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62 thoughts on “BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND ON LINKEDIN IN 2020 (Personal Branding)

  1. Gary Vee has been talking a lot about the great organic reach on LinkedIn. Thanks for some insight into how to be successful on that platform!

  2. 💕🤔True… I’m still on the fence about all this because most of my network has moved on to Green Pastures.
    I don’t know if I want to build the relationship in this particular online environment or seek something a little more suitable.

    As always, great 👍🏽 info!
    Thank you!!

  3. Hello, Roberto. I've been curious about LinkedIn but I don't know if it's the right fit for my stage of creative development. the platform sounds great it's something I may consider in the near future but I don't know of many artists on YouTube or instagram who are also on Linkden, but I'm aware that some advanced illustrators looking for immediate high level work are on LinkedIn, I'm also aware that the platform has different rules of conduct. I have found very few up to date video's that explain what levels of creative abilty one has to be at to do well on LinkedIn I may be misinformed as most of the current tutorials I've found were uploaded last year or as long as two years ago, & offer Limited information thus making it a little confusing as to whether artist of my current skill should sign up for an account. good info though its definitely insightful ✌

  4. I wish I can go out with you when I get to Atlanta you’re so smart (edit- corrected my spelling on my bold comment)

  5. How do you rebuild or address your personal brand now that you are fired? Recently lost my job and although my title was broad i did a lot of things that id like to be able to showcase since i was there 5+ years

  6. ~ Damn Right! Don't be shy folks. Promote your work! Well stated Roberto. Keep telling it like it is! Thank you for something awesome!

  7. Thanks Bro give us the Insight about it.
    I have updated it to my real professionelle ,and ideas self Promotion.

  8. Right I'm struggling with what the hell type of content I should post on Tik Tok as a music producer? I hear Gary Vee screaming not to miss out on the opportunity.

    ..and also after watching this video. What would be good content to brand myself on LinkedIn as well? 🤔🤔🤔

  9. What's a good starter microphone for videoing out and about and on the go.
    With an Android cell phone or small canon?
    Thank you!

  10. I haven’t been on Linked In for awhile. Thanks for the reminder! Very motivational!! Thanks so much!!👍🏻😊

  11. Thanks Roberto for this very useful video. I would like to ask you… if I post in LinkedIn a link to my video already uploaded in my Youtube channel, do those visualisations count to Youtube Analitics? Thanks Roberto.

  12. I don't believe I'll ever use LinkedIn. It seems way too much like a form of free advertising via a social network. Obviously free advertising can be done on other social networks (simply by sharing), but at least other social networks are used for other than advertising as well. Similar to self-employment companies, and even Tesla, my planned LLC/ORG will not advertise – not at cost. Members will share the membership website with their family and friends – and there's no self-employment involved.
    Maybe you could tell me…
    Is there any money saving related LinkedIn accounts? If yes and you're able to figure it out then are they successful?

  13. Great video Roberto. Totally agree, LinkedIn is an amazing platform to grow a brand and connect with some very influential people & organisations. It’s been a game changer for me. Highly recommend people to include LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy. Thanks for sharing.

    My question/s to you is what type of content do you think works best on LinkedIn (e.g video or articles) and how often should I be posted / uploaded content there? Thanks.

  14. Great video, I just hope people don't treat LinkedIn like Facebook. I have been seeing people use it more like Facebook over recent years.

  15. I am so excited you made this video!! I am just re-discovering LinkedIn for the purpose of building a personal brand, so as a long-time fan of yours this was not just the perfect video but also the perfect timing 🙂 Thank you Roberto!

  16. Good Day sir. Great video I use likedin with people I have met through podcasting. I would love to hear your thoughts about.Holonis . How dose Holonis work ?

  17. I always thought Linkedin was more for careers(not youtube specifically, but general careers, friends and employees have said to use it for job opportunities), thanks for the insight I'm new to linkedin.

  18. I've been uploading to LinkedIn a lot more recently with the launch of freelance video editing. I've modified my bio and profile image to reflect what I offer in terms of experience in the field, and have post the Instagram promotions I make for creators/businesses when they're completed.

    I guess my biggest question on personal branding in a business aspect is how do I effectively promote what I do in this beginning stage? I've heard plenty of times that creative types are always looking for editors for videos or stream compilations, but I'm not sure how to showcase my years of experience other than pointing people to my YouTube channel.

  19. Could you maybe a do a video or ( direct me to a good video ) that would help me know how to set-up / get started on LinkedIn ? Im kinda confused

  20. I have been diversifying my content but my problem with IG is posting content that isn't just liked by bots. For Twitter I'm more active but I'm still trying to learn how to bring new people in that aren't just followers of my twitch/YT. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated homey

  21. Thanks. I was about to rewatch your older linkin video. I have recently decided to spend more time working on my channel and to pull back on helping others with thiers. And marketing is a major concern for me as l would like my youtube channel to support my business which is local farm, urban garden. I have found small farms which have great channels, but no local farms, gardens, or csa with channels. Websites and Facebook and word of mouth seem to be how people market in this industry. I do not actually live in Atlanta. I am in a smaller town very close. So my main thought is how do l get people to drive OTP past the grocery store, the Dekalb farmer's market and Saturday farmers markets, etc. My business plan is fantasy. A dream where everyone loves me and l have no problems becuase l am
    the local farmer with black tomatoes at low prices. All that jazz. But as l move into the winter, planning season for us, l understand that l can'tn just grow the garden. I need to grow the business. But this helped. I need to get the pad and pen out becuase l have some ideas that have just comes to me. Woah.. What was your question again? Hahah you know, Roberto, lf we met in person, l would have give you a sign to hold up that says " Samantha, shhhh.." Hahhahah

  22. Linked in presented a bit of a problem for me. I have my content creation personal brand that i present online however I have always used linked in for my profile as an engineer. So I created a second linked in that is related to my brand as I am not allowed to mix the two with my current engineering position. Any tips for having living with that duality?

  23. YES! Personal branding and strategic connection making on LinkedIn is so important and underrated! I help young adults starting their careers with their LinkedIn profiles and cannot stress it enough! -Akeiva

  24. After watching this, I had to go back to that other video to refresh my memory. Yep, I use LinkedIn more as a communication tool or social media style tool than I do a business/resume tool. It has worked out pretty well for me so far. It has definitely broadened by network of contacts and has lead to some pretty cool things happening. It is still vastly under rated!

  25. I came to this video without having updated my linked in close to four years and not really favoring the platform. At minimum, I will consider how it can help and do that updating. Thanks RB

  26. Hi Roberto, my biggest struggle is getting over setting the bar too high before getting out there. That's why I watch your channel, you motivate me to do just that. I also loved your video about making 100 crappy video's. Thanks!

  27. My problem with LinkedIn and other freelancing sites is that they ask for work experience and education. I am a self taught graphic designer and i don't have any work experience.

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