31 thoughts on “Buying Instagram Followers? ❌ (here’s what happens)

  1. Wish I could buy some follower on YouTube for my channel!! Pay with service would be great too!!! lol Thanks for sharing the video!! Your videos are great!!!

  2. Buying followers is always a horrible strategy. If you want true fans that care about what you’re posting, you have to put out engaging and entertaining content

  3. Organic following is better than buying. Your brand will be useless if you buy followers.

  4. Same with on here, it's best to grow organically. It'll be slower but better in the long run 🤔💵

  5. Buying any sort of following or audience will just leave you with a dead account, no trust because it’s shady, and just a waste of money.

  6. Just manual follow for follow works great to get your instagram account off the ground.

  7. I started 2 weeks ago. I have 17 followers here, 13 on Twitter and 65 on Instagram. I believe in growing organically. It is hard to deliver when the growth is slow. But at least it is honest. And I am proud of the project! Be patient.

  8. What's to stop an influencer from taking your money "guaranteeing a result" and just buying fake followers on your behalf for cheaper… Smh

  9. Thanks for sharing. It is definite more sustainable to grow our social media account organically instead of buying leads. Appreciate your content😃👍

  10. Great video! I’m trying to grow my account as well…I have a mood board page with interesting pictures @ignacio.creative

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