¿Cómo funciona Tweri?
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¿Cómo funciona Tweri?

María. Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. I go out to buy our daily bread near home every day. I keep doing this day after day. I lead a normal life. But that’s the thing about being a senior citizen! I use to take my mobile phone with me, so that my daughters keep an eye on where I am because sometimes memory fails me. I like being always reachable and I like them to keep an eye on me. Paloma. María’s daughter and caregiver. It makes my life easier because I can locate her at any time, which gives me peace of mind. What my mother sees in her smartphone is a big button. And as soon as she presses it, she can take a stroll. If she leaves the safe area we set for her, we’ll receive an alert. Then we can see where she is and we can pick her up if necessary. I always carry my mobile phone with me because if I get lost my daughters can come and get me. Now I feel that I need their company more than ever. I told my mother to press this button when she goes out and to press it again when she comes back. And now I am much more serene. If I notice I’m not in the right place, I press the button and my daughter comes for me. I really think that it’s simple for the elderly to use and for us too! I’m still aware of where I am and where I am going so I want my daughters to feel at ease. I want them to live their lives even though they have to care for me. But, well, I still can manage myself. Simulated situation to respect people with Alzheimer’s privacy rights.

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