Cardi B Captions Fans’ Instagram Photos | Netflix
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Cardi B Captions Fans’ Instagram Photos | Netflix

What’s poppin’ y’all.
It’s your girl, Cardi B and this is Captioned
by Cardi. Some of my fans have sent
me their Instagram photos and I’m going to give
them a little help with their captions using some of my lyrics. So let’s get started. This picture right here
it says, She definitely got
good vagina. Them big girls got
good vaginas. [laughs] Even though she
might not look it, she’s probably
like a freak. If you’re a Cardi B fan,
you’re a little freak. Even though you don’t
look it or act it, it’s right here. This one automatically
tells me, I like this group. These are the types of people
that I hang out with and go for Starbucks coffee. He look like he could
dress me up. ♪Turned all my Ls
Into lessons♪ ♪Face down, ass up,
I got perfect posture♪ Or it looks like she’s saying, ♪I said I like it
Like that♪ ♪Okur♪ Okay y’all cute.
I love Bardi Gang! Gang gang gang! Keep the pictures coming and you know I’ll keep
the captions poppin’.

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