Coffee Talk: New SocialFlow Mobile App Features
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Coffee Talk: New SocialFlow Mobile App Features

(static electricity) – Hi everybody! Thanks for joining us. We’re here to talk about
the latest version of our mobile app which has massively
increased functionality. Matt, tell us about it. – We have a lot more capabilities around managing your content. We now have queue
functionality in the mobile app which enables you to edit
items that are in the queue, change the status, also have
the timeline functionality. So, from there, you can go directly to the post on Facebook or
Twitter, from the timeline. You can also recycle messages and you can also view metrics on posts that have already been published. So there’s some light analytics that are now in the new
version of the mobile app. – [Mark] And Matt, there’s
also some improvements to existing features like compose. Talk a little about that. – When we released the app,
it was for a certain subset of customers who needed
the compose functionality. Since releasing it, we’ve gotten
a lot of feedback from them and we’ve incorporated
it into the products. So, for instance, now there’s much larger thumbnail images in the compose. You can click directly on
meta data title or description in order to edit and also
you can send content or links directly into the
SocialFlow app from Safari. – [Mark] Alright, thanks very much and thanks for joining us, everybody. (upbeat music)

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