Building a Media Player #1: Intro
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Building a Media Player #1: Intro

45 thoughts on “Building a Media Player #1: Intro

  1. Awesome first entry! Really excited to see your take on a media app. Question: What do you use to make your nice looking design mockups?

  2. The flamingo is orange? O.o
    Because user's are familiar with Youtube, I feel like the fullscreen button needs to be the last button

  3. Regarding the buttons, you'll be using a svg base and replacing each color shades automatically with your script output? That's inspiring already 🙂
    Looking forward for this series -always so much to learn from you. Keep it up – and the puns too.

  4. This sounds like a very interesting app to implement, is this going to be a web app, if so, how could you store a library of videos offline? yeah!! so much fun to have!!

  5. Paul, I have a suggestion. Later on can you do an episode on refactoring and making code production quality? I want to know the thought process of a google before code goes to production!


  6. Man, this one should be interesting. From what I've learned about streaming and on-demand video at my job, this should be a learning experience for sure!

  7. Hi Paul,

    Seems this gonna be fun! 🙂

    You're going to cover a lot of stuff – so my question is: will you provide some useful resources to go deeper with the topics you gonna be presenting in each episode? ideally if this will be something you were looking in

    And the code will be available on GitHub, right? 🙂

    Looking forward for the next episode!


  8. Hello Paul!
    I know its still early, but at the end of playlist u will post the code in GitHub?
    Thanks for the amazing material u have in YouTube, iam still learning from supercharged series!!!

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