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Cheap Mods on a Supercar Prank! | Donut Media

(hip-hop beats) – Kind of shocked. – Yeah, that’s interesting. – I have no words. – I’m gonna take this McLaren 570S and put a bunch of $10 parts on it that I bought off the Internet. And then, I’m gonna go to a supercar show and see what actual supercar
owners think about it. (hip-hop trap music) Wait, stop the montage. Forgot the best part, one of you guys could win this car, legit, for $10 tax-free. You could legit own this car. Let’s get silly. (hip-hop trap music) Vinyl’s here. What Carroll Shelby was
to Ford, I am to McLaren. – [Cameraman] You
designed this in MS Paint? – [Host] No one has been, like, you know what my McLaren needs? My McLaren needs a fuzzy steering wheel. – Feel like a pimp. – [Man] I love this idea, dude. – There’s probably gonna be some haters. (hip-hop trap music) – [Man] Looks like a 90’s Firebird. It’s a little much. – [Cameraman] That
definitely looks the worst. (laughs) (hip-hop trap music) – [Man] I’ll just stay
humble with three scoops. (laughs) – It’s my favorite thing we’ve ever done. (hip-hop trap music) This is a McLaren. (laughs) (hip-hop trap music) – It’s a new system that
dropped from Autozone. It has, like, up to 16
different animal noises. – Dude, these are terrifying. Dude, do I have enough wolves? (laughs) (hip-hop trap music) (instrumental “Old McDonald Had a Farm”) The coolest thing so far, that I didn’t expect, is this car makes me really approachable. – A McLaren.
– Uh huh. Yeah. Car drives great. Car sounds great. Car looks great. Ready for cars and coffee tomorrow. (hip-hop trap music) (funky music) (instrumental jingles) (funky music) – This is tricked out. – It’s got a two-j in it, VTech. (laughs) I’m pretty happy with it. – It’s like 62. That’s without nitrous. If I hook up the spray,
probably a four second quarter. – Shit.
– Yeah. – I’m intrigued, personally. – I’m just kind of shocked. I wouldn’t think he would
add on to a car like that. – I don’t like the spikes. I’m sorry, but I just like
a cleaner version of it. It’s a little bit too much, something you would find in Tokyo, Japan. – Feelin’ really good. The response has been
great, I though, ya know. I was a little nervous
on our way down here. I thought, maybe people
weren’t ready for it, but it turns out everyone
down here is really nice and people really love it. Little kids really love it and that makes me really happy. How’s it goin’? – Yeah, it’s interesting. – [Cameraman] Would you drive this? – Probably not. – So, at first I saw it and I was like, “Oh, man. “Like, who would ruin something “that’s, like, immediately so great?” And then I realized, you know, everybody should make something theirs. This is definitely not anyone else’s. It’s just so loud. – Is this a McLaren? – [Cameraman] Yeah. – I think it’s kind of crazy, no? (funky music) This was a lot of fun, but
it was all for a good cause. You could actually win this car for $10. Proceeds will go to men’s health research. It’s a really good cause. Go to or click
the link in the description. Don’t worry, all that stuff is reversible. We’re about to take it off, but if for some reason you
have awesome tastes like me, then you can come by the
office and we’ll hook you up and probably take you to lunch. I love you. (instrumental “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)

100 thoughts on “Cheap Mods on a Supercar Prank! | Donut Media

  1. Lmfaooooo!!!! I love this video make people so butthurt 😂 much respect to the people to the people who know it’s not there taste but knows it ain’t there car

  2. Stickers: +19hp
    Steering Wheel: +90hp
    Seat Covers: +27hp
    Sound System: +82hp
    White Mags: +100hp
    Autozone Scoops: +700bhp
    2JZ VTEC: +1000whp
    Neon Lights: +600whp
    Nitrous: +8000whp

    Total Horsepower: 7739bhp
    RPM Limiter: 30000000rpms
    1/8 Mile (No Nitro): 4.92
    1/8 Mile (Nitro): 0.83
    1/4 Mile (No Nitro): 5.98
    1/4 Mile (Nitro): 1.86
    1/2 Mile (No Nitro): 9.93
    1/2 Mile (Nitro): 4.29
    1 Mile (No Nitro): 10.93
    1 Mile (Nitro): 5.29

  3. This is what cars look like on gta online. Just missing the off-road tires or some wired rims with white walls

  4. If you didnt know what was going on, I'd assume this dudes got more money than God to just play with a car like that.

  5. How are people making money from these $5-$10 car giveaways. I see these everywhere people giving away $80k cars for $5 tickets, some don’t even have enough followers or subs to make that much if they all participated.

    What’s the catch?

  6. Now this is the kind of prank I adore. It's silly, goofy, and most importantly, harmless to anyone.

    But it's actually harmful to my eyes though

  7. I came by the office for some lunch and a talk about great taste but I was denied entrance. I'll get my lunch soon. Right ? 🙁

  8. Can y’all rice out more expensive cars it’s strangely awesome and i think you guys could actually start a trend

  9. I work with a guy who "customizes" his car like this. Its a mustang and he never drives it unless it's to a car show. Him and his wife have matching mustang jackets and they had glamour shots made with them and their car. 😁

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