Combine Data Sources in Google Data Studio | Lesson 2
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Combine Data Sources in Google Data Studio | Lesson 2

22 thoughts on “Combine Data Sources in Google Data Studio | Lesson 2

  1. Hi Julian, the information you gave to your 17: 06s from your video does not work. We are having serious issues with a customer because we need to bring real data from within the Google Analytics API (after all, it's actual sales data, properly collected by the platform, not sampled) and he insists on bringing false data when we run the queries In Supermetrics, even if we use this "try to avoid" functionality.

    After two weeks of waiting after proving that the data was not coming correctly the Supermetrics staff washed their hands indicating that they could do nothing and asked us to complain to Google, which in turn does not support Google Analytics (wich is free), only to Analytics 360.


  2. Thanks Julian. Nice tutorial but I found Supermetrics very expensive.US$50/month is too much for personal use. They need a tier for non agency business. Do you know another platform to pull data from GA and FB?

  3. Hi Julian! As always, great video:) I have one question. You are using Supermetrics to create a feed. This is not a free tool, and, after the trial, it's rather expensive. Can you recommend another way of creating the feed in Google Sheets (that might require a little more work, but still be relatively easy)?
    Simple data export from Facebook Ads doesn't seem easy to format. Maybe you have an idea? Thank you:)

  4. Hi Julian! my supermetrics is not giving me correct data, it always give to me zeroes in all the queries, with google API works well, what is happening? how can I fix it? thanks

  5. Julian, I appreciate your videos very much. Thank you for taking the time to train us on these processes! I have a question for you. I set up a tab to contain aggregated data so that I can pull it into the Google Data Studio. I have the SuperMetrics tabs scheduled to update on a daily basis. Those work fine but how can I get the query function to update on a daily basis? I'm specifically talking about the query you ran at 19:50 in the video with the asterisk to get all the data. Is there a way to run that query on a daily basis so that the aggregated tab has all the new data?

  6. Thanks a lot for this tutorials, Julian. Quick question: I'm trying to unite many ad channels (facebook, adwords, criteo, etc) on one sheet. The problem is that on a same day I have multiple channels… What do I do? Do I repeat the days to fit all channels? This is really bugging me 🙁

  7. Julian, Great stuff! Any thoughts about how to match late conversions, which register in GA on a different date? That FB campaign could no longer exist, or have zero spend.. and we'll miss conversions.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Fantastic presentation! You have an ability to make things understandable. I'm very new to this, and seeking tutorials. Finding this has been a blessing! Wow! and Wow! again! I am inspired to keep searching and learning. Thank you Julian. ….be well…

  9. Is there a way to find out the meaning of all the different metrics? For example, at 11:16, you see 6 different "click" metrics… how can I find out the difference between these and other metrics that appear to be so similar?

  10. Hey Julian! I've been loving your youtube channel and was curious if you are using a green screen for most of your backgrounds like the one in this video?

  11. ' I followed all steps but the website i'm trying to get the data from isn't E-commerce therefore "Transaction" etc are not working for me, any suggestions for a different other than "session" I can use?

  12. Great vid! Question, in order to match the rows in FB+GA, the campaign names (etc) needs to match. How do you make sure to always keep the FB campaign names equivalent to GA? do you use the utm_campaign as campaign name in FB?


  13. is it possible to create custom calculated fields from two different data sources? E.G. Facebook_Ads_Metric/Google_Sheets_Metric

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