100 thoughts on “Clay Shirky: How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history

  1. Media is increasingly less just a source of information and increasingly more a site of coordination. Good shit.

  2. Clay Shirky reminds me of Jay Sankey
    in several ways, right. Linguistically
    and otherwise, right. But that is cool, right.
    Lot of cool info and ideas, right.

  3. I think it's interesting that Obama censored the comments on his youtube account and mccain didn't during their campaigning.

  4. Are you at all familiar with the history of the current Chinese regime? "Doing what's right" isn't really their thing. Its "Do what we tell you to do, or we'll kill you."

  5. An excellent talk! It isn't so much that he gave new information, it's that he presented the information in such a creative-provoking manner.

    I, too, have been following what's going on in Iran right now on the Internet. Clay is pointing out that "majority rules" is getting fresh life and power from how we communicate now.

    Hehe, now we all need to remember to use our new power well and with respect. 😉

  6. Brilliant talk.

    We really are living in a 'digitally connected age' Its quite exciting to think about how 'connected' we are as people living on the same planet.

  7. This wont bring an end to advertising. Quite the contrary. It will fractionalize and segment markets. Mass media marketing will no longer work because we wont all be watching the same things anymore. But professionals with a knack on targeting vertical markets will do very well. The need for advertising professionals will only rise for the foreseeable future.

  8. . Religion will fall the same way that Chines controlling propaganda web filters fell. Religion has been looking the wrong way and the truth has pulled the rug out from under them, they have lost their footing and will never recover. Say goodnight, goodnight baby jesus. The sad part is that it has taken 2000 years of technology to overcome a silly superstition.

  9. It is happening all across YouTube you can no longer make a bullshit video full of dogma lies without a flood of You Tubers challenging you to the truth. Change is here and religion is running scared. This is the technology that will put religion in the fiction section of the library where it belongs.

  10. you completely missed the point of the talk. The point is now everything is ubiquitous ad global. There are no slaves because everyone can be heard.

  11. not really, real slaves dont have access to computers n shit. goddamn. In theory, if every had cell phones n shit…then yeah, there probably wouldnt, but phones arent built into everyone's body(yet, thats something else to worry about), haha, so thr.

  12. the Obama story missed the main point… Govn't officials don't care anymore what the majority wants. They'll do what they want no matter what and you'll let them.
    Interesting talk, though.

  13. another good example would be the revolution organized by Moldavian students on twitter to take down the newly elected communist president Voronin

    it lasted 4 days..i think but the president didn't quit

  14. this is really out dated. hey baldy! your about 5 years late to be talking, you dont deserve to be a ted fellow. yawn. your bore me

  15. Heh. Maybe that's the meaning of life. It's just there to see how many ways you can spin your own religion. That's what our species is best at.

  16. Ha, I wanted to comment that he looks like Tom Hanks. Scrolling down , I see that I'm not the only one that has noticed.

  17. very informative video Clay, thank you for breaking it down for us .
    NB: clay has an interesting pair of ears , those can send a morse code .

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  19. So after all the activity in the FISA group, absolutely nothing changed. I'd say that's rather uninspiring.

  20. Not really, it means he listened to them but wasn't directly influenced by them.

    His community is not some kind of lobby-group after all.

  21. Because he sent out a memo that's supposed to be taken as a great achievement?

    I just had this silly notion that in a democracy, leaders policies represented the will of their constituents.

  22. wow this is amazing information i never thought of the media in this way before the people now have more of a say in what goes on and we cant be controlled and its just started!!! our future is going to be amazing and for the good. we can save our Earth with this now we don't have a master that tells use what to do.

  23. The whole point of the story was that he didn't (and couldn't) ignore the opposition. He had to reconsider, and explain himself. No president is going to perfectly reflect the will of the people on every issue. If every issue could be voted on directly by the people, it would be am uncoordinated mess. The result, in my opinion, is a compromise and not a sinister repression. Not looking to argue, just my opinion.

  24. This author (a producer) agrees by simply posting this.

    We participate. Yes it is a centralized message on one video. And then it becomes a conversation among the participants.

    We communicate, two at a time. I the author speaks to thou, dear reader. And the magic non-mirror-image mirror transforms My I into your Thou.

    At a given moment only 2. But the exponential size of the interactions over time. Awesome.

  25. I am 62 years old and I believe that my knowledge has increased over the years. Understanding, which is the key to knowledge, grows larger in this environment. Basic truths are the core of knowledge. Basic truths do not get outdated. Liberty, freedom, love and compassion are the same as when I was only a child.

  26. saying that the amount of people are approaching the amount of neurons in the brain is like saying – the amount of water you drink is approaching the amount of water in the atlantic ocean.

    the number may be rising but it's nowhere close to being the same, atm the world pop is closing in on 7 billion, and the neurons in the brain are about 100 billion.

    the population will grow faster then the human brain will get bigger.

    so approaching ?
    a good comparison?

  27. the way we express are selves through these mediums is what is the true revolution.

    the last story he spoke of strikes a cord on why Americas gov't isn't the best. We are not a Democracy but a Republic. This means that the people only have an influential say; we do not have the final say. If so many people were against FISA then in a true Democracy then that is what the States stand would be. However we are a Republic and the leaders we choose ultimatly have the final say on nearly everything

  28. HA! you noticed that too? Did you do a "right" count? Maybe if I have an abnormally boring day I'll do it….It would make a good drinking game.

  29. @violaineroe You get up there and speak in front of all those people, lets see what you say at the end of your sentence, that is if you finish it. lol

  30. @MarkMillionaireGuru

    No Doubt! Way to direct the conversation mark!

    That was very interesting! I was talking about this conversation during dinner tonight…..

    I had asked my friend:

    "How do you think communication will change within the next 5-10 years? How will we become more connected? Can you imagine the unimaginable?

    Maybe brains will realize that we cannot become more connected then absolutely digitally connected and we will start sponataneously evolving psychically. .hehe

  31. @FlamingHomelessDude that is a poor example since a democracy is based upon the idea of majority rule. if there is a million people on the forum, even if all of them were against fisa then they would not compose a majority. im am not disagree with your point it is just a flawed argument

  32. @ronjonaski
    In my opinon its is not free. They sell our information. I found a bunch of my old addresses on MS, FB they have where people can BUY info. therefore I have closed my accounts for sure. I mean we are in the age of knowing everything. But no big deal i guess. I rather pay and be confidential. but I guess it is FREE..

  33. where are we headed Tom?? I mean seriously.. how far will we go with this entire movement? Will people get sick of it eventually? Informatino that used to bring in money is now FREE. OK the free stuff has taken away jobs. No worries but even jobs in airlines, etc have been removed because AUTOMATION, internet, technology programs, cognitive surplus. But those jobs are gone.. So what next??

  34. Check out the resource based economy. Automation can free the human potential. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a great documentary here on YouTube explaining this humane alternative to the current inequal system.

  35. This is a classic TED talk presentation. Listen to what he is talking about, and then keep in mind his talking points in relation to the Arab Spring. This man hit the bulls eye.

  36. you know you can get around the so called great fire wall of china by using a proxy. If you are the least bit internet experienced its not that great. It only stops people with less internet experience.

  37. I wonder how you learned about proxies and how to use them. You never would have checked the internet, by chance?

  38. He was'nt commenting on the political idealism regarding the bill, it was about the fact that the critique was dealt with through communication rather than censorship as we saw it in China.

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  41. It's the social capital we're looking for… We are living through the largest transformation of information and knowledge in our history.

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