57 thoughts on “Chromecast: How to cast using Google Play Movies

  1. lol, are you an idiot?

    if Google Play isn't available in your country, then ChromeCast won't be available either.
    You won't want to buy it? How about you CAN'T buy it!
    Next time, think before making idle threats…

  2. No sabía que estubiese pa iOS, gracias. Pero no está para Google Play? Que sentido tiene que Google desarrolle una aplicación y no la ponga en su propia tienda?

  3. haha you retarded piece of shit you can use a Chromecast in ANY country, you just have to buy it from Ebay or similar. I'm not sure there is a Chromecast app and even if there is you have absolutely no need for it. You start casting from within the apps not from some "Chromecast app". Or you get the Google Chrome Extension and cast a Chrome tab with it.

  4. Good short to the point tutorial video. Hey Guys! I'm just starting check out my channel when you have time and let me know what you think about it. If you like bugs and nature, my channel could be for you…

  5. This video is kinda useless. If the "cast" button was actually there, we wouldn't have to try to find help by watching this video would we? The "cast" button simply does not appear on my Google Play Movies app, despite updating it, deleting it, updating it again, shutting the phone off and on… and yes, both devices are on the same wifi… the button is simply not there. And there is zilcho customer support. Worst purchase ever… thank God we got a Roku 3 finally. Do not purchase a Chromecast!

  6. Simply won't cast from my laptop via google play. There's a cast button and it starts up but just hangs with "preparing playback" on my TV. Lame.

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