College Cheating Scandal: Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman Appear In Court | TODAY
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College Cheating Scandal: Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman Appear In Court | TODAY

78 thoughts on “College Cheating Scandal: Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman Appear In Court | TODAY

  1. I lost what respect I had left for Lori Loughlin after the way she acted yesterday. She came off as if she is above this. Felicity is remorseful. Big difference in their demeanors.

  2. ya very they are so filthy rich will get their bails easily but its start that this has started which must be prevented before anybody plans to pay bribes to get admissions in any institutes…

  3. Loughlin is laughing. She knows the FIX is in. White envelopes already passed along to prosecutors and judge. FBI and DOJ authorized the destruction of evidence. (Standard bleach and hammer protocol). Kim Foxx of Chicago will prosecute case and Michael Avenatti will be her lawyer. (Sitting judge is FISA Court judge and has been assigned by Andrew McCabe.). Trial will be fun day in Fix City. Enjoy.

  4. Hallmark channel does not want a cheater to star in their boring specials Lori Loughlin will soon co star in a new show THE BIG HOUSE.




  6. Actors act, whether its happy or sad, it's all a facade. It doesn't matter how they act.
    What matters is they totally derailed the career trajectory of an invaluable and hard working member of our society. Someone who would help improve the quality of life of everyone around them. They bribed and replaced such wonderful contributors to our society with their ignorant and lazy spoiled brats. Such people caused the fall of Rome.

  7. “The United States in effect operates two distinct criminal justice systems: one for wealthy people and another for poor people and minorities.”

  8. Felicity Huff gets she’s in a lot of trouble and what could happen.
    She looks stone faced and her attorneys have prepared her for the worst.
    Now this Laurie Loughlin doesn’t get it.
    She’s smiling and signed autographs?
    Perhaps she should know what a different judge has said to past wealthy people in trouble.
    Ie: Michael Jackson who jumped on the car before entering court.
    He got a stern warning.
    Then we know the rest.
    If this was me I’d come with such swollen eyes from crying and probably be shaking.
    I see their lawyers told them dress down.
    Minimal makeup, no nail polish and no jewelry.
    Laurie Laughlin seems like her elevator doesn’t reach the top floor.
    To have two parents or even one involved in these charges is extremely serious.
    They didn’t think they’d get caught.
    But sooner than later the Law always catches up to you.
    Yes they’ll deserve prison time.

  9. Now every time you look at Laughlin's fake smile, you're going to wonder what she's conniving about in her head.

  10. Her odd behavior in court shocked even the prosecutors,she went over and smiled and shook their hands , wished them a good day… brown nosing? Playing aunt Becky?Her lawyers should have advised against signing autographs and being jovial… big smiles on charges like these are probably a bad move.

  11. Lori looks excited. Like she just bought a new car and is walking towards it to drive it off the car lot.

  12. How pathetic are this news comments…. They are not the first one who done it and maybe as a reporter you should than be informed how All World is functioning and living 😂😂😂.

    If you aren't taken at the Rapture it won't be very nice to be left behind…..warning…graphic…

  14. They know nothing is going to come of this. Story will fade away. And that is how Rich White Privilege works in America.

  15. she won't be so smug while she's sukking those guards cokks……….hope she knows enuff to swallow to get favors…..

  16. They should ALL do prison time! No one will ever know the extent this reaches! What if someone missed out (even though they were brilliant and worked THEIR ENTIRE LIFES TO EARN!!) That was supposed to cure cancer…..or achieve world peace….all that money to cheat could have easily paid for a college the kids earned the right to attend! Instead, they cheat! It's unreal and unforgivable! All those days I waited on results for college…..ughhhhh!!!!!

  17. First appearance she didn’t smile so everyone called her snobby and stuck up and such, now she smiles and still all comments are negative 😮 really!!!
    She made a big mistake and surely she knows this. She’s already lost a lot and probably will more. No doubt she’s on an emotional roller coaster. I for one wish her the best and hope after whatever sentence she receives can go on with her life in forgiveness!

  18. Allo estoy en la musike ok tiene unas julio igle mon amour. Otras dacort merci merci merci estoy en la canción humor bueno. Buenos días América gracias gracias gracias.

  19. Drop the charges, if that black guy can get away with fake hate crimes then white women should have a pass too

  20. I think Lori is in denial cus how could she smile and act so cheerful when she ruined her girls and her life as well?

  21. TFS Lori Laughlin smug persona! I hope the judge & jury wipes that smug mug of yours with a stiff sentence!!!! Common elite

  22. How is Lori laughing???? Olivia is out of the house and not talking to her… and the other one, Bella wanted to finish school but now has dropped. HOW IS SHE LAUGHING???

  23. How many got a good laugh when he said, "charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years". I would be shocked if she spent 20 minutes behind bars.

  24. don't you know that Lori Loughlin's lawyers told her to smile and be friendly to look innocent.
    If you look worried and sad people are going to think you are guilty! I want to know if the $500,000 was used as a tax deduction? I would like to see her and her husband in prison! time to punish Hollyweird like Smollett!

  25. Willy h Macy wanted to be a veterinarian maybe he can still get the vet school he’s pretty smart very smart left out be seen with her that marriage is over

  26. When I saw her laughing and smiling as she walked into the courthouse and then waving to the crowd , I was sick . Most of us don’t find this funny and certainly not warranting crowd waving and smiles . Was she signing autographs to ? Disgusting

  27. It takes two to tango. Are those who accepted the bribes going to be punished. The coaches. Not a word about them. They will skate like Smottet?????

  28. Time to go to Jail !!!! if these people don't go to Jail F___ the justice !!! they can buy their way out of this to.

  29. Are their kids that stupid, or a bunch of airheads, that they would have their parents pay their way in? Who cares what college they go to? What egotistical people they are.

  30. After disclosures that test questions for Philippine nursing board examinations in June were leaked to hundreds of applicants, officials and industry experts are warning that the country’s status as one of the world’s top producers of nurses could be threatened.

    The country’s Professional Regulation Commission has confirmed that questions in the board exams taken by more than 42,000 nursing graduates in June had been provided in advance to hundreds of examinees. The initial accusations were made by students, who contended that the president of the Philippine Nurses Association had provided the exams to students who took his coaching classes.
    Industry groups, meanwhile, are calling on the commission to compel the students to retake the exam to repair, according to one of the groups, the “tainted credibility of Filipino nurses here and abroad.” They also gone to court to stop the new nurses in Manila from taking their professional oath on Tuesday. The court ruled in their favor on Friday. Students in the provinces have already taken their oaths.


  31. I’m over here waiting for Gabrielle Solis, Bree Van De Kamp & Susan Delfino to bail Lynette Scavo our like they did Bree. Where are my Desperate Housewives at???!!!

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