Charlotte Flair challenges Bayley on “A Moment of Bliss”: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019
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Charlotte Flair challenges Bayley on “A Moment of Bliss”: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019

100 thoughts on “Charlotte Flair challenges Bayley on “A Moment of Bliss”: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 20, 2019

  1. Sighs It was nice having Charlotte out of the title picture for the last few months, but as per usual Daddy’s little girl complained to management to get another title match, because apparently facing a legend such as Trish Stratus at Summerslam just isn’t good enough anymore.

  2. charlotte's been all over the place with trish:

    1) insults trish to goad her into a summerslam match
    2) 1 week later: says trish is desperate for charlotte's limlight
    3) at summerslam after match: says she respects trish
    4) this week: says trish isn't a big deal

  3. Charlotte is shoved down our throats like Roman Reigns,1:17 ok I agree on this though😂I cant imagine bailey on a red carpet,she reminds me of Jojo Siwa but just older

  4. i dont understand the point of having charlotte become a 16 time champion before her dad dies. so if she ends up being a 16 time champion. Then what?

  5. I hate how y’all keep saying “rip Baylee title” but what if she wins? And who’s gonna look stupid?

  6. Charlotte have a good wrestling skill, good in mic, and she is the one who make the match again Trish look better, but the only reason why people hate her is because she is overrated.

  7. I'm honestly so sick of Bailey thinking that she's the best but she should actually count how many times she's being the women's champion which is probably less than two times I didn't even know her because she was so irrelevant before she got her championship but look at Charlotte she is honestly one of the best athletes in the woman's division she's been a champion more times than I can count so Bailey should just shut her mouth honestly.


  8. Bayley's not bad, but she's no Charlotte, she wasn't half as talented as Charlotte a few years ago before she lost a step or three.

  9. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Gettin pretty damn sick of Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte. She is boring on the Mic, she is FAR from the best women's athlete, let alone the queen of wrestling. WTF? Move along, there is NOTHING to see here.

  10. I hope the Era of the Four Horsewoman of WWE ends on Bayley. We need new champions in Kairi Sane Asuka,Ember Moon,Liv Morgan,Sonya Deville. Their time needs to end before Io Shirai goes to Main Roster

  11. That was absolutely beautiful what Bayley done to Charlotte, cause charlotte is nothing more than an over-rated, over-hyped reject

  12. Charlotte's schtick is getting old she is the best but I dont need another dolph ziggler crying around she is too good for that be the queen. Bayley no heel or face just keep the agression and ………DAMN NIKKI GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!

  13. dammit more Charlotte, everyone is fed up, with her . Asuka should been a contender for the title by now but nah not gonna happen since shes being , buried in the women's tag team division too.

  14. I read somewhere that they want Charlotte to beat Ric in title reigns so they wanna give her enough short pointless wins to do it

  15. Sasha gonna interfere and help Bayley retain just to get back at Charlotte and also put the focus back on Sasha as well as delays her from her inevitable 10th reign.

  16. Charlotte just needs to have a title to prove that she wants to have a title reign but it never works out Charlotte is a sour loser

  17. cant say im surprised, the match was gonna happen eventually and i would pick charlotte any other day but Bayley reigns supreme over Charlotte always

  18. Adam and Eve
    Not Adam and Steve
    😆 well Stevie is a unisex name, Adam, Eve and Steve could always catch up on a Thurs and have a Cry about it

  19. A hugger Bayley turns out to be a bully Bayley who always start to shove everybody zzzz I thought she is a babyface

  20. Yes Bayley vs. Charlotte the one match NOBODY wants to see. But as long as Charlotte doesn't win the title I'll accept it

  21. Everyone complaining about Charlotte has to realize there isn't a lot of female talent. Bailey's gimmick is boring.

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