¿Cómo publicar filtros de Spark AR hacia Instagram o Facebook?
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¿Cómo publicar filtros de Spark AR hacia Instagram o Facebook?

Hi there! Welcome to Emiliusvgs. In this video we will discuss a new tutorial from Spark AR, but it will not be about a specific filter, it is to learn how to upload your own effects to the platform correctly. Possibly this is one of the topics with more questions that exist. We’ll explain how it works To upload a filter correctly you must first enter this page. There we will find… …a welcome message. Any user can enter this url, as long as you have an active Facebook account. As the message says, you will need your file exported from Spark AR to work correctly. We will see that later. Another interesting fact is that there is a team that checks filters constantly, when you upload yours you will have to wait between 3 to 5 working days. We click to start to begin the rise of the effect. The option to choose the working platform appears on the first screen. We have to choose between facebook and instagram. Consider the technology available for each platform and what your work is about. For example, Hand tracker, at the moment, is only available for Facebook. Second step is to choose a name. It must be a selling name to get attention, but if you’re not sure, you can modify it later. Then the owner of the effect will appear in this case my personal account, and as I chose Instagram as a platform, my profile will be linked. We can choose accounts for a correct distribution of the filter. Look at the documentation to know more about it. Well let’s go back to the ordinary flow, below is the option to check if your filter is designed to promote a brand or product. This is important because we assume that you must add logos, brand name and that must be stipulated. Anyway there is documentation about it that you can read We click next. The second step is to add the effect file. To start the process you will ask us to upload an image as a logo. Avoid… an image with a lot of text, and not one that has a username, preferably a face or logo that represents your filter. Keep in mind that you can upload a png or jpg file and that at least it should be 200 x 200 pixels. I will upload this image as an example and the good thing is that the option to reduce and shorten the image will appear so that it looks correctly. Next step will be to upload the exported file from Spark AR. How do you do that? Well you will see it next Inside SPARK we will find the file option, click on that option … then we click on export. It will give us an estimate of the weight of the file and allow us to export it correctly. Well, now we are going to go up and continue. Here they send us an alert indicating that certain elements can no longer be changed, such as the author and destination of the filter. Ready! This new page is the camera preview. You can share the link but this does not mean that the filter is already approved … Now in this screen we will be asked to categorize our filter. There are many options and you can choose the right one, but in any case we can also modify it later, so don’t worry. Then we must upload a demo video so they know what the filter looks like. As a suggestion they recommend that it be the direct recording of the test link. Keep in mind that you should not spend 15 seconds, weigh no more than 32 megabytes and no elements above the video and the extension is mov or mp4. I upload my video demostration I hope that the information is loaded and then my video will be shown and also a thumbnail image of it. The next step will be to choose the release date of the filter. you can choose a specific day so that everything goes as you like … And as a final act you must add a short written description or legend to inform about the filter. You need to write it in english preferably. And now, send the filter and wait … As you can see it was easy and if you already have all the files generated it will be much faster. When they have approved you will see your filter this way If we enter the title of the filter we will see that many options are modifiable, but remember that they will be reviewed again. By clicking on the effect file we will see our file exported from spark with important data such as the upload date, how much it weighs by device, and with what version of the program we have worked it. In the activity log part we will see all the modifications by date we have made. In the statistics part we will observe 3 important metrics. first the impressions or the times the filter was projected; the captures, these are the times the filter was tested and recorded but not published; and the shared content that means the times it was published on facebook or instagram. I hope this mini tutorial on how to upload your Spark filters . is useful for you. I will try to publish a video about both Spark and Lens Studio filters every week. This is all for now, emiliusvgs says goodbye … byee!

18 thoughts on “¿Cómo publicar filtros de Spark AR hacia Instagram o Facebook?

  1. Que buen video no lo he subido pero espero muy pronto subir uno a ver si me funciona 😉😉 gracias muy sencillo tutorial

  2. amigo no me vincula la cuenta de instagram :/ en facebbok ya estan vinculadas ambas; que puedo hacer?
    gracias por el video !

  3. ¡Muy buen video! Una pregunta, ¿el filtro para FB se comparte sólo con un link o funciona como en IG que basta con seguir al perfil? ¡Gracias!

  4. Tengo u efecto que quiero subir y he tratado mil veces de publicarlo en instagram pero o puedo porque dice que mi instagram y mi facebook están vinculados pero luego cuando voy a spark ar hub o me sale mi cuenta, solo me salen instrucciones de como vincularla, y eso ya lo he hecho, no se qué más hacer😭😭😭

  5. No puedo pasar del segundo paso al subirlo 🙁 subí mi archivo y mi icono bien 🙁 le doy siguiente, carga pero ahí se queda en la parte de la carga de archivos en el punto 2

  6. Hola amigo, quería hacerte una consulta. En el momento en que mi archivo está en revisión, me lo rechazan porque supuestamente debo quitarle la "URL" al nombre del efecto. ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo? 🙁

  7. Hola, al subir el efecto me lo rechaza porque dice que el nombre tiene una URL, pero no es así, alguien me puede ayudar?

  8. Hola! Subi mi filtro, me lo aprobaron y ya puedo usarlo. El problema es que no aparece en la Galeria de Efectos, de hecho hay muy pocos en general, antes habia muchisimos. Sabes que pudo haber pasado?

  9. PREGUNTA: Hice todos los pasos para cargar mis filtros.. los subi a spark hace 6 días y todavía siguen en revisión.. cuanto tiempo suelen tardar en aprobarlos?

  10. tengo mi cuenta de instagram vinculada pero al hacer eso no me deja vincularlo con instagram, me sale Obtén información sobre cómo vincular tu cuenta de Instagram y los pasos no me ayudan

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