Chinese Social Media Reacts to Tiananmen Square Viral Video | Leica Ad Protest | China Uncensored
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Chinese Social Media Reacts to Tiananmen Square Viral Video | Leica Ad Protest | China Uncensored

A viral ad has Chinese censors going bonkers. Welcome to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This video went viral on Chinese social media. It’s an ad for the German camera company
Leica. It’s basically a collage of all the insane
stuff photographers have endured to tell the world’s important stories. Presumably using Leica cameras. And one of those insane stories involves a
photographer covering the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. We proudly whisper to ourselves, “I’m
a hunter.” Yeah, Tank Man was never going to get past
Chinese censors. Now maybe you don’t know the story. Possibly because you’re watching from inside
China, and this is your first time using a VPN to jump over the Great Firewall, and the first thing you did for some reason was to watch China Uncensored. But anyway, in June 1989, the Chinese Communist Party sent troops into
Beijing to crush a nonviolent student-led protest. According to the latest research, 10,000 civilians
were killed. In fact, June 4, 2019 will mark the 30th anniversary. And the Party has spent the last 30 years making sure no one talks about it, so a lot of Chinese kids today have no idea
it happened. You can read more about the 30-year propaganda
campaign in the book the People’s Republic of Amnesia
by Louisa Lim. So you can see why the Party would be upset
about the Leica ad. They spent so much time trying to get people to forget the Tiananmen Square massacre, and then Leica comes in like a wrecking ball. The catchy kind that gets stuck in your head and you can never unsee that video. I’m talking about the Leica ad. Now sure, the Leica ad wasn’t meant for
the China market. But it quickly spread on the Chinese internet. And just as quickly, Chinese authorities sent out this censorship
directive, instructing websites to delete it. Chinese censors even blocked the word Leica
from social media. The theory was, if people can’t talk about
it, everyone will just lose interest. But they did not. Reactions to the video on the Chinese Internet
were mixed though. Some were very angry. But not for the reason you’d think. They weren’t mad because they discovered their government massacred 10,000 people and spent the last 30 years covering up. They were mad because Leica has a partnership
with Huawei, the Chinese telecom company with questionable
links to the Chinese Communist Party. One user wrote, “Do you even deserve to collaborate with
our patriotic Huawei?” Others were quite happy about it. Zhou Fengsuo, a Tiananmen survivor I’ve had on the show, said “It captured the spirit of 30 years
ago. I was in tears watching it.” But you know, I got to hand it to Leica. They understood that China’s heavy-handed
authoritarianism is exactly the kind of thing those brave journalists risk their own lives to expose, and they stood up to… Wait, what’s that Shelley? Leica is trying to cover their butts? They’re saying they had nothing to do with
the ad? It turns out, Leica did what any responsible company does when being threatened by the Chinese Communist
Party. They denied all personal responsibility, and blamed the ad agency. Leica said they made the ad without their
approval. I know, it’s hard to believe that an ad
agency just decided on its own to produce an expensive, high production video for Leica without getting Leica’s approval first. Well, they didn’t. “Leica’s Brazilian ad agency claims it
developed the film with Leica representatives in Brazil.” So really, Leica can just throw its own Brazilian representatives under the bus. Because it’s one thing to stand up to warlords who threaten your life… …but you can’t expect Leica to stand up to the thugs who threaten their profits! So what do you think of the ad? Let me know in the comments below. And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you— a fan who support China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode, by contributing through Patreon. Benjamin Jull asks, “With all this extra stimulus in the Chinese
banking system, what is stopping local governments and ordinary people from exploiting it? Like taking out large loans they can’t pay
back, then defaulting on the government to bail
them out?” Excellent question. The answer is…people *are* exploiting it. When people can borrow money easily and cheaply, they’re often going to take out loans for
projects that are… how shall I put it? Stupid. Really stupid investments. Like building homes that no one wants to live
in. On the plus side, even building stupid things contributes to
GDP! And when GDP goes up, local officials get promotions. Last year, there were defaults on almost 18 billion dollars
of debt. Defaults cause big problems. But typically what happens is the central
government just pumps more money into the system to keep everything afloat. It basically kicks the can down the line to some time in the future. The problem is, sooner or later, you lose control of the can. Or something. Thanks for your question, Benjamin. And thank you to all my 50-Cent Army soldiers who support China Uncensored. It’s only because of your support that we’ve been able to cover topics that most other media don’t want to, because standing up to the Chinese Communist
Party is really hard. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Chinese Social Media Reacts to Tiananmen Square Viral Video | Leica Ad Protest | China Uncensored

  1. Even if it's 1 week old I wanted to say I find it ironic China criticizes Japan for the massacres it committed which it has the right to do but when it comes to the massacres the commited the deny them.

  2. Wish the American's would react the same to what happened at Kent State. Guess the USA's propaganda is better…

  3. Well, at least no one got it on film on how the CCP is murdering and organ harvesting the Buddhist Fulan Gong and Christian's for their lucrative transplant industy! They should be thankful that no one is messing with their literal blood money! As far as this German camera company goes–kudos for putting Tiananmen Square in their ad and bringing attention to this massacre but shame on these cowards for backing down and blaming other's when called out by these brutal Communist psychopaths! They just lost a customer!

  4. +My favorite CIA shill… 2000 vs Millions,,, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela and Yemen and on and On.

  5. "China sent troops to kill protesting students"…… YEAH! what kind of evil ass government… Would… Do…… Such… A.. Thing……….. Oh…….. America the good guys eh? Oof.

  6. I think the ad is just fine and China can't hide its dishonesty….. I'm not Chinese and I have not forgotten the massacre in China….

  7. Yep..China Uncensored is a mind boggling thing alright. I put it right up there
    with boneless chicken and my first bicycle. :0)

  8. CCP's history censorship
    it's so big that this generation is school will know less than the ones that just graduated. How can people be so blind like that?

  9. I’m a Chinese. No one sees me getting arrested for watching this channel because all this channel does is spreading fake news and grandstanding.

  10. Radio Free Asia does what you do. It is a "private nonprofit corporation" even though it is actually owned by the U.S. Agency for Global Media a government agency that receives federal funding.

    USAGM oversees Radio Free Europe as well. Our government sponsors what is illegal journalism in their country. Badass if you ask me.

  11. Here's a fun trick if you type Tiananmen Square in the goggle search bar it will auto populate "Tiananmen" right away but if you type "How many people were killed in Tia…" you get nothing.

  12. The Chinese government still believe that they're absolutely perfect in every way. Their ego is bigger than their real estate bubble.

  13. China never heard of the Streisand effect?
    Leica having no balls is a sad thing. Photographers risking their lives for all of us, and Leica is afraid Chinese won't buy their relabeled Panasonic cameras. They truly don't deserve to use the braveness of those photographers in their ad.

  14. When was the last time a company had balls? C'mon, you made the commercial, own it. Good or bad. Regret it all you want, but at least own what you said.

  15. Tank man was nothing compared to what chinese army did when driving over people in the dark with their tanks in the square

  16. some dicks actually think that the tank man thing never happened because of the mandela effect what idiots

  17. you could not actually see as the lights in the square were turned off but you could certainly fucking hear what was going on

  18. 3:30 Well fuck Leica! The ad agency wanted a brave image for the camera, making brave photographers heroes. But Leica like a corporate shit hole shits on history and on those people who gave their lifes for freedom only to be more rich from the same government that oppressed them WTF: Go fuck yourself Leica.

  19. Am I the only one that didn’t see it until he pointed it out? All I saw at first was a dude with a camera

  20. I used to think you were just another YouTube comedian. But you've really developed and come a long way. Keep up the good work !!! (And keep the comedy up as well…)

  21. My friends chinese and whenever i mention this event, he jokingly says "nothing happened that day" then changes the subject.

    Its funny

  22. As a resident of China, reading this comment section is exasperating. Don't assume and don't push your Western norms on Chinese society. You have no idea what living in China is really like. You would like to criticize and condemn our society for not being like yours when in reality, your society and customs have brainwashed you into believing in western ideals and western superiority are the only correct way to live.
    I'm not saying I condone the Chinese government's censorship, or am radically pro-CCP. I'm just saying that simply assuming things such as China is a country controlled by an illuminati-esque minority with a brainwashed, nationalist majority, is so blatantly incorrect it's laughable.

  23. You're a genius. I like watching this channel because sarcasm is perfect. It is a shame that you see only one side of the events and you do not understand (or do not want to comment) the deeper background (which is the reason for our disageeing) but the channel is great.

    By the way, did you make some video about the "unintentional" US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade two decades ago (while bombing other non-Chinese civilian targets), and killing some Chinese journalists on that occasion, the anniversary was a few days ago. This was a major event in the world, I think US did pay some compensation to China, and many Chinese people weren't happy with the fact that China did not raise military and hit back.

    Greetings from Yugoslavia 🙂

  24. The continuation of the Chinese government is only possible with the support of the Chinese people. They are to blame for all this.

  25. Of course Leica would backpedal. The amount of rich Chinese buying their overpriced cameras are astounding. 90% of them won’t know how to use them, but it’s nice, expensive, and makes for great jewelry around your neck. 😁

  26. Can we all just agree Asian governments don’t like to recognize there mistakes pulse Asian people are just asshole to well Asians.

  27. politicians are all dirty people. when the communist leaders ask the common citizens to protest and got killed by Qin/nationalist party. Those citizens are call Hero. When the citizen protest against the communist leaders, they are killed and it was kept secret

  28. The tiananamen square massacre is China's secret all Chinese know about. Also, my college professor here in CA back in 2016 tried to make the case the tiananamen massacre was a US Capitalistic Propaganda piece and only a few violent protestors we're killed.

  29. I for one hope more people keep exposing atrocities in there ads and then shrug off responsibility… Because any attention can be good attention.

  30. Tiananmen Square Massacre produced the Ma-Ling meat loaf way back.

    and after that were other dissidents.

    and after that was tibet.

    and after that was prisoners, criminals and drug couriers

    next will be the Uighur Muslims.

    then it will find its way to Mc Donalds.

  31. The little guy who stood in front of those tanks with his shopping bags in hand is one of the bravest men i have ever seen. True courage.

  32. This was posted in 2014, It seems they never approve their ads

  33. Anyone else feel like making an account on Chinese social media and trying to flood it with tianamen square

  34. I just think that if American students protest against capitalism for communism, on government properties, say the White House, the reaction of the government would probably be just as severe as the Tiananmen Incident. Wouldn’t that be true?

  35. If u still do work of extensive cover up situations of the past without accepting it the way it is, that means. You still building it… .

  36. The most surprising part for me was that the ad company is Brazilian. Didnt know we had any good ones here.

  37. Now, when we look back the history, the Chinese chaos in 1989 we realized that "6.4" student's activities are same as those "Colour Revolution" or "Arabic Spring" with the government shutdown, the social constant instability and even the long term civil wars. Iraq, Libya and nowadays Syria would be the good example. China almost fell in the western religious ideology dead trap – "liberal democracy". It was our Chinese lucky that government crushed that chaos in time. It has been continuing its political and economical reforms and achieving a long term stability and prosperity.

  38. Exactly same happened in my country South Korea. Hundreds people died in Gwang-Joo for protect freedom and democracy and against dictator.
    The difference between China and SK is, SK really appreciate those heroes who sacrifice themselves for keep freedom. And in that aspect I can’t understand Chineses citizen.

  39. Compare the massacre of Native Americans to that of Tienanmen, Tienanmen is peanuts, both sinister nonetheless.

  40. 我們沒有忘記天安門事件。 中國人,荒謬的中國政府。 我們正在聚集能力。民主很快就會到達。

    謝謝你告訴我天安門大殺殺。我没有忘记你告诉我的天安门事件。你和我没有原谅法轮功事件。你用谎言赞美中国,嘲笑中国政府。我们的秘密公会正在聚集力量。很快,自由就会到来。小心被当局逮住 / 工作一结束手机就销毁

  41. if every foreign company boycott huawen, huawen could only make shit phone. Huawen doesn't desire Leica.

  42. Shamefully, Leica caved in to the Chinese Communist Party when they complained about this short film.
    Leica was quick to declare that they were not responsible for the film. They kowtowed and distanced themselves from the film.
    Leica should have fully endorsed the ideas of journalistic freedom expressed here.
    Leica should have condemned the government oppression pictured here.
    Instead, Leica chose to surrender their dignity to the Party thugs.
    Because Leica does business in China.
    Shame on Leica.
    I will never again buy one of their products.

  43. The Soviets and some other Communist party, admitted their wrong doing but Chinese Communist Party didn't, Come on!?!?!??!

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