98 thoughts on “Chromecast: How to cast using YouTube

  1. nice, but I wonder if I can choose the video quality with it? (my internet connection is really shitty in my country so it may automatically play videos at the lowest quality available and not let me choose it manually)

  2. great video- absolutely NO AUDIO! New IPad…nope, Iphone5…nope, Macbook Pro…. nope! An absolute waste of money.

  3. lot of people reporting about the chrome cast, scared to buy ! and the actual site says out of stock , no live demo near my place. but i like the concept very much.

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  5. i dont know how to operating the you tube not understanding me how to opening som times confeused my nowledge

  6. bonjour aux tous les groupes de Googles chrome ,je vous remercie infiniment de vos agréables programmes ,qui sont impeccables.

  7. bonjour aux tous les groupes de Googles chrome ,je vous remercie infiniment de vos agréables programmes ,qui sont impeccables.

  8. What a shit product. Nobody seems to know how it works. Do not buy it – it's a fraud. Connects to nothing. Even app download on Iphone 5 does not work.

  9. I did this when i was visiting a friend from my mom with my mom. And youtube opened ob tv. My mom was like "what is happening? Wow you have a awesome tv." and i was like "yes wauwww, the tv can open youtube automaticly🙊" her friend was like "nooo nooo, this did'nt do my tv." and she looked at me. I said "who did it than?" she said "i don't know…😏"

  10. The button has been removed. Why? I don't own a Chromecast device, but I was able to screen cast my video onto any device that had Bluetooth capabilities, which happened to be my Smart TV at home. The button has been removed and I want to know why.

  11. I'm at a restaurant with Chromecast connected to the HDTV and I see the Chromecast symbol here on the video. It seems that it is still working.

  12. When i play Long videos (like movies) and cast it to TV. the video play in split mode. Two same videos on TV is being played.
    Its bit annoying. Tried searching the other options and settings to play it as single but no success.

  13. Hey how about when the Chromecast button just plain isn't there? You'd think that maybe it would be a simple UI decision that having the button there, no matter what, is better instead of letting people get put into a situation in which the device is on the same wifi yet the button isn't there. Come on Google figure your shit out.

  14. It's obvious how to hook up the devices WHEN THE BUTTON IS THERE. But it's sometimes not. What gives?

  15. Wait so you have to be connected to the same WiFi network? When I use YouTube on my phone I can cast to Chrome cast, but I don't have a chrome cast. So are my neighbors using my WiFi?

  16. Why is the cast button no longer on the bottom left of the video window by the full screen icon ? I have always used that button to cast videos from my chromebook or laptop to my chromecast. Now the only option I have is to cast the entire tab from the cast button on google chrome.

  17. I own a chromecast device and solely use Google Chrome to watch youtube videos, yet I still havent figured out a way to cast just the video to the device and not the entire webpage

  18. I don't see where's the Chrome part in this, I could cast vids from my iPhone to my TV by clicking on the icon and I don't even have a Chromecast

  19. How do you disconnect this shit. My brother has a chrome cast but it allows me to beam to his chrome cast accidentally it is fucking annoying

  20. You idiots thought it would be a great idea to make it so we can hijack screens without any form of security or verification. clap clap

  21. The feeling of guilt when I accidentally press the button and sharing a room with my brother who has an Xbox One. THIS THING IS TERRIBLE

  22. I found a FIX. YouTube seems to restrict casting on your mobile data connection. Turn off mobile data and activate Wi-Fi. Doing that instantly revealed the cast icon.

  23. the people that it didn't work for probably have tcp connections disabled

    learn to set up a proper wifi network. works every time

  24. I will keep complaining to you tube to be able to shuffle my favorites with Chromecast. I don't know why this is so difficult.

  25. Okay but how do I remove it. Everytime I accidentally press it my tv turns on then I have to go into my living room to turn it off. Not to mention the anyoing "Okay google" shit when iI plug head phones in

  26. Fake video! Google completely removed screen cast from all Google TV devices in favor Chromecast. I used to be able to screen cast you tube video from my phone to my LG Google TV GA7900 without any chromcast. Unfortunately, one day Google decided to bury Google TV and intentionally removed screen cast and YouTube app all together!

  27. And how on the laptop? You showed how on the tablet or phone well there are the same functions, but how on the laptop is not there!

  28. Not a classy device. Go to use it between dates (were talking months), and each time have to wait for an update and fight connections. VHS never did this, and movies were better back then, too.

  29. I fucking hate this little spawn of Satan button 😖. I would accidentally click it late at night when everybody is asleep and the Tv would turn on. I wish Chromecast could crawl in a dirty little hole and die

  30. Can I cast from my phone using chrome browser "Without YouTube app"

    I really really do not like YouTube app at all.

  31. Newsflash: there's this invention called a web browser. Showing how on a tablet /phone isn't helpful.

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