confronting the man who caused THE WORST night of my life.. STORYTIME
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confronting the man who caused THE WORST night of my life.. STORYTIME

100 thoughts on “confronting the man who caused THE WORST night of my life.. STORYTIME

  1. i come back and watch this video just to get a good laugh omfg tanas drunk trevor impression is my favorite

  2. No lie i have watched this video over thirty times… i put it in the background whenever im doing something and i still laugh

  3. Why this shit was recommended YouTube, please leave those mental ill wannabe dumb fuck , off my recommended list…

  4. I gotta give props to Tana for her patience. I would've never been able to do what she did. I probably would've knocked him out a long time ago. I don't drink, but my friends do and I've had to put up with them drunk before (not as bad as tana with Trevor) and I hate it.

  5. I think this night would’ve gone a lot differently if y’all would’ve just given him some coke for him to sober up

  6. lmfao tana is so cheap lol this was funny but lowkey trevor did so much for her and she bitches about sushi and uber

  7. This is literally one of my favorite videos of her and her friends. I can so relate love this. Keep it real Tana. Don't ever stop

  8. Not a Jake fan but this is finally the video where I fell in love with tana❤️ and actually subscribed.🌈❤️

  9. Tana … ugh Paul …. please read this and please hear this …. YOU DONT NEED DADDY JAKES MONEY OR TIME mans such a waste … and you are a YouTube god ! You are human and so real and dtf lol jk down to earth and u need YOU YOURSELF AND YOU ! Especially right now in your life … you don’t need a boy ( because jake won’t change nor grow) till he wants too and till then that’s when he can be called a man but for now let’s stick with kid … not bashing him or trying too but it’s hard to not too sound like I am … but from all these posts … I’ve been watching every single one that comes out and have always stabbed you and at first I was like okay this is good but now I see through it and he’s just dragging you and using you and you prob I hope now this cause deep down behind all those awkward laughs there is a real person with a real heart who bleeds the same as everyone who knows what she deserves …I send prayers to you and your family , I hope you surround yourself with the support and love you deserve from your good friends and family and please please please take this as a growth period and realize sit back and think QUIETLY AND WATCH the people around you and how they make their moves … realize who is there and who is only for clout and please please just continue to shine and do it with or without jake but please be happy and please hear me when I say I know the whole jake thing is fake in a way but there is something real to it and sis he doesn’t deserve nor is he giving the hundred back to you that you give to him … u deserve to be happy and if it’s with him I hope he changes and if not I hope u actually see how he acts and maybe just take a minute to think is this bomb or is he snickel fritz … I think he is snickel fritz shit lol just my oppion and tbh don’t wanna see u hurt anymore just wanna see u grow and blow the hell up like u deserve and have been working for … don’t ride this guys coat tail because he gives u fake love … he’s just taking u along for a ride like everyone else on here including his fans including his team everyone don’t let him look dumb .. come on top like the queen you are sorry for ranting just stressing for u ☘️❤️❤️❤️❤️from a fan who cares about our fellow people ❤️🌼🔆

  10. Honestly having tana as a friend would be amazing like fuck the fact she’s rich is the fact she has the personality

  11. 26:57 I’m SEIZING!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😂💀☺️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂😂💀💀😂😂😂😂

  12. lowkey drunk trevor’s like my best friend when she’s drunk my solution is i just don’t get drunk with her

  13. So she caused all of that on his birthday??? Made it all about her ?? Didn’t give him any consideration, calls HIS birthday the worst night of her life and SHE says she forgives him ????? NARCISSIST !!!

  14. This is low key a part 2 to the last vorkytime where Tana was listing off crazy shit Trevor has spouted in public and I’m here for it 😂😂. Part 1 is called something like “6 months later we finally know what he said”

  15. Everyone in the comments is like hating on Trevor but after watching this im like holy shit Trevor is me i love him i need to get drunk with him 😂😂

  16. Umm, this dude clearly has some substance abuse issues, you can even see the realization and embarrassment registering on his face as the video progresses. Also – there's no way in HELL that someone "slipped him some coke as a birthday present"…girl.

  17. I would’ve just went to Walmart and bought sweats and go to the hotel. Lmao. Sorry not sorry. It’s not my problem that you’re blackout drunk.

  18. Tana just posted that she’s going to Trevor’s birthday party and like how did I manage to watch this on his birthday

  19. Happy happy birthday Trevor you badass mother trucker I love you so much you’re literally the sweetest and best human being ever made and you’re so gorgeous in the song lyrics of Taylor Swift😃😃😃

  20. If I caused my friend (or, hell, even an enemy) stress of this magnitude, I'd beg for forgiveness afterward and attempt to make it up to them in some way.

    Unless I missed it in the video, dude did not apologize once. He open-mouth laughed like a complete jackass and seemed to find delight in hearing his drunken antics.

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