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  1. you know what's also fun? how this company destroys/expoloits/ and takes away native land to consume natural resources from the country i live. well, they don´t make it by themselves also our corrupted government helps them just to earn a few pennys, but damn. thats a great add.

  2. que idiotez, si es cierto que pasamos mucha tiempo al telefono pero no hay que ser tan paranoicos 

  3. Мне интересно , что курил тот кто придумал ЭТО…?

  4. menuda puta mierda. cocaloca ha necesitado a todo su equipo de marketing para esta basura? hahahahaha

  5. Que se preocupen más en respetar los derechos de sus trabajadores y se olvide de lo que utilizamos los móviles. Menos lecciones de como disfrutar la vida y más darse cuenta de que los que trabajan/van para cocacola son personas que necesitan mantener a sus familias.
    Personalmente para mi Coca-Cola se ha acabado, por pensar más en sus beneficios que en las necesidades vitales de sus trabajadores, y eso que yo era adicto a todo lo que fuera marca Coca-Cola.

  6. Want to sponsor this? :

    Anti-Social Media Day, 01 November 2014; do not login for just one day (unless your job requires it). Maybe, instead of typing something nice in the virtual world, go outside (if you're physically and psychologically able) and do something nice for another person in real life.

  7. LOVE this ad. Went for lunch with four friends a while back, and they were all on their phones, texting, tweeting the whole time. I was bored out of my mind. Ended up watching the restaurant's tv. Nice "lunch with friends".  I'm on social network sites, but when I'm out with friends, I'm with them, not on a phone. Wish this was the norm.

  8. i hope that one day this poison that is causing diabetes be no longer in the market, and i am not talking about celular phone…  

  9. Meanwhile, coca cola promotes all social … she is on facebook, pinterest, google plus, twitter. she has everything except the consistency!

    intanto coca cola promuove tutti i social… è presente su facebook, pinterest, google plus, twitter.
    …ha tutto tranne la coerenza!

  10. #LuvLIFEnotLIKEs  
    What a humourous, and also effective short video for social media addicts…!!! It is so sad how social media prevents face-to-face communication with friends and family. I imagine some day in the future, people must wear this for REAL. I like the scene where the guard is been introduced, and people actually START TO LOOK AROUND THE WORLD, eyes off the screen from the phone! Huge impact on it..!

  11. Отличная провакация. Надо, чтобы люди увидели мир по-другому. Я за такие приспособления

  12. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the guy's pupils dilated instead of contracting when he stared at the sunset?

  13. I love it! Finally a great company that shares the thoughts I believe in!  (but just a correction – in the light our pupils narrow instead of expanding. 😛

  14. You know, this is nice work! Really! That actually you released this video not on TV or any way but on/in/at SOCIAL MEDIA? As a person who are related in with social media, ads, also publicity, definitely corporate communication, this IS how that ad works work of C&C?! Congrats, really you need to consider your social media and ads employees! I am not judging C&C and social responsibility of this company's but it's just helly ironic. So just I can understand this video about that you might be tried to reach social media addicts by social media. But it is definitely ironic. I better to drink C&C and hang to myself to ceiling by bottle packs. (bunch of them will work I hope) So try to warn people by BOTTLEs! I want to see that. And I believe that is going to work. Because it's like the half population of world (maybe 1/3 I'm not sure) are drinking C&C company products. (By the way, mostly C&C has nice ads/social responsibilities in every country.. I like mostly as a graduated advertiser.)


  16. So what Coca-Cola actually does is that they are comparing people with dogs, nowadays.
    Like a dog that can't lick his balls anymore after you get him a collar, so a human can't "socialize" anymore after you.. get.. him.. a collar.. Bark ! I mean.. Huh !

  17. of course, put down smartphones and drink coke instead. get fat, get serious health problems and die sooner.. but with a large smile on your face

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  19. I was like oh so this is a good commercial until I see the cone on someone's head I was like OH NO THEY DIDN'T

    hahahahahahahha no LOL

  20. 'Oh look! Another thought provoking look about how we aren't social!' Oh shut up. We still talk with people on social media anyway. 'But it isn't the same!' It is still socializing with people, but in a different way. This whole movement is stupid.

  21. …… but if that dad couldn't see his phone with the guard, how can he see his baby with one if they are on the same length of sight?……I don't know ._. funny video though

  22. Pedro antonio uribe muñoz 7-2miguel de pombo me enseño que no devemos estar pegados al celular que miremos lo que nos rodea que es muy hermoso

  23. Muy buen aporte para la sociedad. Estamos perdidos en los celulares. Y dejamos de interactuar con las personas

    TITULO: Medios de comunicación social
    me gusta que por medio de la representación del vídeo como las personas al levantar su mirada se da cuenta que lo que se vive en lo virtual se vive en lo real. por eso la frase lo social de las redes y lo coloca de nuevo en tu vida.

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