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CoHost – Find More Collaborations | The Social Network for Creators

Hello, today I’m going to be giving you a
quick demo of our platform. You can register by simply logging in with
your YouTube account. Don’t worry, we don’t request management access
to your account. We only need read access – we can’t modify
your channel in any way. After a simple registration process you will
be taken to your public profile page. There you can post updates to your followers
about what you are up to. Additionally, you can also import your latest
videos direct from YouTube at the touch of a button. If you post regular videos on a schedule,
add that to your profile to help your fans stay up to date. Our Find a CoHost tool lets you find other
YouTubers to collaborate with – you can then enter a location and a distance and you will
find all channels within your reach. Alternatively, if location isn’t a restraint,
you can search anywhere. You can also filter your search results by
categories or tags that others have already added to their channels. For instance, if you’re trying to find a gaming
channel talking about Minecraft in your neighbourhood, we can help. Once you have found a channel you like, you
can request a collaboration from their profile page and they will receive a message direct
to their CoHost inbox. When they respond you can read their message
and reply directly through CoHost. Every channel has a score automatically calculated
for it based on many factors. These include: subscribers, views, likes,
dislikes, number of videos, your interactions within CoHost and many, many more. You are then able to control who is able to
request a collaboration with you based on their score. When using the Find a CoHost tool, or viewing
a channels profile page, you can follow that channel and receive their latest videos and
updates straight to your feed. Ensuring you never miss a video, ever again. You can mark a video as watched when you are
ready to and you’re easily able to filter to see videos you haven’t yet seen. You can also like and comment directly on
your favourite content. The most liked videos on CoHost over the last
week, month or all-time are displayed on CoHost TV. This can be filtered by category. It’s a great way to find new content creators
or get your videos found by a much wider audience. Learn how to grow your channel and earn more
money using our database of knowledge articles, designed for all experience levels. There are a wide range of subjects from verifying
your YouTube channel to registering your channel as a business. CoHost is built by YouTubers for YouTubers
to help you find collaborations and grow your channel. Sign up for free today.

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