Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him
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Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him

You just hit six years,
your anniversary. Congratulations, and the show.
-We did. Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -I’m sure the same question
people like me get asked, you get asked, “It probably
feels a little bit longer than six years after everything
that’s happened.” -It feels
like my entire lifetime. -Yeah.
-It really does. I mean,
particularly the last few years. Every week is a year.
-Yeah. I think that’s about right.
-Someone the other day — Today, we were
having a segment meeting, and someone’s like,
“When the Mueller came — When the Barr report came out, you know, Barr letter
came out 10 days ago,” I was like, “Stop it.”
-Yeah. It was only 10 days ago.
-Yeah. -And what’s been nice
is you have found time to talk about other things,
and you hosted a town hall with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
-Yeah. -It was about
the Green New Deal. And I think, you know, again,
something that on the surface,
people have heard a lot about but maybe
not much more than that. -Yeah. It’s funny.
It’s become this — instantly became this, like, cartoonish villain
for the right. I mean, Trump TV talks about it,
like, all of the time. -Yeah.
-But very few were people — People talking
about the politics. They were talking about
the criticism. Very few people were talking
about it on its own terms, which is not to say like,
“Oh, this is the way to go.” It’s just, “What is the thing?
How would it work? What’s the theory behind it?” So, we wanted to kind of
take some time to talk about it. -And did you find being in
a townhall format you got the sense that there
are people out there now more than ever who accept climate change
as a serious issue? -I think — It is one of the
biggest generational divides in American politics. I mean, we did this thing,
it was great. It was like 900 people.
It was in the Bronx, which is where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
is from. It’s from where I’m from. We did it in the hospital
I was born in, actually. -Wow.
-Funnily enough. -So, now it’s getting creepy.
-Yeah. In the L&D wing,
which was weird for everyone. -No, we did it there.
And one of the things I think you’ve seen that’s been
transformational, particularly in the last
three to five years is, there’s just grassroots energy
around this issue. And for a long time,
it was like, “Oh, this thing that’s happening
off in the future, and we should
do something about it.” But there are people
who understand that we are on
the front edge of it now, and we have to meet
the challenge now. -I certainly enjoyed it.
Some people did not. You mentioned — or, you alluded
to the fact that, you know, the Green New Deal is — Fox News has certainly framed it
as being very problematic. And they do seem to have
an obsession with AOC as a creator of bad things.
-Yes. -Tucker Carlson, though,
focused on you. -He did. -And had this to say about you
in the townhall. -Chris Hayes
is what every man would be if feminists ever achieved
absolute power in this country. Apologetic, bespectacled,
and deeply, deeply concerned about global warming and the patriarchal systems
that cause it. -I mean…
[ Laughter ] Of all the things, the idea —
-Bespectacled! -Bespectacled!
-Yes. -The idea that
if the feminists take over, we’re all gonna
have to wear glasses? [ Laughter ]
-No. It’s true.
The most macho thing you can do is drive your car
without your glasses. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -That is —
That is peak masculinity. -Also, I don’t know anything
about Tucker Carlson, but he looks like a guy
who needs glasses ’cause it’s constantly like…
[ Laughter ] Maybe he’d be, like,
a little — maybe that’s it. We think he’s like,
“Why is he so flummoxed?” It’s like, he can barely
read the cue cards. -He needs the feminist
takeover to happen sooner. I think that he did not quite
recognize the context of that comment
outside the confines of the bubble of Fox News.
-Right. That it would escape and be —
yeah. -It did escape.
And it led to, basically, the best 24 hours
of social media of my life. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] It’s really nice.
-It’s like my birthday. I was like, “Oh, thanks.” -And you’re active
on social media, and you have War on Dad Bod. And I know a lot of dads
out there, me included — -Yeah, we’re —
-We just think it’s great that you’re out there
fighting the dad bod. And, so, this is your Instagram. Do you want to read that
for us right there? -“Every quarter the femnarcist
junta requires all adult males to present themselves
for a fitness inspection. Failure to pass
results in summary execution.” [ Laughter ] -That was —
I mean, I will say all things — [ Applause ]
Yeah. All things being equal, a zinger
from Tucker Carlson to you is actually a lot more fun than a lot of the stuff
that comes out of Fox. You know, I wish it was all —
-Oh, yeah. No. It was delightful.
-All zingers like that. -Exactly, yes.
Very low-stakes situation. -Yeah. That was —
You know, if they were just going after you
instead immigrants, I’d be like,
“I’ll take that trade, yeah.” [ Laughter ] But do you have time
to consume much Fox News? -No, I don’t. I mean, you do see
things across your feed. You know, we have this thing
where it’s on. You know, it’s on in the office. You got the three
big cable news stations, and you sort of see
what’s on air on CNN, partly as a sort of
point of comparison — What are people covering? What are the general stories
that are driving that day? I will watch stuff online
sometimes. I don’t have
a huge appetite for it. -Sure.
[ Laughter ] -But I do end up
seeing a fair amount. -Yeah.
Yeah. And do you have a sense that — Are you surprised
by what you see or is it now — have you come — I mean, does it stop being
surprising at some point? -No. You know what? What’s sort of fascinating
about it, it’s like, it is to news what like a Broadway set
is to an actual apartment. -Mm-hmm.
[ Laughter ] You look at it, and you’re like,
“That looks — That kind of — That sort of looks like —
That sort of looks like news.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But it’s, like, this fabricated
ersatz version of it. -Yeah.
-And everyone sort of does all the stuff
inside the playacting set that is this little sort of
universe they’ve created. And so it’s sort of unnerving
and it’s surreal. And I think, to the degree
that people exist inside just that world,
it could be really toxic. -Yes. I think we’ve found out
that that is truth. -I would also say —
Very true. [ Laughter ] It’s the oranges
of a lot of our problems. -Yeah. It really is.
[ Laughter and applause ] -That’s a callback. That’s a guest doing a callback.

100 thoughts on “Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him

  1. Look,I've my issues with feminism and I don't think they are above being criticizing.But the right obession with masculinity is just as pathetic.So Chris Hayes is not a real man because he's kind nerd,Not overly obessed with guns,Gives a damn about climate change and human rights?Ok?

  2. 看吧,国外是養军棄聖修众,狮子邪会是養神多殖种,所以其實哪,不回家的璽佬族,多妻妾而選不定回哪家,若上取上进心,鸽子有指出康荘大通道空海陸(会不会求学经費不足还是??,或全族向致友国一遊奌迷津??),而獅子邪会更助財宝供養助養妻妾子女族群延續成乱倫,SO,待久也会盘算以无形结合纸契保险帳,而成財王神,一直到以无形借貸卷,向未来財先取用,百姓必須努力挣回,为经济经營神族之未来,,,而不須黄王親身努力,下民百姓須努力挣出献璽族佬邦疯神榜名纸上,S0,獅子邪会供養神佛黄王族,,,成正殖散播爱的种,,,喔,上帝的恩賜,天子之种撒满全世界,喔,万能的上帝丫,无所不能,喔,麥,嘎,下民下下民无—不敬獅子邪会養,喔,天哪,傑克,真是上帝神蹟,太神了,其,,,??。

  3. I'm not super into "news" personalities, because it still feels more like opinion pieces on already reported things investigated by other sources, but I'm okay with Chris Hayes.
    I think that part of the generational disconnect on climate change is legitimately that older generations, especially baby boomers, falsely see themselves as heroes, and can only see adversity as resultant of conflict, so they want an enemy or an "other." Younger, more modern generations are aware that we are capably our own worst enemies more often than not, and therefore are willing to fight our worst nature rather than blame it on someone else or demand to build a wall and pretend it solves everything.

  4. That is the best description of Fox News I've ever heard. It is to news what a broadway set is to an actual apartment – a hollowed out representation of something we accept as reality while the show goes on. An apt description indeed.

  5. Chris Hayes is actually the only person I can tolerate on mainstream media that doesn't smear Bernie or AOC as "impractical" or "old" when a lot of other "liberal" mainstream media keep doing so.
    Hayes is probably the only true progressive on mainstream TV

  6. …Because glasses are obviously a feminazi conspiracy. Because if men can see clearly, then they can all read and… not run into things and…. probably improve their quality of life and possibly the length of it… How anti-masculine…

  7. I'm not sure a guy who has been known to repeatedly wear bow ties on national television has any business belittling guys who wear "spectacles."

  8. So funny between the two of them. I refuse to watch Fox/Faux News period, that is one ugly and loud bunch of pundits spewing lies like Trump, I don't listen to Trump if I can help it either. Love watching a Closer Look though that is more accurate about what is playing out daily with this crazy Trump Administration…..I really like Chris Hayes he is knowledgeable and well informed with a great sense of humor.

  9. I like Chris, but he needs to slow down, measure his cadence, and reveal. His brain in focused ways

  10. Cucker tuckleson needs to stfu with his propganda . Chris Hayes props to him for having AOC in big bro you gotta stop spreading propganda for the pathological establishment . WHERE IS THE TRUTH ON VENEZUELA ??!!!

  11. It's so gross all these late night talk show hosts that are supposed to be funny, bring "journalists" from CNN or MSNBC and schmuck it up as if their view point in as obvious truth when the majority of America elected Donald Trump because they're angry with these very whack jobs. A total disconnect from reality. They so heavily pander to the left and the robots of left wing media it turns my stomach. Tucker Carlson would never suck up to these fake TV personalities, part of the reason main stream media wants to sink his show.

  12. Chris Hayes is spot on! When I watch segments of Fox News, it's like watching actors pretending to be "news people" on a made up set, from something like the Truman Show!

  13. OMG, Tucker Carlson, are you SERIOUS??? You look like something congealed in a restaurant's back alley while Chris Hayes…I could think of fun, NASTY things I could do to that increasingly handsome man. And I have a sneaking suspicion that he is probably a lot of fun.
    Tucker Carlson: The Thinking Girl's Worst Nightmare. Just seeing him speak makes me vomit a little bit in my own mouth. Yuck!!

  14. There's a generational divide with climate change.
    But only one of those generations will suffer the consequences.

  15. Chris Hayes looks like a queer "Woodsey" the owl ! Tell me this little sissy ass limp wristed feminine liberal pansy wouldn't go down on you like a flat tire !

  16. Fucker Carlson is what the sound "Thud" would look like if it grew a face.
    I'm taking some liberties with a John Oliver quote there. But he got it absolutely right.

  17. This is the type of ideal man liberals adore? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what an apologizing, self hating panderer!!!!!

  18. Science Fact: A dog gathers more factual information from sniffing another dog's butt than what humans get from listening to Fox news.

  19. God help us if men ever became caring and empathetic.
    What would we ever do in a world with almost no war or violence?

  20. The Green New Deal is so important that not one democrat voted for the bill. Not even the co-sponsor. Every Democrat Presidential candidate is campaigning on it. If that doesn’t tell you it’s a complete scam nothing will. They even attacked Mitch McConnell for bringing it to a vote. Yes …..they didn’t want a vote on their own resolution. Why? Because they’re scamming you!!!

  21. What's funny and cartoonish is just how quickly AOC got with the program vis-a-vis israel. Hayes is reliably silent as well.

  22. The coming dilemma for the Democratic Party is how it negotiates the conflict between jewish money and brown/black voters, who don't see jews as jews see themselves (i.e. adverse to the white majority) and don't regard israel as a special exception to the ethnic nationalisms are evil rule imposed jews on everyone else.

  23. 2:58 Seth, in order to imitate Tucker correctly you need to open your mouth wider and look as though your trying to understand quantum mechanics. Or in Tucker's case, how a toaster works.

  24. Love Chris Haynes, Lawrence O' Donnell, Ari Melber and Rachel Maddow. They are so intelligent. tucker carlson can't touch Chris Haynes.

  25. I wish there were more men like Chris Hayes! Tucker Carlson? Not so much. They need to break that mold. Although, he is good for laughs, lol.

  26. Unfortunately, climate change is real. More unfortunately, it’s caused by electromagnetic forces, not CO2 emissions

  27. 😏 CNN has TRIPLE the amount of subscribers that FOX has… (there's a reason for that) cuz all they do is scream & insult & criticize every1 & everything, over at FAKES News… 😳 i'm sorry… "FOX News"❗ (my bad) 😉👍 the stories they decide to dig up & present to ppl as "NEWS" cracks me up. 👎😆 i wonder if any of their viewers ever pop over to the chill side, for a comparison… 🤔 CNN… the most TRUSTED name, in NEWS!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  28. Christopher Hayes. The millionaire they put out front to protect the billionaires. This guy ‘knows’ what’s best for regular people. 😂 don’t watch him on tv and won’t be watching him on Seth’s show either. He over looked standing rock like is was a penny on the street so spare me his climate change speech.

  29. Chris Hayes is convinced of his own brilliance. He is determined to get a progressive nominated for Dems and will be part of the reason Dems snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as Trump is re-elected.

  30. Oh, I don’t know. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but Chris does strike me as the kinda guy that loves getting pegged by his wife.

  31. Feminism is simply equal rights for women. Equal pay for equal work. Why does this scare some men so much? How can anyone get away with treating any other person as inferior to them? It is a sign they fear their own possible inferiority. Buck up, guys. No one has it out for you. Just be competent yourself and you'll be fine. (Did you ever think about what it costs you when your mothers, wives, and daughters are ripped off and her male coworkers paid more than she is? You make-up that delta.)

  32. Glasses, in the macho man universe Carlson would like to believe he represents, signify weakness and "girly-man-ness." Carlson probably DOES need glasses and is in manhood-denial, it does explain the weird expressions.
    They also signify you can READ, unlike the abdicated leader of the free world…

  33. Just compare their ratings and you’ll know who the American people trust. Fox wins every night, every week in the young demographic and also in total viewers.

  34. The stupid communist don’t realize they would be the first to go when their socialism turns to communism

  35. this 2 soy boys are the prototype of throughly feminized pussys. feminists dream and also nightmare because even crazy feminists hate such men.:)

  36. The green leap forward is cartoonish to many on the left too, don't pretend its just people on the right Chris. It was a fucking joke piece of legislation that the Dems were TOO EMBARRASSED to even vote on, so they voted PRESENT?? AOC was hired by TyT to run for congress and push socialism, anyone who actually follows along, knows this.

    As far as Tucker Carlson goes he has a far bigger audience than msnbc and cnn for good reason, he tells the truth unlike the hacks there, and hasn't pushed McCarthyism 2.0 for 3 straight fucking years. Or planes disappearing into blackholes (thanks Don Lemon). Hilarious how Chris Hayes thinks Fox News is the bubble and not the 95% LEFT LEANING MEDIA owned by essentially 6 conglomerates (thanks to the telecommunications act installed by slick Willy).

    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, BBC, Politico, Axios, The Hill, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Brooking Institute, Vice News, Huffington Post, Vox, USA today, The Young Turks, Salon, Mother Jones, Media Matters, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, PBS, etc, etc.

    Heres a good question, whos the 2nd highest rated right leaning news source?? …Breitbart, a struggling media source whos lost half its audience from 2017 to 2018? And Chris Haze has the balls to claim Fox News is the bubble, PLEASE…..

    Do your research, and stop listening to snake oil salesmen, and msm puppets, pushing globalism, and anti Sovereignty systems like the EU!… pathetic shills!

  37. Green new deal is problematic, has stupid thing in it and impossible.

    Also again talk about out of context… watch the full video

  38. His mannerisms and even the way he's sitting prove Tucker hit the nail on the head. Both of these dudes got so triggered that they nearly sucked their tampons up into their birth canals.

  39. Tucker is a complete and utter douchebag!! He's such a damn idiot and it confuses me how people CHOOSE to watch him for anything other than comedy…

  40. "Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him" – Which means people care about Tucker's opinion more than Chris .

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