Carmella is dating Corey Graves: Total Divas, Oct. 8, 2019
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Carmella is dating Corey Graves: Total Divas, Oct. 8, 2019

Okay, I have a confession.>>You’ve had so many confessions lately.>>[LAUGH]
>>First, I’m seeing a mystery guy but I can’t tell you who. What’s the next?>>No, so
I just wanted to tell you about him. Okay, let me just tell you-
>>God.>>Corey Graves. [SOUND]
[SOUND] Corey is funny and silly and we’ve been dating for
about a month or two now. She’s such a romantic.>>Guys, I’m not afraid to admit it. My personal favorite this
Money In The Bank, Carmella.>>So
he’s in the process of getting divorced.>>Okay.
>>Him and his wife, or whatever you wanna call her,
have been separated for awhile. He moved out. They don’t live together, none of that.>>I even had anxiety, the thought of
even entertaining the idea of dating him. When Corey and I started dating,
he was already going through a divorce and he moved out. He has his own place. She has hers. And, man, I mean, there’s really
nothing else to say about it. Then I was just like, do I walk away from
this new thing that’s could be really good just because people are gonna judge me and
I’m trying not to think like that.>>You know who you are.>>Yeah.
You know what I mean? And you know what you want in life,
and if this is a dude that you could see yourself spending the rest
of your life with just do you, boo.

100 thoughts on “Carmella is dating Corey Graves: Total Divas, Oct. 8, 2019

  1. But y’all blamed Lita back in the day with edge.. But Carmella does the same F thing and nobody cares suddenly lol

  2. um, so this whole time a year has gone by where I thought r truth
    and her got involve and was dating, hmmmm

  3. Im seeing comments comparing this to Edge, Lita, and Matt.

    My thing here is
    1. Edge and Matt were best friends, so this was cruel on a higher level. Carmella doesnt even know Corey's wife that much.

    2. Carmella just said in this video her and Corey started dating in the midst of him and his wife's divorce and post separation. Meaning they were already through before Carmella was even in the picture.

  4. if carmella dating corey, means she break up and left big cass. so sad they break up but i cnt blame big cass because he also has problem in life and he also cause problem recently when he invade other wrestling company. i cannot imagine what carmella and big cass last conversation about when they plan to break up.

  5. theres no way. corey is as "big" as big cass. if you know what i mean,cass is 7ft tall. carmella would have been destroyed in bed and in her mouth everynight by cass. niw corey going to get her, she will be loose and smell and taste like big cass semen

  6. We all know she is lying. It came out they were having an affair and got caught. Lost respect for her after that. Agree with Nia Jax when she said Carmella is FAKE…

  7. You got to love WWE programing: Man cheats on wife and causes them unbelievable mental and physical distress… Let's air it on Total Diva's and tell the whole world about it!

  8. WWE forgot to mention Corey Graves cheated on his wife with Carmella. Graves’ wife went on Instagram and exposed these two for having a relationship. At least That’s how I found out about their relationship

  9. Wait Corey and his wife divorced BEFORE they started dating? So that whole accusation of his wife saying he cheated is a lie? Or is it a half truth? I'm so confused

  10. Carmella' earrings are almost as big as her head ! You could use them as wristbands, I admit the 2-in-1 fonction is neat.

  11. Carmella is not a homewrecker how could she wreck something that was already wrecked? Y'all people are stupid and her situation is way different than Edge and Lita so stop saying that their situation is the same

  12. Man imagine what Coreys ex wife and kids must think about this video of Carmella. Shame of WWE for using it for tv in the name of entertainment. I hope she can give a non scripted answer back!

  13. I know this isnt scripted cuz almost all the girls on this show cant cut a decent promo this good in the ring….😳sorrynotsorry🤣💀

  14. Okay, he’s getting a divorce, but that doesn’t change the fact they slept together with no regard for his children, and now their business is all over the internet.

  15. Why carmella just did that? How she feel good by taking husband from wife? She is a woman how she did something like that to a woman like her ?

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