news.

  29. Wtf Fox Business? Have you lost your mind? This is the third video in a row I’ve seen where you spread blatantly false smears about Gab and advocate for Tyranny. Getting a payoff from Silicon Valley?

  30. Ostracizing these people from the lamestream social media sites directly caused this to happen, not Gab. Lets take a racist nut whos exposed to real conversation with people of opposing opinions, and ban him. So then he goes to a more underground site only to find more people exactly like him. You've created an echo chamber for these people by taking them out of the common discussion places. Do you think this is going to help them realize that they're wrong, or enforce their idealogy in their mind?

  31. Ian. that comment right there is why we made Gab. we hate twitter because it harbors violent marxists

    You are just an NPC

  32. Fox News joins the fake news list of anti American false reporting. Gab was not shut down. Gab is moving to a new platform. You cannot stop the free flow of information or ideas, no matter how much the deep state wants to control what you think. Because of this I and my family are signing up for Gab. Facebook Twitter and Google are anti-American deep state mouth pieces. They will eventually be shut down through abandonment.

  33. Conservative social network? neo Nazis and white supremacists are NOT conservative. Conservatives are the ones that worship a racist sexual predator oh wait… thr not conservative either.

  34. So by admitting that a network used by neo Nazis and white supremacists is "conservative", And Trump supporters call themselves "conservative", You are saying that Trump supporters are neo Nazis and white supremacist. Finally, geez it was like pulling teeth with you guys.

  35. I am a Gab user. I have never slandered anyone, published anti-Semitic content or broke the law, yet I am now censored.

  36. *Livestreams murders on Facebook

    Make a Gab account if it's free just to tell these psychos to fk off.

  37. "Free Speech" is only protected when the speech is not used to murder or terrorize. Or it should be that way. "White Supremecists" exist only to terrorize non-whites, so they should not be allowed to enter public discourse.

  38. "They're just there to spread their own beliefs, they're not there to make money, which makes them more dangerous." From the country that funded over 200 wars

  39. Facebook and Twitter both have far-right users e.g Robert Bowers so they should be de-platformed too if your gonna censor GAB its onły fair….oh wait they're sites are part of the mainstream media so they get a free pass. Ffs I hate how bias the media is and how most of the public eat up their lies without a second thought.

  40. I say shut them all down till they ban all hate speech or let all of
    it fly…can't sit there and cherry pick forever. I vote to shut them all down. Tired of them profiting off of our misery.

  41. gab is not gone they just lost their web hosting from godaddy commy leftist censoring any conservative political views

  42. Well that guys a massive liar isn't he. He knows very little about Gab but he's the expert go to guy for Fox?
    I don't really do lies on my channel because I'm honest.

  43. There's no such thing as 'hate speech.' It's newspeak and no sane person should use newspeak. Same as 'homophobia' and the like.

  44. As long as they shut DOWN CNN MSNBS BLOOMBERg ABC NBC then the zionist masonic jew war machines can be finally silenced for their evil fake news !!!!!!! EXPOSE THEM, DESTROY THEM and SEND THE GOD MESSAGE THAT CHRIST IS KING OF EVERYTHING FOREVER AND GOD AND CHRIST DETEST zionists evil anything anywhere anytime!!!!! WE HAVE AWAKENED THE MEEK AND WE ARE INHERITING THE EARTH– REV- God and CHrist state DESTROY THE SYNOGGUE OF SATAN – before they kill us all!!!! AMEN – SO if your a zionist masonic jew gay pedophile child molester femisiniti ANTI CHRIST YOUR FINNNNNNNISHED!!!!!! NO MORE TOLERANCE ON SATANS SYNOGOGUE

  45. Right wingers never ran a company with billions of customers, they know nothing of what it takes. They are good with coal, thats it.

  46. The tech analyst is more of a leftist scum who hates free speech for he tries to justify the censorship of free speech under the label of hate speech HATE SPEECH IS FREE SPEECH the term HATE SPEECH was invented by RELIGIOUS FANATICS TO BE USED AS A TOOL TO CENSOR ANY CRITICISM OF THEIR BAD RELIGIOUS IDEAS .

  47. Gab is down at the moment. I was trying to use dissenter on an article and gab is down, won't let me login. On July 4th, of course.

  48. If that were a basis for shutting down a social platform, Gab, Facebook and Youtube would have been shuttered long ago.

  49. Google Twitter Facebook they are bunch of hypocrites and they know what their doing when they don’t like to see conservatives speak their mind and have their own opinions and beliefs and then these guys goes and with a push of a button shut someone’s site down seriously, causing a lot of chaos and frustration. Let’s shut them down✌️

  50. "Ian Wishingrad" Im going to guess that is his leprechaun name. His rainbow and pot of gold is just off screen. YOU DO BELIEVE ME DONT YOU?

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