bullq demo – Simple and Flexible bulk Twitter Scheduling
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bullq demo – Simple and Flexible bulk Twitter Scheduling

This is a demo of bullQ – a simple and flexible
bulk Twitter scheduling tool. If you already use tools like Hootsuite or
Buffer, you probably found them sufficient for every day schedule-as-you-go tweeting.
But what happens when you have a large batch of tweets ready to send? You get stuck with
either typing and scheduling them one by one or painfully uploading batches of up to 50
tweets using specially formatted .csv files. What if you don’t have hours every week to
schedule a lot of tweets, calculating the specific times the tweets will be delivered,
and talk about calculating times for audiences in different time zones? We think tweet scheduling needs a simple and
powerful tool of its own to complement your social toolkit. Let’s see how much time you could be saving. On bullQ you can quickly schedule your long
term twitter strategies by setting up an unlimited number of Twitter Queues for your accounts. For this demo we’ll create a twitter queue
for a free download website called FrostClick.com Imagine that FrostClick has cut a deal with
a few dozen Netlabels, and they’re are paying for hashtag MusicMonday FrostClick tweets
to promote their artists mixtapes for the next 6 months. We name the queue and enter any descriptive
notes, we can also decide the outgoing twitter client our audience will see us tweeting from. On the next step we enter the actual updates,
we can drag and drop a text file, copy and paste, or we can enter them manually one line
at the time. We have a total of about 400 tweets that we’ll
be sending out every monday for the next 6 months under the MusicMonday hashtag.
Notice how I don’t need to specify specific times for each tweet, we’ll let the system
take care of that on the next step. If you want tweets to attach images, you can
enter the URL of the image with special markup for a more engaging tweet.
System validations will take care of any issues you may have like tweets that are too long
or broken URLs. Now we can focus on when tweets will be sent.
We’ll pick a range of 27 weeks starting on September 23rd 2013 until March 24th 2014 This account tweets for the US East coast. We’ll be promoting 15 free music downloads
every monday We want them out at the times they’re most
likely to be read by FrostClick’s audience From 10am until noon.
then between 2 to 5pm and then when they sit at home with their
phones or tablets from 8 to 10pm. bullQ will automatically distribute those
15 daily tweets across the selected time ranges. and we make sure MusicMonday hashtag tweets
go out only on mondays. And that’s it, we save the queue, and bullQ
gets to work for you in the cloud, if there are any issues like tweeting limits
being met due to pre-existing queues bullQ will notify you so you can adjust your
queues. If you’d like to be among the first to try
our closed beta trial and start saving hours every week
feel free to sign up on our home page at bullq.com

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  1. you should try selling this product through clickbank dotcom     we advertise their products.. we love this quick to the point demo..

    take care

    thank you
    Robbie DPK

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