Cómo emplear Google Alerts para trabajos de investigación
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Cómo emplear Google Alerts para trabajos de investigación

Do you know how to make Google work for you into a research project? Hi, I’m Juanjo Boté and today I will explain how to use google alerts
for research. [Boat engine noise] Google has several alerts systems that allow you that you receive in your e-mail information about a particular subject. Today I’ll explain the system
Google Alerts. To use Google Alerts
What you have to do is Following. With open your mail session you write
in google bar, “alerts Google”. And here you one result appears. You make one click here and a box will appear. In this case, you must indicate the subject on which you want to
Google ENVE information. You can also indicate other parameters to indicate, as you will receive that information
. For example frequency. Once a day Once a week.
Then you can indicate sources. You can choose to be automatically
and that he himself choose you, or you can decide where you want to receive information
. Then you can decide the language. If you are doing research work in English may be interested to receive information in English
. If you are doing research work in Castilian
, may need
the language is Castilian. Then you can decide how country you want to be that information and therefore have a lot of
countries to choose from. My advice is to put it on automatic
and thus have the best results possible. You can also indicate
number of results you want and finally
need an email account where you google send your alerts And here the video of how you can use
alerts for google research. If you have something to say about it, what can explain just below
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00: 02: 47-10
am Juanjo Boté, your expert in digital training
, Stay tunned.

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  1. la verdad que siento una gran admiración por tu trabajo por tu gran capacidad de conocimiento y docente además de por la gran generosidad humana al editar los vídeos. gracias. un saludo

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