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Can YOU Guess That Reactor’s Instagram? | FBE Staff React

– Oh no!
– I’m giving her 10 seconds. – Oh no, what is this?
We, I’ve never had this limit! – I’m changing the rules!
– Wait! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, so today we’ve got
a challenge for you guys. – Ooh!
– What is it? – (FBE) We are going to show you photos from
our favorite reactors’ Instagram, and you’ll have to
Guess That Reactor. – Oh no.
– How bold of you. (laughs) – I run our social media,
so I see them constantly. – This is a,
this is gonna be a trouncing. Because I am such an underdog in this,
if I do somehow pull out a victory, can you promise that you’re gonna
play that one four second clip from Jurassic Park
where Jeff Goldblum says “you did it, you crazy son of a bitch,
you did it!” – Ooh!
– Interesting. – This is my challenge.
I live on Instagram. – I feel like Rafi might have greenlit
this idea, so he might have the inner scoop on all this,
he’s probably done his research. He knew this was gonna be happening. – I didn’t do anything ahead of time.
– You promise? – I promise!
– Okay, okay. – Like, I am nervous.
– If we’re going into this fair. – Yeah.
– Then I’ve got a good shot. – (FBE) Time for
the first reactor’s photo. – Okay.
– I’m like what is it gonna be? Oh God, who is that? – This is harder than I thought
it was gonna be. ‘Cause this is giving me
no context clue. I don’t know.
– It’s Jigglypuff! (JC laughs) – It’s kind of like a buff guy.
Eh, buff-ish. – Well it could be a jacket. – That’s a jacket.
– That looks like a jacket. – You’re right, he’s not…
– Whose muscles are deformed that way? – He’s not buff. (laughs) – Do they have,
that’s not a rat tail is it? – Is it Eric?
– (FBE) No. – This is very…
– Eric. – Oh, it is Eric!
– (FBE) No. – Is it Eric?
– (FBE) Mm-mm. – Oh my God.
– Danny Plotner. – Wait, that is, that has to,
who wears a bandana? – (FBE) He’s correct.
– Yeah. – You guys ready to see some [bleep]
Jeff Goldblum? – Jesus! – (FBE) Next photo. – Ah.
– So this is someone who likes games. That’s good to know. – I feel like I’ve seen
this picture before, so it’s kinda pissing me off. – Tom.
– (FBE) No. – Who’s got swoopy hair like that?
– I don’t, I’m thinking of another person,
but I don’t see this person going to an event like this. I’m gonna guess Moises.
(buzzer rings) – I’m gonna guess Luis.
– (FBE) No. – Is it… – I’m just trying to
think of all our gamers. – Yeah, I know, I’m trying to
go with gamers. Is it Danny Plotner?
– (FBE) Yes! (Laura screams) – I’m not gonna get it
based on this picture either, so. I’m gonna say pass. – They’ve got a dog?
Man this is [bleep] hard. – With a mohawk? – Do we know this dog?
– It’s got a mohawk. Is this Danny?
– (FBE) Yes! – Yes!
– Of course, it all makes sense! – Their dog is punky,
so this person must be have a punky look.
– Maybe. – I have a feeling
I’m not even gonna know who this person is.
– Same. – They seem to be having
a really good time. They’ve got a great life,
they put a dog with a mohawk. They got good looking parents. They’re drinking mojitos. – Mom and dad, or friends?
If they are friends… – I feel like it’s mom and dad. Okay, I’m gonna say Danny.
– (FBE) Yes! – What!?
– Is it Danny? ‘Cause his dog. (laughs) – Danny Plotner.
– (FBE) Yeah, wow. – Oh!
– Is it Danny Plotner? – (FBE) Yes, it’s Danny.
– Aw, of course, bandana. What’s wrong with us? – I was thinking Danny Plotner
the entire time. – No you weren’t.
– I swear to God. – Then why wouldn’t you have said it? – (FBE) Alright, you guys ready
for the next reactor? – Mm-hmm.
– No. (laughs) Oh, oh, wait. Okay, is this… – Who’s Seattle-based,
I’m gonna help you Nicole. Who’s from there? – Did Jeannie go to Seattle?
This is, is this Jeannie? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Is it Seattle?
Is that the spinny needle thing? – I don’t know,
I’ve never been to Seattle. – I really don’t know.
I really don’t know. I’m running out of reactor names. – I’m gonna just start this
off with a bang, and say Brittany.
– (FBE) Yes! – Damn it!
I was gonna say that! – Braids, is this Brittany?
– (FBE) Yes. Five for you, Niomi.
– Wow! (laughs) – Man, Brittany’s look
is ever changing. – Just say somebody,
so we can get the next picture. – It’s Tom!
– (FBE) No. Next photo?
– Jayka. – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Oh, wait.
– Oh! [bleep] – Is Mikaela?
– (FBE) No. – Damn.
She has really long hair. – She does.
Oh, is it Sheila? (buzzer rings)
– (FBE) No. – I don’t think this would be.
– Were you gonna say? – Brittany.
– (FBE) Yes! – Are you kidding me?
Why!? No!
I don’t like this game any more! – Uh, no, oh no!
– I’m giving her 10 seconds. – No, what is this?
We, I never had this limit! – I’m changing the rules!
– Wait, is it, it’s not Brittany.
– (FBE) Yes! – [bleep] I knew, I saw that.
– Is it Brittany!? – (FBE) Yes.
– Yes! – So they travel a lot.
– Oh, crap, I know who it is. I have to, I think I know who it is. – Well this is a new picture
so you can guess again, right? – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– Can I, is it Haley? – (FBE) No.
– I’m trying to think, who has… – She was telling me about it.
– …super long hair, oh! Is it Brittany?
– (FBE) Yes! – I knew it was braids!
– Good job! – (FBE) Are you guys ready
for the next reactor? – Yeah!
– I guess so. – (FBE) Alright. – Is it Austin?
– (FBE) No. – Okay, there goes
the other person I follow. – And I forget the names of people. – I feel like all our reactors
must have like model-y Instagrams. – I think I know who it is. – I’m gonna go Austin.
– (FBE) Nope. – Eric.
– Kostas. – (FBE) (laughs) No, yes.
– Oh wow, Rafi! – Who is this, on a Popsicle? – Is this Kostas?
– (FBE) Yes! Next photo.
– Who’s a surfer? – Who just shreds the gnar,
all the time? Who’s always in the barrel? – Is it Troy?
– (FBE) Nope. – I think I know who it is,
but I cannot remember his name for the life of me.
– What’s he look like? – He’s like tall, blonde,
he looks like a model in my personal opinion. – Ooh.
– Is this Kostas? – (FBE) Yes!
Four for you, Blythe. Next photo.
– Should I just guess a name? – By this point?
– I don’t even know if it’s a reactor. – Yeah.
– Peter. – (FBE) No. – Do I lose points for wrong guesses?
– Kostas? – (FBE) Yes.
– Oh! – I was literally just
going down the list of bros. – I mean, this seems like
a very cool person. (laughs) – Is this Ethan?
– (FBE) No. – There are like
three Ethans here, by the way. (laughs) So that was very vague. – I don’t know.
– Yeah, I got nothing then. Okay, now he’s a fashionable,
now I’m confused. – Sporty and fashionable.
– Fab, wow! – Who is this reactor?
– Who are you? It’s not a reactor I know personally.
That’s for damn sure. – I’m gonna say like Fred?
(buzzer rings) It’s not Fred?
– Is it Ted? – (FBE) It’s not Fred or Ted,
this is Kostas. – (both) Oh! – That makes a lot of sense.
– Oh my gosh! – Everything just clicked in my head. – (FBE) Ready for the next reactor? – Who has long, curly hair? – Rae?
– (FBE) No. – Can I say that I’m not saying this?
– I already know who it is. I know who it is.
– Oh crap. – So whatever Rafi does this round
doesn’t matter. You have to get it right now
or I guarantee get it the next round. – Mikaela.
– That’s what I was gonna say. – (FBE) No.
– Ooh, okay good. That’s what I was gonna say.
– That’s good, yeah that’s great. Yeah, I like this. – I have someone in mind. – Yeah, why don’t you
guess first this time? – Okay, I’m wanna say it’s Rachel. – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – But she doesn’t have hair that long.
– Is it Michelle? – (FBE) Yes!
– I can’t with this game! – (FBE) Five for you Connor! – I’m gonna take this off.
I don’t wanna be part of this. – Is this Jeannie? – (FBE) No.
– Damn! – Is this Michelle? – (FBE) Yes!
– Damn it! – Well I know who this is,
and it’s going to kill me. Like Tiffany, Nicole, Rachel,
something like that, like one of those types of names.
– Oh okay. – (FBE) Any of those guesses, no. – No, none of those were guesses. We can go to the next picture. – They’re in a cool…
– That looks hard. It’s like…
– You know what? Michelle.
– (FBE) Yes. – I saw this little
anime figure right here. – Ugh!
– I know she likes anime. That was detective work! – Alright, put yourself in this zone. I’m about to give you
10 seconds again. – I know, no no no.
You can feel free, I don’t, see,
you can give me 10 seconds. I’m not…
– You’re good under pressure. I’m helping you, 10.
– Ooh, Michelle? – (FBE) Yes!
– Yes, what is this? – See what I’m doing?
I’m hooking her up! – She has, right now, I think,
the split hair pink and blue. – Oh, Michelle.
– I think it’s Michelle. Frick on a stick! I knew it was Michelle the whole time!
– I’m so sorry! That was not an intentional steal,
but I’m happy I did it. – (FBE) Alright, the final reactor. – Hmm, hmm, hmm.
I have no idea. – I like that wall. That is the first thing I looked at. – I’m gonna say
that Rafi should get first crack, because this is his only shot
to get five points is if he gets it, and I don’t
wanna get five points right now. – Tori.
– Is it Tori? – (FBE) No.
– No, too easy. – Marlhy?
(buzzer rings) – I’m gonna say Megan?
(buzzer rings) Okay, so then [bleep]
’cause I think I know who this is, and I think I’m,
I thought her name was Megan. – I’m gonna guess Kristine,
’cause why not? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Is it Morgan?
(bell rings) – I can’t,
did you really guess it? – I really did.
– (FBE) Five for you Connor. – I swear to God.
– Morgan who? Morgan who,
there’s a lot of Morgans I think. – It’s Morgan!
– Yeah I got nothing. So I’m gonna take a pass personally. – Oh, oh, they’re at Disney!
That’s the, wait. – Yeah, that’s Disney.
– That’s the Pixar Pier. – Yeah but this is an older
picture of Disneyland, I think, because it’s not…
– Oh? – …Incredible Coaster yet. – Oh now look at them,
now they’re at Paradise Pier? – Uh, Chelsea.
– Chelsea. – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – (both) Oh. (laughs) – (laughs) Is it Tori?
(buzzer rings) – When I said Megan,
you kinda like, you had a reaction.
I’m gonna go with Maggie? (buzzer rings) – Um, I’m gonna say this person
is a person who wears a hoodie always. And that means that this person
might be… – Adam!
– (FBE) No. – So great, because I can’t lose,
so I’m really like, I’m just like, you know. – He can do whatever he wants.
He could walk away. – I’m gonna say Adam.
Did he already say Adam? – (FBE) Yes.
(buzzer rings) – Okay next.
– (FBE) So that’s wrong. – I think this is a girl
who’s on Stoners React a lot? – She’s got like one shaved side? – Yeah.
– Yeah. She’s got a bunch of tattoos.
She’s got sick-ass tattoos. One of her tattoos
is a Disneyland tattoo. – Yeah. Her name, it’s not,
her name isn’t Marlhy? – No, it starts with an A.
– That’s more recent. – Morgan.
(bell rings) – Jack.
Jack! – Is this Morgan?
– (FBE) Yes! – Oh!
Did you just win? – I think so!
– She just won? I just lost my first Staff Reacts! – I feel like (laughs)
if I rub my temples, I’ll remember. Mmm. (giggles) – Oh this person
really likes this person. – Morgan.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Yes!
– Oh Morgan! – Is it like Amanda?
(buzzer rings) – I think it might be…
– I’m going crazy. – …an S name. – I don’t know, but I know she’s got
the same name as another Reactor, because we have to identify her
by her last name. – Sydney.
– (FBE) No. – Damn it.
That wasn’t my guess, but at least she said a guess.
(Madeline laughs) – (FBE) Alright, this is Morgan.
– Morgan! That’s why I guessed Marlhy! – Yeah, it was an M.
– Ugh! – (FBE) Blythe, you are the champion
(bell rings) of this challenge!
– I won! I thought I was gonna lose,
like all day, I was like “I’m gonna lose the Staff Reacts.”
I’m going against Laura, she knows everything.
Yeah, no, I totally threw this one. I just wanted her to have a good time
on her first Staff Reacts. – Aw!
– I give her like four points though because I wouldn’t have gotten
Michelle if it wasn’t for Mady! – Thank you, thank you.
– So, in my heart she has four points. – Snaps for Jack.
He won. – You did it, you crazy son of a bitch
you did it. – Wow!
– Proud of you. – That’s not even a sympathy clap,
that’s a real clap. – But he’s winning because
I taught him so well. – Yeah.
– You know what Rafi? This is a win for you.
– It is. – This is a win for you.
– Thank you sir. – Well done.
– This hurts. This one does hurt. I’ve lost twice in a row
now at these games. – To me!
– It’s really, yeah to you. Yes, it’s really upsetting!
– It’s great, I love it! – Yeah, I don’t like it. This needs to change.
This needs to change! – Thanks for watching us…
– Guess That Reactor! – Don’t forget to subscribe…
– For new shows every day! – What should we guess next?
– Let us know in the comments! – Ciao! – Hey guys, Miya here from FBE. Make sure to join our newsletter, where you can stay up to date
on everything FBE and see merch and casting notices
before anyone else. Bye!

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