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Confusion Ft.Chill Maama || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

What do you think it is?
– How would I know? Please, go and wait outside.
– Sure, doctor. Is it anything serious, doctor?
How long will she live? Quite long, I guess.
– Stop fooling around, doctor. Why would I fool around?
– Then what is the matter? Does she have cancer or Swine Flu
or Dengue or Ebola? Ebola? In India?
– Then what is the problem with her? I’d have told you had I known it better.
– I didn’t follow. My worst fear has come true.
– God! Why my daughter? Stop over reacting, will you?
She’s only suffering from Aboulomania. What is this Aboulomania, doctor? I’d have told you had I known it better.
– I didn’t follow. It is a disorder related to confusion
and indecisiveness. She’ll always be confused
to choose between any two or more options. But this doesn’t seem like much of a problem.
– Call her in. – Sure. There are too many chairs.
Where do I sit? Sit on this chair.
– Sure, doctor. You’ve only got a mild headache. Take these pills that you’ll
find at the pharmacy down the aisle. ‘So many tablets?’ Do I take them before meal or after meal?
– A few before and a few after. How long after the meal do I take them?
Do I take them with hot water or cold water? Why don’t we go on a vacation these holidays.
– Where do we go? Goa!
– My parents are dead against Goa. Bangalore?
– Bangalore maybe a little expensive. Mumbai!
– What do we do there? Delhi?
– Too much pollution. Kulu?
– We’d freeze to death there. Where do we go then? Is this your idea of a vacation?
– Rather than choosing out of 1000s of places we can unwind right here in our hood.
– Screw you! Hello, sir.
– Hello. Long time! Isn’t Harika home?
– She’s gone out shopping. She’ll be back in 10. Be seated till then.
– Sure, sir. Where are you at?
– ‘At an accessories shop nearby.’ You said we’d go out. I’m waiting here.
– ‘I’ll be back in 15 minutes.’ Hurry up! Where are you?
– ‘I said I’ll be there.’ Hurry up! Where are you?
– ‘Have some patience, moron. I’ll be there.’ Aren’t you done yet?
– ‘I’m almost done. I’ll be there in a jiffy.’ Hurry up! I’m leaving.
– ‘I’ll kill you. I’ve almost reached.’ ‘How long would she take?
I’m stuck here.’ So, now that you’re done
with graduation what do you plan to do next?
– I haven’t yet decided, sir. You haven’t decided yet?
Youngsters these days have everything planned. But, you haven’t planned your future yet?
– I will decide something soon. Let’s go.
– Finally you are here. Bought accessories?
– I didn’t as there were too many options. Whatever! Let’s go.
– That we are. Hey, Harika!
– Hi, doctor! How are you?
– I’m good and you? I’m fine. How is your dad?
– He’s good. Why aren’t you coming to the hospital?
– I’m confused whether to come in the morning or evening? ‘Hell with you!’ You anyway cancelled the vacation.
We’ll atleast go to a movie. Sure.
Which movie shall we go to? I don’t like horror flicks.
I don’t like action flicks. How about a romantic flick?
– I’d watch them only with my boyfriend. Not with people like you.
– How about a family drama? There is a lot of drama in our family already.
No point watching a family drama. What in the world?
Then what shall we watch? Which movie shall I play
out of these many? Forget it.
I’ll choose one. Let’s order something soon.
– May I have your order? Go ahead and order something. There are so many dishes to choose from.
Give me 10 minutes to decide on the order. Five more minutes, please.
– Alright. Decided on the order yet?
– Five more minutes, please. What the heck! What’s the matter?
– This was the menu for the breakfast. It is now lunch time.
Here’s the menu for that. Please, atleast order something
before supper. Excuse me, doctor. ‘She seems confident.
I guess she is cured.’ ‘Neither was she confused where to sit.’
How are you? I’m confused how I am.
– ‘I don’t think she is cured.’ I’ve an errand to run. I’ve to rush.
– Doctor, please hear me out. I’m sorry but I need to get going.
– You can go after hearing me out. But, it is pretty urgent.
– So is my problem! Doctor, my parents are planning
on marrying me off. Some suitors booze, some don’t.
Do I choose a guy who boozes or a guy who doesn’t? Stop it! I’ll find the perfect guy for you.
I’ll see to it that you get married to a fine lad. Are you sure?
– Yes. I’ll, infact, pay him dowry from my pocket. Are you serious?
– Yes, I am. Now, please, spare me. Thank you!
So sweet of you! I better find her a groom
before she comes back. Doctor, I’m confused about something.. Please, spare me.
I’m totally wasted. Hello, people!
At times, even I become very indecisive. In case, you feel your friends are also
indecisive, share this video with them. And this guy is Dheeraj
from ‘Chill Mama’. He makes IT based sketches.
So, do check out his channel aswell. You’ll love it. I hope you liked this video.
In case you did, do like, comment and subscribe to ‘Chill Mama’
and to ‘Dhethadi’. Are you the cabbie assigned to pick me?
– Are you Rahul? Yes.
– Yes, sir, I’m your cabbie. Usman, Farhan, Raju, Ashok..
Come here. ‘They all look like nomads.
This is only a cab, not a freight train.’ Get in, everyone. Guys, please, careful!
Watch out! Sir, there is no more place.
– But I need enough space. Then go sit in the boot of the car. That guy would need an entire bus for himself.
– Let’s go. Sir, this is a share booking.
– Of course. And I’m the ‘Sher’. Let’s go now.
– Does your vehicle have insurance? Yes, sir, it does.
– Cool! Let’s go. Share bookings are only for 1 passenger.
– That’s right. My friends are just sharing my booking. Screw you idiots!

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