Connecting to Loved One Who Passed | Binaural | Guided Meditation
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Connecting to Loved One Who Passed | Binaural | Guided Meditation

This guided meditation provides the opportunity
to reconnect with a loved one who has passed on. They will come before you again from the memories
you hold. The more you continue to do this guided meditation,
the more you will remember about your loved one, such as the small details that may have
faded over time. The more you continue, the more connected
to them you will become. Each experience you share together during
this journey will give you the chance to let go of any heavy emotions that have been weighing
you down. Loss. Sadness. Regret. Each experience will help you heal. You will come to understand that your loved
one is closer to you now than they ever could be before. You will come to know that you can still have
a relationship with them. Your loved one is accessible to you at any
time. Before we begin our journey, find a comfortable
position while lying down. Take a moment to mentally collect any unwanted
thoughts, any worries, and anything that does not serve what you are about to experience. Imagine placing these thoughts inside of a
box and closing the lid tightly. Put a lock on this box. During our meditation, if these thoughts escape
from the box, simply acknowledge them and send them back. Now, gently close your eyes and take a moment
to allow your body to relax. Take a deep breath in to the count of 4. Feel the breath as it moves into your body
and fills your lungs. Now exhale to the count of 4. Feel the breath as it moves
out. As you exhale, see this breath releasing any
tension or anxiety that you hold. See this breath releasing any physical pain
you may have. Follow the sound of your breathing as you
start at the top of your head and work your way down the body. Relax your forehead. Relax the muscles in your face. Relax your mouth. Take another deep breath in to the count of
4. Each time you inhale, your breath brings with
it a deeper sense of relaxation. Follow the sound of your breathing. Relax your neck and shoulders. Your hands and fingers. Imagine that your muscles are slowly melting. Take another deep breath in to the count of
4 and exhale to the count of 4. You start to relax even deeper. Relax your legs. Your feet. Your toes. Continue to follow your breath. In your mind’s eye, imagine that you’re standing
at the beginning of a long narrow path. The path is surrounded by an abundance of
trees. What kind of trees do you see? The ground beneath you is solid. You feel safe. You feel calm. Now start to walk down this path. Listen to the sounds of nature. What do you hear? Ahead, you see the end of this path. This path opens into a forest. Somewhere you hear a bird calling. Notice how beautiful the sound is. You feel calm. You feel safe. The bird follows alongside of you from tree
to tree. You follow the sound of its song. Look carefully into the trees. Where is this bird? As if it hears your thoughts, the bird shows
itself. It is perched on a low tree branch. What does this bird look like? Is it a bright red cardinal? A small sparrow? Unafraid, the bird flies to you. You stop as it perches on your shoulder. Something about the bird feels familiar. A vision of your loved one comes to mind. You feel hopeful as you continue down the
path. The bird is still there as you reach the path’s
end. The path expands out into the middle of a
magnificent forest. It is a beautiful, open space full of life. Nature. The bird now leaves your shoulder. It flutters in front of you. Open out your hand to the bird. It drops something into your palm and flies
away. Look at what’s inside your hand. This is from your loved one. It is something only you can recognize. It is something only you can understand. A vision of your loved one comes to mind very
clearly now. Keep their belonging with you as you wander
through the forest. Notice the tall, majestic oak trees. Their leaves blend together into shades of
green. The color is so vibrant that the leaves glow. What else do you see? Are there flowers? What color are they? You look up towards the turquoise blue sky. Do you see shapes in the clouds? Notice the slants of sunlight beaming through
the trees. Can you hear the many birds in these trees? Each has their own distinct sound. Their sound carries a melody. Their melodies come together as a song. A familiar song. Another vision of your loved one comes to
mind. Is this a special song to you both? Does it carry special memories? Continue wandering. You hear trickling water close by. You see a beautiful creek ahead. Walk over to it. What does the water look like? Is it clear? Can you see to the bottom? Reach down and feel the water. It feels cool in your hands. The creek is surrounded by large rocks. As you stand, notice these rocks are covered
with bright green moss. Notice how the color matches the leaves on
the trees. You begin to feel warm. A sunbeam is upon you. It begins at the crown of your head. The warm sensation flows through your body. The sounds of the water are soothing. You stare into the creek. Watch the tiny cascades. A vision of your loved one appears in the
water. You feel safe. You feel calm. You feel relaxed. You see a patch of grass under a nearby tree. This tree stands alone, just a few inches
from the creek. Make your way over to the tree and sit underneath. Run your hands through the soft grass. Now lean your back against the tree. Its trunk is wide. It feels strong. The tree shades you from the bright sun. Notice how the tree’s roots stretch out towards
the creek. You feel safe. You feel protected. Take in the sights of the forest. This is your forest. A place of peace. You wonder for a moment, where your special
bird could be. A light breeze blows by. With it, the breeze brings a familiar scent. The scent is reminder of your loved one. The signs from your loved one are clear. They want to connect with you. Begin to recall visual details of them. Can you clearly see their face? Do you remember the shape of their eyes? What color were they? Recall the sound of their voice. Recall the sound of their laughter. What would they be wearing? As you continue to visualize, you may recall
a feature that you’d forgotten about. Take this time to see them in your mind’s
eye. Recall a happy moment you shared. A loving moment. A silly moment. Continue recalling one memory in detail. The more you do this, the more memories will
return. The more memories that return will bring them
that much closer to you. Do not worry if you recall unhappy moments. These moments serve a purpose. Let them come to you without sadness or regret. Their purpose serves the experience you are
having. Their purpose will help you better understand
what your healing process should be. Take this time to feel these memories. Now look closely across the creek. Notice the bushes. Notice the tall grass. You see a slant of the sunlight beaming through
them. There is part of a shadow in the sunlight. When you see it, you feel calm. You feel safe. You know it is your loved one there. They step forward. They are radiant. They are healthy. They smile at you with love and happiness. They have been waiting for this moment. Do you feel their love? The profound feeling of pure, deep love. It immediately begins to flow through your
body. Your loved one walks over to you. They sit down across from you. Their face looks exactly as you remember. Their eyes. Their hair. They take both of your hands into their own. You can sense the peace within them. As you touch, you see a breathtaking white
light run through your hands. It runs up through your arms. It flows through your whole body. You feel it the moment it enters your heart. This white light forms a circle around you
both. You feel the protective energy from this circle. Notice the vibrations of this energy slowly
ripple throughout the forest. This powerful white light radiates love. It is there to hold space for you both. It is there to remove any barriers of communication. Speak freely. Speak from your heart. This is your opportunity to reconnect. An opportunity to heal. You are fully in each other’s presence. Right now. Right in this very moment. Know that you are in their presence again. Think for a moment about what it is that you
want and need to say. Did your loved one miss a milestone in your
life? Tell them everything about it. Do you have regrets? Is there something you did or didn’t do? Do you harbor guilt over unresolved issues? Discuss it with them. Resolve it now. Do you have unanswered questions? Ask them now. Focus. Listen to your mind and to your heart. You will hear the answers. It is important that you do not feel rushed
during this experience. Time doesn’t exist here. There is just one moment leading to the next. Both of you together right now, in this very
moment, is real. Embrace the feeling of their hands in yours. Hug them close. Kiss their cheek. You have been brought together for a divine
purpose. They know you need this reconnection. You have missed them. They have missed you. They give you an encouraging smile. Now is the time to open your heart. Release yourself fully. Take your time and begin when you are ready. They are here for as long as you need them. Now I will step back so that you can reconnect
with your loved one. Only when you feel ready, release your hands
from one another. The glowing white circle slowly comes down. Stand together and prepare to part away, just
for now. They are always accessible to you. Take your time. Watch as they step away and know that this
is not goodbye. Know it to be true that you will see them
again. You only need to call them in with these very
thoughts, these details, these memories. Hold that feeling. Return to this forest. It is only here now for the both of you. Look again at their personal belonging from
your bird.. Do you see the radiant white light glowing
from it? Allow yourself once last glance as they walk
back into the forest. But it is not them that you see. It is a bird. Your bird. It is sitting on a low tree branch. It is singing a familiar melody. It looks at you for a long moment before flying
away. Your soul feels stronger. Your spirit has lifted. You feel at peace. It is time for us to return. Make your way through the trees and back towards
the path. Know that you are walking away from a peaceful,
loving place where you can always return. It is yours forever. It is where you can meet any of your departed
loved ones. Always. Your journey has been long. Your journey has been emotional. Allow yourself to sleep peacefully, if you
feel the need. Allow yourself to rest your body as needed. If you are ready to bring yourself to the
present moment, start by taking cf2 a deep breath in to the count of 4. Feel the breath as it moves into your body
and fills your lungs. Now exhale to the count of 4. Feel the breath as it moves out. Do this a few more times, or as needed, while
slowly bringing energy back into your body through movement. Begin by moving your toes slightly. Continue with other small movements in your
feet and your legs. Move your arms. Your hands. Fingers. Allow your small movements to grow into larger
movements. Slowly open your eyes again when ready. Once you feel fully energized and revitalized,
sit for a moment in silence and recall the journey you just experienced and know it to
be true.

53 thoughts on “Connecting to Loved One Who Passed | Binaural | Guided Meditation

  1. People can actually do this stuff….spiritual awakening, AP,lucid dreaming,meet higher self,see spirit guides?…….how? I want to but I'm afraid bad things will happen to be. I tried meditation and I feel sensations in my forehead like a trob of energy…numb sensation in my body….but never none of the above I experience.

  2. You have my gratitude Rasa. You are one of the reasons why I started my spiritual journey a month ago, your voice helps me raise my vibrations and the feeling is so wonderful. Much love from me to you.

  3. Thank you thank you for this meditation. I've been lost since my fiancé passed away 22 months ago unexpectedly. He was only 36 and no one expected it. Society puts such a stigma on death and the grieving. As if we aren't having a hard enough time with our loss, we don't need to be looked at like a zoo animal or have our very valid feelings swept under the rug and ignored by friends and loved ones. Your meditations, especially the ones specifically for connecting with loved one on the other side have given me an outlet for my grief. Your compassionate voice and lovely imagery make it easy to fall deep into a meditative state so I can easily connect with my fiancé. He sends me signs often through our special songs and birds as well as other animals. He can even impress upon one of our cats who has always been very sensitive. I wish there were dozens more of these meditations but I've only been able to discover a handful and not all of them are as special as yours. Thanks again for helping me heal and helping me come to a place of KNOWING that he is always with me and that our bond is part of something much bigger than this one lifetime.

  4. this was amazing! I had 4 of my loved ones visit me. the experience was awesome. it was so emotional I was crying throughout this session. Everything about it was absolutely beautiful 😊

    From the bottom of my ❤️. Thank you for helping me reconnect with them

  5. I won't to say thank you Rasa for making this meditation session. I lost my mother 1/9/17 to an unexpected heart attack. She was 65 yrs, since that day I have been feeling lost and regretful of things that I should have said to her but didn't until this session. With the help of your soothing and compassionate voice, I quickly relaxed and was able to invision her face & hear her voice .. During the session I felt my mother's presence, cried through the. entire session, said everything I did not say before and wished I did not have to come back. From the bottom of my heart I thank you so so much for helping me and others get a chance to connect to loved ones. I will definitely revisit this session.❤👼 Namaste

  6. I was able to visualize everything which has been difficult for me in the past when meditating. But. I did not see a bird. I heard the bird but saw a tiny gray kitten instead. Can anyone explain why I saw the kitten and heard the bird?

  7. Rasa, could the gray kitten be my animal spirit guide?
    I have been trying to connect with my spirit guides for a long time.

  8. i wanna be able too see n talk to my sister that passed away last year! ;( i wanna also see her n hear her voice again;( my favorite sister that died from lung faileder:( i really miss u so much sis,i wish u could just come back home,i need u sis,nuthing isnt the same without you;( please just come back home,i really need u,i need to talk too u heather please sis🙁😓💔😰

  9. Thank you so much, I connected with four of my loved ones and now they are with me. I enjoy all your meditation sessions. Thank you once again.

  10. Rasa, thank you for this wonderful meditation. My mother passed away 19 years ago today. You made it possible for me to have a conversation with her after all these years. I to,d her something that I have never been able to share with her before. She gave me a message for her youngest granddaughter that has always felt that she never got to know my mom since she was only 3 years old when cancer took her from us. I have done this meditation before but this was truly an unexpected experience on a day that usually brings sadness. God bless you; Love & light. Always. 💕💕

  11. I came across this a few days ago. This AMAZING!!! First time using it n i could hear n speak to my dad in heaven!! Its amazing ty so much!! Just wish i could download it!

  12. Thank you soooooo very much!!! This was my first time meditating and reconnecting with my Mom. I didn't know if it would work or not, but it really did. Somethings were hard to see at first, but as the journey went on I felt and saw so much. I felt so many good feelings throughout my body and inside my soul. Tears were escaping my eyes as the feelings got stronger. I felt my mom with me so intensely, something I haven't felt in the 5 1/2 years since she passed. I am so thankful to you for helping me connect with my Mom through that beautiful journey! I cannot wait to take the journey through the forest again.

  13. Whenever i try to imagine my boyfreind's image and memories there occure some horrifying images of ghost and other things that just scared me and because of this i always leave this session uncompleted what should i do for this

  14. This was a Beautiful experience.My spirit was able to embrace my loved ones spirit and I really felt connected to my friend.I know that he loves me and that he is with me

  15. Rasa my father died nearly 4 weeks ago. i was deeply moved and cried alot. i knew he was there with me. Absolutely amazing thank you xx

  16. Rasa, thank you for an incredible journey into the forest. You have given me the opportunity to say " Happy Birthday" to my father for the first time since 2003. There is no doubt that the experience was real, it happened, and has filled my heart with such love. You gave me a special gift today. I have visited the forest several times but this time was the most vivid and unforgettable time ever spent there. I knew you could help me have this much needed reunion with the man I have loved the longest and the most in this lifetime. Many blessings, love & light, Colleen

  17. I keep coming back to this beautiful meditation and I am never disappointed. In the forest I have spent time with many family members and friends that have passed on. I feel relaxed and joyful with messages I have received. Thank you for making this spirit communication possible for a novice like me. God Bless you. Love & Light always, Colleen

  18. Rasa, I just found your meditation and can't wait to find a quiet place and time to give it all my attention. In the last 10 years I have lost my sister, brother, father, mother, 4-year-old nephew, son-in-law, lover and two of my closest friends. I'm not really sure for whom I should search, but I will be thrilled to meet any of them on this path.

  19. I tried this meditation a while ago. It was great it brought back a lot of forgotten memories. I am sooo disappointed there is now adds in it. Completely ruined a beautiful experience.

  20. Than you for this beautiful meditation. My mom passed away,7 myhs ago and last night I connevted with her spirit it was,amazing and very emotional bit truly knowing and feeling she was there was so beautiful.. I will often visit this meditation looking forward to meeting up,with my mommie!! Than you so much because bow I have a place to go Whn I need to feel my mothers love my heart and the forest!! Thankyou so much!!

  21. Thank you so much for this meditation❤️ my older brother recently passed away and I saw him again and it was an amazing experience for me❤️

  22. Wanna say thank u I really though i had no connect to my beloved mother but she was there I defo take journey again and again because I felt mum was with me

  23. My fiancee died almost 3 weeks ago, on Nov 4 , due to a motorcycle accident. I dreamt of him last week and it was nice. But I've wanted to experience that again because I miss him so much and I'm sad not knowing if he will communicate with me again. I tried this meditation but he didnt come to me 🙁 I still visualized him but he didnt talk . I'm so heartbroken

  24. Thank so much, I've had visitations while in my sleep but this help me to communicate with a love one who passed 25 years ago and have not heard from until now! God bless you.

  25. Got to say goodbye to my dad who just passed. A red cardnal guided me in, it really blew me away. I was handed a red feather. This really helped me immensely

  26. Im dissapointed i didnt get anything. I think maybe im not getting into a deep meditation and thats why. I think im distracted by the pets in the house. My crown and the center of my forehead were tingling. Thank you.

  27. I'm 16 and lost my father 3 years ago I was closer to him then to my mom or anyone else I know so when I lost him and got to watch him take his last breath it killed me and my mom started dating someone who abused her mentally and physically..watching that has left me with some thoughts that will never leave my mind, I also had some things happen to me when I was little that he never knew of and when I went to see my psychologist he brought back some things and feelings I forgot I even had so being able to do this and tell him some of those things he never knew of really helped. It felt like he was really holding my hand too. I started crying so badly so many times too hah. I used to struggle with suicide really badly and its starting to come back really badly. Like I said before with my psychologist when him and I talked I realized what happened with me in my past is what has been affecting me in all of my relationships and I'm a little more mature for my age so the two guys I dated were older and one was my age but with all of them i have messed up even when i was super happy all they had to do was look at me a certain way or touch me a certain way and I would freak out so being able to tell my dad about that has kinda helped and being able to tell him that im sorry for not spending more time with him when he was sick ,feeling like it's my fault he didn't try harder, being his only real kid is another struggle he was a father to my sister and other two siblings but its still super hard for me two of my siblings have a father and my older sister may not know her dad but she has a family already and shes happy when im stuck here not knowing what im doing with my life feeing alone and unwanted.thats why im glad i found this and was able to communicate with my daddy<3 THANK YOU im strugging but trying 🙁 🙂

  28. Thank you so much Rasa for me to be able to be with my Dad who passed away almost a year ago.
    I am glad that I can visit him and spend time with him.
    God bless you for helping all of us who are deeply missing our loved ones.

  29. My Uncle passed away 3 months ago and was carer for his brother. I'm now grappling to catch up as his only nearby relative. I listened to your meditation 2 nights ago reaching out to my deceased Uncle for guidance as his brother took a bad turn again in hospital. Today my sick uncle, in a more lucid state told me two nights ago his brother came to him to confirm he has passed but he is happy and had a good life. My sick uncle said to me that made him feel better – he has come now out of a bad state and fingers crossed will keep recovering- thank you for helping me guide these two heartbroken brothers together to reassure each other ❤️ as I go to bed tonight and listen again I'll hopefully send more reassurance their way 🕊🕊🕊

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