Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV | EP#198
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Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV | EP#198

Hey everyone, Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we are back for the fourth comprehensive review of
blockchain social platforms so for the bulk of this I’m going to just be going
through my top recommendations because I’ve reviewed over a hundred platforms
and most of them I would not recommend unfortunately because what we’ll dive
into the actual reasons behind why I might not have recommended certain
platforms in a little bit first I want to refer to the actual resources that I
looked at in the different directories and lists that I got all of these
recommendations from as well as go through some of the great services
applications and resources for different blockchain decentralized applications
before we dive in to the social aspect just because they’re definitely worth
mentioning as well and I’m trying to be as comprehensive as possible so I would
like this to be an awesome resource for you to refer to and share with other
people if you think it will benefit them and give them value so let’s just dive
right into it essentially I collected over a hundred platforms the main
platforms that I’ve used to refer to to find different platforms was app code
apps radar and state of daps also just doing tons and tons of exploring many
different search engines collecting user recommendations for several months I’ve
definitely done my due diligence in trying to find as many platforms as I
possibly could so that we could find and review the most and get the most
comprehensive review so that you know what what is available to you and say
you were only willing to use you know one or two platforms what would that
look like and why might you choose a certain platform over another platform
while some platforms are crypto monetized they might not be as
decentralized or profitable or you know actually using the blockchain
as many other different variables that you might be considering when you look
for a good blockchain social application especially a decentralized one and and
yeah so we’re gonna dive into all of that
but first I’d like to just jump through some great resources that you could use
that might be somewhat related to social media but not always so the first one is
bit patron and it’s essentially just like a crypto free speech alternative to
patreon so definitely go and check that out if you’re looking for something like
that but there’s also other great options that we’ll look at as well float
is another great version of this similar to well it was it acquired bit backer
and then changed it into float so if you remember bit backer previously it is now
called float and this is very new and I recommend checking it out if you’re
looking for a good mixer I use Bitcoin mix it’s for eath and BTC though there
are way better options out there today even better than my narrow I would say
take a look at DAP scoyne if you’re just trying to look for a good privacy
solution which is the next one listed Blvd otherwise known as Boulevard it is
a way for you to learn about different traffic police different hazards related
to you know the roads and traffic and you can earn cryptocurrency for sharing
the information and then just helping other people kind of know what’s going
on while they’re planning a trip or whatever it might be
Ness tree is a blockchain based messenger I don’t really consider
messenger applications social media I consider just more general communication
so while I will list several I’m not going to review them or include them in
the actual review of the review side of things bit degree is a cool website that
gamify is education on blockchain and blockchain technology so that’s
something cool that you could check out as well
the inner player inner planetary search engine is a really great system for
storing and searching for files in a decentralized way and a lot of
blockchain platforms use this for storing their hashes in a lot of their
files in and just their general decentralized storage eunice swamp is a
great place where you can trade and swap out your ERC 20 tokens Fork Delta is
another great place where you can do the same thing they also have to my
knowledge the only unlisted trading for mines tokens and I say unlisted because
you can’t navigate your way to this on the website you have to go through this
URL so this is a handy resource if you’re trying to buy cheap mines tokens
or if you’re trying to sell though the trading volume is really low so consider
that bit backer we just talked about this actually so I’m going to remove
this because it was acquired and I list these earlier but I’m just describing
them a little bit more in depth I may end up changing some of this information
as we go through as I noticed that it might be needing updated because I will
be reviewing it before I actually publish but like I said it is about
10,000 words so it’s extremely long and comprehensive and I might have to do a
triple check as well so keep that in mind a bit radio you can listen to the
radio and you’re in crypto free search you can earn crypto just for using their
search engine which is really awesome brave browser highly highly recommend we
really dive into that later but it’s an amazing browser for earning crypto
currency while you just browse the internet zero net is another really
really cool it doesn’t necessarily use blockchain so
much as BitTorrent it does technically use Bitcoin cryptography but it’s mainly
focused on the BitTorrent Network but it’s another really awesome browser
that you can use it even has offline pages so you can still technically use
the internet while it’s awful like if you lose can
action for example so that’s really cool high-low allows you to track and talk
about different coins with a with a community in a forum storage is a really
cool decentralized cloud storage application it’s I I think it’s still in
in beta but I’m not entirely sure let’s actually double check that right now
because this is a great application I used it before but then it went back
into beta or something and I couldn’t use it anymore because it wasn’t fully
released yet so I still think it’s it’s not fully released but you know
definitely keep an eye out for that because that’s going to be really really
interesting you’ll be able to earn their coin from giving up part of your storage
for other people to use as well as you can spend it to use other people’s
storage similar to other cloud other other cloud services and applications
but it’s in a much more decentralized way so for example if I do something
wrong on my Gmail I lose access to my G Drive and something wrong could just be
like say you’re sending too many emails and you trigger a spam filter then you
get punished and you lose access to your files so that’s really really scary for
a lot of people and a lot of people aren’t fully aware of that so
decentralized storage especially cloud storage is very very useful
Loum network is a great it’s a great network for making blockchain
applications for aetherium definitely check that out if you’re a developer
crowd holding is a collection of share drops earned drops in different ways to
earn crypto block lancer is a freelance gig economy it’s somewhat similar to
Fiverr if you’re if you’re aware of what that is it’s just a freelance gig
website where you can just post different gigs and a gig is really just
like a service or something you can offer
bounty Oh X is another great place where you can earn rewards for participating
in small tasks and completing bounties and similar to like air drops or earn
drops rather where you might tweet something about the project and then
earn some of their coin the CMA marketplace is a less established
version of bounty Oh X but if you’re really interested in that kind of stuff
it’s definitely also we’re checking out coins calendar they have tons of
information on events in the crypto space so if you’re looking for different
events trying to find different things that’s a good place to go and look at
expertise a Skype alternative definitely check that out it’s a good communication
platform on blockchain block stack is a very interesting network there’s a lot
of different applications built on it I’m not super keen on block stack but
they’re coming out with a lot of applications that you don’t see in a lot
of other places so like for example they have like their version of Excel and
Microsoft Word and a lot of different applications that you might want to use
but you don’t want to be giving that much privacy and control and us and
working with such centralized platforms so if you want to use something that’s
more privacy focus and utilize the blockchain a lot of the block stack
applications are very productivity business-focused
block usign is a PDF signing solution using blockchain it’s also on block
stack graphite store documents and files it’s a cloud solution again on block
stack xor Drive is another blockchain related cloud storage app Co we
mentioned previously GLaDOS is a alternative to Google home and you could
set it up on a Raspberry Pi it’s also going to be significantly cheaper and
your data won’t be being sent to massive tech companies and used against you or
sold X or browser is a blockchain web hosting application X or browser
music related blockchain sites that you should check out I’m probably missing a
lot of them but the main ones that I know of and use are tuned music coin and
D sound this one is on Steam so it works like all the other Steam applications
whereas these are their own platforms there’s several platforms that aren’t
ready yet so I haven’t actually done a review of them still waiting on a lot of
them a lot of them are way behind schedule
to the point where I wouldn’t be relying on them at all at this point then
there’s tons and tons and tons that I recommend that I didn’t recommend
previously and I still don’t recommend sadly for example hyperspace I said a
long time ago I didn’t think it was gonna be very you
know effective and I didn’t recommend it and naturally they have shut it down so
you know it’s worth mentioning that in a lot of cases I’ve been historically
correct and things that I’ve recommended versus things that I’ve said I don’t
recommend and you know they’re not gonna work out wake you again another batting
like another awful example these are some more I’ll touch on these quickly
because these are a lot more high-level examples and there they have bigger
communities but they’re very misleading so Waco and Whale shares are both steam
alternatives but they’ve had a lot of sketchy issues weigh coup was giving
away ton of way q4 signup bonuses and there was all these fake accounts just
to get all the bonuses massively devaluing it finally got listed on
exchanges and it’s worth literally nothing whale shares the witnesses were
basically scamming people with their own witness coins and then running BOTS and
then they got rid of the boss because originally they said they created it to
get away from BOTS from Steam but then they did exactly that but only the
witnesses did it and then they benefited with their own coin and then they
cancelled it and anyone who neither coin got screwed because no one was buying it
so in my opinion it’s way worse than Steam even though they were attempting
to solve problems honest it’s pretty ironic but that’s capitalism
at its worst and then a lot of these other ones are just other you know bad
examples deal I’ve I’ve done several videos on yd live is not a platform you
should be trusting they left the steam blockchain they
abandoned all those people lino points are very very centralized
very sketchy you know you can’t withdraw unless you’re withdrawing more than four
thousand you you can’t you really don’t have much control over your own currency
and the things that you do they banned Alex Jones and other people they’re very
very centralized very against a lot of the motivations and values for
blockchain platforms and – and why people go there to begin with
sadly they have a huge community because PewDiePie streams there and endorses it
so thus a lot of people think it is an actual blockchain platform when it is
really just riding off of the hype of blockchain but completely disregarding
all of the values and extremely centralized in all the other bad things
I’ve already gone and through this time and time again you could check that out
for yourself I’m also really not a fan of iOS applications because a lot of
them they have a lot of issues as well tribe is the only one that I use but you
know to each their own and three speak is ok but it’s pretty
slow it’s very similar to bit shoot it’s just it’s on Steam and I mean if you’re
really gonna be using steam you might as well just be using Dee tube I’m sure
some people would disagree just to quickly cover a few more of the reasons
as to why I might not have recommended certain platforms I will state my bias
again Yoast platforms usually will not recommend them because a lot of them are
really poorly set up the way that iOS is set up very poorly done for example
today the CPU usage was so high that even with you know talking to different
Hammond’s getting helps taking more I was still unable to just do basic
transactions on tribe which is extremely frustrating and I’m sure the average
person would not be able to get around these kinds of things and they would
just have so much so many problems and so much struggle with using tribe that
there’s no way I could recommend it because the point here is that these
platforms have to be usable by the average person not someone who is
extremely crypto savvy because this review is for the average you know just
the general social media user who’s looking for another good platform we use
that you know might solve their issues around monetization censorship you know
think platforms that are overly centralized whatever it might be people
are coming to blockchain platforms to solve these issues so they’re obviously
not looking to have the same issues or deal with a lot of struggle to get
started or you know they’re just way too technical and complex also I usually
wasn’t super keen on recommending platforms that require too much
verification to be able to use the platform like you must verify your phone
and all these different things to be able to just use the platform let alone
earn cryptocurrency but I understand that some platforms want that kind of
thing but some platforms can’t even correctly
verify like hyperspace previously before when it was working did not work with
Canadian phone numbers so I obviously it wasn’t going to work out extremely well
since they couldn’t even get the basic set up also like bit tube for example
couldn’t verify my number either so there’s a lot of problems with Canadian
numbers for some odd reason and and that’s why I usually don’t look super
favorably on platforms that require a phone number to actually use the
platform also if it requires that you sign in with Facebook or Google
obviously that kind of defeats the purpose of looking for decentralized
application if you require a centralized login to be able to use them a lot of
people are getting banned off those platforms so requiring that they use
them is kind of flying in the face of the reason why they might join these
platforms to again with platforms that require you
spend crypto for every single transaction is extremely unrealistic and
to ask someone to you know leave platforms where they can do everything
for free to start paying for everything they do is extremely unrealistic and
it’s not going to happen websites that claim to use blockchain
but do not at all or websites that are very centralized again these both apply
to D live it is a sham and then again most iOS platforms as I said before I’m
also platforms that require a lot of extra programs and extensions I’m not
super keen on using so again bit tube you used to require or it might still
require that you have an extension to be able to really use the platform as a
creator maybe not as a user but as a creator and I think that’s just
unrealistic especially when people are gonna try it mostly going to be using it
on their phone they’re obviously not downloading desktop browser extensions
so that’s another thing to consider now if we actually jump down all the way to
the beginning of the platforms that I actually do recommend these are new
platforms here that I still don’t recommend but they were not previously
included there’s quite a few because you know I’ve been doing my best to look for
different platforms and to find different things something that I was
pretty disappointed with was dock i/o spring roll indoors they all changed
very very significantly and they’re really not the platforms that they used
to be they were kind of all working in conjunction to provide a good
alternative to LinkedIn most of them are not working or have changed completely
and I just don’t recommend them at all foresting is kind of a flop for me yeah
I’m not gonna waste your time going through all these different platforms
that weren’t very good let’s start taking a look at platforms that had some
merit and actually looking through them and going through them now I don’t
recommend Sapien but I think it is good enough to take a brief look at
the reason the only reason I don’t recommend it is because for posting on
here it is very awkward it’s very clunky the thumbnails get messed up you know
you try to post something in it and it ends up completely different from what
you previewed and what you were originally trying to post so you know if
they can clean this up more I’m sure it’ll be it’ll probably end up in my
like tertiary recommendations but for now it’s it’s not quite there and I wish
them all the best I have tons of Sapien coin because we you know when I try
these platforms I will buy their coin I will stake I will try and you know
properly test the platform but if it’s not you know going anywhere then you
know it’s not very ideal and as you can see barely any interaction on any of
these posts no comments almost no likes even if you look at like top things you
know a lot of them are extremely old and you know only by a few different people
so you know it’s not super reliable you’ll see like this guy works at Sapien
or or with sapien and he’s them mostly what you’re seeing for top posts and a
lot of them are very old as well so you know do consider that if someone’s
trying to convince you that there is a lot of people using this because there
really isn’t the next platform we’re looking at is bit tube and again I think
bit tube is a good platform but they’re trying too hard with you know requiring
that you use their extension with requiring that you use their extension
amongst all the other things that they’ve got going on it’s just a little
clunky it’s a little awkward it’s still mostly made up of like random
plagiarized movies and spam not a lot of substance here but you know it does seem
to be getting better luckily they have given the option where
you can upload you’re full youtube so I was able to
upload my entire you know YouTube library or sorry now that’s that was for
library this was just you could start enabling uploads so that it would
automatically upload just connect to your API so it’s the same as bit shoot
in that sense every time I make a post on YouTube and will then be uploaded and
it will grab all the details and upload it here as well
you know I’ve been using this for a really long time but they it basically
reset when they switch to the new platform a few months back so you know
it doesn’t look like I have a ton here but this was eight months ago so you
know I definitely have used this for quite some time and it really hasn’t
improved a ton I mean with this new website it is much much better but in
terms of the community and how easy it is to sign up and use it again I
couldn’t sign up because it wasn’t verifying my phone number so I had to go
through the support and I think most people aren’t willing to bother
especially when this is a tertiary recommendation this is the bottom of the
list so keep that in mind and otherwise if you’re not able to verify with your
phone you have to spend about twenty-five dollars in steak to verify
so again I don’t think many people are going to be enticed to do that but to
each their own I’m not necessarily knocking this but I’m saying it does
have potential to be better and so you know there is there’s a chance there so
you know keep that in mind now we’re looking at tribe this is the only one
that you know I I hesitantly recommend
because it’s an EOS platform and there’s a lot of problems with EOS platforms as
I’ve said I mean even just going on the website linking to my my articles and
I’m not logged in it just shows this awkward blank screen however when we log
in you know again it works alright but because it relies on a OS as I said
earlier there was issues today where I couldn’t do anything with my tokens I
couldn’t withdraw I couldn’t power up I was just unable to
do anything and and if people have to download scatter which is an extra
program and then connected and then it still doesn’t work and have all these
different issues it’s just unrealistic that people are going to like using this
or that the average person is even going to be able to sign up and get through
all of that I previously also pointed out that there isn’t a huge community
there’s not a lot going on on here I do appreciate the people who are uploading
my posts in what little engagement I do get but again it’s it’s not super
reliable and for example like two weeks ago for a good month I was unable to
post anything because when I would go to create an article all of these symbols
and everything would be extremely like like it looked kind of like this when I
was just you know at the regular 100% view and there was no way to fix it and
they finally fixed it like after a month but you know when a platform is not
working for a full month at a time it’s kind of hard to rely on that especially
people are going to do this with relying on this for an income so again you know
as long as they keep pushing to improve it maybe yo wallets getting better you
know things get fixed there there’s possibility but again
I don’t highly recommend this but this is in the tertiary recommendations which
means there’s a chance that it could get a lot better and potentially move up so
mix acuity we’re not gonna go through this because it’s very complicated and
it’s very very early stages but I think it’s very very interesting and worth
taking a look at especially for developers to start developing on it is
a truly open decentralized platform where anyone can create interfaces
applications very very easily and it’s cool because you can also create your
own token and I think people will have a lot of fun testing this out but again
it’s very very bare-bones basics right now so keep that in mind if you decide
to try this out you can only use it on a like on a computer because you have to
actually download it to use it but again I do recommend it but it has a long way
to go so now we’re looking at library previously I had a lot of trouble with
library but luckily now they have a website where you can go and you can
view all of the videos that are on here and that’s really ideal because
previously you had to rely on using the application that you would download
whereas now you’re able to go and just use the website like bit shoot and like
bit tube you’re able to set it up so that it automatically uploads all of
your YouTube videos on to library so you don’t have to do anything extra
it’ll also import all of your previous videos so your entire library of videos
will be uploaded as well and as you can actually see here my video that I
recently posted is trending at number three based on people donating and
tipping this and then it gets staked into the video itself and then that’s
how it trends so you know I’m very thankful for all the people who have
supported this and share this and donate it because
that’s awesome that even during this review you could see that this video is
is trending so I appreciate that and I do highly highly recommend library I
also have an awesome video where I interviewed the CEO and Founder Jeremy
Kaufman we go through a lot of different things happening with the platform where
they’re trying to take it they’re trying to make it a lot easier for the average
person to come on here and actually use this and I think it’s a really really
great project so this is the first of my secondary recommendations the reason it
doesn’t get all the way to primary yet is because it is a little challenging to
use especially if you’re using the application and to get started you know
it was a little challenging and the community isn’t quite here yet but I
think in next year or so this could very well make it to the primary
recommendations I think a lot of people are starting to use this and see the
value in it and a lot of creators are starting to to take advantage of this so
I definitely recommend checking out library or lbr why libery they use lbc
cryptocurrency and you know I’ve earned more than like $60 already so in like a
month or so so I highly recommend it it’s definitely profitable it’s really
great monetized I think a lot of people are looking for YouTube alternatives not
just social media platforms in general but a lot of people are specifically
looking for video hosting applications and this is a great solution for that
moving on to bitch shoot bitch shoot is the only exception that I really made
for a platform that wasn’t really truly a blockchain platform but it uses
blockchain technology to a sense like in a sense but it’s not necessarily using a
blockchain or rewarding you with cryptocurrency but it is definitely an
amazing amazing alternative to YouTube and I highly highly recommend checking
this out it’s it’s a great platform and it’s similar to live
you’re able to just set up an API where it’ll just take all of your new uploads
and directly upload them here it takes a few hours but usually it’ll show up the
next day if it if it doesn’t show up in a few hours as you can see they’ve
uploaded in the correct order and there hasn’t really been many issues
occasionally it might not upload so you can see 193 did not upload but you can
still upload manually if you’re going if you prefer to do that or whatever you
decide to do the next one we’re gonna take a look at is uptrend UMP trend has
come a very very long way from when I first started using it and oh that’s
interesting I don’t know what this plus I guess they’ve changed it previously we
just up or down kind of like Reddit so it’s slightly different now but more or
less the same general UI one thing that’s interesting about this platform
is where you have a platform like Steam your stake allows you to give out more
votes whereas in this platform when you stake your your points you earn more as
well as give out more the only problem is that you cannot unstick your points
so unlevel 15 so I earn you know significantly more than someone who’s
level one but if I decide to stop using a platform I can’t get all that back so
you can only you know keep what you keep and if you decide to stake it you’re
you’re basically betting that this is going somewhere and that you’re gonna
keep earning otherwise you’re kind of losing out on on that on on the stuff
that you’ve staked in because it’s not really staked it’s more so trading or
you know it’s a permanent stake really but I still highly recommend it there’s
a lot you can do here as you can see my popular posts have done really well
thousands of views I don’t get a ton of comments here but there’s definitely a
lot of traction the only gripe I know but one of the main grapes
I have is that it’s really only about cryptocurrency and blockchain right now
you can’t really post about anything else
otherwise they they’ll kind of give you a warning and say like we’re not
expanding our categories yet so if you try to create a community about fitness
they will say no but eventually they’re gonna open it up and make it as
decentralized as possible they just want to wait for the community to get bigger
before they start letting everyone just you know go crazy making everything and
anything and when that happens when it’s like truly decentralized I think it’ll
be a lot better a few months back they finally got their token listed on
exchanges so now you can trade that and you can you know sell it make some money
not super profitable yet but definitely worth checking out the last one in
secondary recommendations unfortunately is mines I think mines has done really
well it’s been an amazing platform but unfortunately their boosts have been
getting more restrictive you know you haven’t really been able to earn any
money like it’s not very profitable at all and it’s uh it’s just not worth
recommending as a top primary platform because for me a primary recommendation
would be somewhere that you could earn you know a decent amount of crypto and
and you know it’s very decentralized and while they’re doing a really great job
with decentralization amongst many other things it doesn’t really take advantage
of the blockchain either the only aspect of the blockchain for the most part is
the boosting on chain and most people don’t even use it you can only boost
once every 24 hours and you don’t even necessarily need to do that on chain so
there’s not a ton of reason for it to be even using the blockchain
but they they’re saying they’re going to use blockchain more and more and their
team is doing a lot in the background working on a lot of updates they’re
always upgrading and adding new things you can show
got the roadmap there completely open sourced and decentralized and open about
everything they do highly highly recommend this it won’t go back into my
primary top recommendations until you’re actually able to earn up you know like
an actual profitable monetization because I have over 8 million views and
I’ve only earned you know maybe a few dollars you know like on here because
you can’t really sell it unless you’re selling it to other people directly and
it’s technically a utility token so I understand why that is but from the
perspective of someone looking for a platform where they can monetize and
earn cryptocurrency and something that’s using the blockchain and that’s like
truly decentralized and the content is on the blockchain this isn’t quite there
but it is really really great as a decentralized social platform for
boosting getting your new getting stuff out there promoting other platforms that
you use it’s really great for all of those things but it’s not quite in the
top yet now when we’re actually looking at top recommendations the first thing I
want to dive into is brave so I’ve actually done this whole review on the
brave browser and the brave browser allows you to earn cryptocurrency for
allowing ads so by default it removes ads and then when you allow ads you’re
able to earn cryptocurrency for allowing those to appear as you go about your
your browsing experience and they’re very unintuitive there’s no like
in-stream video ads or anything like that you can also choose the category of
ad you’d like to see it is very very focused on the user and your privacy as
well as you know putting you first and your earning money for your attention
and your time and the brave creator program is another great
great program that they have set up so if you’re a creator and someone’s
watching your YouTube videos but there by default blocking all the ads you’re
not gonna earn anything now you sign up with brave they could tip you or if they
have automatic contributions on you can automatically tip people whose videos
you watch which kind of it makes it easy so you don’t have to stop and actually
tip everyone that you watch but if you’re not trying to you know earn the
money that you’re getting for what for allowing ads you can give it back to
those creators whose ads you’re disabling if you’d like to still support
them so there’s a lot of really great things that they’re doing and as you can
see on bt growth which shares the amount of publishers that are jumping on on all
these different platforms they’ve been getting a lot of traction there’s over
two hundred and ten thousand YouTube channels that are using this currently
thirty four thousand websites tons of other social platforms highly highly
recommend using brave it’s not necessarily a social media platform but
the reason that I recommend it so highly is because it really enables a lot of
the things that people are trying to do with social media applications and
platforms but it allows them to do it with platforms that are not necessarily
that so even if you just have your own website but you want to earn money or
you want to keep using YouTube or Vimeo or twitch or Twitter you can now
monetize that with cryptocurrency and when people are disabling your ads a
regardless it’s a really good idea to sign up here now in terms of the two top
platforms we’ve got publish o X which I’m really happy to say I know the owner
he’s a great guy they’ve been doing so such amazing work with this platform
they’ve really taken it off the ground it’s only been around for you know
several months but it’s been doing so so well and I have managed to earn over
hundreds of dollars in cryptocurrency just from creating articles and sharing
everything that I’m be sharing on all the other platforms but just sharing in
here I’ve been able to earn a decent amount so as you can see this one I
actually go through how much crypto can you earn in one month and it got over
2,000 views and I earned a little over $7 in tips so tips are not people
donating it’s you give a tip for free and you actually get to decide how much
you want to take for yourself for the time you spent reading the article so
say you end up going through their whole article and you don’t think it was very
good so you want to actually tip yourself for the time that you wasted
you can actually give yourself an 80% tip but you still have to give 20% to
the author you know for the time that they put in but you know say you think
they did a really good job you can give a hundred percent to them and take
nothing for yourself it really just it’s giving away free crypto that is provided
by sponsors this is not necessarily using the blockchain but it is an
amazing amazing application especially for people who are trying to monetize
their their articles and earn a little bit of a little bit of crypto and it’s
very very consistent and reliable and I think compared to something like Steam
it’s a lot easier to get started and there’s a lot less there’s a lot less of
a challenge to start earning and it’s really just based on the merit of your
posts and how well you’re doing so I highly highly recommend checking out
publish no X the last platform we’re looking at a bunch of platforms
technically it’s the Steam Network so I would recommend Steam it amongst many
many other interfaces it’s all the same account and what I use for videos on
Steam is d tube and D tube is it is another amazing application I’ve done
interviews with alright it’s d dot tube I’ve done an interview with the creator
and founder of D tube as well as some of the executives from Steam you can see
that on my channel or on YouTube and yeah it’s a
really really great platform for hosting your videos these are actually hosted on
the blockchain so this is true blockchain use it’s true
decentralization you’re earning a good amount if people like what they see and
there’s a lot of potential to be doing a lot on this on these platforms here and
and then steam it is the original very first platform so a lot of people can
get get confused thinking that steam and steaming are the same thing steam it was
just the first interface that was created so as you can see here it’s more
of a blog reddit style but any post that you post anywhere so this was a D Tube
post will still show up on your steam it because again it is all technically
still the same network just different interfaces so as you can see here this
is what it looks like in a blog format I do go back and re-edit it to add
pictures and make it a full blog but as you can see with this post I got a
hundred and eighty-two votes there’s 19 comments and I managed to
earn about $24 this has only been up for 22 hours so I won’t actually get my
earnings until 7 days afterwards and then it’s permanently on the blockchain
also people who have up voted the post will earn a portion of the rewards as
well as D Tube does take a commission so if you’re not happy with ping you know
what feed 2d tube of your earnings you can just post directly to steamin and
you could share YouTube videos or whatever you decide to do but I’ve had a
really good experience using D tube and you also earn their cryptocurrency DTC
on top of steam so you can just use theirs or you can as you can see you log
into both and you could post on both or just one or the other but I highly
highly recommend Steam I’ve managed to earn a decent amount when I’ve been
posting and though steam is only worth about 15 cents today I expect that it
will go way way up when Bitcoin haves not a promise but that’s kind of what
I’m banking on but regardless it is one of the best platforms with the biggest
communities where you can earn cryptocurrency for sharing content in
many different ways so they’ve got steep shot which is like Instagram they have
this which is like a blogging platform d tube which is like YouTube
they’ve got D sound which is like SoundCloud there’s very many interfaces
that you can use but it’s all with the same account so I do think it’s a little
challenging when people get first started and it’s a tad bit confusing but
you can rely on some of the easier platforms to use like busy org or steam
Peak there’s many different interfaces for example we’ll check out busy and
essentially it’s the same thing it’ll be the same content it’s just in a bit more
of a user friendly way that feels a little more familiar to something like
Twitter and it really just comes down to your preference steam it is the most raw
unfiltered version so you’re gonna see a bit more spam but you’re gonna see
everything that’s out there I highly recommend taking a look at a lot of
these platforms steam it and publish show X are definitely my favorites but I
post on all of these platforms as you can see from this icon all the way
through to here I post on all these platforms so you know even whether or
not I recommend a platform as being a top platform I still test all of these
platforms and I still you know do my due diligence in making sure that I am doing
you know giving you the most comprehensive review possible so that
you have the tools that you need to to earn cryptocurrency and you know not be
censored and be able to monetize all of your efforts in a way that isn’t super
intrusive or you know you know making the experience worse for the person
consuming your content and and I think platforms like Steam and publish o X are
the best that you can do that amongst some of the
other ones that we’ve recommended and taking a look at this is essentially the
conclusion also if you’re looking for a mobile version of steam
I recommend particle but there are a few other ones and yeah so the biggest
changes since the previous review that I did was that you know uptrend got its
token listed it’s it’s been getting a lot better
published show X has become a top platform it’s been doing really really
well steam has changed a bit mine’s again it
did kind of fall down in my recommendations because it’s very
challenging to earn there especially compared to all the other platforms and
they’ve been getting more restrictive with how much you can actually boost
content so it’s sort of D values the token a little bit plus they increase
the price so you know they’re not making it extremely ideal I still have faith
that it’s going to keep improving and getting better but it’s it’s not a top
recommendation anymore I’ve now considered brave as a top
platform even though it’s not necessarily a social media platform but
it enables you to achieve all the same things that you’re trying to do with
monetization decentralization the LinkedIn esque
apps like doc io endorse spring roll they’ve all fallen off the list because
they’ve either stopped working or completely changed D live is not
recommended at all because it’s in my opinion kind of a scam again there’s no
perfect platform there’s different platforms that offer different benefits
like you could probably earn more money on Steam for the most part but you can
earn more consistently on publish o X and it’s easier to get started
everything has their ups and downs library is the most decentralized most it’s just like the most open platform
but it’s also a little challenging to get started with but again now that they
have the website version I think that’s going to change a lot of people’s
opinions about it and how easy it is to use and how easy it is to onboard new
users um if you if you think that I
misinterpreted something or falsely you know made some false claim or I made a
mistake or you know I gave an unjust review to one of these platforms feel
free to comment below and I will make edits or changes if I feel that your
comment is relevant and valid I’ve put countless countless hours into making
this and I will eventually do a fifth comprehensive review probably in March
of next a year trying to do every three to four months or so because I want to
give these platforms time to improve and a lot of these platforms I personally
know a lot of the CEOs and executives and improvements and when we come back
you know they might change their placement on my recommendations but
again if you’re only looking for a few platforms to maybe start taking
advantage of I would say check out steam publish o X and you know you might as
well start earning some money with brave browser so again if you think I’ve made
a mistake make sure to let me know I’ve also included all of my previous reviews
I’ve also done specific reviews for EO stabs steam gaps and eutherian naps so
there’s tons and tons of of stuff that you can check out I’m also done ranking
the top 10 platforms and then go extremely in-depth for all the different
variables and categories as to how I rank them so as you can tell I’ve been
doing this for quite some time over two years now I’ve been using these
platforms posting on them very very frequently testing all of them out and
and essentially we’re just trying to find the best alternatives to legacy
platforms and solving all the issues around D monetization censorship you
know all the different things that are going on centralization whatever it
might be there’s a lot and these platforms are championing free speech
and privacy and putting the power back in the users hands
and that’s the most important thing when I’m looking for different blockchain
applications to be using especially social media applications so again if
you think there’s something I missed or maybe something that I could throw in
add to the list or maybe add it to a next time or to review in the future let
me know and I will make sure to make those changes if they are relevant and
they make sense that I should make them I’d love to hear your feedback what is
your favorite platform what are the platforms that you generally use make
sure to comment in the comments below I’m sure everyone would love to get
someone else’s opinion than just me you’ve probably been listening to me for
quite some time now maybe about an hour and I really
appreciate it if you actually watched the entire video because this was quite
long and this did take several takes and I’m still a little sick so I appreciate
you sitting through this and if you did make sure to comment hashtag number one
ham so I do know that you actually watch the whole thing and you say to the very
end extremely appreciate it even if you
didn’t watch the whole thing and you just jump through I appreciate that you
took a look and I would appreciate it even more if you would give this a like
subscribe share it with other people who might be looking for different
applications or you know don’t know where to start or what’s good or just
want an a good overview on what’s out there because if anything I’ve listed
basically every existing blockchain platform on this list and if anything
this will give you a great directory to refer to if you’re trying to explore
them yourself and I’ve included all the links and a brief description and you
know a bit of an explanation as to why I’ve included them where I’ve included
them so again feel free to let me know if you think I’ve made a mistake
but I appreciate that you’ve stayed this long make sure to comment like and
subscribe I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off

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  4. I am quite disappointed in Trybe. I sold 90% of my coins, the rest are staking sadly or I would dump them as well. Steem is still my mainstay but I do like Uptrennd. I joined PublishOX because of you. #NumberOneHam

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