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  1. The video was published in 2012 and if she was able to predict our dependence on technology, what more on today's 2019? Yikes

    (Anyway hello to my fellow mates out there who are also instructed to write a reaction paper about this! 😂👋)

  2. Honestly I’m agreeing this plus knowing some friends being “introverted” While they have tons of friend online and like have some friends irl like when I get near them is like I feel so uncomfortable around them knowing and another friend who being consume what people think about her online and I still remember when she draw and post online she upset cause people talk about her art is bad and like I’m thinking don’t give in cause irl people do care about it and not to worry while she bringing herself down and agreeing other people to herself negative and I’m just here rather bring herself up to realizing its isn’t true cause you can still change but you need to know about other things and what affect you and behave with it……..

    I honestly rather have and iPod so I just only listen to music and when I don’t use the iPod I just talk and having fun most of time and I dislike school thinking it’s be better to put work and new app such IPAD who parents have to pay and letting them to use games and etc… while some less and less disconnected with other…

    Honestly I wish I should have told her by not using technology all lots when you need to work at school or even when you think teacher or parents not listening and being consumed slowly by being yourself while there many people are here and find time to meet up and help….

    I still remember I grow up in my old house and to my old apartment seeing my cousin and friends who come over to my place while that I can do my work with them and not use technology cause I’m not smart or good to learn on technology thinking technology has all the answers to the questions and when I first got my IPod at 4th grade I don’t have like services but only have music and some games so most of my day is like with friends at school and I can just listen some music and when I’m with friends I rather go outside or be a leader 🤔 plus there like computer and games at home and I don’t use computer or games that much and almost remember being outside….

    I remember my childhood is like I have fun with other but one I could actually know what happen on my birthday is when I say thank you to one boy who I know (not gonna say his name) and when we were all in the kitchen saying happy birthday to me and his shirt saying something and I was like I want to hide from him so one picture of me wearing a dress but my face looked behind but the thing you can see is my hair 🤦‍♀️ and thinking about it…. knowing someone and be friends with.. not noticing they liked you and being around them and all kind, positive and doing whatever you want and care about while having fun is like making them confess…

    (He did confess one of my birthday very long long time ago and people were in my old house)

    But anyway be kind and be yourself and be with people who will be there and outside of school or work and such cause going somewhere to spend time with anyone is good thing to feel comfortable and know where you are and I’m here trying to go people birthday party when my brothers disconnect with my cousins and I disconnected when my family have to move so why I’m actually try to be more open and I won’t call my introvert cause that not who I am 🙂 I need to be able to talk with other irl and not letting technology getting to me cause I rather learn something more about irl…

    If this sentence does not make sense please forgive me 😔

  3. I'm here because of our subject of Purposive Communication but this topic is really interesting not just in subject but i learned a lot. If you want to talk, talk it personally not in text, email or any social media app. This talk is good. I want to suggest to watch this especially to the youths and children. Teach our children with social life.

  4. There are lots of key ideas from this talk but we’re given 100-120 something words to make an essay. How am I gonna expound lol

  5. It's disgusting! I make it a point to walk my dog without my phone. I want to enjoy my time with my dog on our walk. It's so sad. Everyone is walking with their pets or kids on their phone. Whoa that part where the lady in the nursing home was talking with a robot seal, my eyes started to tear up. This is a great Ted Talk. So sadly true.

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