Building a Media Player #5: The Server-side Node.js Code
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Building a Media Player #5: The Server-side Node.js Code

20 thoughts on “Building a Media Player #5: The Server-side Node.js Code

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  2. Would love to learn more about the deployment of these projects! Also, would you integrate the app with a CMS if it were supposed to be sent to production?

  3. As I understand it assets gets overwritten on update and the server implicitly redirects all filenames containing a hash to the file without the hash string (without checking validity).

    Are there any advantages of doing the remove hash dance and not just use links like /static/styles.css?_h=123abcdef (only adding the hash string to the queryparams in the build step)?

  4. I really love this series format. One question: With the revision hash, is it throwing the file's content through the crypto function on every request? If so: is this bad or a concern for performance? Would caching it somehow be an option?

  5. Paul, you are the most entertaining developer I've yet to come across (for years), your spontaneous puns always gives me a good laugh no matter the day.

  6. What about serving videos, from my experience dabbling with something similar in Go I've always thought that's a possible pain point since serving large hi res videos by loading all of it into memory isn't a good option. Does express static do that for you or some other way?

  7. Anyone know what IDE this is? I originally thought it was Atom. and when when I went to use it, I realised, I was wrong..

  8. Hi,

    Would this file hashing/revision solution also work if we opted by marking these static files as "static" in app.yaml (so they can be served by appengine cdn directly) ? Not sure about the real/practical benefits of that though…


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